The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1270

Chapter 1270 Dropping Flowers Pining For Love

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Attend the Peach Banquet with the Peach Invitation in hand, and everyone under the heavens shall know of your name.

That was a tradition held for many years in Crimson Dragon Realm. The Flaming Peach at the divine mountain of Crimson Dragon City blossomed once every several years. When the peach flowers filled the mountain, the princes of the Crimson Dragon Realm would have ventured out to hand the invitations.

The number of people who were able to get their hands on the Peach Invitation was one in a hundred million. There were only a handful of people attending the event each time.

Every single person who would have received the Peach Invitation were legendary figures in the realm.

As such, the importance of the Peach Invitation was second only to the Regional King Ranking.

This explained why the saying Attend the Peach Banquet with the Peach Invitation in hand, and everyone under the heavens shall know of your name was associated with the event.

Even if one was little more than a nameless face, getting the Peach Invitation guaranteed that they would be on their way to being renowned throughout the realm. Everyone in Crimson Dragon Realm would know of their name.

The event at that time was not an exception, as well.

The phenomenon of the Divine Priests descending the mountain, and delivering the Peach Invitation was a sight to behold. Countless paid close attention to them, as well as those who would receive the Peach Invitations from the Divine Priests riding on the sun carriages.

Those names were gradually known by all when the invitations were delivered.

Some were expected to receive the Peach Invitations.

For instance, Luo Yang of the Luo clan was someone ranked on the Regional King Ranking, as well as a figure of unparalleled powers among his peers.

There was also the Virgin of the Yu clan, Yu Shifei, who was a peerless woman known throughout Crimson Dragon City. Many thought her future was obvious.

Many were surprised that Ye Futian was able to receive a Peach Invitation, but then again, it was entirely within reason.

Although Ye Futian had to indeed proved his mettle through his powers, he had tapped into the lineage of Emperor Kua in the battle at Qianye City and borrowed the flames in the ruins of the late emperor.

He had yet to indeed prove his worth by fighting the most terrifying of figures armed solely with his powers. But then again, his shinning record in the battlefield thus far said that he did not lack such abilities.

No one doubted how extraordinary Ye Futian was. All he needed to truly shine was a grand battle.

As such, it was deemed entirely within reason that he had received a Peach Invitation.

Two people had received the Peach Invitation in Qianye CityYu Sheng, who was training in the Regional Palace, and the City Lord, Ye Futian.

The future of Qianye City would, without doubt, be glorious.

Other than that, the Regional Palace attracted the attention of many, as it was the only place capable of receiving multiple invitations.

The delivery of the invitations caught the attention of Crimson Dragon City in an instant. Everyone was waiting quietly.

The Peach Banquet was thrown on that day.

A bridge appeared above Ganyuan outside of the royal palace. It was a bridge permitting entry into the royal palace.

Another path was opened up outside of the royal palace, granting access to the western side of the divine mountain.

Countless people arrived outside of the royal palace and went through the bridge, stepping into the mountain to witness the event.

Peach flowers blossomed throughout the western side of the mountain. Golden Flaming Peach flowers were dazzling and glittered brilliantly under the sun, making them look even more glorious as their scent permeated the place.

The people walked along the path and finally stopped somewhere far away, gazing at the extraordinarily beautiful, heaven-like forests of peach trees before them.

There were pavilions among the blossoming Flaming Peach flowers, and there was a raging waterfall falling gloriously behind. Golden Ravens circled above the waterfall, and a dazzling rainbow appeared when the rays of the sun shone above, making the scenery very dreamlike.

There were also pavilions above the waterfall.

Carriages were flying above the crowd at that moment. They looked up and saw one figure after another streaking through the air.

Those who had Peach Invitations in their hands were permitted to fly directly into the royal palace.

As such, it was evident that those were the people who received the Peach Invitations.

There was a woman at the center, streaking through the air. She looked supremely dashing while extremely elegant as well.

Yin Tianjiao, of the Regional Palace, some below said as they recognized her.

The woman was Princess Yin Tianjiao, daughter of Emperor Wu. Her combat prowess was extraordinary, but both she and Duan Wuji of Emperor Dongs Palace had lost to Ye Futian on the trip to Emperor Kuas ruins.

Ye Futian was the one who had been able to acquire the lineage.

However, both of them were still able to receive the Peach Invitation. It was a recognition for them both.

Is that Yu Sheng? Someone looked elsewhere at a stout young man. Many nodded and replied, Thats him.

Xing Kai is here too, and he brought Xing Qiu with him. Someone noticed both Xing Kai and Xing Qiu were arriving together from another direction. Those who received the Peach Invitations were allowed to bring someone to attend the event. As such, the Xing Qius appearance was hardly surprising to the crowd.

However, Xing Qiu had almost ended up killed by Yu Sheng in the battle of Qianye City. Everyone was curious about Xing Kais intentions in bringing his brother along.

There was a group in the air that landed in different places after they arrived. They were all from the Regional Palace, but they did not seem to be any familiar faces among them.

There was another group of mighty ones coming through the air. The auras emanated from them were all powerful, and the central figure exuded extraordinary bearing. That figure was none other than Prince Duan Wuji from Emperor Dongs Palace, which was located in the eastern region of Crimson Dragon Realm.

Ye Futian is here too. A group of mighty ones from Qianye City streaked through the air from another direction. The leading figure was none other than Ye Futian. Xia Qingyuan was by his side.

They descended directly in the peach forest, and Yu Sheng came to them after they landed.

Ye Futian looked around him and found several familiar faces.

There were Yin Tianjiao and Duan Wuji, both of whom he had fought before.

Other than that, there were also Xing Kai and Xing Qiu, whom they naturally knew.

There was another group arriving, and they were all from the Regional Palace. Every one of them looked superb.

There were two among them who were especially so. One was a young man who looked to be in his thirties and dressed in white. Countless pairs of eyes were glued onto him, and mumbles were heard. It was obvious that they knew of that persons identity.

He was a cultivator from the Regional Palace, Pei Min.

He, too, was a figure ranked in the Regional King Ranking.

He was not a native resident of Crimson Dragon Realm, but one who came from another imperial realm, and from a place called the Sword Emperor Palace.

He had traveled far and wide before coming to the primary realm of the Crimson Dragon Region, and he was doing it to further his training, as he wanted to see the number one holy land of cultivation in Crimson Dragon Realm for himself.

There was yet another extremely beautiful woman in another direction. She was daughter of a Renhuang whose appearance was on par with that of Yin Tianjiao.

It was said that three women received the Peach Invitations, and all of them looked stunning.

But, of course, their overall powers were quite a distance away from the men who had received the Peach Invitation.

Ye Futian quietly eyed those around him as soon as he arrived. He knew that all who came were considered the most extraordinary of their generation, and many were descendants of Renhuang.

Luo Yang of the Luo clan was there as well. He caught a lot of attention and was extremely renowned in Crimson Dragon City, due to being ranked on the Regional King Ranking.

Furthermore, he had been a legendary genius who had refused the offer to train in the Regional Palace, which served as a testament to the extent of his arrogance.

The Luo clan was a family descended from a Renhuang. While there had not been a Renhuang among them now, the lineage left behind by their ancestors was extremely powerful.

Yu Shifei. Countless people looked up at that moment.

A soothing sensation was felt under the scorching sun, cooling the hearts of many and making all feel extremely comfortable.

A group of mighty ones descended from above, and the leading figure was dressed in an aqua blue dress, looking clean and elegant. She was none other than Yu Shifei, a woman extremely renowned throughout Crimson Dragon City.

Shifei. A figure was seen above at that moment. Many vaguely saw the dazzling ray of the sun descending. Someone was basking in holy light, and a figure appeared at the pavilion above the waterfall. His jet black long hair draped on his shoulders while his eyes looked sharp. His handsome looks seemed to be able to mesmerize people with just a smile, making all who happened to gaze upon him be amazed by how dashing he was.

That was Chi Shang, a prince of Crimson Dragon Realm.

He extended his hand and smiled when he descended. His eyes were on Yu Shifei all the while.

Yu Shifei smiled faintly as well, which looked brilliant. She then took to the air and came to Chi Shangs side. She let him hold her hand. Both of them gradually hovered down, and the golden peach flowers danced in the air. The scene was nothing short of mesmerizing.

What a couple. Ye Futian praised deep down. Chi Shang and Yu Shifei were indeed a couple that was very pleasing to the eye. It was as if they were a match made in heaven.

Countless below looked up at the peach forest above and smiled, sending their blessings and regards.

But then again, there was no one capable of tearing the couple apart, regardless of if they were blessed by those around them or not.

The son of Crimson Dragon Emperor and a Virgin of the Yu clan liked each other, and there could not have been a better match for either of them.

It was only a matter of time before Yu Shifei became a queen of Crimson Dragon Realm.

If Chi Shang were to inherit the throne in the future, then she would have been the wife of the emperor of Crimson Dragon Realm.

Chi Shang and Yu Shifei descended before a pavilion, and a guqin appeared before them. Both of them sat cross-legged and looked at each other before putting their fingers on the strings and began playing. Beautiful tunes danced, and the illustrated scene was stunning. It was as if they were able to sense what the other was thinking.

No one bothered them, and everyone listened quietly. Despite Chi Shangs supreme talents, many wondered if he would be a prince who would forsake the throne for a woman.

Ye Futian listened to the tune quietly, and it seemed that the tune tugged at his heartstrings. There seemed to be a tinge of sorrow within the warmth.

He looked up in the sky and saw a vague figure appearing, lingering in his mind.

Xia Qingyuan, who was listening to the tune beside Ye Futian, noticed his peculiarity. She turned her eyes to look at him.

She seemed to be able to able to see the faint sorrow and dejection on his face.

He must have missed her.

She lowered her head somewhat before turning to look at Chi Shang and Yu Shifei again. Her eyes glimmered with a hint of envy.

The peach flowers continued to dance in the air. Xia Qingyuan extended her hand, and a petal landed on her palm.

She wondered if her feelings would remain unrequited.