The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260 Burning Down Holiness Of Nirvana

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Raging flames swept around Ye Futian’s body as his might was felt throughout his surroundings. Those who were pursuing him halted in their tracks right away.

All of them glared at the figure basking in the divine fire before them; all of them felt a shuddering aura emanating from him.

Ye Futian slowly rose to the air, hovering in the sky as if he was a lotus with its root severed. It was as if he was weightless. Flames burst in his eyes as his blood boiled within his body.

The spinning Sun Spirit Orb in his Life Palace burst with extremely brilliant light as if it was about to burn his Life Spirits up.


A raging aura of flames swept out from Ye Futian’s body, flooding the entire sky and rolling far away.

In that instant, the sky above Qianye City was drowned with auroras of flames. Everyone felt their hearts racing as they looked in Ye Futian’s direction.

It felt as if time had stopped altogether.

Ye Futian seemed to be able to do more than lend his powers to Wu Yong.

He seemed to be able to tap into that power, making use of the power of Emperor Kua.

Ye Futian, who was drifting in the air, looked up slowly and eyed the Holiness of Nirvanas who were there to kill him. He took a deep breath and said, “What does the lineage of Emperor Kua have anything to do with you people? Why don’t you leave a way out for all of us?”

His eyes were burning as he spoke. Afterward, his body burned as well.

His surroundings turned blood-red. The sun in the sky shone on his body. Boundless auras of flames flowed into him from thousands of miles away.

Ye Futian’s body seemed to have turned into an extremely terrifying whirlpool, as if he had become a black hole of the sun, out to devour everything.

His body seemed to be burning.

Everyone around watched Ye Futian’s twisted expression. He looked as if he was being subjected to painful torture in purgatory. He felt all of his organs enduring the intense burning from the flames.

A low-pitched noise was heard coming from Ye Futian. Frightening flames shot from his eyes as he looked up at the boundless sky.

“I’d like to call upon Emperor Kua.”

A roar was heard as Ye Futian’s body was buried in the towering flames. Boundless Flames of the Way coalesced into a solid form. The resulting enormous being that took his place was a legendary Renhuang.

The hearts of many those present were racing, especially those from the nine tribes.

Zhu Kong looked up in awe at the solid form coming into view. The extremely towering body belonged to Emperor Kua who was emerging into the world again.

Emperor Kua descended upon the world using Ye Futian’s body.

“This can’t be…” Zhu Kong’s face was incredibly twisted. What he was seeing right there was unbelievable.

He was not the only one. Everyone from the nine tribes trembled violently. Even the Holiness of Nirvanas were incapable of keeping their hearts from racing.

Emperor Kua had perished many years ago. It was simply impossible for him to descend into the world again.

However, what was taking place before their eyes was undeniable.

Ye Futian had summoned Emperor Kua.

He had conjured the form of Emperor Kua using the boundless Flames of the Way.

“This is insane…”

The people watching the battle from afar felt their hearts race as they wondered what they were seeing at that moment.

Mighty ones from all over the Crimson Dragon Realm had gathered at the battle that day, including many of the top-notch forces and Holiness of Nirvana figures.

They were all caught in the storm after fighting fierce battles.

The storm became increasingly intense.

Emperor Kua was standing right before them.

The battlefield turned silent all of a sudden. All the Holiness of Nirvana who had been fighting stopped to look up at that figure.

Flames continued to roar as the emperor’s body high in the sky. He was like some bottomless hole.

Ye Futian was somewhere within that incredibly tall and mighty figure. His entire being was being buried in flames.

His World Tree Life Spirit spread out in threads that enveloped his body, seeping into his veins as the imperial will went into full bloom. The blood in his veins continued to boil.

He knew right away that he would have been able to make use of the borrowed powers as soon as he inherited the ruins of Emperor Kua. However, he was simply too weak to do so effectively due to his current plane.

As such, he had deliberately lent his powers to Wu Yong when the fighting broke out to let Wu Yong do the fighting. While Ye Futian had been unable to lend it all to Wu Yong, due to the man’s Holiness of Nirvana level of powers, he’d been nonetheless able to bring his powers to the pinnacle of the Holiness of Nirvana plane.

Ye Futian simply had not expected the Saint King of Gai to make a move and sever the connection between the two of them.

He’d run out of options and had resorted to summoning Emperor Kua, using the power of the great path in his surroundings. His current plane meant that borrowing such terrifying powers would cost him greatly if he wasn’t careful. He could die without even knowing how he’d died.

There was no way he would have gone that far unless his hand was forced.

“This is not Emperor Kua. It is simply a will left behind in the ruins,” Zhu Kong said with a brimming voice. Everyone had been shocked by the scene before them. However, the emperor had indeed passed and there was no way he could have been resurrected.

Everyone came to their senses after hearing Zhu Kong’s words. They understood that Zhu Kong was making sense. If Emperor Kua had indeed come back to life, he would have been able to tear them to shreds with just one hand.

“Furthermore, he only has powers at the first level of sainthood. He could suffer from the recoil at any given moment. No one expected that the thing he acquired would allow him to summon the emperor again,” Zhu Kong said as he walked. The greed in his eyes was becoming increasingly apparent.

He had to get his hands on it.

He deemed it a terrible waste to leave something like that with Ye Futian. If he inherited those powers, he would be able to tap into them during battle.

If that happened, no one in Crimson Dragon Realm under Renhuang would be able to fight him.

If Zhu Kong harbored such thoughts, it was no surprise that others were thinking the same thing.

The opportunity to become invincible among saints was right in front of them.

So long as they were able to gain everything Ye Futian had acquired, they would be able to stand at the pinnacle of the Saint Plane.

Other than that, it would also give them a chance to tap into the will of Renhuang, making it possible for them to move towards that plane in the future.

It was a temptation like no other.

Those who were of the Holiness of Nirvana level, especially those who were adept at fire powers, coveted it.

Mightier ones felt their hands getting itchy.

Somewhere far away, Xia Qingyuan and the others looked concerned. They no doubt understood that Ye Futian was borrowing the power of Emperor Kua’s lineage.

If things got out of control, the consequences would be dire.

Xia Qingyuan’s eyes were ice-cold as she shot a glance at those attempting to make a move.

It was incredibly frustrating for her. Despite having become a saint, such a level of battles was only capable of being fought by the very pinnacle of Holiness of Nirvanas. There was no way she would be able to interfere.

The aftershocks of the fights between those people alone would have sufficed to destroy common saints.

They were not even qualified to even get near the battlefield, let alone fight in it.

The scorching rays of the sun were intense high above the sky. Zhu Kong gathered the flames of the great path from his surroundings. High above the sky and below the sun, an immensely huge Divine Sword of the Sun appeared.

He roared as he looked beneath him. The Divine Sword of the Sun descended from the sky, heading straight for the enormous figure of Emperor Kua.

That tall and imposing figure lifted its arm and extended it toward the sky. Its arm turned into a terrifying whirlpool that began to tear everything in its immediate surroundings apart.

It didn’t even bother to block the sword coming down on it. Instead, it went on consuming the flames on the sword.

The sword slashed into its arm, attempted to cut it down as the blade swung at the emperor’s enormous body. However, gleaming Flames of the Way were conjured to melt the sword. The sword was gradually consumed by the huge figure.

Zhu Kong’s probing attack was consumed right away, causing him to look glum. The materialized figure of Emperor Kua had developed the way of the flames, making flames entirely ineffective against it.

While it was the true Emperor Kua, it was nonetheless a construct conjured out of Flames of the Way.


At that moment, the tall, imposing figure suddenly stepped down.

That enormous figure’s head reached the heavens while its feet touched the ground.

One step forward caused the ground to burn immediately, overwhelming the city in flames.

The flames rushed into the sky. They were out to bury the entire battlefield in flames.

The huge landmass was lifted and thrown through the air. That attack was imbued with boundless Flames of the Way, capable of melting everything. The flames in its palm burned as hot as the sun.

The Holiness of Nirvana who were closest to Ye Futian were not those from the six tribes, but the two from Jianmu City. They were the Saint Lord of Jiuyang of the Xi clan and the head of the Chang clan.

As such, the terrifying attack had been launched first and foremost at those two Holiness of Nirvanas.

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang was surrounded by nine suns, all of which burst with boundless light. They moved forward and continued to split, turning into millions of suns and heading straight for that huge palm attack. He wanted to see just how powerful the figure of Emperor Kua was.


The suns all crumbled as the palm attack devoured the flames before continuing to press forward.

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang’s expression turned severe, wondering if flames would be entirely useless against that being.

Boundless spears of the sun appeared behind the leader of the Chang clan, intending to pierce the huge palm. However, the result was the same. The spears were devoured, altogether useless.

All flames were being devoured, regardless of type.

Both of them stepped into the air and retreated.

At that very moment, the huge palm attack quickly engulfed everything in their vicinity. A devouring whirlpool appeared at the center of the palm.


The flames conjured by both men rushed at the whirlpool on the palm. Both of them felt as if they were about to be devoured by that palm.

Both men turned glum and retreated even more quickly.

The palm continued to extend forward, blocking out the sky as the flames on their bodies roared. They were being sucked into the whirlpool in a frenzy. It was as if the whirlpool was trying to suck their flames dry.

The situation was so severe that even the Sun Life Spirits around the Saint Lord of Jiuyang were about to be devoured.

“Melt,” a cold voice said from within figure of Emperor Kua. Its huge palm trembled as boundless Flames of the Way shot out from the devouring whirlpool, engulfing the place and shrouding the two Holiness of Nirvanas in boundless Flames of the Way.

That huge palm seemed to be spitting flames from the body of Emperor Kua. The bodies of the Saint Lord of Jiuyang and the leader of the Chang clan were buried by the flames.

“Be one,” the Saint Lord of Jiuyang shouted as he took his Divine Body of Nine Suns form. A dazzling sun shot out of the flames and flew into the sky.

However, his heart continued to race. Even his arms were trembling.

His Divine Body of Nine Suns had almost been devoured.

The Great Elder of the Chang clan was not as fortunate. He let out shrill, eerie shrieks as he was buried in the flames. He wanted to burst out, but the palm continued to spit Flames of the Way, burning away his body and soul.

“I give up,” The Great Elder of the Chang clan shouted. His body began to disintegrate. He was about to disappear at any moment.

“Too late.” The voice that replied was a cold one. It sounded like the voice of death itself.