The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288 Twelve Steps

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On the top of the divine mountain, there were Nirvana-Plane figures from Imperial Palace observing what happened on the Divine Martial Road.

These peerless figures were currently the strongest warriors of Crimson Dragon Realm. Would they surpass former warriors and take more steps?

The trial on the Divine Martial Road could reveal who was the most outstanding one among them.

However, even the public of Crimson Dragon Realm was not aware of it.

Only the people from Imperial Palace knew this.

Chi Shang, as the Prince of the Crimson Dragon Realm, also knew a secret hidden in the Divine Martial Road, which was only known by the core figures of the Imperial Palace.

Even the top powers in the Crimson Dragon Realm didnt know about it.

Who was the peerless one on the Divine Martial Road?

Would Ye Futian outperform everyone and reach the end like the last time?

The trial this time wouldnt be less difficult than last time; this time, it might even be harder.

The moment Ye Futian stepped onto the Divine Martial Road, he immediately felt that time moved more slowly. It was as if everything had changed. The divine mountain was not here. There were no boundless golden peach flowers, either.

There was only a starry ancient road with no end.

In front of him, there was an enormous stele of stars. In the stele, stars moved around.

The mood inside the stele was extremely strong. It was as if all of a sudden, Ye Futian was about to be taken into the space of the starry steles mood. His body was below the stars, and compared to the stars, he looked so trivial.


Suddenly, a massive gust of might enveloped the world and exerted pressure on Ye Futian. Stars fell. The boundless colossus stars dropped down on him as if the world was crashing down and he would be turned into ashes by the stars.

Ye Futian took a step out and instantly released the fierce power from his body. His might of Law released, and the might of the Great Law squeezed the world and rushed out, roaring.

With a loud boom, the dropping stars were blocked by a gust of horrifying might, but the stars continued to spin forward, trying to vanquish him here.

A strange look flashed across Ye Futians eyes. The pressure of the might was indeed aggressive. They all happened mentally. It was as if all was nothing but an illusion, but the scene was so vivid.

If anything went wrong, he would be trounced and severely hurt.

He stood in the world of the starry stele. The rotating stars kept emitting horrifying might and gnawing at his willpower until he couldnt stand it anymore.

The oppression was so intense, even at the beginning.

What would happen next?

At this moment, Ye Futian was somewhat looking forward to it.

He lifted one foot and stepped forward. The Great Law resonated, and the fierce Will of Space tore the stars apart. Stars exploded into fragments, and the starry sky seemed to break.

With one step, Ye Futian seemed to walk into another independent space.

After he took the step, two Starry Steles appeared above the ancient Divine Martial Road where he was.

At that moment, people outside also knew that Ye Futian had taken his first step.

Now, every step he took would be the center of attention.

After that, a similar scene happened again, but the might was even stronger, and more stars dropped down in the Starry Stele. It was as if the world was about to collapse.

But Ye Futian still took the second step with confidence.

All the warriors invited to the Peach Banquet were heading forward, step by step.

Outsides, people were looking toward the sky above the Divine Martial Road.

At this moment, the giant bell had rung five times, and six bells had shown up, which meant Xing Kai had taken the fifth step.

Above that ancient road, the sound of the bell released gorgeous beams of light, and the might of Law swept out.

No one could catch up to him.

Xing Kai had walked the farthest, far ahead of anyone else.

On the ancient road nearby, there were five giant poleaxes. People knew Yu Sheng was there.

Next to it, there was dazzling sword light piercing through the sky, projecting toward the Divine Martial Palace.

The Sword Will permeated the sky and earth, in which there were also five swords.

Pei Min was there.

Boom! Bam!

At this moment, the thunder lightning ripped the sky apart. The thunderstorm appeared in the upper sky. Warhammers somewhere above the Divine Martial Road directly broke into pieces. The might of the thunder violently danced in the air, and soon a figure was thrown out of the ancient road. She made a sound and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Shu Zi, she stops there! some people said in shock. Before, there were four divine hammers on her ancient road, which meant she was done after taking just three steps.

What did she encounter on the Divine Martial Road?

Shu Zi wiped off the blood from her lips, quite embarrassed. Was she only able to take three steps on the Divine Martial Road?

Just now, why did the Might in front of her suddenly surge and rise up to a horrifying level, directly shaking her out?

Were others situations similar to hers?

Luck is an important thing on the Divine Martial Road. You might need more luck with it. Dont keep it in mind. The outcome is not that important, said Chi Shang. He seemed to know what Shu Zi was thinking, so he tried to comfort her.

Shu Zi nodded, but she had known the actual reason and understood Chi Shang was trying to make her feel better.

Good luck was always in company with real strength.

Chi Shang raised his head and kept looking toward the Divine Martial Road. What Shu Zi thought was right. Although luck mattered on the Divine Martial Road, the warriors who came to the end were absolutely the strongest ones.

Xing Kai was still heading forward; he looked invincible. Nobody knew when he would meet a barrier.

Soon, Yin Tianjiao was shaken out and soon quit the game, too. She didnt look good, either.

People gradually figured out that after Shu Zi, at every step, there would be at least one person gone.

Bam! After a loud sound, the sound of the cauldron resonated between the sky and earth, and then the cauldrons over the Divine Martial Road were directly shattered into pieces.

Xiang Zes body appeared at the gate of the Divine Martial Road; he was thrown out, too.

He looked quite awkward.

After the ninth step, there were only seven people left. Yu Shifei, Xie Qingshan, and Duan Wuji left the game. The first two people were listed on the Regional King Ranking had also lost the game. One could tell how hard it was.

Xia Qingyuan had trouble at the tenth step.

Limitless fist shadows appeared in front of her. A gust of unsurpassable Fist Will struck toward her as if a war-deity-like figure launched an attack at her. The Fist Will resonated and lit up the willpower. All of a sudden, the power grew invincible, as if able to slay a god.

Xia Qingyuan stepped forward and still didnt want to give up. She released the Infinite Catastrophe from her body and used it to collide with the endless Fist Will. All of a sudden, she felt an endless source of power, which smashed all the Fist Will and kept moving forward. She only had this feeling when fighting Yu Sheng.

Her Infinite Catastrophe was penetrated. The Fist Will rushed in front of her. Finally, Xia Qingyuan could no longer stand it anymore.

Above the Divine Martial Road, Fist Will violently exploded into pieces. Xia Qingyuan was shaken out of the Divine Martial Road.

There were six people left.

Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Xing Kai, Luo Yang, Pei Min, and Jiang Taie.

The bell had rung 11 times, and 12 bells showed up.

Xing Kia paused his steps.

The other five warriors gradually all caught up with him. As Jiang Taie finally reached the end, these six warriors together appeared at the same starting point.

But the scene above the Divine Martial Road was extremely horrifying.

Xing Kai took action again. This time, he felt a terrifying power. The sound of the bell triumphed over everything, annihilating his Law and his willpower. Nothing could stop it.

The radiance of the Great Law from Xing Kais body exploded to the extreme. He launched the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will and summoned the war deity. The mark of the war deity was released and darted toward the ancient bell.

At this moment, the sound of the bell trembled in the sky and earth. It lingered on the top of the Divine Mountain endlessly.

12 rings, 12 steps.

The sound of the bell made numerous peoples hearts thump. Xing Kai had taken the 12th step, which was approaching the limit.

They looked up to the sky above the Divine Martial Road. Matchless radiance exploded in company with the appearance of the 13 ancient bells.

Xing Kai was the first one who had taken 12 steps.

On the top of the divine mountain, someone asked, How many steps did the strongest warrior take in the Peach Banquet last time?


13 steps. Just with one more step, Xing Kai will catch up with the strongest warrior from last time.

Even though Ye Futian defeated him in the last battle, Xing Kai still released his matchless radiance on the Divine Martial Road.

He wanted to become the peerless one.

There! Someone moved, too! At this moment, other peoples ancient roads also showed a radical change, but soon, things on two ancient roads violently exploded and were destroyed.

And then, people saw two people show up in the space under the Divine Martial Road.

They were the most extraordinary warriors of Crimson Dragon City: Luo Yang and Jiang Taie.

They were removed from the game at the same time.

Both took 11steps.

But it was still terrifying enough.

Look at the Sword Will!

At this moment, numerous pairs of eyes looked in one direction where the frightening Sword Will flew and grew stronger and stronger. The 12 swords kept swallowing and spitting dazzling radiance of the sword.

Finally, a new Lingtian Sword Will was born and converged into the 13th sword.

Pei Min succeeded!

Pei Min took the 12th step. Before he reached his limit, if he took one more step, he would achieve the record from last time.

Last time, during the Battle of Understanding the Thousand-Character Stele, Pei Min surrendered without fighting. Still, it didnt mean this warrior from Sword Imperial Palace, whose name was on the Regional King Ranking, was weak.

At this moment, everyone saw how powerful Pei Mins Sword Will was.

The Law of Sword that he swallowed and spat during the trial of Divine Martial Road was almost horrifying.

Xiang Kai and Pei Min had made it. There were another two peopleYe Futian and Yu Sheng.

At this time, the light of the poleaxe flashed across the sky dome and released boundless radiation of the poleaxe. It was as if the sky and earth would be chopped into two, and an even bigger poleaxe of war deity showed up.

13 poleaxes formed a line.

Yu Sheng had taken the 12th step.

The third warrior was only one step away from achieving the same record.

They had all taken the step. Before long, Ye Futians performance was the most outstanding. Would he fail this time?

If Ye Futian failed, he might have to face peoples jeers.

Chi Shang also stared forward. He perceived the might and felt slightly stirred. If Ye Futian succeeded, this time, there would be four people taking the twelfth step.

There were only two people who made it in the Peach Banquet last time.

There was only one person who took the 13th step.

Now, everyone was watching Ye Futian. He shouldnt disappoint them. After all, his previous performance was outstanding, and undoubtedly, his talent was exceptional.

But even so, Chi Shang knew that Ye Futian would have a hard time since he would have to face not only the Divine Martial Road but also the three warriors who came with him!