The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279 Flashy Without Substance

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Ye Futian and Xiang Ze faced each other in the center of the banquet hall.

One of them was a rising star in the Crimson Dragon Realm. The other had come from far away Emperor Xiangs Realm for vengeance.

Xiang Ze had come here from Emperor Xiangs Realm and had fought his way to the Peach Banquet. He was talented and powerful without a doubt.

Now he had officially challenged Ye Futian.

Which one of them would have a stronger understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb?

Lord Ye used the Way of Renhuang to summon Emperor Kua and kill a Nirvana level figure from Emperor Xiangs City, becoming famous in the process. Now I finally have the chance to see what kind of person he is, said Xiang Ze. His voice seemed very calm.

But everyone could hear how provoking the things he was saying were.

The killing of a Nirvana level cultivator would be a catastrophic defeat for many cities. Even for a Renhuang realm like Emperor Xiangs Realm, it was still a loss.

Because of this loss, Xiang Nan had no choice but to leave Emperor Xiangs City and be transferred back to Emperor Xiangs Realm.

That was why Xiang Ze had come here today.

During the conflict between Emperor Xias Realm and Emperor Lis Realm, Xiang Nan sent people to Qianye City, supposedly to observe the battle, answered Ye Futian. They asked for cultivation resources, and I gave them many, but it seemed that it was not enough to satisfy Xiang Nans appetite. During the great battle, the people from Emperor Xiangs City came as well. Later, during the Battle of Qianye City, my position as city lord was under threat. Xiang Nan did not show the least bit of courtesy. He sent out his Nirvana level cultivator to go with the people of the Nine Great Tribes to destroy the city. I had made compromises with Emperor Xias Realm, but I was not going to give things for free to satisfy Emperor Xiangs Citys appetite. So we rose up and resisted. How can we take this Nirvana level cultivator into consideration when he was so far inferior to His Highness Xiang Nan?

They two of them spoke calmly and without any hint of disturbance. There was not the least bit of anger or passion in their tones.

But Xiang Ze was trying to paint Emperor Xiangs City as the victim, and it seemed like he was saying that Ye Futian had been the aggressor. It was utterly ridiculous.

Ye Futians simple words made both sides grievances clear. Everyone was suddenly looking at the people from Emperor Xiangs Realm with a bit of ridicule, especially Xiang Nan. He had once been one of the top talents at the Battle of the Crimson River, but now he just seemed like a clown.

Saying that the death of the Nirvana level figure from Emperor Xiangs Realm was Ye Futians fault was simply ridiculous.

An ugly look came over Xiang Zes face. What Xiang Nan had told was different from what Ye Futian had just said. He did not have a way out of this.

Anyone would only speak from their own perspective, of course.

But at that moment, he spoke without thinking, saying, I challenge you to a fight, Lord Ye.

Very well, said Ye Futian.

Many people smiled at this. A fight was a fight. Why did they have to waste so much time talking? Xiang Ze had brought this misfortune on himself.

A brilliant light flashed, and many ancient seals suddenly appeared around Xiang Ze.

They covered the whole area in an instant.

Everyone looked on in surprise. The characters in these ancient seals seemed to be the same as those on the Thousand Word stele. They were very similar.

Countless characters were floating through the air, and they seemed to contain invisible power. They were in harmony with the Worldly Great Path.

The wind howled as the power of the Great Path pressed down, covering Ye Futian.

Everyone was wondering, was Xiang Zes understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb really that strong?

But some of the people who knew a little bit about Emperor Xiangs Realm did not think this was strange. This was a special ability that he had inherited from Emperor Xiang.

Xiang Ze stared at Ye Futian in front of him. He had an imposing manner about him, and his eyes were filled with endless confidence.

A group of sword seals appeared behind Ye Futian. It looked like a Sword of Kasyapa.

When Ye Futian had been observing the Thousand Word Proverb, he had felt that it had some mysterious resonance with the Sword of Kasyapa. It seemed that the Sword of Kasyapas perfect evolution was not limited to just being a sword. It could also contain rule power.

The Sword of Kasyapa had many strengths.

However, this did not stop him from modeling his sword seals after the Sword of Kasyapa.

Terrifying sword will came out from the Swords of Kasyapa. All of the sword will gathered together.

Each sword seal contained frightening amounts of power.

33 Swords of Kasyapa surrounded Ye Futian. Sword light flowed forward, making it look like a river of swords was flowing through the area.

Neither of them had attacked yet, but there was a powerful sense of tension between them. There was a huge amount of pressure in the banquet hall.

Xiang Ze stretched out a hand and pointed. Go, he said.

When he said this, many ancient character seals swept out at the same time, covering the sky as they shot towards Ye Futian.

As soon as he said something, it happened.

Crack! There was a sharp sound as a sword curtain appeared around Ye Futian. At that moment, an ancient character seal was rushing towards him.

Ye Futian waved his hands, and suddenly a Sword of Kasyapa shot out with a roar and slammed into the oncoming seal, piercing directly through it and shattering it.

But afterward, a second seal fell, and its roar sounded even closer. It made an ear-piercing noise come from the Sword of Kasyapa.

Everyone saw a fearsome storm whip up in front of Xiang Ze. The ancient character seals covered the sky and fell as if they were moving in sync with the Great Path itself. They suppressed the whole area.

They have the right form and the right substance, thought Ye Futian as he watched Xiang Zes attack. Xiang Zes technique indeed had the form of the characters in the Thousand Word Proverb, as well as their substance. They had a ferocious power, and they were growing stronger and stronger.

It was clear that Xiang Ze was far more outstanding than Xiang Nan had been.

The Swords of Kasyapa pierced out, one sword after another. His sword will was growing stronger and stronger, forming a sword curtain in front of him. It was cutting through the ancient character seals.

The 33 Swords of Kasyapa formed a terrible storm of sword will above Ye Futian that destroyed all the power from Xiang Zes attacks.

He looked at the giant ancient character seals that covered the sky and thought: if Xiang Ze had actually understood the meaning of the Thousand Word Proverb, his attack would be more frightening. It would cover the whole area, and he would be absolutely unable to block it.

But even so, he was still very strong.

He stretched out his hand, and his will moved a little bit. Suddenly, the countless ancient characters that were shrieking towards him in a wild flow turned into the shape of Precious Cauldrons. A golden dragon roared among them and shattered the sword will below it. The sword curtain shook continuously and seemed like it was about to be destroyed.

Ye Futian stretched out his hand at the same time and swept it through the air. Suddenly, his sword will grew fiercer, and invisible swords seemed to form, blocking the oncoming power.

Xiang Ze snorted and took another step forward. Incredibly strong willpower descended. A huge figure seemed to be forming behind the ancient characters, like an image of Renhuang.

This Renhuang-like figure slammed its hand downward, and there was a terrible crushing will in it. It seemed to have been born from the forming characters. As the characters lit up, it looked like a giant matrix pattern that was rushing towards the sword seals.

In a flash, the 33 sword seals were shattered.

Xiang Ze is strong indeed!

A look of surprise came over everyones faces. Xiang Ze had not only created an ancient character attack that was taken directly from the Thousand Word Proverb stele, but it had also evolved into various forms.

At that moment, it seemed even more like a figure of Renhuang was descending, slamming down its fist.

Moreover, all of this seemed to have been formed out of ancient characters. Even if he was using his own willpower, he had still not abandoned his perception of the Thousand Word Proverb.

The huge palm print covered the sky. Even people far away could feel its immense power.

Moreover, if Ye Futian had only formed 33 sword seals, they had all been destroyed, and he would have lost.

Xiang Ze regarded him coolly. He wanted to see if Ye Futian could make a comeback.

Heaven and earth roared as the palm print pressed down. But at that moment, many ancient characters appeared around Ye Futian.

This time they were not sword seals but palm prints.

A burst of terrifying fist will was formed, making the palm prints turn into huge fists.

Ye Futian raised his arm and struck out into the sky.


A loud noise rang out as one of the palm prints smashed into the oncoming fist, but it could not shake it.

Ye Futian shot up into the air, his body straight as a bolt of lighting. All of the palm prints gathered into his arm as he pierced through the sky, heading upwards.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The palm prints continued to strike out, one after another, their momentum growing stronger and stronger. A huge palm print appeared under the oncoming fist.

It seemed like the palm prints were overlapping, creating a giant palm print.

There was a loud noise, as ten or so fists shot out, stopping the giant fist.

The giant palm print was growing bigger and bigger. The mighty fist will seemed like it would destroy everything.

And it did not stop. More palm prints rushed forward, integrating themselves into the giant palm print. Just as Ye Futian descended and he thrust out his arm, all of the palm prints seemed to have been thoroughly integrated into the giant palm print. The figure of a giant fist appeared, punching a hole through Xiang Zes giant fist, then continuing forward and piercing through the Renhuang figure. The single fist destroyed it utterly.

Xiang Ze looked shocked. He looked up at Ye Futian, who was up in the sky looking down at him.

A burst of terrible fist will covered the sky. There were still endless fist wills on his fist, which seemed to have been formed from many palm prints. They had still not completely dissipated.

You are flashy, but have no substance, Ye Futian said to Xiang Ze. He reached out, and the fist will rushed forward, blowing against Xiang Ze and making his long robe flap in the wind.

Do you want to try me? said Ye Futian as he pointed at Xiang Ze. His tone and his eyes were full of indomitable spirit as he looked down on him.

Everything quieted in an instant. All the eyes on Divine Mountain were fixed on this calm scene. They could all see a fierce sense of humiliation on Xiang Zes face.

He was flashy without substance.

He had lost the Battle of Understanding the Thousand Character Stele very badly!