The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289 The Limit?

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Ye Futian indeed felt a lot of pressure.

He was standing in a real starry sky in the space of Divine Martial Road.

Dazzling stars were shining above his head. Tens of thousands of celestial bodies of the Great Law revolved in the sky, each of which released extraordinarily copious might. One could imagine how the pressure would be if all these stars of Will fell down at the same time.

Some stars directly plummeted toward Ye Futian.

The Might was released to the extreme from his body; the Spatial Will would block all the stars that came near.

The Deed of Thorough Comprehension was released. Ancient characters appeared around his body and formed the halo of the Great Law.

The dazzling halberd of Time and Space was formed from his body. He leaned forward and thrust the halberd toward the sky dome. Suddenly, the light of the Great Law pierced through the sky and earth. It tore the space apart and crushed on the stars, broke them into pieces.

He lifted one foot. When he tried to step forward, endless starry light of the Great Law shot toward him again.

Suddenly, the gleam of stars shone, and he was like amid a river made of stars, where each wisp of starry light contained extremely intimidating Will. They were like concrete stars blocking his way and suffocating him.

This step was so hard to take.

Boom! The beam of the Great Law starry light reached. Another star fell, like a meteor trying to smash him to death.

The Will of the torn space turned into beams of dazzling golden light and thrust forward. They were projected over the stars and created crevices in the stars, but that didnt stop the stars falling upon Ye Futian.

The Might of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was released. Ye Futian was bathed in the dazzling aura, like an immortal.

When the stars arrived, they didnt fall on his body but rather were crushed by themselves.

Ye Futian didnt even frown. He had experienced many similar scenes before this step.

After each step, a new space appeared.

Each time, the number of stars increased, and the Will became stronger.

Besides, there was a gust of wonderful energy merged in the Starry Steles attack.

Stars started attacking. Ye Futians body was shaken, but he didnt step back.

He realized that the strikes of the stars were getting stronger and stronger, faster and faster as if the dazzling falling stars streaked across the sky dome to strike his body and will, trying to wipe out his existence.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Ye Futians clothes were flying in the wind. He felt his will would collapse anytime.

If there was no end, tens of thousands of stars would shake him away.

At this moment, he had felt the oscillation of his mind and will; he was in agony because of the feeling.

Boom! The Will of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was released to the extreme. His inner energy was like burning, roaring. More and more Halberds of Time and Space formed within his body. They floated around his body and became a part of it, creating a Time and Space Matrix lying in the void sky.

The Halberds of Time and Space was projected to the front but were smashed into pieces by more and more stars.


Dazzling beams of light pierced into the sky. The complete void and Ye Futian became one. The matrix of the time and space was projected, and the Halberd of Endless Time and Space thrust through the void air at the same time and pierced everything.

Boom, boom, boom The falling stars exploded and smashed into fragments. The Halberd of Time and Space pierced a hole in the boundless void sky. Ye Futian was very spirited and took a step forward.

Suddenly, the Great Law hummed between the sky and earth. The 13th stele appeared above the Divine Martial Road.

This moment, people knew, Ye Futian had also taken the 12th step.

Four warriors had all taken the twelve steps.

Just one more step, they would tie the record of the last Peach Banquet.

Among these four people, who could take the step?

The sword moved.

On the Divine Martial Road, thirteen swords whizzed ahead. The flows of Sword Will surged above the sky dome as if one sword pushed another sword forward, each one stronger than the last.

Was it the power used by Pei Min on the Divine Martial Road?

Nobody knew what happened on the Divine Martial Road; all they could see was the change in the sky.

The 13 swords were inclined to merge as one and kept going. They kept making metallic clangs and whooshing sounds. Even though no one could see the scene in the Divine Martial Road, they could still imagine how strong-willed Pei Min was when he fought with his swordsmanship.

Hum The sword intended to rise in the sky. It was swallowing and spitting very horrifying Sword Will.

The 14th sword loomed as if it was about to be formed.

But right this moment, a destructive beam of sword light flashed by and annihilated everything.

All of a sudden, the sword in formation directly disappeared, and the 13 swords which had been formed turned into ashes in a second.

The swords were all gone.

A figure soon showed up at the gate of the Divine Martial Road. He was shaken out from the Road; he let out a low moan, and a bit of blood oozed out of his mouth.

Pei Min came out of the Divine Martial Road.

He finally didnt succeed in taking the 13th step.

Would the other three warriors make it?

Over the three ancient roads on the Divine Martial Road, violence broke out at the same time, thunder continually booming in the sky.

On the ancient road where Xing Kai belonged to, 13 ancient bells hummed at the same time. Very horrifying strong light emitted from the ancient bells.

Above the ancient bells, a gust of stuffy Might enveloped the sky. The ancient bells became one and resonated in some way, trembling.

On the other side, the aura of the poleaxes was also scorching and became brighter and brighter.

On the third ancient road, dazzling light of stars erupted from the Starry Stele.

The three warriors must be undergoing huge pressure.

It was just that they couldnt see.

The sky and earth were roaring, rumbling. The 13 ancient bells trembled even harder.



A loud sound came, trembling the sky, resonating on the divine mountains. The 13 ancient bells resonated with it. All of a sudden, the bell rang without an end, making everyones eardrum tremble.

Their stares froze on the gorgeous scene on the Divine Martial Road.

The 14th ancient bell was formed.

Xing Kai took the thirteenth step.

The sound of bells resonated in peoples ears; even the seniors on the Divine Mountain were quite surprised.

Xing Kai was defeated by Ye Futian in the final battle last time, and this time, he seemed to succeed in defending his self-esteem with his action.

He was still Xing Kai, the warrior who rode the whirlwind in the Ancient Imperial City.

He tied the record created by the strongest warrior in the last Peach Banquet and took the 13th step.

The morale of people of the Ancient Imperial City was very high, especially Xing Qiu, who looked extremely excited.

They all had to swallow the humiliation in the previous battle and had nowhere to release the pressure.

Until now, when Xing Kai took the 13th step, they felt all the depression in their chest was suddenly cleared out.

Were Ye Futian and Yu Sheng able to take the 13th step?

They clenched their fists and stared toward the sky above the other two ancient roads.

The moment Xing Qiu turned his eyes to that scene, he saw an unusual aura.

Poleaxes chopped down from the sky dome cleaved open the skies and streaked across the sky.

The world was almost split into half.

The 14th poleaxe appeared on the ancient road.

Xing Qiu suddenly looked dumbfounded.

And, it was not only Xing Qiu.

Everyone on the divine mountain was stunned at the scene, too.

Xing Kai had just taken the steps that the strongest warrior took during the last Peach Banquet, and everyone thought that Xing Kai had washed away the shame.

But after just one moment, Yu Sheng told the world.

He, Yu Sheng, could do it, too.

13 steps.

Yu Sheng didnt even show up in the last trial and directly surrendered.

But this time, obviously he didnt do this.

But how? Xing Qiu couldnt believe his eyes.

During the last Peach Banquet, only one person was taking the 13th step on the Divine Martial Road, which meant the step was almost the symbol of perfection on the Divine Martial Road, extremely hard to achieve.

Just now, Xing Qius brother Xing Kai made it.

But before he felt excited about it, Yu Sheng soon took the 13th step forward, toothe step of perfection.

Not only Xing Qiu, but other warriors were also all shocked by the scene.

Yu Sheng of the Thousand Leaves City stepped out, too, just like Xing Kai.

Warriors of the Peach Banquet this term had surpassed warriors of the last term on the Divine Martial Road.

Look there someone yelled. On the last ancient road, gleaming stars of the Great Law flew and shone on the stele. Starry Steles lay over one another. Horrifying deep boom trembled the air as if a starry world was there.

A new stele was just formed. That was the 14th Starry Stele.

Many people around it were speechless after Xing Kai and Yu Sheng.

Ye Futian made it, too.

How could this most extraordinary figure in the last battle fall behind?

He could also do the thing that Xing Kai was able to do

These three warriors tied the record of the last term.

This time the Peach Banquet was so crazy!

So next, would anyone of them break the ultimate record of the last time?

The ancient bells began to hum, releasing dazzling aura, as if trying to ring again.

Countless pairs of eyes were fixed there. If Xing Kai could continue taking steps, it was very likely that he would leave Ye Futian and Yu Sheng behind on the 13th step.

At this moment, on the Divine Martial Road, warriors were unaware of things happening outside. Even though it was uproar outside, what they faced on the Divine Martial Road, was nothing but the terrifying power in front of them.

Xing Kai was standing in front of the huge ancient bell. He took a deep breath. Xing Kai had known he had tied the record of the last Peach Banquet and taken the 13th step.

He had tried his best. He believed the 13 steps would leave others behind him.

As for the 14th step, that would be a challenge for himself.

Xing Kai released his life force to his limit; it was the strongest degree he could reach. The Life Spirit had already been summoned and merged into the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will. Xing Kai turned into a burly ancient god of war. The intimidating Will exploded from his body and fought against the power of the ancient bell.

The Might above the ancient bell was extremely powerful like the Might of Heaven; it was an existence that vanquished all the beings of the world. Xing Kai had a feeling that the ancient bell contained the Will of the deities, and all life forms in the world would have to yield to its Might.

It was the moment he felt the threat.

Xing Kai lifted his foot; the will to fight was abundant in his sharp eyes.

This step was not about success or failure; he had tried his best!