The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292 The Killing Thought

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After warriors left the divine mountain, they respectively began their journey home, including Ye Futian and his companions.

Wherever they arrived, they always received a lot of attention.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were both from the Thousand Leaves City; one could weigh their influence. And now, since they traveled together, they were always in the limelight of the Crimson Dragon Realm wherever they went.

Brother Ye! They heard someone calling when they were walking. Ye Futian followed the voice and found it was Duan Wuji, so he nodded to him, smiling.

Come visit me in Eastern Imperial Palace if you have time, said Duan Wuji, laughing.

To practice combat skills? asked Ye Futian.

Nah Duan Wuji waved his hand. There was no way to practice combat with him. Duan Wuji used to have the thought, but after Duan Wuji experienced the Peach Banquet, he would just give up the idea. Ye Futian was too dangerous; he didnt want to bring trouble.

Besides, Yu Shengthe badasswas standing next to Ye Futian; he didnt want to mess with him, either.

If Yu Sheng fought him, he was afraid he would be killed.

To have a drink. Yes, have a drink, Duan Wuji thought a while and said.

Ye Futian heard his words and laughed and said, Thats great. If one day I come, please dont forget my name, Your Highness.

After todays Peach Banquet, there will not be many people in the land of the Crimson Dragon Realm who dont know your name. I am afraid that later, I will need to wait in line to give you a treat, said Duan Wuji with a hearty laugh. He was speaking the truth.

The Peach Banquet was called the number one banquet of the realm, and soon all that had happened in the Peach Banquet would be known to the whole Crimson Dragon Realm.

The lord of Thousand Leaves City Ye Futian and Yu Sheng would be hard to avoid being famous.

Ye Futian laughed. Duan Wuji waved his hand and said, See you.

And then he turned around and left. He was about to depart to return to the Eastern Imperial Palace.

People were all on their way back. So many warriors were flying in the sky.

Duan Wuji looks like a good guy. Last time, he helped you in Emperor Kuas relics and was not jealous of the relics you got, said Xia Qingyuan in a low voice. Ye Futian nodded; Duan Wuji was a trustful person who was very different from Xing Kai.

Perhaps it was because of the way they were raised.

Duan Wuji was a prince, so he didnt need to compete with anyone else. What he owned was always the best.

Xing Kai always had to take responsibility. Maybe he had always tried to be perfect and become the most brilliant person.

He was proud and arrogant. Even though he said everyone had their time of failure, when he was defeated, he didnt show the detachment he claimed to have.

Hm, he is worth befriending, said Ye Futian, nodding.

And Yin Tianjiao, she is good, too, said Xia Qingyuan softly, looking ahead.

Ye Futian got a strange look on his face. What was she talking about?

Why did she mention Yin Tianjiao?

At this moment, a strong gust of life force surged behind them. They had left the Imperial Palace a while ago, but the life force had just reached them.

Having perceived the life force, Ye Futian and others turned their heads and took a look. Two warriors of Nirvana Plane, the ex-lord of Thousand Leaves City Shen Tianzhan, and Wu Yong were also with Ye Futian.

Emperor Kuas heritage caused the battle of Thousand Leaves City. Although they successfully repelled the opponents, they still didnt dare to relax their vigilance.

So this time when Ye Futian attended the Peach Banquet, two Nirvana-Plane warriors of the Thousand Leaves City accompanied him.

But at this time, two Nirvana warriors frowned. They turned their heads and looked into the distance and said in a low voice, They are from the Ancient Imperial City.

In the distance, amid the howling winds and clouds, warriors were coming near, not taking cover. The person who led the group was Xing Kai.

This group of people swiftly caught up with Ye Futian and others and walking with them shoulder to shoulder.

Ye Futian resumed his steps and ignored them.

But at this time, Xing Kai started talking, Your performance in the Peach Banquet was quite impressive. I am curious about your real strength.

His eyes slowly turned to where Ye Futian was.

Ye Futian also looked toward him and said, laughing, It should be good, too.

I cant know if I dont try it, said Xing Kai. He directly rushed toward Ye Futian and released a gust of intimidating life force.

People around Ye Futian frowned. Someone tried to block him.

A chill flashed across Ye Futians eyes. What did Xing Kai mean?

He took a step and darted toward the direction where Xing Kai was. The Deed of Thorough Comprehension suddenly erupted, and the horrifying life force enveloped his body.

Although Ye Futians performance in the Peach Banquet was eye-catching, he was not so conceited to think that he would easily beat Xing Kai.

Xing Kai was the one who tied the record of last time, and his real plane was True Self Planeone level higher than Ye Futians.

There were huge gaps between different levels in the Saint Plane, not to mention that Xing Kai had already become a figure who rode the whirlwind in Crimson Dragon Realm.

A giant palmprint came in the howling sound of the wind. The palmprint swallowed and spat glaring aura, which contained terrifying Fighting Will. In just one moment, the palmprints fell at an extremely fast speed.

Ye Futian raised his arm and stepped into the void sky. The Huangting Fist Will exploded and continually punched into the air. The Aura of the 11 Fists became one and blasted toward the giant palmprint.

After a booming sound, the giant palmprint and the Aura of Fist were both turned to ashes.

Xing Kai stepped into the air and released his Heaven Punishing Fighting Will.

All of a sudden, wisps of fighting aura swept across the world. The halo of Fighting Will appeared above his body, resonating with the Great Law of the sky and earth. Countless beams of light of the Great Law flew over his body and formed a phantom of the deity of War. It was as if it was purely created by the Fighting Will.

Besides, in the whole space, the area around Ye Futians body was wrapped up by Xing Kais Fighting Will.

So much Fighting Will was directly turned into an enormous palmprint which smashed down from the sky dome. It was as if the explosion was from the deity of war. Ye Futians body was fettered by the light. The halo dripped down and covered the sky, from where the palmprint fell.

Boom! When the Deed of Thorough Comprehension exploded, spells of halberds appeared from the cauldron formed by his flesh and transformed into divine halberds flying upward. Even a giant Halberd of Time and Space was forged from there and appeared in Ye Futians hand.

The aura of the halberd flew. Ye Futian took a step; he seemed to have deployed what he had learned not long before in his fighting.

The Halberd of Time and Space directly thrust out and clashed with the dropping giant palmprint. Endless light of halberd flew in the air and formed into one spot.

Suddenly, a crack appeared on the giant palmprint, which contained horrifying Fighting Will. The light of halberd kept bumping against the spot, and immediately, more crevices showed up in the space.

Boom! A horrifying explosion sound came. The halberd and the dropping giant palmprint were smashed into ashes.

Xing Kai started walking, and step by step, he came closer to Ye Futian.

More palmprints of the Great Law were in formation, covering the sky and hiding the sun. Countless beams of light appeared above the phantom of the War Deity behind him.

The wind and clouds roared between the sky and earth. Even the appalling Fighting Will alone could crush and suffocate many.

Ye Futian stood in front of Xing Kai and felt a gust of very strong suppressing power the suppressing power from the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will.

He looked at Xing Kais eyes. He looked through that pair of cold eyes as if trying to figure out what Xing Kai was thinking.

He saw the chilly killing thought in Xing Kais eyes.

Having felt the killing thought, Ye Futian knitted his brows. Did Xing Kai want to kill him here?

The howling sound came from the distance from time to time. Many warriors who had left from the Peach Banquet seemed to have perceived the disturbance and converged in the area.

They showed interest after they reached the battlefield.

Xing Kai was fighting with Ye Futian!

What happened?

Was it because Xing Kai was pissed off by Ye Futians performance and wanted to teach him a lesson?

Using this way to prove his dignity.

But the thing was, Xing Kai was a Saint of True Self. His plane was higher than Ye Futians, so even though he defeated Ye Futian, it couldnt prove anything, and on the other hand, people would think he was jealous of Ye Futian.

At this moment, the palmprint which enveloped the sky and hid the sun dropped down and covered that space.

Xing Kai showed no mercy at all.

At this moment, Ye Futian was almost buried inside the palmprint of the Great Law that covered the sky and sun.

Ye Futian released the Deed of Thorough Comprehension to the extreme. A long halberd showed up in his hand amid the glaring aura. When the palmprint dropped down, he immediately launched strikes and destroyed it. But the halberd was smashed into ashes by the fighting palmprint after the clash.

However, the dropping palmprints had no end.

Obviously, the fight was much harder than the one he had with Xing Kai in the Peach Banquet. During the Peach Banquet, Xing Kai restrained his own Will, but at this moment, Xing Kai was just pitiless.

Bam, bam, bam! Ye Futians body shifted location and flickered in the air. He continued thrusting his halberd out and smashing the palmprints while at the same time taking shunning steps.

Xing Kai let out a chilly humph. He stepped onto the sky dome. The illusions around him were extremely dazzling. He pushed down his palm, and the formed deity of War also followed his action and dropped a palmprint.

Suddenly, the endless palmprints above Ye Futians head became one and turned into a real print of the War Deity. The sky and earth were roaring as if everything would be smashed into pieces.

Ye Futians body was below the palmprint. The countless halberds pierced into the air and blew on the boundless giant palmprint, but the unparalleled fighting aura just crushed them.

Ye Futian raised his head and felt the might. The holy Halberd of Time and Space appeared in his palm. It kept swallowing and spitting the aura of the Great Law. The fighting halberd formed by Will was formed to smash everything into fragments.

Hiss Ye Futian rose up. His body transformed into a phantom. The Halberd of Time and Space thrust out. The sky and earth kept buzzing as if all would turn to ashes.

The halberd was thrust into the palmprint of the length of the sky, but it didnt break it. The palmprint was like the real celestial might, exterminating everything in the world. The Fighting Will on the palmprint turned into countless golden lightning, which dropped down and shot toward Ye Futians body.

The space was full of fierce power of destruction, trying to engulf and bury Ye Futians body.

You are seeking death, said Xing Kai. A flash of chilly light ran across Xing Kais eyes. He dared to take his attacks directly! The Heaven Punishing Fighting Will turned into the light of catastrophe. Who could defend from this!?

Seeing the light of destruction in the vast space, many warriors were stunned for a moment, their hearts thumping hard.

They suddenly realized that Xing Kaii had not intended to practice combat skills with Ye Futian at all.

Obviously, he was trying to kill Ye Futian.

As they had thought, if Xing Kai just tried to beat Ye Futian, people would think he was bullying him with the plane advantage.

Xing Kai was trying to erase Ye Futian. How ruthless!