The Legend Of Futian Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Emperor Luo Against Fate

Countless strong cultivators gathered here in the magnificent Imperial City of Nandou nation. There were 36 prefectures in the Nandou nation, with many cities in each prefecture and academies in each city. At this time, the younger generation of talents from all the cities gathered here in Nandou City for the Tingfeng Banquet held by the Nandou nation. Different from the Fenghua Banquet of Cangye Kingdom, the Tingfeng Banquet had no preliminary test. Any young person could participate and show their talents.

The Fenghua Banquet was held every three years in Cangye Kingdom, so efficiency was highlighted and it was fast-paced. As for the Tingfeng Banquet, held every ten years, it was grander.

People from the East Sea Prefecture gradually arrived at the Imperial City. Not only young participants came but also those strong cultivators who wanted to witness the grand banquet.

The strong cultivators from Donghai Academy of the East Sea Prefecture definitely would not miss such a grand banquet. Yan Shao, the headmaster of the School of Emperor Star, led his excellent disciples together with the other headmasters. Stepping into the city, a group of demon beasts flew in the sky. The disciples looked over the magnificent ancient city below, feeling slight butterflies. They wondered whether they would stand out in this Tingfeng Banquet.

Amongst the crowd was Zhuo Qing, who was thought the most highly by Yan Shao, the headmaster. Standing on a beast, Zhuo Qing looked over at the capital, full of ambition. Talented as he was, there was a big possibility for him to win a place for himself even though there were countless talents gathered at this banquet. However, Zhuo Qing was not completely confident. No one knew how many powerful figures were born during the past ten years. Nobody dared claim that he could stand out.

At this time, a figure appeared in Zhuo Qing's mind. If that talented youth was here, he must be the winner. However, it had been only about one month since the Donghai City event. He was probably still on the run.

Zhou Mu was also with the group of people, as well as his teacher, the Art Saint.

Lin Xiyue was also here. She had matured from when she met Ye Futian on the ship in the East Sea. 17-year-old Lin Xiyue was now more beautiful and her body more curved.

At the beginning of this year, she attended the spring quarter examination held by the Donghai Academy and passed. Hearing that the Tingfeng Banquet was to be held, she wanted to have a look too.

In the distance, another line of figures descended. Someone called out, "Headmaster Yan."

Yan Shao turned to look and smiled. "The disciples from the Nandou clan are going to attend this banquet too?" These people arriving were from the Nandou clan.

"Yes." One of the strong cultivators from the Nandou clan nodded slightly with complex feelings. What happened to the Nandou clan on the last day of the Divine calendar changed a lot of things. They had to show more reliance on the royal authority in order to survive. Therefore, they came to the Tingfeng Banquet.

The two lines moved on silently. Above them were countless other strong cultivators. As they advanced, they could make out the grand palace before them. It was even more solemn and sacred under the sunlight.

At this time, Emperor Luo stood in the main hall of the palace, reading a message from his guard. The message was about the Fenghua Banquet held in Cangye Kingdom. It was held every three years and many outstanding persons would emerge. Nandou nation would naturally pay attention to such news. However, Emperor Luo generally wouldn't care about such things. Countless talents emerged every three years. How could he, the Emperor of the Nandou nation, have enough energy to care about these trivial matters? But this message was sent to his hands because several names that should not have appeared were on the Fenghua Rank.

First place was Ye Futian.

What a familiar name!

As the Emperor, he should not pay attention to a youth. However, Minister Zuo, Minister Hua, and the prince all showed a great interest in him. Therefore, one month ago, the Emperor Luo had sent a decree that everybody in Nandou nation shall listen to him for he stood for God. However, Ye Futian still escaped from Nandou nation. The Emperor didn't expect that he would next see Ye Futian's name on the Fenghua Rank of the Cangye Kingdom.

"Joining the Fenghua Banquet as a full-attribute genius with twin spirits. Of course he would win." Emperor Luo laughed. Ye Futian had displayed his horrible talent at the Nandou clan so the emperor was not surprised that Ye Futian was the winner. Once he attended, he would definitely win the first place.

The fourth was Hua Jieyu. This name was also quite familiar to him. She should have been the crown princess of Nandou nation.

"Declare my will" Emperor Luo raised his head and delivered an order again. Just like last month, it was still about Ye Futian. He knew this decree was even more impossible to complete, but he still sent it.


In the Cangye Kingdom's palace, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were cultivating in tranquility on a hill while waiting for their teacher to recover. They didn't go out. Ye Futian knew that since he had won the first place on the Banquet and revealed the Nandou event in public, he must be more careful.

"Master." When practicing the music, Ye Futian saw a figure coming. He stopped playing and smiled. It was Hua Fengliu. He walked alone and looked more energetic than before. He would recover completely soon.

Nandou Wenyin and Tang Lan had been by his side all these days. Sometimes, Ye Futian knew that Aunt Tang still wanted to be with Hua Fengliu, despite her words. Even the masteress had accepted her dedication to Hua Fengliu. When Hua Fengliu first returned to Donghai City, it was Tang Lan who took care of him.

"How do you feel?" At this time, a wise imperial advisor came near and asked Hua Fengliu.

"I feel much better. Thank you for these past few days," Hua Fengliu responded.

"Take a good rest. Don't use your strength over the next few days. You still have to wait for a long time before the life spirit's complete recovery. You'd better not leave the mountain these days," the imperial advisor told him.

"I know." Hua Fengliu nodded.

The imperial advisor looked at Hua Jieyu and asked, "I sensed your cultivation yesterday. Can I have a look at your life spirit?"

"Okay." Hua Jieyu nodded slightly and moved forward a step. She released her gorgeous life spirit like a noble queen with a crown.

The imperial advisor stood still but his body shivered involuntarily. He turned to Nandou Wenyin and asked, "How about yours?"

Nandou Wenyin felt puzzled but still released her life spirit. Her life spirit was not as gorgeous as Hua Jieyu's but it was still extraordinary.

The imperial advisor trembled. He slowly knelt and prostrated on the ground to pay his respect. "Greetings, my princess!"

"This" The group's expression changed. Ye Futian stood up and looked at this scene with some astonishment.

"I was the imperial sorcerer of Nandou nation, Mo He," the old man said with a trembling voice. "I never thought there would be a day where I could see His Majesty's descendants."

"Senior, please rise." Nandou Wenyin was shocked. No one here had expected that the imperial advisor of Cangye Kingdom used to be the imperial sorcerer of the Nandou nation. Of course, he was from the previous Nandou nation, not the present one

"Are you the descendant of the Emperor Jue?" the old man stood up slowly and asked with a trembling voice.

"Yes, he is my grandfather. It is said that he escaped to the Nandou clan in the Donghai City after the Luo's took the power." Nadou Wenyin nodded.

"His Highness did the right thing. If he did not leave, he would only die in the end. Luo Tianyin would not let him go." The old man's voice was tinged with hatred.

"What happened in those years? Why did my grandfather and parents leave Nandou clan and never come back? What does this have to do with Emperor Luo?" Nandou Wenyin asked. Luo Tianyin was Emperor Luo's real name. She only knew that 300 years ago, Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing unified the divine prefectures of the East. Forces in the world were in unrest. The emperor of the Nandou nation ran into an accident and the whole nation was in a chaos. Countless forces fought for the throne. The Nandou clan had lost too many strong cultivators for this. And at that time, Luo Tianyin turned out to win with his Noble Plane and ascended the throne. Since then, the Luos replaced Nandou royalty.

After Emperor Luo took power, panic rose through the nation. In order to show the emperor's bearing, Emperor Luo ordered a nationwide amnesty. He forgave his rivals. Soon, the whole nation bowed down to him and the Nandou nation was stabilized. The Nandou clan returned to Donghai City and survived this crisis.

"Luo Tianyin, that b*stard, used to be His Majesty's personal bodyguard. Because of his great talent, His Majesty treated him as a disciple. During a turbulent time, His Majesty left the nation for the pursuit of stronger power. Luo Tianyin and I followed. However, Luo Tianyin was wildly ambitious. Taking advantage of His Majesty's crisis, he made his move when His Majesty let down his guard. His Majesty's fate was taken and I lost my eyes. Perhaps even Luo Tianyin thinks that I'd died."

The old man shook and said, "Luo Tianyin went against the heavens and changed fate to ascend the throne and replace Nandou's royalty. In order not to be despised by the world, he did not hurt the Nandou clan but still had dirty underhand tricks. Princess, you said His Majesty and your father disappeared. I am afraid they were investigating the things of that year and had misfortunes."

"Why don't you announce his evil deeds to the world?" Hearing about the past events, Nandou Wenyin was furious.

"If I do so, the Nandou clan will perish completely." The old man sighed. "I settled in Cangye Kingdom with a disguised identity for so many years. I taught the emperor how to cultivate so the Cangye Kingdom can become stronger and one day overthrow the Luo reign."

Ye Futian didn't expect this secret and suddenly understood many things. The reason why Emperor Luo declared in Donghai City to confer Hua Jieyu with the title of crown princess was not only because of Minister Zuo's augury. The poor Nandou clan didn't know that the emperor would definitely not let Hua Jieyu rise unless she became subordinate to him and became the crown princess. Moreover, Emperor Luo had once gone against fate. He was not afraid of fate at all. Now he'd become stronger. As the emperor, how would he fear the two fated youths?

When they were discussing this issue, a messenger from the Nandou nation came to visit the emperor of the Cangye Kingdom!