The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1264

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“Your Highness, let’s go.” The mighty ones at Xiang Nan’s side took him and continued moving forward. Despite being a considerable distance away from the city lord’s office by then, the flames on top of their heads remained.

The sky above Qianye City had been tainted red. It seemed that they would only be safe if they left Qianye City.

Xiang Nan turned around to look at the face in the distant sky. His expression was bone-chillingly cold.

Ye Futian had killed their Holiness of Nirvana.

The Xiang City was still backed by Emperor Xiang’s Realm, meaning that it was still, without a doubt, an imperial realm.

Even if Ye Futian was able to tap into Emperor Kua’s will, he was nonetheless still at the Proving Holiness level. However, he’d dealt the killing blow without hesitation, killing a Holiness of Nirvana from Emperor Xiang’s Realm in Qianye City.

A Holiness of Nirvana was of extreme importance to their respective imperial realm. Without that one Holiness of Nirvana around, Emperor Xiang’s Realm would not be able to keep Xiang City in the Crimson Dragon Realm intact, unless Xiang Nan was to assign another Holiness of Nirvana from Emperor Xiang’s Realm. However, he would lose all face in the imperial court back home if he were to do so.

His father would probably be immensely disappointed with him.

Xiang Nan’s fists clenched at that thought. He looked increasingly grim.

He vowed to get revenge for what had happened.

Everyone around the city lord’s office had seen yet another Holiness of Nirvana die. All of them were incredibly shaken.

That was a Holiness of Nirvana after all. While there were indeed many Holiness of Nirvanas found in the Crimson Dragon Realm, the realm itself was not so big that the loss of one was insignificant.

Furthermore, the Crimson Dragon Realm itself was the primary realm of the Crimson Dragon Region, where powerful figures from all the realms gathered. Even so, Holiness of Nirvanas were still at the pinnacle of powerful beings. They were figures capable of stabilizing a region, serving as city lords, or even establishing top-notch forces.

At this point, Ye Futian had killed two Holiness of Nirvanas. Adding the one that Wu Yong killed before—the Shang tribe leader—to the count, three Holiness of Nirvanas had fallen in battle.

That battle had truly made any mighty figures who had not yet joined the fray think twice.

The tables had turned completely. Ye Futian’s forces had gone against the odds. They seemed to be the ones with the advantage.

If Ye Futian went into battle personally, it would be disastrous for anyone taking him on.

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang finally made his decision after seeing the Holiness of Nirvana from Xiang City fall. He turned his eyes toward the god of war and fire, gritting his teeth as he charged.

Yan Yuan wanted to stop him, but he quickly realized that the Saint Lord of Jiuyang was not heading toward Ye Futian. Instead, he was heading towards another battlefield.

He was heading toward the battlefield where Wu Yong was fighting the Jue Tribe’s leader.

However, Yan Yuan nonetheless made a move and followed him, concerned about the Saint Lord of Jiuyang acting against Wu Yong.

Extremely dazzling rays of the sun appeared. The Divine Body of Nine Suns form taken by the Saint Lord of Jiuyang burned brightly. His body seemed to be a manifestation of the sun itself.


The space rattled as he threw a punch, as scorching as the sun itself. Nine suns shone brilliantly as they bombarded someone.

The aura bursting from Yan Yuan was terrifying as it tried to stop the Saint Lord of Jiuyang’s attack. However, he was baffled by the target of the Saint Lord of Jiuyang’s attacking, causing him to pause and cease interfering.

In yet another area of the battle, the Jue Tribe leader’s face changed. He was fighting full force against Wu Yong and was the one at an advantage. Wu Yong had not made a breakthrough yet. Despite receiving help from Ye Futian and inheriting the lineage of Emperor Kua, he was unable to process the powers enough to enhance his combat prowess.

However, when both men were still locked in an intense battle, a formidable sense of crisis looming over the Jue Tribe leader. He turned around immediately, intending to leave the battlefield, but Wu Yong quickly took the form of Divine Eyes of the Sun and threw his arms out, blocking his way.

“Get away from me,” the Jue Tribe leader roared as he clashed with Wu Yong. He was sent reeling back again.

However, at almost the very same moment, the dazzling fist will of the sun came down. The scorching heat of the sun quickly engulfed him.

The Jue Tribe leader turned around, intending to retaliate, but his arm was still being penetrated by the incoming fist will, hitting him hard on the chest.

He felt as if his chest had been punched through by the flames at that instant.

At that very moment, he sensed another looming danger behind him. Wu Yong saw no sense in letting the opportunity slip through his fingers. He threw a handprint down on the Jue Tribe leader’s head. At that very moment, the Jue Tribe leader felt as if his entire body had been set on fire. He out a terrified shriek.

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang did not stop there. He launched another fist shortly after, preventing the Jue Tribe leader from recovering.

The Jue Tribe leader glared at the Saint Lord of Jiuyang. His eyes were filled with intense hatred.

As the leader of the Xi Clan, the Saint Lord of Jiuyang was a renowned figure in Jianmu City.

However, the Saint Lord of Jiuyang had switched sides during the battle, ambushing the Jue Tribe leader and trying to kill him.

The Jue Tribe leader hated him for that.

Boom… Raging flames swept into the Jue tribe leader’s body, burning and killing him right away.

The fourth Holiness of Nirvana perished in the battle that day.

Yan Yuan watched the scene unfold from the side and looked at the Saint Lord of Jiuyong. He’d thought previously that the Saint Lord of Jiuyang would have attacked Wu Yong. However, things had turned out to be completely opposite, as he’d chosen to help Wu Yong by killing the Jue Tribe leader instead.

It was apparent that the Saint Lord of Jiuyang behaved like some of the western region’s tribe leaders—betraying their allies and switching sides on the fly.

Furthermore, he did not simply give up and leave. He’d opted instead to land a killing blow out of nowhere, thereby adding yet another Holiness of Nirvana to Ye Futian’s kill list. He was extremely decisive. His method was extremely brutal.

Countless people who were watching from far away were shocked by the scene. What the Saint Lord of Jiuyang had just pulled would probably be used against him in the future. However, the decisiveness and brutality he’d shown had no doubt served as the best way for him to get out. He did not want to get involved in the mess any further.

The head of the Chang Clan had been killed, so it was only a matter of time before the Chang Clan was no more. He did not want to see the same thing happen to the Xi Clan.

“City Lord Ye, I participated in today’s battle out of greed, and I have atoned for my mistakes by killing a Holiness of Nirvana for you. I hope you will forgive what I did today. When the dust settles in Qianye City, I shall get someone to visit you again,” The Saint Lord of Jiuyang said with a brimming voice as he looked at Ye Futian.Read the next chapter on our

He was actually rather unlucky. Ye Futian had summoned Emperor Kua before he was even ready to truly make a move against Ye Futian.

He would not have gotten himself in this mess if he’d known things would turn out this way.

Ye Futian looked at the Saint Lord of Jiuyang and thought about what he’d done. They’d acted extremely decisively when the opportunity had arisen to take Emperor Kua’s lineage for themselves. Now that the opportunity was no more and the tide had turned, this man had turned around and killed the Jue Tribe leader instead.

With that, the game was set. The western region’s tribes were no longer able to cause great disruptions.

Furthermore, he knew that Ye Futian would continue to get rid of the remaining opposing tribes. As such, the Xi Clan would be able to get out in one piece.

“You despicable son of a b**ch,” Zhu Kong berated. His voice was cold. The Saint Lord of Jiuyang was, after all, a renowned figure. He’d never expected the Saint Lord of Jiuyang to pull off something so despicable.

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang turned to look at Zhu Kong with a plain look, thinking that Zhu Kong and the rest of his gang were not any better for showing up just to rob Ye Futian of Emperor Kua’s lineage.

The two of them were having the same thought patterns. They had each only considered what was in their own best interests.

“I shall take my leave.” Seeing that the Saint Lord of Jiuyang was not going to bother replying, he cupped his hands and excused himself, then turned around and flew away.

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang then headed towards the mighty figures of the Xi Clan and said, “We shall head home now.”

They did not stay around to watch the rest of the battle so that Ye Futian would not think that they were simply there to observe how things would turn out. Instead, they took the chance to leave immediately instead. The game was set, and the outcome of it would be heard soon enough.

As the Saint Lord of Jiuyang had speculated, due to his defection and the death of the Jue Tribe leader, the outcome of the battle was already foreseeable.

On the first day of Year 10,025 of Divine Prefecture Calendar, the seven tribes of the western region appeared in a great show of force. The Saint King of Gai and many other top figures came to attack Qianye City, yet they failed to take the place.

Furthermore, four Holiness of Nirvanas perished in the battle that ensued.

At present, Zhu Kong and the others were no longer able to turn the tables around. Their fates were sealed.

Wu Yong stepped away after the Jue Tribe leader was dead, helping the Vermillion Bird Tribe leader fight Zhu Kong.

At present, there were only three Holiness of Nirvanas left at Zhu Kong’s side—the Zhu Clan, the Zhong Tribe, and the Raven Tribe.

All the others had either defected or died.

No one had foreseen any of that before the battle broke out.

Boom… A rumble was heard. Zhu Kong blasted with his hand and then retreated at great speed, not giving Wu Yong any chance to get close. He then yelled, “Retreat!”

He understood that the game was set by then. The chance of turning the tables was nearly non-existent.

The nine tribes of the western region intended to take back Emperor Kua’s lineage and the secret treasure of Emperor Kua that Ye Futian had inherited, but the endeavor was destined to fail.

Worse still, they paid an extremely heavy price for the endeavor.

Ye Futian and the tribes that submitted to him would probably not let them go.

Between the two sides of the nine tribes, it was destined that one side would disappear from Crimson Dragon Realm for good.

The Zhong Tribe and the RavenTtribe retreated and left as well. It was apparent that they knew they were no longer able to turn the tide. The opportunity to get Emperor Kua’s lineage was gone.

Emperor Kua’s form that Ye Futian had taken remained standing tall in the sky, but he did not pursue the ones that ran away. He knew how things were at the moment. The stress that he was enduring at the moment was no longer worth fighting any longer.

The battle between the Saint King of Gai and the Star Plucking Saint high up in the air was still incredibly terrifying. The stars completely surrounded them. The intensity of that battle exceeded any of the others fought between the Holiness of Nirvanas.

It was apparent that the powers of both men were of considerably higher than the other Holiness of Nirvanas.

In truth, the Saint King of Gai was unable to do anything to turn the tide so long as the Star Plucking Saint was around.

Worse still, Xing Qiu was having a hard time below.

Yu Sheng’s raging bursts of attacks caused Xing Qiu’s aura to continuously weaken, despite Xing Qiu having brandished a ritual implement to aid him in the fight. One stunning attack after another caused Xing Qiu to feel like he was about to crumble.

A loud rumble was eventually heard. A large handprint landed on Xing Qiu’s body, intending to break him apart completely.

Pfftt… Blood spilled from Xing Qiu’s mouth as his limp body was sent flying. However, Yu Sheng refused to let him go easily.

A terrifying power of will burst from Xing Qiu’s body at that moment. The power of will overwhelmed everything around him. Yu Sheng immediately sensed an intense pressure when he drew near.

Xing Qiu’s eyes seemed to have changed. There seemed to be another aura coming from his body that was extremely terrifying. Yu Sheng glared at his opponent. His eyes seemed to penetrate the other party, seeing yet another scene within.

A figure was standing with his hands behind their back inside a tall, magnificent city, glaring at him with imposing, overbearing eyes, as if the entire space was looking down at him.

It was none other than the number one city outside of Crimson Dragon City.