The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268 Awakening

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The Swordmaster of Lihen and the others brought Zhu Kong and all those with him back to Emperor Xia’s Realm. Zhu Kong and the two other Holiness of Nirvanas suffered severe damage. They lost their combat capacity, for the time being, making it impossible for them to play any tricks during the journey.

When they reached Emperor Xia’s Realm, their tribesmen were being ruled by those from the Nanli tribe and the other two tribes, which made it even more unlikely for them to do anything.

Worse still, there were also many from the Nanli tribe, the Beili tribe, and the Vermillion Bird tribe heading towards Emperor Xia’s Realm. With deterrents being everywhere, none would have dared to harbor any thoughts of doing anything nasty. They simply did as they were told.

The trip was more than enough to bolster the top-notch combat prowess of Emperor Xia’s Realm, as they were able to force Zhu Kong and the other two Holiness of Nirvanas to participate in the conflict with Dali.

It was a two-birds-with-one-stone scenario for Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Xia Qingyuan naturally stayed behind in Crimson Dragon Realm instead of returning with the others.

They all would have probably needed quite some time to recover from the incident with the nine tribes.

The tribes that lost their Holiness of Nirvanas had only one way out if they were to rise again.

That one way was to submit to Ye Futian and gain his trust, eventually having him impart the lineage of Emperor Kua to them.

Only by doing so would they be able to have a chance of seeing Holiness of Nirvanas rising among their ranks again.

If they were to continue resenting him, those tribes would probably never be able to see their past glory return and would entirely fall apart until they were absorbed and assimilated into tribes that Ye Futian came to trust.

There had been competitions between the nine tribes throughout the ages. All of them wanted to be the one to unify the nine tribes. Any who got the chance to be at the top calling the shots would never show mercy to the other tribes.

“The Beili tribe, the Nanli tribe, and the Vermillion Bird tribe shall rule the nine tribes of the past from here on out. You all shall be responsible for restoring order, and when you’re done, core members shall be given direct access to Emperor Kua’s City and restore the Emperor Kua’s Hall. Ye Futian, City Lord of Qianye City, shall impart the powers of Emperor Kua as the lord of Emperor Kua’s Hall. The nine tribes shall then follow orders issued within the hall.”

Xia Qingyuan spoke to the mighty ones from the three tribes after sending off the ones heading off to Emperor Xia’s Realm.

“Yes, Princess.” Everyone nodded and did not object. They all submitted to Ye Futian, and it was only natural that he be made the lord of the Emperor Kua’s Hall when the place was restored.

The nine tribes were, in a certain sense of the word, united as a single entity again. However, it was not through having one of the tribes absorbing and assimilating all the others. Still, that one person was inheriting Emperor Kua’s lineage and passing it all down the generations from that on out.

It was as if everything was as fate ordained.

“The three of you shall be the first generation of elders of Emperor Kua’s Hall. Any within the nine tribes whom you find to be insubordinate, you’re permitted to enforce the law and execute them,” Xia Qingyuan continued. She was concerned with rebellions in the tribes, and under such circumstances, a heavy-handed approach was necessary.

The three Holiness of Nirvanas naturally understood and nodded. They, too, were not merciful people. They would not have decided right away to submit to Ye Futian when things were not in their favor otherwise.

All of them were very decisive and action-oriented people.

“Keep a close eye on those from the Wu clan who rebelled. Leave them be and let their leader deal with them,” Xia Qingyuan added.

Those who rebelled and chose to follow Zhu Kong back then turned pale when they heard what she said.

Wu Yong had become an absolute member of Ye Futian’s inner circle then.

They wondered what their leader would have done with rebels like them.

Even if Wu Yong chose to spare them, there was no way they would have been placed in prominent positions and given important tasks from then on out. They would have been marginalized, standing at the sidelines as they no longer had a leader.

They would probably be reduced to serve at the very bottom of the hierarchy among the tribes.

Xia Qingyuan then departed right away after she was done with affairs over there, returning to Qianye City.

She believed that the three Holiness of Nirvanas of those three tribes would be able to handle things well there.

With all nine tribes united again, they would not pose a looming threat anymore.

Among those who worked against them, some died, and some chose to switch sides. The only problem then was the Ancient Imperial City.

With the City Lord of Ancient Imperial City—the Ninth Servant—being lauded as the number one City Lord and a supreme being among the Holiness of Nirvanas, it would be challenging to deal with him at the moment. If he were to be sufficiently angered, he might have simply gone on a killing spree in Qianye City, and no one would have been able to stop a Holiness of Nirvana like him, who was at the pinnacle of the plane.

There were times where numbers did not matter before one who had overwhelmingly powerful training.

For instance, people like Yu Sheng and Ye Futian could not be dealt with by having more people gang up on them.

Xia Qingyuan would not make a move against Ancient Imperial City. That part was left to Ye Futian.

When the news about things regarding the nine tribes at the western region of Crimson Dragon Realm spread, countless were astonished.

The princess from Emperor Xia’s Realm was, without a doubt, a tough character in her own right. Not only had she been able to take out all nine tribes and dealt with them once and for all, but she had even managed to dismantle any lurking threats on the spot, putting all nine tribes securely in control and making sure everyone would play nice. She ensured that everyone would take Ye Futian’s orders obediently.

Many came to wonder if Ye Futian was the son-in-law of Emperor Xia’s Realm.

They also wondered if Xia Qingyuan was doing all of that because they pissed off her boyfriend.

The rebuilding of the city lord’s office’s area in Qianye City was underway, making the place look even more magnificent and grand than it used to be, especially the city lord’s office itself. A grand matrix was even laid in the place.

It was as if the city lord’s office had to be more magnificent than it had last been after the destruction it suffered.

It was like Qianye City itself, where after destruction suffered, the rebuilt city lord’s office would be even more powerful than before.

It was no exception at that time as well.

Without including forces from Emperor Xia’s Realm, there had only been one Holiness of Nirvana guarding the place before—Shen Tianzhan, the former city lord.

At present, other than Shen Tianzhan, there was also Wu Yong.

Furthermore, among the nine tribes that Qianye City came to rule, there were also three Holiness of Nirvanas and many more Unblemished Saints.

Other than that, Yan Yuan was also present in the city lord’s office, and there was also the Star Plucking Saint, who aided them secretly.

It was as if everything was different after fighting a grand battle.

Qianye City seemed to have become the second most powerful city outside of Crimson Dragon City.

Ancient Imperial City remained the number one city.

Qianye City’s current power was such that other than Ancient Imperial City, there were indeed no other cities capable of standing against it.

There had never been a city able to rise to such prominence in such a short period. Qianye City was seen as a miracle.

Ye Futian finally rose from his coma on that day.

He had been asleep all the while. All his injuries had been amply repaired, so much so that he was almost completely healed.

Loulan Xue, Little Butterfly, and Zhuge Mingyue had been taking care of him throughout the time. Even Long Ling’er stayed by his side without doing anything funny.

Many smiled when Ye Futian came to. The burden on their shoulders was finally lifted.

While Xu Chehan had long determined that Ye Futian would be alright, if he were to stay in a coma, no one would have been able to rest easy.

“Why the hell are you people looking at me like that?” Ye Futian shrugged when he saw the familiar faces around him, asking with a smile.

“I assume you slept well?” Zhuge Mingyue smiled sheepishly at him. “Yeah, right. For some guy who had been sleeping for months, you’re the one to talk,” she thought.

“Yeah, Second Sister. It’s been a while since I slept so well,” Ye Futian said in a joking tone.

“It’d be weird if you weren’t sleeping well when they’re so many watching over you,” Zhuge Mingyue then quipped.

Ye Futian did not say anything else, feeling warm deep down. All of those familiar faces were people he considered family.

Other than feeling warm inside, he also felt a sense of responsibility after seeing how nervous they were.

He knew that he was the center of everything as far as they were concerned. That meant that he was shouldering the fate of everyone there.

There were many people in the world worthy of his protection.

They were all looking out for each other.

“I’ll get some air outside,” Ye Futian rose and walked outside. Long Ling’er came and helped him up, lifting her head and looking at him, asking, “Are you feeling alright, brother?”

“Relax, I’m fine,” Ye Futian smiled and said, but he swore deep down that he would never pull anything like that again.

It would really kill him.

If it had not been for the protection afforded by his Life Spirit and the imperial will, what he pulled would have easily burned through ten lives.

He came to the compound after walking out of the room. Ye Futian looked up at the blinding sun and felt he needed to adjust to things.

“How are things out there now?” Ye Futian asked.

Xia Qingyuan came to his side and elaborated on everything that had happened to him. Ye Futian nodded and said, “Thanks a lot.”

Xia Qingyuan did not say anything. She then asked after a while, “Do you think there is more to be done with the Xi clan?”

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang had wanted to be part of the fight back then, but he switched sides and helped them kill the Jue tribe leader.

Xia Qingyuan was asking if he would like to settle the score further.

“We’ll talk about this later,” Ye Futian answered. He turned his eyes forward, seeing a figure that stood out of the crowd like a sore thumb, getting ready to leave.

“Brother Yan,” Ye Futian called.

Yan Yuan halted his steps and turned around, saying, “Now that you’re awake, things in Qianye City would be fine, and I’d need to head back. I’m sure Feixue and the others are waiting for news from me for the past several months.”

“Now that you’re in Crimson Dragon Realm, why not stay here at Qianye City instead, brother?” Ye Futian asked.

“If you’re concerned with the teacher’s reputation, there is no need for you to stay in the city lord’s office. It would suffice if you just stayed in the city for training. Feixue would be safer here. Things at Dali Dynasty are still a threat, after all. If anything were to happen, we would be able to do something to back you up,” Ye Futian said.

Yan Yuan felt rather concerned. Dali was indeed a lurking threat. There was no telling who from Dali would act against them.

Dali might have gotten into some conflicts with Emperor Xia’s Realm, with both sides being of equal strength, unable to overwhelm the other. However, there was no telling what would have happened in the future.

“I’ve set up Qianye Academy in the city. You could stay there in seclusion and train. If you run into any decent candidates worthy of your teaching, it would be just like how it was with Dali Academy back then. You’d still be inheriting the will of our teacher,” Ye Futian then added.

Yan Yuan sported a ponderous look and said, “I’ll ask what Feixue thinks about this when I return.”

“Very well,” Ye Futian smiled and nodded. Yan Yuan then left for the city lord’s office.

“Sir Yan Yuan is indeed someone worthy of respect,” Xia Qingyuan walked up to him and said. It was a pity that there was no way Yan Yuan would join Emperor Xia’s Realm due to concerns over his teacher’s reputation.

Despite the regime having permanently crippled the Imperial Advisor and imprisoning him for treason, his students refused to admit to those charges. They would not allow themselves to confirm that their teacher had been a traitor.

“The Imperial Advisor and the students of his are all worthy of respect,” Ye Futian added.

News came after Ye Futian came to. They were figures from top-notch forces coming to visit him afterward. Xi Chan, daughter of the Xi clan, came to apologize personally at Qianye City and brought many gifts. Ye Futian saw no reason not to accept them in good faith.

He considered the score settled, and that was final.