The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258 Saint King Of Gai

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The head of the Shang clan—Shang Yan—saw thousands of arms blasting toward him, and retreated rapidly.

The Thousand Divine Arms stretched out. Each arm turned into a storm of vortex, wrapping the space within it as if there was nowhere to escape.

Shang Yan’s hands condensed the seal. He stopped in his tracks. His body was radiant all over. The light of flames surrounded his entire body, protecting him.

The storm came in a great gulp as the two flames collided together, and he was directly sucked into the storm of the Thousand Divine Arms.

Boom. A horrific vortex of devouring power descended, and Shang Yan felt that the flames around him had now turned into currents of flames toward the other, and was swallowed up and melted madly.

The expression on his face was terrible. How could this be? he thought.

He was of the Nirvana Plane, and his flame was extremely overbearing, capable of melting everything. Every attack that came near would be destroyed.

But the flame of the other swallowed and refined his flames. It was as if its ranking was higher.

Unless it was because it had borrowed from Emperor Kua and inherited the secret of his treasures.

When his thought turned to this, his look was gloomy. The flaming currents over his body were swallowed up madly as he was buried in a vortex of flames. This vortex turned into a sun, and he seemed to be in the center of the fire of the sun. The infinite fire of the sun intended to burn him into nothingness.

Boom! Shang Yan himself had a flaming body. The fire of the sun refined his body but could not burn it up within a short time. He bathed in flames as if he had turned into a god of flames.

Elsewhere, great battles erupted, but while Wu Yong was defending and attacking, his focus was on Shang Yan.

Among the leavers of the seven major tribes, Shang Yan was the weakest. Now that he had come upon the opportunity, he would rush in and get rid of one of them first.

This way, it could destroy the confidence of all other tribes.

Shang Yan had already been shrouded in a solar sphere, and the flame in the center of the sun appeared crimson red, like blood, which was shocking to behold.

Even, Shang Yan felt a sense of danger.

Ye Futian was manipulating the Sun Spirit Orb, and rays of true solar fire condensed and manifested, following Wu Yong’s body. It flew toward the space where Shang Yang was. The true fire fell and sprinkled on him.

At this moment, Shang Yan felt a sizzling sound from his flaming body. It was being burnt and melted.


As Shang Yan sensed this change, his face was filled with shock. It was impossible.

He was of the Nirvana Plane. Even if Wu Yong had borrowed the way, it was not possible that he could have melted him.

As the light of true fire continued to fall, the sizzling continued, and a series of even stronger crimson beams fell down. They pierced his flaming body so that his body became unreal under the flames. Then, a sharp pain was felt.

Boom! He took one step, his body soared into the sky, brought the flames into the heavens above. He was trying to escape.

From the outside, Wu Yong, as a Zhonglou war god, glanced over the space where he was. Divine fire shot out from his eyes, falling wildly. The fire of the Great Path was madly flowing above the immense torso. From the outside, Shang Yan’s body could be seen within the sun.

As they saw this scene, Zhu Kong and others were greatly shocked. Zhu Kong manifested a giant Sun God sword, pierced through the void, and headed in that direction, trying to save Shang Yan.

After all, the seven major tribes came together; their honor was bound together.

From the solar storm, countless lines of true fire were shot out, swallowing Shang Yan’s body little by little until, with a final loud bang, the sun exploded. Shang Yan’s body disappeared into the endless flame.

He was burned and killed.

“Sir!” In the distance, the faces of the cultivators of the Shang Clan had significantly changed.

Zhu Kong and the others also changed. Wu Yong was now able to vanquish the existence of Nirvana cultivators.

Although Shang Yan was a weaker existence among the leaders of the seven tribes, he was once stronger than the former leader of the Wu clan.

Among the nine major tribes, now only the leaders of eight major tribes remained.

If Wu Yong were removed, then there would only be seven major tribes.

Moreover, too many of the Beili Tribe seemed to be a little too uncertain, waiting to see which way the wind would blow.

They didn’t expect that when the seven major tribes came to arrest people that they would lose someone from the Nirvana Plane among them, or that Ye Futian was able to lend the way to Wu Yong.

This disturbed him extremely. After the death of Emperor Kua, even though the nine major tribes continued to fight amongst themselves, they still maintained the same stance against outsiders, which was the reason why they could rule the western territory for such a long time.

Now, were the nine major tribes finally about to usher in major changes?

Of course, beside disturbance, there was also anger.

Zhu Kong stared at Wu Yong and said, “The nine major tribes were as one, and you killed Shang Yan.”

Wu Yong glanced at him, indifferent. The instigator was Zhu Kong. What sense did it make to accuse him now?

If they could have killed him to plunder the inheritance of Emperor Kua, would they have shown mercy?

Absolutely not.

“I’m cleaning house for Emperor Kua. You have moved against the heirs of Emperor Kua and betrayed the Emperor’s will. You are already rebels,” Wu Yong said. Since both sides had already chosen different positions, the only way was to keep going.

Zhu Kong’s body soared into the sky, and the bright sunlight above the firmament showered on his body. An endless Sun God sword was suddenly created between heaven and earth, covering the vast and immense space in it, sheltering the sky and shielding the sun.

Qianye city, countless many looked up, and all were able to witness this shocking scene.

Many continued to retreat away from this battlefield; it had become too dangerous here.

Zhu Kong, it seemed, was not intending to approach but attacked toward the distance and along the borders.

Not only him, but the other six Nirvana figures had all released their power.

With Zhu Kong’s finger pointed downward, the infinite Sun God sword fell down, destroying everything.

In the distance, a sacred flaming dragon came roaring. These magnificent dragons appeared as true dragons that had descended upon the world and rushed toward those Sun God swords.

Along with the great roars, a figure came along. The man was holding a scepter. It was Beili Qiu, the leader of the Beili tribe.

“Zhu Kong, are you still so obstinate?” Beili Qiu said to Zhu Kong, who was in the void.

“Are you also on his side?” Zhu Kong stared at Beili Qiu and said. Previously, Beili Qiu’s attitude was ambiguous. He had helped Ye Futian when Ye Futian and his party came out of the ancestral lands.

Now, seeing that Ye Futian could lend the way to Wu Yong, had he come out and chosen his position?

“You have delusional thoughts and wanted to plunder what was not yours. Have you ever considered that the relics of Emperor Kua had existed for many years, and if the nine major tribes were not able to obtain them, it was because they were destined not to belong to the nine major tribes? City Lord Ye entered the ancestral lands and inherited Emperor Kua’s last will and testament. Even if you don’t recognize his status and are unwilling to follow him. Why can’t you give City Lord Ye some time? Perhaps, he could lead the nine ancestral lands?”

Beili Qiu said out loud clearly. He was on Ye Futian’s side, and there were public and personal reasons.

Ye Futian was able to obtain the inheritance because his talent was recognized by Emperor Kua, creating history. His future was unlimited, and he may become the next Emperor Kua.

As for personal reasons, it had been proven that the nine major tribes were having difficulties taking them down, so why not follow the trend and make friends with Ye Futian?

Zhu Kong’s look was indifferent. Right now, there were already three nirvana figures around Ye Futian.

Wu Yong, Shen Tianzhan, Beili Qiu. And it was unknown whether or not more nirvana figures were hiding within Emperor Xia’s Realm.

But what really frustrated them was that Ye Futian was able to lend the way to Wu Yong to exert the fighting power of Nirvana’s peak, so that they could not approach him and were unable to take down Ye Futian.

Today, all seven majors tribes were here. What should have been a simple and easy battle turned out to be so incredibly difficult.

And a nirvana existence was killed because of it.

But now, the two sides were like water against fire. It was a state of conflict that could not be easily avoided.

Even if they did not kill Ye Futian, the other would come and find them sooner or later in the future.

If Ye Futian took Wu Yong to break them down one by one in the future, it would be a great disaster for each of the major tribes.

Under such circumstances, they had to succeed today no matter what.

When his thoughts turned to this, Zhu Kong look around the people surrounding heaven and earth. Those who were still nearby were all top influencers, and there were existences of Nirvana on the sideline, guarding.

He said loudly, “You have all witnessed this battle. Ye Futian possesses the treasures passed down by Emperor Kua. According to the eyewitnesses of the Wu clan, they have seen the gates of the ancestral lands of our nine tribes, and at the time of the inheritance, Ye Futian had used the things inherited by Emperor Kua to devour the entire ancestral land in fire, which caused the ruins of the ancestral land to disappear. Now, the power he lent to Wu Yong was likely only part of the power from the ancestral lands that were devoured. Use your imagination, what do you think that would be? ”

Everyone who heard the words of Zhu Kong revealed a strange look. They understood. No wonder the seven major tribes arrived together and had already determined his crime, intending to take Ye Futian away forcibly, even if what they did would enrage Emperor Xia’s Realm.

What a terrible thing Emperor Kua’s inheritance was, in addition to the secret treasure that could devour the whole ancestral land.

Seeing was believing.

At this moment, Ye Futian’s lending the way to Wu Yong had also confirmed Zhu Kong’s words.

If they could get it, would they have a chance to take it one step higher on the way of the flames, or would they comprehend the will of Emperor Kua and impact the realm of Renhuang?

When their thoughts turned to this, the eyes of even more people were burning red hot.

Ye Futian was in the flames of the sun, indifferent, merely staring at Zhu Kong, who was in the void. Was this to incite everyone to fight against him?

Zhu Kong knew that it was difficult for the seven major tribes to achieve, so he began to use the power of the Crimson Dragon Realm to make him the target of public criticism. It was quite vicious.

Even if they could not obtain it, they would cut him off, so he had nowhere to go.

“Everyone who came here today must have heard about it. Now, why not get together, and whoever can get it, it will belong to that person. How about it?” Zhu Kong continued, urging everyone to take a shot.

Many of the top figures were tempted. In another direction, Xing Qiu had already returned to the side of Saint King of Gai. He had suffered major injuries. Ye Futian’s battle had forced a stop between their fight with Yu Sheng.

“Uncle, do you want to try?” Xing Qiu said to Saint King of Gai.

“Are you interested?” Saint King of Gai asked Xing Qiu.

“The relic of Renhuang that could devour the ancestral lands. It does sound interesting. Even if I do not practice the art of flames, I can comprehend. Not to mention, this thing is bound to be valuable,” Xing Qiu said.

“Very well, then. Since you are interested, I’ll take it for you as a present,” Saint King of Gai said softly, as if he decided to make a move. The treasure must be his!