The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263 The Tables Have Turned

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Xing Qiu rose from the ground and wiped the blood off of the corner of his mouth, looking at Yu Sheng, who continued to press forward. A ritual implement was seen in his hand, emanating a brilliant ring of light that melded with his arm.

Rings of light swept through his surroundings in an instant. Will of the great path of an even greater magnitude descended. A stifling pressure permeated throughout the space with Xing Qiu’s body as the center.

Even though he had been defeated by Yu Sheng before, he had never used ritual implements to do battle with him.

However, he deemed Yu Sheng to simply be too much to handle, what with the other party targeting him specifically. The way Yu Sheng came at him suggested that Yu Sheng wanted him dead.

Xing Qiu was born and raised in Ancient Imperial City. Few in the Crimson Dragon Realm would dare to try to take his life.

There was a handful who dared to get on the bad side of the City Lord of Ancient Imperial City, the number one city outside of Crimson Dragon City.

However, Xing Qiu could feel that Yu Sheng was simply a lunatic and an absolute exception. He had trained in the Regional Palace and was ranked in the Regional King Ranking. The fact that he was daring to pull something like this off was insane.

Going about business the way he saw fit, leaving behind reservations and restraint, was just how Yu Sheng did things.

Towering demonic might swept all over the place. Xing Qiu then saw a huge demonic palm print bearing down on him. He stepped forward as lights burst from both of his arms, colliding with the incoming attack.


A huge rumble was heard as the huge palm print was severed.

Yu Sheng took a look at Xing Qiu with his pitch-black eyes. He knew that the other party had made use of powerful ritual implements, amplifying the attack’s power exponentially.

However, he charged forward without the slightest hint of hesitation.

Demonic might rolled over and shrouded the place. His eyes turned pitch-black like a bottomless pit.

When Xing Qiu saw Yu Sheng’s eyes, he felt as if he was looking at a devil. This was the world of the demons, and there seemed to be demonic generals standing around the devil itself. All of them submitted to the devil without question.

Xing Qiu actually felt an urge to kneel and worship the devil before him, as if Yu Sheng was the true manifestation of the devil itself, demanding that he lay prostrate and submit to it.

That feeling was insulting, but also one that inspired awe.

None of that was an illusion. Xing Qiu’s level of training allowed him to determine right away that Yu Sheng had been born as a demon. He was destined to become a demonic lord reigning supreme. This being had also trained in the terrifying demonic arts, causing him to feel what he felt.

It was worth noting that Xing Qiu was a descendant of a Renhuang, yet he was nonetheless overwhelmed by Yu Sheng in a match of wills.

Xing Qiu was wondering about Yu Sheng’s background.

Yu Sheng did not pay any heed to the thoughts in Xing Qiu’s mind. His raging demonic aura conjured multiple devilish halberds. He then roared and brought the halberds tearing through the air with overwhelming might. Every single halberd streaked through space and caused a series of sonic booms. Their devastating might as they streaked through the air inspired nothing but dread.

Xing Qiu also roared and took his battle form, stepping out and clashing with the attacks. He had already brandished his ritual implement, there was no way he could simply back away. Furthermore, there was nowhere for him to back away to!

Both men fought ferociously. Countless pairs of eyes turned to look at the battlefield where the two of them fought. The battle between Yu Sheng and Xing Qiu was not even remotely as astonishing as the one going on up in the sky, where the Star Plucking Saint and the Saint of King were fighting. The power being wielded on both battlefields were of different orders of magnitude altogether, but both Yu Sheng and Xing Qiu were extremely renowned members of the younger generation nonetheless.

They would probably become figures like the Saint King of Gai or the Star Plucking Saint in the future.

Yu Sheng might become stronger than both of them in the future.

He was, after all, ranked in the Regional King Ranking. Anyone at his plane who ranked on the Regional King Ranking was considered a nigh-invincible being.

Even the likes of the Star Plucking Saint and the Saint King of Gai had never made it into the Regional King Ranking. Such was the testament to the difficulty of getting ranked in the Regional King Ranking.

At present, including Yu Sheng, there were only 18 saints ranked in the Regional King Ranking.

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang took a look at the other battlefields.

He flinched at what he was seeing.

He had never anticipated that things would turn out like this.

He thought that the scene would spiral downwards, devolving into a fight between many for the lineage of Emperor Kua and the treasure. Qianye City would have been insignificant in comparison. There was no way Ye Futian would have been able to keep what he had gotten intact. Even the members of the nine tribes would have been able to get rid of Ye Futian easily, let alone the many mighty figures from all over the Crimson Dragon Realm joining the fray.

Even if the forces of Emperor Xia’s Realm were to join in the fray, unless they were able to mobilize all of the realm’s powers, there would be no way for them to keep things in their favor. That was something that would have been impossible to pull off.

No one would have anticipated something like this happening right before their eyes.

Even the Star Plucking Saint had made his move, fighting the Saint King of Gai.

He was utterly incapable of predicting what would happen from then on out.

The outcome of the battle was utterly uncertain. No one knew how things would turn out.

He’d once thought that Ye Futian would end up dead as a result of this confrontation. It would not have mattered even if he was unable to take the treasure. It was an opportunity, and he saw fit to seize the chance. The consequences didn’t matter, even if he failed.

However, things had changed. If he were to continue fighting and Ye Futian’s side emerged as the victor, the consequences would certainly matter, judging by the powers that Ye Futian would be able to wield by then.

Consequences would actually be very severe for the losing side.

Every single Holiness of Nirvana who was as powerful as the likes of the Saint Lord of Jiuyang felt shaken at that moment. All of them hesitated. They couldn’t decide if they should press forward or retreat.

If they retreated and left Ye Futian large, they would have to worry about him coming back to settle the score with all of them.

“Father, let’s retreat,” Xi Chan said telepathically to the Saint Lord of Jiuyang from a distance. With events having taken such a turn, there was simply no need to continue fighting.

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang was still hesitating. A figure stood before him. It was Yan Yuan.

He was standing guard before the Saint Lord of Jiuyang.

Ye Futian, who had taken the form of a god of war of flames, turned around at that moment, looking at the Holiness of Nirvana who had ambushed him before.

That Holiness of Nirvana from Xiang City had arrived with Xiang Nan. He was a mighty figure from Emperor Xiang’s Realm.

He had apparently intended to join the fray without revealing himself, killing Ye Futian and taking the treasure of Emperor Kua for himself.

That towering god of war of flames turned to look at the Holiness of Nirvana from Emperor Xiang’s Realm, causing him to frown as he sensed a threat looming over him.

Ye Futian summoned the will of Emperor Kua before the Holiness of Nirvana was able to retaliate, conjuring the form of Emperor Kua. The Holiness of Nirvana cursed deep down. If he had been able to foresee all of this, he would not have decided to join in the fray.

From the looks of the figure’s eyes, it was clear that the Holiness of Nirvana had been marked.

They still had scores to settle from the last round.

During the battle between the forces of Emperor Xia’s Realm and Emperor Li’s Realm, Xiang Nan had brought people to Qianye City, seemingly to threaten Ye Futian.

At that moment, it was a case of scores piling up on top of each other.

Xiang Nan, who was far away, seemed to notice what Ye Futian was up to. He frowned.

Ye Futian, at that moment, was no longer himself. He had summoned Emperor Kua which posed a grave threat.

At that very moment, Ye Futian in Emperor Kua’s form turned into the Divine Eyes of the Sun, casting a gaze that caused the Holiness of Nirvana from Xiang City to feel as if he was being engulfed by a dazzling sun. The rays of the sun rained down as Flames of the Way descended, burning him to nothingness.


A loud rumble was heard as lightning crackled overhead. His body zipped by like a bolt of lightning.

Ye Futian was the only one who knew what he was getting himself into. The pressure of summoning a being like Emperor Kua at his current plane was immensely stressful. The greater the powers that he wielded, the greater the burden it was on him. It was as predicted by many. Any mishap could easily cause him to be destroyed by the recoil.

That was why he’d allowed the Vermillion Bird Tribe and the Nanli Tribe to side with him.

If he was able to kill everything before him without restraint and suffer no repercussions, he might have actually done so.

However, he knew that, even though summoning the will of Emperor Kua had given him formidable powers, at the end of the day, those powers were not his to keep.

At the very least, he needed to leave some Holiness of Nirvanas behind to serve as deterrents to people eyeing the lineage of Emperor Kua.

At that moment, he cranked the powers into a frenzy. The sky and the earth scorched red-hot. The Fire Spirit Orb in his body emanated brilliant light. The flames of his surroundings howled as if they were burning like the sun.

Countless people looked at Ye Futian and felt rattled to the core. That power was nothing short of harrowing.

“Let’s get out.” The Holiness of Nirvana from Xiang City sensed how terrifying that power was. He then shouted at Xiang Nan and the others.

“Your highness, let’s go.” Some mighty figures made a snap decision and took Xiang Nan away.

Xiang Nan’s expression changed somewhat and he looked very glum. He couldn’t believe that he was about to run away.

He turned around and looked at the battlefield, finding an enormous face appearing in the sky. It was the face of Emperor Kua!

An arm descended from above. The boundlessly huge arm seemed to be a manifestation of Flames of the Way. It blocked out the sky and swatted at the Holiness of Nirvana.

That mighty being roared. His entire body was clad in lightning as he burst through the clouds. Brilliant light burst from his body as he moved faster than a bolt of lightning. Still, that destructive will was getting closer.


A huge pillar of lightning shot into the sky, tearing everything apart.

The extremely huge flaming hand clapped down from above, causing rumbles to be heard everywhere. The beam that shot into the sky clashed with the flames. The beam had actually torn an opening in the hand from above, intending to disintegrate the attacking hand.

The hand of flames continued to solidify, scorching the sky red-hot like fire from lava. It continued to press downward, overpowering the pillar of lightning by sheer brute force.

“Get lost,” the Holiness of Nirvana roared. His body burst with nine dazzling beams and blasted at the power that was pressing him down.

That scene was extremely harrowing.

The Spirit Orb in Ye Futian’s body burst with extremely formidable powers, causing Emperor Kua’s body to resonate with his surroundings. Raging fires were brought forth with a rumble. The nine beams of lightning transformed into beams of lightning and fire, burning together with the conjured flames.

Intense flames scorched the sky in an instant. The Holiness of Nirvana from Xiang City looked despaired as he said, “Please have mercy, Lord Ye.”


Terrifying powers washed over the area. Eerie shrieks were heard as the Holiness of Nirvana was flooded by the destructive light.

“No…” Xiang Nan, who was running, turned around just in time to witness the harrowing scene. His face was ashen.

How could this have happened?

The Holiness of Nirvana who had followed him from Emperor Xiang’s Realm had died in Qianye City.