The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262 The Star Plucking Saint

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Out of the top figures of the nine tribes, one had been killed by Ye Futian. Eight of the top figures remained.

With the Nanli Tribe leader and the Vermillion Bird Tribe leader submitting to him, four tribes were choosing to side with Ye Futian and acknowledge his place as the successor to Emperor Kua. They were willing to work with him.

The powers of both sides were almost equal, with four tribes standing on each side.

No one had anticipated that things would turn out this way. When the seven tribes led their armies to attack Ye Futian, everyone had thought that the battle would be a slaughter.

Furthermore, with more and more people joining the fray and ganging up on Ye Futian, it seemed as if he had made enemies everywhere.

A man’s ruin was brought by the wealth he possessed. The relic of Emperor Kua that Ye Futian had should have been his downfall.

However, no one could have anticipated what had transpired. The forces on Ye Futian’s side were actually growing stronger.

Furthermore, Ye Futian had tapped into the will of Emperor Kua and come to possess some extremely formidable combat abilities.

Everyone present understood that, if not for Ye Futian putting up such a show of force, he would have never gotten two other Holiness of Nirvanas to switch sides.

The Vermillion Bird Tribe leader fought with Zhu Kong. At the same time, the Nanli Tribe leader headed straight for Zhong Lou. The Beili Tribe leader fought with the Raven Tribe leader while Wu Yong turned his attention at the Jue Tribe leader. Wu Yong began walking toward his opponent.

The upcoming battle was no doubt going to be a civil war between the eight tribes.

Regardless of how the battle would end, one thing was clear… The Nine Tribes of Emperor Kua would be no more. There would definitely be one side reigning supreme after this fight.

The balance of things that had been maintained for ages was about to shift completely. All of this was due solely to the presence of Ye Futian.

However, no one knew yet if it would be the Zhu Clan annexing the Wu Clan, or Ye Futian leading nine new tribes to rule over the western region.

The raging battles continued to be fought. The Saint King of Gai watched the events unfold with a glum expression. Indeed, nothing had happened as expected.

Someone like Yu Sheng had emerged out of Crimson Dragon Realm in that generation. There was Ye Futian to consider as well.

It became apparent that the Xing brothers had met their rivals.

Xing Kai, who was in the Regional King Ranking, might not have been as stressed in this situation. Xing Qiu, on the other hand, had lost to Yu Sheng in the Battle of Crimson River. Both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng would have become quite a pair of obstacles in their journeys of cultivation.

The Saint King of Gai took one step into the air, heading towards the Emperor Kua’s specter without the slightest bit of reservation. It was a show of absolute confidence in his own powers.

“Gai Huang, you dare to bully a member of the younger generation despite your level of training, and yet you still call yourself a Holiness of Nirvana?” A lazy voice was heard from somewhere in the air.

Gai Huang’s brow twitched as an elder appeared before him. It was just an unassuming old man.

Gai Huang frowned when the old man narrowed his eyes and smirked.

“The Star Plucking Saint,” Gai Huang said, recalling the name. He condescendingly asked, “So, you have recovered? And you dare stand in front of me again?”

“My injuries are none of your concern. At the very least, I have no problem taking you on.” The old man who’d appeared was the Star Plucking Saint, a figure who was extremely versed in the art of transformation. He was known to be peerless in both transformations and speed.

“The Star Plucking Saint!”

Everyone who was listening to the conversation between these two figures shuddered deep down. Yet another legendary figure of the Crimson Dragon Realm had appeared. The name of the Star Plucking Saint was known everywhere.

It was also apparent that he was siding with Ye Futian.

Many wondered when the Star Plucking Saint had gotten acquainted with Ye Futian.

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang and Xi Chan, who was watching from afar, sported glum expressions. They knew that the Flames of the Way belonging to the Xi Clan had been stolen by the Star Plucking Saint. Furthermore, he’d then given the flames to Ye Futian.

That act led to the scene taking place. If it had not been for the Star Plucking Saint handing the flames to Ye Futian personally, he might not have participated in the event, which in turn meant that he would not have entered the ancestral land of the nine tribes and acquired the lineage of Emperor Kua.

As such, it could be said that the Star Plucking Saint was the one who had single-handedly brought forth what was happening.

First, he handed the Flames of the Way to Ye Futian. Then, he showed up on the battlefield again. Many wondered what was he up to by doing all of that.

Furthermore, what the Saint King of Gai said meant that the Star Plucking Saint had sustained injuries before. That probably had a lot to do with the Ancient Imperial City.

They were wondering if the rumors had been true, if the Star Plucking Saint had fought with the Ninth Servant, the city lord of the Ancient Imperial City, and was injured in the fight.Read the next chapter on our

“That so?” Gai Huang said condescendingly. He stepped forth and grabbed at the air. An enormous golden handprint shot forward, heading straight for the Star Plucking Saint. The handprint shrouded the entire place, filled with terrifying shredding powers.

It was as if the entire space was about to be torn to pieces.


A loud rumble was heard as the Star Plucking turned into a body of stars. A holy ring of the great path glittered. Dazzling lights of the stars coursed about and merged with his body. Terrifying space-shredding powers tore away, crushing the external shell of stars and tearing at the Star Plucking Saint. It was still unable to crush all the stars in one go.

As Holiness of Nirvanas, their plane had long ago melded with the great path. Death could come with only a single thought. Both attacks and defenses were done at harrowing magnitudes.

Stars burst out around the Star Plucking Saint all of a sudden. All of them were of great size. The place seemed to have turned into a world on its own. Rumbling noises were heard as extremely harrowing powers were born, causing even people standing quite far away to tremble.

As implied by his name, the Star Plucking Saint was able to pluck stars with his hands.


Gai Huang zipped past in the air, ready to escape the place right there and then.

The Star Plucking Saint extended his hand and grabbed at the air. The entire vast area seemed to be literally within his grasp. His body disappeared unbelievably quickly.

It was worth noting that the Star Plucking Saint was peerless when it came to speed.


Both figures moved at extreme speeds, arriving high above the sky right from the ground within the blink of an eye. The Saint King of Gai’s plane made it so that he was able to traverse extremely vast distances within a moment. However, when he reached his destination, he still found the stars all around him.

Gai Huang glared at the Star Plucking Saint and said, “So, by plucking the stars with your hands, you can get the world in your palm.”

“Not bad. You’ve apparently heard of what I’m capable of. If you’re interested in becoming my student, I could teach you,” the old man said with a smile, sounding unbridled.

“You lost at the hands of the renowned Ninth Servant, yet you are offering to be my teacher,” Gai Huang jabbed sarcastically. Boundless golden lights burst through the air, shooting all around his surroundings.

“Why are you bullying a kid?” The old man smirked without care. He waved his hand around and an enormous star appeared, seemingly conjured by the great path itself. It charged straight at Gai Huang.

Their surroundings rattled. The extremely huge star wanted to kill everything.

Countless people in Qianye City looked up and saw the star falling from the sky. All of them were extremely shocked.

The Star Plucking Saint and the Saint King of Gai were both top-notch figures known throughout the Crimson Dragon Realm. The battle between them was nothing short of horrifying.

The storm in Qianye City was also getting increasingly frightening.

“Hmph.” Gai Huang smirked coldly. He stood tall and proud as dazzling light coursed over his body. The will of the great path of space shrouded their surroundings. Even though that huge star was about to crash down on him, he stood his ground without any intention of evading or blocking.

He lifted his arm and pointed just as the star was about to fall on him. Boundless dazzling wills of the great path of space enveloped their surroundings, slowing the star down. The body of the star seemed to be engulfed by the light of space.

Gai Huang stepped out again and pointed at the star directly. The will of the great path burst into the star immediately. Boundless dazzling lights caused the star to emit a blinding brilliance, crumbling apart with a loud rumble.

The Star Plucking Saint was unfettered as he looked on calmly. He then waved his hand, causing all the stars to fall toward Gai Huang like comets.

Gai Huang’s body looked quite puny and insignificant when compared to the vastness of the area of stars around him.

“That attack…” The hearts of the people watching raced. The aura of both men fighting high above in the air felt stifling to all of them.

There was hardly anyone paying to the other battles happening below by then. Yu Sheng and many others who were not fighting were ignoring everything else.

However, at that moment, Yu Sheng turned to look in another direction.

Xing Qiu sensed something from far away. He frowned when he noticed Yu Sheng glaring at him.

Yu Sheng’s stout frame burst into the air at the very next moment. Rumbling noises were heard all over the place. On the chaotic battlefield where Holiness of Nirvanas fought, Yu Sheng charged straight at Xing Qiu.

The outcome of the Battle of Crimson River was final.

Still, Xing Qiu instigated Gai Huang to participate in the battle. Furthermore, Xing Qiu had fought in that battle in the past.

As such, Yu Sheng saw no need to hold back against Yu Sheng.

Xing Qiu’s expression changed slightly. He was there for the Saint King of Gai that day. His status and the Saint King of Gai’s strength meant that no one dared to make a move against him.

However, at that very moment, someone was making a move against him.


Raging auras burst forward in an instant. Xing Qiu resonated with the great path as rings of the great path dazzled above him, generating extremely potent power.


Another rumble was heard. Yu Sheng moved like a devil of unparalleled strength as he traversed the space. A huge shadow of the devil appeared behind him, looking imposing and brimming with energy.

He then threw a punch that could tear through space itself. Countless wills of the fist burst from the huge, imposing devil, tearing through space and landing on Xing Qiu’s body. Yu Sheng’s fights had always been straightforward and overwhelming, lacking the slightest hint of flourish and fluff. All there was to him was power and overwhelming strength.

He burst forward with raging strength. He was about to tear through anyone who dared to stand in his way.

Xing Qiu roared and brought his will of the fist down on Yu Sheng. He threw a palm attack at the same time, feeling a god of war, attempting to block Yu Sheng’s advance.


Raging rumbles were heard. The defense crumbled altogether as Yu Sheng’s raging body continued to burst forward like a bolt of lightning. Everyone saw Xing Qiu’s body go flying away a moment later.