The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275 Exchange Views

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Ye Futian stood firmly and shook his head. Its nothing.

He looked up, and his gaze fell upon the stone stele. Once he received the will of this Thousand Proverb Stele, he would be able to form proverbs of pure will and integrate them into his sword.

When he did that, it would be much stronger than if he was relying on his own spiritual willpower.

If he could fully understand it, then he could store his own will inside the thousand proverbs. Once he released it, would it burst forth with a power far beyond his own spiritual willpower?

This time, he intended to visualize all of the thousand proverbs directly, but he could not withstand such a high-level endeavor.

It looked like he would have to go a little bit slower.

He walked forward. There were many people around him.

Xiang Ze was in front of him. He squinted at Ye Futian, then averted his gaze. He looked back at the huge stone stele and whispered, You should not be doing this.

He was currently a celebrated figure in the Crimson Dragon Realm. He had been named lord of Qianye City, and his name echoed throughout the realm. He had even killed a Nirvana level figure from Emperor Xiangs Realm.

He had made Xiang Nan have to leave the Crimson Dragon Realm and return to Emperor Xiangs Realm to ask for help, and made him cross over a vast distance to see what was going on. Even given Ye Futians previous performance, he had not been able to see his true power. But the fact that he was able to obtain the Magic Zither proved that he was brave and mighty.

From what he could see, Ye Futian would be a thorny opponent indeed.

And the previous scene had been slightly different than he imagined it would be.

Ye Futian looked at Xiang Ze. He smiled but did not respond. Instead, he continued walking towards the huge stone stele.

The ancient words on the stone stele were mysterious and intriguing, and contained fantastic rule power.

Ye Futians spiritual will entered it once again, but this time, he did not receive the will of the words; he only saw the endless characters that they were made up of.

Is this a matrix of the Great Path? Ye Futian wondered. Renhuang had probably carved the Thousand Word Proverbs on the stone stele.

A Renhuang level figure had carved the stele, and now the power of the Great Path was contained within its characters.

It seemed that every character contained a powerful will.

There seemed to be some similarity between this and the Sword of Kasypya.

But what was different was that he had formed the Revolution of the Great Path rule power out of the ancient words. It was extremely frightening.

Ye Futian perceived the Thousand Word Proverbs and tried to form a Sword of Kasypya. One of the swords did form inside his life palace. Ye Futian felt its will and frowned slightly.

Something was wrong.

The will that this character contained seemed ordinary, not extraordinary. It seemed kind of like the three brothers Nine Seals of Spiritual Power.

But it was a little bit different. Every single ancient character had a special mark on it that could attract will.

Thinking of this, Ye Futian did not try and perceive each of the ten thousand words. He just perceived one among them.

Renhuang had created the Thousand Word Proverbs. When someone reached the Renhuang level, they had already proven themselves before the Great Path and transcended.

The Dao begets the heavens, the earth, and all things.

In the space of a single thought, the Dao of all things could make a full revolution.

The union of humans and Dao created unlimited vitality and endless potential, as vast as the world and as bright as the sun and moon.

Since Renhuang had created them, these Thousand Word Proverbs contained true will within them.

Since they contained endless potential, these ancient characters were suitable for any law power.

Ye Futian was completely lost in self-perception, and he forgot everything in the outside world. He was immersed in the Thousand Character Proverb stele.

Many powerful figures were standing in front of the stele as well, cultivating and perceiving it.

All of them had different understandings of it.

Below the place where the Peach Banquet was taking place, everyone was gazing up at them.

And many eyes were watching from Divine Mountain as well.

Half a day was too short a time, especially when trying to perceive a thousand character proverb. It was impossible to get all the details of it.

Everything that had been created by Renhuang had been done so through the Great Path. Even the things that he had created so easily would be difficult for even a Nirvana level cultivator to create.

However, the people at the Peach Banquet were all top figures. Even if they could not understand all the will within it, they could still comprehend a lot of it.

But they did not know who among them could understand the most.

Those who had received a Peach Invitation naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Luo Yang, Jiang Taie, and Yu Shifei are the most outstanding talents of Crimson Dragon City. I wonder what kind of performance they will give at the Peach Banquet, said an old man on Divine Mountain he looked out at the stone stele.

He saw that a fiery mark appeared before Luo Yang that radiating brilliant light.

On the other side of the banquet, there was an incredibly powerful swordsmans aura.

It was Pei Min.

Ancient characters in the form of swords formed around him. They looked like they were sword marks. An ear-splitting noise came out of the air as terrifying sword will roared.

Pei Min was even able to control the sword marks flowing around him. It seemed like he was trying to simulate the Great Path rule power of the Thousand Word Proverbs.

A terrible halo appeared in front of Xing Kai. The will of Great Path was within it, and it was extremely overbearing. The halo seemed to be filled with destructive power.

Everyone was trying to work as hard as they could to perceive the stele and use it in their cultivation.

They knew that they could not completely perceive the Thousand Word Proverbs in such a short amount of time, but as long as they could perceive more than anyone else, they could take it with them and work on slowly understanding it. That would be equivalent to Renhuang level combat magic.

Moreover, it could make any of their law powers much stronger.

Chi Shang was sitting there satisfied. He was the only one drinking. All the figures in front of the stele were standing or sitting on mats on the ground. The will that was forming around them was growing stronger.

As time went on, the will of the Great Path flowed between heaven and earth, whistling without end.

He took a sip of wine and looked at Ye Futian, the one who had gotten the Magic Zither. He saw that he was the one who was moving the least. In fact, he was not moving at all.

This made him a little suspicious. Was this guy even still perceiving?

Could it be that he was not interested in the Thousand Character Proverbs at all?

Beside Ye Futian, many different wills had formed around Xia Qingyuan, Ye Wuchen, and the others. They were obviously all still perceiving.

He shifted his gaze and looked back at Yu Shifei. A look of warmth came into his eyes.

Without anyone realizing it, half a day passed. Chi Shang smiled and said, Time is up, everyone.

Everyone still seemed to be immersed in the stone stele, but when they heard Chi Shangs voice, they gradually came out of their cultivation postures.


There was a loud noise as the Thousand Word Proverb stele flew away. Everyone returned unhappily to their original places.

It seemed like everything had returned to how it was at the start.

Anyone interested in the Thousand Word Proverb stele may exchange views. However, we are only looking at how much of the Thousand Word Proverb you have perceived, so this is just a simple exchange, not a true battle. You may only make simple attacks through the power of the Thousand Word Proverb stele. Moreover, if a Saint of True Self faces a Doctrine Saint, you must control your strength, and keep it to the level of a Doctrine Saint, said Chi Shang. Only this way can we truly test how well you have understood the Thousand Word Proverb.

Everyone was silent as they looked at each other.

Chi Shang watched this scene with a smile. Everyone here can participate.

He was naturally referring to those that the guests had brought with them, the ones who had not received Peach Invitations.

But the ones who had received Peach Invitations were the most outstanding figures. It would be impossible for someone to be more outstanding than them.

The one who finally won the Thousand Word Prover stele would be one of the ones who had received a Peach Invitation.

Him letting the others participate was just for his amusement.

After all, the Peach Banquet was just a banquet, so there were no rigid rules.

Here you could see some of the most powerful figures in the Crimson Dragon Realm of this generation.

At that moment, a figure strode forward from behind Xing Kai.

This person was officially the Saint King of Gais younger brother Hua Ye. Even though he had not received a Peach Invitation, he was still one of the top talents of the Crimson Dragon Realm. It was just that compared to the heroes who had gathered here, like Xing Kai, that he came up a bit short.

Who would be the worst among these people like Hua Ye and Xia Qingyuan?

Hua Ye looked over at Ye Futian. He had come from the Ancient Imperial City. He wanted to see just how powerful Ye Futian truly was.

His teacher was the Saint King of Gai, one of the top figures of the Crimson Dragon Realm. He was naturally incredibly proud. The only one that he was willing to follow was Xing Kai.

I hope to find out just how much Lord Ye has understood, said Hua Ye. He had been perceiving the stele for half a day, so he could use it in his attacks.

He wanted to know whether Ye Futian would be able to withstand his attacks.

Everyone from Qianye City looked at him. Ye Futian was just about to go over there when another figure stepped forward.

He was dressed all in white. His hair was tied back, and he wore a feathered crown on his head. He strode forward, looked at Hua Ye and said, You did not receive a Peach Invitation, you just came here with Xing Kai, and yet you directly challenge someone who did receive a Peach Invitation. First, you must prove that you are worthy.

Hua Ye swept his gaze over the man. He did not recognize him.

Other than Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, who were both very famous, Princess Xia Qingyuan of Emperor Xias Realm was the only other person from Qianye City who was well known.

Who are you? asked Hua Ye. He looked a little bit indifferent.

His teacher was the Saint King of Gai, and he was famous throughout the Ancient Imperial City. He was an outstanding talent. How could someone who had come along from Qianye City compare with him?

I am Gu Dongliu of Qianye City. The white-robed figure continued forward. The two of them came to the empty space in the middle of the banquet hall, but they did not stop. They continued forward.

Hua Ye stepped forward with a cold expression. He had been perceiving for half a day and had formed some Thousand Word Proverb law power for his attacks. He only had enough for one, and he had hoped to use it on Ye Futian. He wanted to see how strong the Lord of Qianye City was.

But some unknown person from Qianye City had challenged him.

This was most displeasing.

However, if Gu Dongliu wanted to take this attack in Ye Futians place, he would have to give it to him.

I hope you can bear it, said Hua Ye. As he went forward, a powerful spatial storm swept up from his body.

Brilliant spatial law seals floated around him. He lifted his arms slightly as if he could launch his attack at any moment.

Gu Dongliu did not stop either but continued forward. Ancient characters formed all around him suddenly. They were ancient characters of the Great Path and they resonated with heaven and earth. There was a hint of the will of the Thousand Word Proverb within them. This made many people look on with surprise.

Divine light was shining from Gu Dongliu as well, making the will of the Great Path flow wildly through the ancient characters. His aura was getting stronger and stronger!