The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269 Peach Invitation

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Qianye City regained its usual calm and peace after all the commotion before.

Even though everyone came to learn that Ye Futian had acquired Emperor Kuas lineage, they dared not show up and try to take it away by force.

The battle on the very first day of Year 10025 of Divine Prefecture Calendar saw seven tribes laying siege to Qianye City. Several top-notch figures participated in the invasion. Even so, they did not manage to take down Qianye City. The city had become even more powerful than it had been in the past, and no one dared rechallenge them.

The rise of Ye Futian was probably unstoppable.

Many came to agree among themselves that among the many cities outside of Crimson Dragon City, Ancient Imperial City was number one while Qianye City was number two.

In the area where Vice City Lord Shen Tianzhan had taken up residence within the city lords offices vicinity, Shen Jun was training especially hard. Other than training on his own to deepen his comprehension and understanding, he had also sparred with the ones from the city lords office often. Every single session saw him being thoroughly exhausted by the end, and the sessions did not stop until he was injured.

At that moment, Shen Tianzhan was standing at the side of the huge platform, watching Shen Jun fight on it.

He witnessed personally how Shen Jun was beaten until he spat up blood, yet he continued to fight nonetheless. The sparring stopped after quite a while before he walked towards Shen Tianzhan, bowing and greeting, Father.

Training should always be done in moderation. There is no need to keep wanting to break ones limit, Shen Tianzhan said.

He naturally realized that Shen Jun changed.

His sons vista changed.

Shen Jun, back in the past, had always limited his vista to merely being the lord of a city, wanting to be nothing else, and that his goal was simply to inherit his fathers Qianye City.

However, ones environment had a profound impact on ones outlook and growth.

Ye Futians emergence broadened Shen Juns horizons, letting him know what it meant when someone said that there was always something or someone bigger out there.

Shen Jun recalled what he had been doing in the past and found that he was ridiculous. He had only wanted to dupe Ye Futian into participating in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, allowing him to win the gamble.

However, Ye Futian did things in a vastly different manner when he became City Lord of Qianye City.

What he did and what Ye Futian was were not even of the same level altogether, and that left a profound impact on him.

After experiencing the past battles firsthand, he truly realized that the Saint Plane was only the beginning instead of the end.

I understand, father. But doing battle allows me to keep bringing out my potential and put it to good use. Shen Jun replied, I shall return to my training.

Very well. Shen Tianzhan nodded. He saw Shen Jun turn around and found his choice to have been sensible back then.

He thought that maybe he did not need to state his terms to Ye Futian.

Being able to stay at the side of excellent people was the best condition one could have been offered. The man whom the Imperial Advisor of Dali had been willing to spare at the cost of his career was showing through his feats that he was meant to be legendary.

Yu Shengs name became known throughout the Battle of the Crimson River, and he was then ranked in the Regional King Ranking.

While Ye Futian did not have a stage like Yu Sheng to show what he was capable of, he was walking his own path and achieving greatness.

The brothers, together with Xia Qingyuan and the others around him, would have become frightening figures in the future.

There was one thing that shocked Shen Tianzhan more than anything else.

It was the fact that Ye Futian was the absolute center of the group. It was as if all excellent people gathered because of him.

The eldest student of the Imperial Advisor of Dali, Yan Yuan, who had made a breakthrough into Holiness of Nirvana Plane, joined Qianye Citys ranks not long ago. He was training in seclusion in Qianye Academy.

Shen Tianzhan found that he might be witnessing the rise of a legend.

Two figures were training at yet another training ground in the city lords office.

One of them was basking in boundless flames and becoming tall and imposing as if he was a god of war of flames, clad all over in terrifying Flames of the Way.

Four layers and no more still, the figure said. He was none other than Ye Futian. After things at Qianye City quieted down, he had been looking into and training in the way of Emperor Kuas lineage ever since he had awakened. He had been spending his days training quietly and stabilizing his plane.

He had been at Proving Holiness level back in the battle before. His plane had become unusually stable, and his aura thick and solid, looking far more brilliant and refined than before.

Training at Saint Plane was not something that could be rushed.

The Chonglou Battle Form has 13 layers to it, and every single plane in sainthood had three layers. Now that you can reach the fourth layer, it is already something that could only be done at Saint of True Self level, the one standing opposite him elaborated. It was none other than Wu Yong, the Wu clan leader.

Ye Futian imparted the ways of Emperor Kuas lineage to him as well, and they were both researching the ways together.

He was there to guide Ye Futian in training many times, but Ye Futian was able to tap into the will of Emperor Kuas lineage to help Wu Yong train as well. Both men were helping each other to reach greater heights.

Xia Qingyuan told him how to deal with those who switched sides as soon as she returned. He did not even return to Emperor Kuas City in the western region and had told the three Holiness of Nirvanas in that city to take care of things. He did not want to concern himself with affairs on that side.

Those who had followed him back then were all staying in Qianye City with him.

Wu Yong knew clearly that Ye Futian intended to make him the number one figure among the nine tribes, helping him rule the nine tribes that Emperor Kua left behind in the past. As such, his only duty at the moment was to train with Ye Futian and enhance his powers.

In the world of cultivators, ones own power served as the basis of everything.

If his powers were to be unable to reach the top and become the strongest among the nine tribes, others would not have listened to him even if Ye Futian wanted to make him the leader, as his seat would have been built on sand instead.

Well, you have experienced what it was like at the twelfth layer in the past, senior, Ye Futian smiled and said. He lent his powers to Wu Yong back then, and Wu Yong had been creating the battle form at the twelfth layer by tapping into the will of Emperor Kua. That was already at the pinnacle of Holiness of Nirvana plane.

It would be the level of Renhuang at the thirteenth layer.

I couldnt have possibly done it all on my own. Wu Yong smiled and added, By the way, there is no need to keep addressing me as your senior, City Lord Ye. It will suffice just to call me by name.

The habit stuck. Ye Futian chuckled nonchalantly and continued, Keep looking into the way of Emperor Kuas lineage, and I believe youll be able to do it all on your own before long. You might even be able to go further than that.

Id do my best, Wu Yong said.

Continue to train, senior. I shall train in isolation for some time, Ye Futian said. Wu Yong nodded, excused himself, and left.

Ye Futian was training in isolation. Everyone else in the city lords office was also working hard to enhance their plane.

Crimson Dragon City was the absolute center of Crimson Dragon Realm. That city was known as the number one city in all of Crimson Dragon Realm.

There was a divine mountain at Crimson Dragon Citythe Crimson Mountain.

The mountain was a long and winding one, making it seem like a dragon.

There were castles on that dragon of a mountain, covering the entire mountain itself. The castles extended from the foot right to the top, which made it seem like they were connected to the sun in the sky.

There were countless standing at the foot of the divine mountain every day, gazing upon the incredibly divine palaces and castles above.

That place was the royal palace of Crimson Dragon Realm, where the Crimson Dragon Emperor resided.

Outside of the royal palace, a river was found at the foot of the mountain, which was named Ganyuan. The river water was always boiling. It was as if the sun had been sunken in it.

The Crimson Dragon Army stood guard at the side of Ganyuan, looking majestic and holy.

A long cry was heard from the top of the mountain. Countless below looked up and saw an incredibly divine scene before them.

Golden Ravens were seen pulling the sun carriage out on a journey. It seemed as if a Divine Priest sat on the carriage.

They were not the only Golden Ravens seen. There were many of those divine birds, and they were all pulling sun carriages themselves. The Divine Priest rode on the carriages and flew past the crowd below, heading elsewhere.

What is happening? The stunning scene before the people of Crimson Dragon City shook their minds.

They were wondering if something huge was about to happen.

While Crimson Dragon Emperor was known as the absolute master of Crimson Emperor Realm, he did not interfere with the affairs of the realm itself.

The Crimson Dragon Realm was vast, and it was also the main realm of the Crimson Dragon Region. If he were to get himself involved in everything going on, he would have worked himself to death.

As such, regardless of the severity of what was happening in Crimson Dragon Realm, so long as such happenings would not tear Crimson Dragon Realm apart, the emperor would not get involved.

The carriages before the people were naturally not those of the emperor.

However, many wondered how many wielded power great enough to call for such a majestic entourage.

The Golden Raves were the ones pulling the carriages, and Divine Priests were mobilized.

Countless looked at the carriages faraway in different directions. They seemed to have seen golden sun petals on the carriages, which were scattered everywhere as they went.

Those were golden peach flowers.

It is His Highness.

Everyone knew who the one who sent the carriages at that moment was.

With the messengers sent out like that by His Highness, it meant one thing.

Crimson Dragon Realm was all in an uproar. Countless people flashed and headed towards the carriages, wanting to know who received the Peach Invitations from His Highness.

At the turf of one of the topmost force found in Crimson Dragon City, the sun carriages were seen heading inside from above before long. The Divine Priest from the carriage looked at the people below and waved, saying, An invitation from His Highness.

A young man who looked dashing and legendary stood at a tower. He extended his hand, and an invitation was handed over to him. He looked at the golden peach flower carved on it.

The same thing was happening in many places in Crimson Dragon City.

Several sun carriages arrived above the Crimson River at that time. They drove into the river at the same time, heading towards the Regional Palace, which was at the center of the river. No-one stopped them.

There were also sun carriages outside of Crimson Dragon City as well, causing a huge commotion.

Those carriages were all heading in different directions.

The divine birds pulled the sun carriages and arrived above Qianye City before long. Countless looked up, and a piece of shocking news was heard, causing their heart to race. They all rushed to where the city lords office was.

As expected, the sun carriages were seen stopping above the city lords office. The Divine Priest waved and said, An invitation from His Highness. The recipient shall be Ye Futian, City Lord of Qianye City.

One figure after another flashed in the city lords office. All of them looked up, and they shuddered deep down.

Ye Futian emerged as well. The golden Peach Invitation hovered down and landed on his palm.

An invitation from His Highness.

In Crimson Dragon Realm, such a grand entourage and from one known to be His Highness could only be from the royal palace in Crimson Dragon City.

So that battle had caught the royal palaces attention?

With that, he was one step closer to his goal.

There were also Golden Raves pulling the sun carriages at some distant places when Ye Futian received the invitation. They headed to the eastern region and entered Emperor Dongs Palace, handing over a Peach Invitation to the prince of the placeDuan Wuji.