The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286 Peerless

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The wild airflow had still not completely dissipated. It still blew through the banquet hall.

But at that moment, everything was completely silent on Divine Mountain.

The scene was firmly imprinted on everyones mind.

The Battle of Understanding the Thousand Character Stele had come to this. It was no longer just a simple battle of understanding; it had now become much more personal for the combatants.

Xing Kai and Ye Futian had even let loose Renhuang level techniques and had cast the spells that they were most specialized in, displaying astonishing power.

And throughout the process, Chi Shang had not stopped them but had let them have free reign.

Under these circumstances, Ye Futian, who was at the first tier of the Divine Path, had been able to defeat Xing Kai, who was a Saint of True Self.

Could that mean that

If he reached the level of a Saint of True Self, it was highly likely that he could directly defeat Xing Kai in battle.

He had already proven his understanding. He was not only stronger than Xing Kai. He was stronger than anyone else here.

Otherwise, how could this Doctrine Saint have made it to the very end?

And not only that, he had made it to the very end in an outstanding fashion.

First, Pei Min, the descendant of Emperor Jian, had admitted he was no match for him. Then he had defeated Luo Yang, who had previously defeated Xia Qingyuan.

And his last fight with Xing Kai had been the most brilliant, and he had still managed to defeat him.

Such a display could only be called incomparably glorious. It could indeed be said that he had swept away everyone in his path.

At that moment, everyone realized why Ye Futian had been made the lord of Qianye City.

There were three great figures of Qianye City in Emperor Xias City that had the right to enter the Regional King Ranking.

Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Xia Qingyuan.

In the future, Qianye City would very likely become the premier city in the Crimson Dragon Palace.


Upon Divine Mountain, many of the Nirvana level figures had a look of appreciation on their faces.

Brilliant indeed. Xing Kai had unleashed the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will, and the techniques that he had cultivated seemed to have been passed down from the Imperial Adviser of the Dali Dynasty. In the past, when Emperor Xias Realm and Emperor Lis Realm had been at war, it was said that the Imperial Adviser was not willing to kill him. Now I see why, someone whispered.

He would indeed never have wanted to kill such a talented, dutiful disciple.

Of course, if he had been an enemy, he would have been eliminated.

This generation of the Crimson Dragon Realm is full of talents. I had thought that this would be the age of Xing Kai, Luo Yang, Pei Min, and Jiang Taie. But I had not thought that first Yu Sheng and then Ye Futian would be so dominant.

There are so many heroes nowadays. We dont even know which ones to watch, they all said as they smiled.

There was also an uproar among the people watching below the mountain. Ye Futians name had already been well known throughout the Crimson Dragon Realm. But even at the Battle of Qianye City, he had been relying on Emperor Kuas will rather than his own power.

But he had indeed proved himself in this battle. He was a top figure, in no way inferior to anyone in the Crimson Dragon Realm, including those on the Regional King Ranking and the undefeated Xing Kai.

But today, Xing Kai had been defeated.

The one who had defeated him was younger than him and of a lower level.

No one knew what Xing Kai was thinking at that moment.

How awkward, whispered the Prince of Emperor Dongs Palace, Duan Wuji, as he saw Ye Futian pointing his long halberd at Xing Kai.

Earlier, he had lost to Luo Yang, and the Ye Futian had defeated Luo Yang and Xing Kai in succession. He and Ye Futian were at the same level.

He was still desperate for a real battle with Ye Futian.

It looked like he would not get the chance now.

This guy had embarrassed him.

But there was still a slight smile on Duan Wujis face. Since Ye Futians was this strong, then did that mean that what had happened at Emperor Kuas ruins was not such a humiliation?

And it was not just him. All the top cultivators of the Crimson Dragon Realm were gathered here, and every one of them had been defeated.

Thus, it was perfectly understandable that he had not been able to seize Emperor Kuas inheritance.

The people who had come with Xing Kai from the Ancient Imperial City all had ugly looks on their faces, especially Xing Chou. He had a look of shock and disbelief on his face.

His older brother had lost?

He still remembered that after the end of the Battle of the Crimson River, his brother Xing Kai had comforted him by saying that no one in the world of cultivators could remain undefeated.

Now, Xing Kai himself had lost. It was as if he was proving his own words.

Moreover, the one who had defeated him was Ye Futian himself.

On that day, the two of them had had the desire to face off against each other, but at that time, his brother had looked down on Ye Futian and had not considered him a worthy opponent.

But what about now?

Xing Kai looked up at Ye Futian. He also remembered what had happened at the Battle of the Crimson River.

Even before the battle today, he had not considered Ye Futian to be a worthy opponent. He thought that his final opponent would be a Saint of True Self like Pei Min, Luo Yang, or Jiang Taie.

Ye Futian was no longer his concern. The enmity between them had not been resolved today. He had never once cared about this opponent.

But now, Ye Futian was right in front of him, pointing at him with his halberd with extremely dazzling light spreading out from him.

In the world of cultivators, who could remain undefeated?

He had known he would lose eventually, but he had not thought that it would be like this. He had never thought that he would lose to Ye Futian today.

Nowadays, many people were saying that Qianye City would one day compete with the Ancient Imperial City for the title of the principal city in the Crimson Dragon Realm. He looked on that prospect with scorn.

But was it really impossible?

In the future, if Yu Sheng, Ye Futian, and Xia Qingyuan achieved Nirvana, could he, Ninth Servant, and Gai Huang suppress them?

Moreover, Ye Futian had also conquered the Nine Great Tribes.

Finally, as he stood there calmly in the air, Xing Kai said in a cold voice, I hate being pointed at.

Thinking of defeat and being truly defeated were not the same thing.

He found that he was already feeling humiliated by this battle. It was hard for him to bear it.

He was incredibly proud by nature. He may have known that he would definitely suffer defeats upon the Great Path, but he had thought that it would happen later on his road when he reached a stronger sphere and opponents who were more glorious.

But in reality, the person who was pointing at him now was someone who had previously been too proud to even fight.

Thus, this made it even more difficult to bear.

You lost, said Ye Futian calmly. Why should a loser be so proud?

He hated it when people struck at others in a time of crisis, but Xing Chou and Gai Huang had done just that.

If they had been weaker, then Qianye City would have been destroyed, and he would have died.

So what did it matter what Xing Kai hated?


And extremely fierce airflow swept out, astonishing fighting will burst forth from Xing Kais body.

He was no longer controlling his power. The aura of a Saint of True Self flared out, and the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will bloomed. Lines of frightening light of the Great Path swirled around his body, then whistled out, rushing towards Ye Futian.

In a flash, Ye Futian felt a shocking burst of power. His Deed of Thought Comprehension flared as well.

In the next moment, he saw Xing Kai striding forward. The Great Path roared as he raised his fist. It was the God of War Seal.

Brilliant light burst out from the halberd, and it pierced forward violently, but it still shattered beneath the God of War Seal. A wild hurricane slammed into Ye Futian. He was sent flying back rapidly as the huge wave of wind crashed over him. He was thrown back to the edge of the banquet hall, where he stopped.

At the Peach Blossom Banquet, Chi Shang frowned.

A look of disbelief came over everyones faces. Xing Kai was flaunting the rules here.

Perhaps being defeated by Ye Futian had had quite a bad effect on him.

The seal disappeared. Xing Kais eyes were cold as he swept them over Ye Futian off in the distance. He called back his aura, then turned and walked away as if nothing had happened.

He did not follow up on his attack on Ye Futian.

So what had been the meaning of it?

All it did was make people laugh.

Chi Shang was about to say something, but when he saw that Xing Kai was not going to do anything else, he held his tongue.

It seemed that he had wanted to display his displeasure.

Luo Yang was also staring at Ye Futian. They had never imagined that the one who would defeat them would be Ye Futian.

The battle for the Thousand Character Stele had come to an end.

There was a loud rumbling sound in the air. A huge stone stele descended from the sky.

On the outside, the stele appeared plain and ordinary, but there were many ancient words engraved on it. If you did not look into it with your Spiritual Will, you would find nothing out of the ordinary about it. But once you entered it with a thread of Spiritual Will, you could immediately feel the Thousand Character Proverbs.

Now, the stele of the Thousand Character Proverbs was Ye Futians.

Chi Shang waved at Ye Futian with a smile. Take it, Lord Ye.

Ye Futian nodded. Thank you, your highness. He was not too concerned by Xing Kais attack. There was no use in worrying about it.

This stele of the Thousand Character Proverbs was a Renhuang level artifact. It was the whole reason for the battle.

He walked up to the stele and took it. There was a strange look in everyones eyes as they watched Ye Futian. Besides their envy and jealousy, there was another strange emotion.

They all knew that Ye Futian had also taken the magic zither.

The magic zither had been left behind by a Demon Emperor.

Now, this mysterious Thousand Word Proverb stele that had been engraved by Renhuang was also Ye Futians.

He had just gained two precious Renhuang level artifacts.

Those were real treasures. It would be difficult for anyone to measure the value of either one of them.

How many of the great powers of the Crimson Dragon Realm owned such treasures?

And Ye Futian had walked away with two of them.

But Ye Futian did not care what they were thinking. After he took the stele, he returned to his place. All the people from Qianye City were watching him, and even Xia Qingyuan had a rare smile on her face.

She had blamed herself for losing to Luo Yang and worried that Ye Futian would have to face two opponents and be defeated.

But Ye Futian had once again proven his unparalleled talent.

This was true in Emperor Xias Realm, just as it was in Emperor Lis Realm, where the Imperial Adviser had looked on him with favor.

Now that he had come to the main region of the Crimson Dragon Realm, he was still unmatched. It seemed that wherever he was, he suppressed the glory of all the proud sons of heaven around him!