The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277 Seeking The Way Of The Sword

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Everyone trembled as they looked at Xia Qingyuan. Beneath thousands of bolts of purple lightning, the place where she was standing seemed to have turned into a matrix of purple stars. The might of the thunder in the sky gathered together in this matrix, seeming to form a huge cylinder. It descended from the sky, containing immense destructive power.

Even those who were standing far away could feel the shocking destructive energy. It ripped through the very air, destroying everything.

All of the lightning seals were agitated to the very limit, and it could even be said that they were no longer just lightning seals.

Shu Zi was truly fierce, and she was holding nothing back.

This noble princess was truly decisive once she decided to act. She left nothing in reserve.

A look of surprise came over the faces of many of the people on Divine Mountain. Shu Zi was no doubt powerful, but she had gone against the rules for fighting that Chi Shang had set.

However, everyone also understood that it would be hard to avoid doing so in this kind of battle. If you only used the power that you had gained from understanding the stele to fight, you would be extremely limited. If you used your true power to fight, it would be much easier.

And in some sense, Shu Zis attacks were still based on her perception of the Thousand Word Proverb. Amid the brilliant column of purple lightning, all of the lightning seals exploded with power at the same time.

It seemed that she was using her magical powers to strengthen her attacks.

Would Xia Qingyuan be able to withstand attacks like this?

Countless eyes fell upon Xia Qingyuan. The destructive light seemed like it would swallow her up in an instant. Her fragile figure seemed like it would be destroyed in that purple light.

However, the top figures watching from Divine Mountain were not worried in the least.

Xia Qingyuan was a princess of Emperor Xiass Realm. Emperor Xia had allowed her to come here to train, and she had followed Ye Futian and the others here. How could she be weak?

You must have extremely powerful tricks up her sleeve. Even if she could not withstand this destructive attack, she would have no trouble protecting herself.

All the great figures on Divine Mountain had great faith in the princess of Emperor Xias Realm.

As for who would win and who would lose, if she could block this blow and retreat, that would be another story.

At that moment, brilliant divine light bloomed on Xia Qingyuan. It looked like Renhuang light. Lotuses that were full of brilliant holiness appeared in the air beneath her feet and wrapped her whole body within them.

At that moment, Xia Qingyuan was dazzling. She looked like a goddess.

Everyone felt dazed watching the blinding light. Time seemed to stop as they watched the two of them fighting.

Shu Zi seemed like a goddess of destruction. She was noble and overwhelming, and held lightning in her hands.

Xia Qingyuan was more like a goddess who had left the sins of the world behind. In fact, she seemed not even to have come from the human world, but was instead a celestial being.

The brilliant lotus will bloom, and suddenly, the catastrophe swords that had formed around Xia Qingyuan began to increase in number.

The Dao begets one, begets two, and begets all things.

Shu Zi was drawing upon her power, and so was Xia Qingyuan.

But unlike Shu Zi, Xia Qingyuan had not completely detached herself from her understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb. She was still using the forming catastrophe swords as the base of her power and was making more and more of them.

The many catastrophe sword seals seemed to form a lotus pattern that bloomed in the air above her head. The will of the Great Path flowed towards the pillar of destructive lightning that was descending.

The blooming lotuses covered the sky, blocking anything from striking her from above. It was stunning and left people dazzled and stunned.

No matter who in this battle was stronger or weaker, at the very least, it was beautiful to watch.


The terrible pillar of lightning descended, and at that moment, it seemed strong enough to destroy the world. The heavens and the earth went dark as endless lightning fell from the sky. It covered all of Divine Mountain. The purple lightning was everywhere as it struck downward, and everyone on Divine Mountain called forth their power to block it.

The people watching below the mountain could all clearly feel how terrible that destructive power was.

A Nirvana level figure stretched out his hand, and suddenly a light curtain appeared all around Divine Mountain, cutting off the attacks, except for where the battlefield was.

The dazzling light fell, and everyone had to squint to watch the battle.

What kind of destruction would such a devastating attack bring?

The divine, brilliant lotuses were still blooming where Xia Qingyuan was, forming out of the catastrophe swords. Even though numerous cracks had appeared in them, they were still not broken. What was more frightening was that at that moment, more catastrophe swords were still forming. Destructive will was flowing up into the sky.

Xia Qingyuans clothes danced in the wind, and her long hair flew behind her. She looked heroic and overpowering.

She looked up into the sky. The lotus light curtain was still dazzling.

She raised her hand and pointed into the air.


As she said this, the lotuses bloomed, and catastrophe sword seals continued to form. It seemed that they would form a Thousand Word Proverb that shot towards Shu Zi.

Shu Zis expression changed a little bit when she saw this.

This kind of attack had not been enough to defeat her?

Her destructive lightning seals had already been used up.


The thick column of purple lightning descended, slamming into the catastrophe swords and destroying them, but she was also shaken and forced to retreat.

Xia Qingyuan stepped forward. She wanted to fight more, but she saw Chi Shang smile and say, Thats enough, princesses.

When she heard him say this, she stopped. She destructive catastrophe swords around her were gradually extinguished.

There was still a roaring sound as the purple lightning around Shu Zi still flashed, full of destructive power. She looked at Xia Qingyuan, and her lightning also gradually dissipated. The lightning in the sky lessened until it completely disappeared.

Everything became calm. Everything stopped.

The winner and the loser have already been decided; there is no need for the princesses to keep fighting. If they have a chance, they can exchange views later, said Chi Shang with a smile. The two of them had been about to destroy each other for real.

Xia Qingyuan and Shu Zi were still looking at each other. Which one of them had won and which one had lost had already been decided.

The people on Divine Mountain were watching both the brilliant figures. Shus Zis attack had been destruction; it had destroyed everything in its path.

But Xia Qingyuans attack had been life.

Destruction was, after all, limited. Life was not.

Shu Zi had not been able to defeat Xia Qingyuan, and so she had already lost.

The daughter of Emperor Shu had received a Peach Invitation and come to the banquet. She had tried to challenge the lord of Qianye City, Ye Futian, but before she had been able to, she had been defeated by Xia Qingyuan.

In that case, there was naturally no need for her to fight with Ye Futian.

Shu Zi had already been eliminated from the struggle for the Thousand Word Proverbs.

From now on, there would be four great women in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Xia Qingyuan may not have been fighting Shu Zi, but she had proved that she had the strength to do so and that she was not any weaker than her.

Three powerful women of the Crimson Dragon Realm had received invitations to come to the banquet: Yu Shifei, the Saint of the Yu clan, Yin Tianjiao, the Princess of Emperor Wus Realm, and Shu Zi, the Princess of Emperor Shus Realm.

Now, Xia Qingyuan, the princess of Emperor Xias Realm, could be counted among them.

The two of them returned to their original places. Qianye City had emerged the victor in the previous two battles.

Many people sighed at this. In the future, Qianye City would probably challenge the Ancient Imperial Citys position as the most significant city besides Crimson Dragon City.

Xing Chou had already been crushed by Yu Sheng twice, which had caused great enmity, and Gu Dongliu had just defeated Gai Huangs disciple.

And Qianye City also had people like Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan. If Xing Kai could crush Ye Futian, that would be good for him. If he could not, then he would be dominated by Qianye City.

In that case, once Ye Futian and Yu Sheng reached full maturity, they would directly threaten the Ancient Imperial Citys position.

As everyone was thinking of this, a figure walked forward from within the ranks of the people from Qianye City, making a look of surprise come over everyones face.

Qianye City would participate in three successive battles?

But this time, it was someone from Qianye City who was actively coming forward, rather than one of them receiving a challenge.

That is the youth who broke through to the Saint Plane at the Battle of the Crimson River. Everyone looked at the man and saw that it was Ye Wuchen.

The great figures on Divine Mountain all looked at him. They did not recognize him at all.

Did Qianye City have even more geniuses within it?

This man seemed to be a swordsman.

Those who knew about the people at the Battle of Crimson River knew that Xiang Nan had wounded ye Wuchen at the battle, but now that he had broken through to the Saint plane, he had transcended the weaknesses of the flesh.

However, on such an occasion as this, it seemed that stepping forward to fight might put him in over his head.

What kind of people were here?

The Peach Banquet was known as the foremost banquet in the Crimson Dragon Realm and was much more important than the Battle of the Crimson River.

Ye Wuchen walked forward. When he reached the center of the banquet hall, he looked in a certain direction.

I am trained in the way of the sword. Might I trouble someone to teach me a little bit more? said Ye Wuchen. The person he was looking at was someone on the Regional King Ranking, Pei Min.

Pei Min was from Sword Emperor Palace.

If Ye Wuchen was asking him to fight, he was certainly not seeking victory. He just wanted to learn more about Pei Mins swordsmanship.

How stupid would he be if he was seeking victory in a fight with Pei Min?

Not only was Pei Min very famous, but he had also cultivated to the level of a Saint of True Self.

Even if he suppressed his power, he would still be far superior to Ye Wuchen in terms of his understanding of swordsmanship alone.

Pei Min naturally knew precisely what Ye Wuchen wanted. For him to challenge him in a situation like this, seeking the way of the sword, meant that he was a good swordsman indeed.

If they did not do this today, Ye Wuchen would spend his days blocking his way and asking him to fight. If Ye Wuchen would not be polite, then neither would he.

Fine. Pei Min nodded slightly and walked forward.

He stopped not far from Ye Wuchen and stood there calmly.

Ye Wuchen looked at Pei Min. At that moment, he seemed to see Pei Min standing there like an insurmountable sword mountain.

This was a marvelous feeling. It was like Pei Min himself was a Lingtian Sword.

Those who cultivated on the Divine Path had already transcended the mortal world, and their temperaments had changed. They were in harmony with the way of cultivation. Once they intentionally revealed their temperament, it would immediately be felt by others.

Pei Min was like this without a doubt. He seemed to already be in harmony with the way of swordsmanship and had found his true self. He had a deep understanding of his swordsmanship.

As he stood there, he was like a sword that could be pulled from its scabbard at any moment.

Although there was only one step of difference between a Doctrine Saint and a Saint of True Self, there was still a huge gap between them. In fact, the distance between any two levels on the Saint plane was like a gaping chasm!