The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301 Above The Crimson River

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The Ninth Servant did not reply to Ye Futians words, but it was clear that he was concerned about Ye Futians plane. If Ye Futian had indeed become a Saint of True Self, Xing Kai would be in a lot of trouble. He definitely would not allow Xing Kai to fight. A damaged Mindfulness of the Path could be repaired, but if he were to die in a fight, everything would be over.

Furthermore, the spot that Ye Futian had picked for the fight was indeed brutal. Above the Crimson River, outside of the Regional Palace.

He had no intention of showing mercy in any manner. Even someone as powerful as the Ninth Servant would not be able to interfere in a battle fought right outside the Regional Palace. If Xing Kai accepted the challenge, there would be no turning back.

As such, the Ninth Servant had to go and check.

The huge face gradually disappeared, along with that powerful aura emanating from the sky above. Shen Tianzhan, Wu Yong, and the others rescinded their auras as well, walking down to Ye Futians side. Shen Tianzhan then said, Hes gone.

The Ninth Servant had indeed only shown up to take a look. However, now that the Ninth Servant had come to take a look, there was simply no way Xing Kai could walk away from the battle. There was simply no reason for him to do so.

If Xing Kai were to refuse, then he would lose all face and no longer be able to stand in the Crimson Dragon Realm. He would be unable to even return to the Regional Palace.

All of that would have profound effects on Xing Kai. It would probably result in the total disintegration of his Mindfulness of the Path, making further advancement impossible. If he were unable to resolve that trauma, he would never be able to become an Unblemished Saint in this lifetime.

A huge commotion broke out in Qianye City right after the Ninth Servant left. The conflict between Ancient Imperial City and Qianye City had been catching the attention of everyone recently. Many thought that things had been resolved by Ye Futian agreeing to join the ranks of the Regional Palace.

However, they quickly found that Ye Futian had issued a challenge to fight to the death instead. The fight would take place seven days later, above the Crimson River, outside of the Regional Palace. Only the winner would be able to make it into the Regional Palace.

Ye Futian did not want to coexist with Xing Kai. There would only be one of them left standing. That was confidence like no other, for he had challenged Xing Kai, who was a Saint of True Self, as a Saint at Proving Holiness level. Everyone wondered where Ye Futians confidence had come from.

While he and Ye Sheng had teamed up and managed to pin down Xing Kai in their last battle, fighting him one-on-one would be something else altogether. Furthermore, it was a fight to the death, and Xing Kai would definitely go all out.

Ye Futian had not even bothered giving himself a way out. Everyone deemed that the young City Lord of Qianye City was indeed brutal. He was not only brutal towards his opponent, but he was also brutal to himself.

Many wondered what the consequences of losing the battle would be. The Ninth Servant returned and everything else happened as expected. Xing Kai accepted the challenge. He would show up seven days later above the Crimson River with the sole purpose of cutting down Ye Futian.

Such massively shocking news traveled throughout the cities like wildfire. Countless listeners shuddered at the news. This showdown would truly be considered a clash of titans.

Xing Kai had only lost shortly after hed gained renown, and hed lost at the hands of both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. City Lord Ye Futian of Qianye City had quickly risen in fame after hed became known to the world. His actions had truly shocked the Crimson Dragon Realm.

At present, there was not a single person who didnt know Ye Futians name. Two such figures were about to have a showdown above the Crimson River, and one could only imagine just how shocking things would become. Many had only heard about the battle that had taken place in Crimson Dragon City, so they deemed the next one as something not to be missed.

Time passed and Ye Futian remained training in isolation in Qianye City.

Xing Kai of Ancient Imperial City was doing the same. The Ninth Servant oversaw his training personally. A Saint of True Self like Xing Kai would not benefit much from guidance from outside, but he could nonetheless prepare a few more tricks up his sleeves for the fight.

Ye Futian trained in the way of the staff at times, and the way of the halberd at others while still in Qianye City. He kept improving on his techniques to make the attacks even more powerful. He stopped training after quite a while when he noticed someone approaching him. It was Xia Qingyuan.

Are you sure youre going to win? Xia Qingyuan asked. Ye Futians opponent was not some common saint. His opponent was going to be Xing Kai, who was known throughout all of Crimson Dragon Realm. Furthermore, Ye Futian was about to fight someone one Saint Plane above his own.

She knew that Ye Futian must have learned something from that battle back at Crimson Dragon City that had made him bold enough to challenge Xing Kai in such a manner.

Im not, Ye Futian said with a smile.

Xia Qingyuan was baffled. She stared at him, wide-eyed.

Was he telling her that he was not sure that he could win?

I could probably win. Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyuans expression and grinned.


Xia Qingyuan continued to stare at him. It seemed as if none of those were the answers she sought.

If I were to have absolute confidence in my ability to win, there is no way that Xing Kai would have agreed to the challenge. Im afraid the Ninth Servant wouldnt have agreed to it in the first place. Ye Futian continued, seeing how Xia Qingyuan was not going to just let it slide. But, my chance of winning is greater.

A greater chance at winning made you dare to throw a fight-to-the-death challenge at him? A rather cynical voice was heard. Ye Futian turned around and saw two men walking towards himWu Yong and an elder.

He was rather surprised to see that elder, as it was none other than the Star Plucking Saint, who had appeared and helped him several times in the past. That old man had even given Ye Futian the first Flames of the Way hed stolen before disappearing without a trace. Hed then shown up at the last battle at Qianye City to stop Gai Huang.

He then disappeared again after that battle. He came and went as he pleased and no one was able to get a hold of him. The old man seemed to truly live up to his reputation.

Now, hed appeared yet again.

Ive heard that youve been to Ancient Imperial City, senior, Ye Futian said, looking at the Star Plucking Saint.

The old man glared at him and replied, Enough with old stories.

Seems like the rumors were true. But why did you go to Ancient Imperial City, despite knowing that you wouldnt be able to win against the Ninth Servant? Ye Futian asked.

The old man glared at him even more intensely. The young man really had a way of getting on peoples bad side.

Ye Futian then looked rather apologetic after seeing the old mans expression. He bowed to the old man respectfully and said, Youve helped me several times, senior, and Im grateful for that. But Id really like to know, why did you help me?

You know that Ive been to Ancient Imperial City, so youd know the beef between me and them. The Ninth Servant of Ancient Imperial City is known as the number one figure outside of Crimson Dragon City. He is also known to be invincible in terms of offensive capacity. Ive lost to him and Im afraid Im stuck as a loser. I saw your battle with Emperor Lis Realm before, coincidentally. I saw that you have a lot of potential in you, so I gave you the flames. And man, youve even gotten your hands on Emperor Kuas ruins. Im truly honored and relieved, now that I see you fighting Ancient Imperial City.

Is that all? Ye Futian asked with a peculiar expression on his face.

Do you think that I have something to hide then? The old man glared at Ye Futian.

Very well then. Ye Futian took the answer for what it was worth. He was able to see that the old man was immensely cunning. The old man was someone who would have spilled what he wanted to say. There was no way Ye Futian could have fished anything out of him if he refused to talk. As such, he left it as it was.

So, what brings you here, senior? Ye Futian asked.

I heard that you chose the Starry Stele ancient path while you were on the Divine Martial Path back at the Peach Banquet. The ability that Im most proficient in is that of the stars, so Im here to teach you what I know. The lessons will not be as good as those found in the royal palace, but Ill let you decide for yourself if what I teach will be useful to you or not. It may enable you to kill that fellow from Ancient Imperial City without mercy, the old man explained.

Ye Futians jaw dropped. Talk about living as you fancy!

But then again, the old man was known as the Star Plucking Saint, so he would definitely be very proficient in the powers of stars.

In that case, thank you very much, senior, Ye Futian said, cupping his hands. Someone had arrived at his door to help further his training. He would have been an idiot to refuse.

Regardless, it was clear that the old man held no enmity towards him. Keep your eyes, ears, and everything else peeled. The old mans eyes became incredibly deep all of a sudden. He slowly walked towards Ye Futian and, within an instant, Ye Futians eyes seemed to have sunken into them. He did not resist, simply letting his will enter those eyes. There was a world of stars to be found within.

Ye Futian was completely steeped in it before long.

He remained steeped in his training and would not emerge from it for quite a while, even after the old man left.

Seven days passed in the blink of an eye. It was too short a time in Crimson Dragon Realm. His training in isolation was over before long. The day had arrived when Ye Futian and Xing Kai would have their showdown.

The crowd at the shores of the Crimson River was huge. Countless mighty beings arrived, including some great figures of top-notch forces, as well as top-class geniuses from all corners of the world.

All of their attention was turned toward that raging river. The Battle of the Crimson River was held there every year, an event that was guaranteed to draw a huge crowd.

However, the battle that would be held on this day had captured more attention than any Battle of the Crimson River in the past ever had.

The Battle of the Crimson River was originally meant to be a battle between figures at the pinnacles of their powers. The ultimate winner would be accepted into the Regional Palace.

However, that impending battle was between two immensely powerful figures ranked on the Regional King Rankings. Furthermore, it was a fight to the death.

Two geniuses who stood at the pinnacle of Crimson Dragon Realm were about to fight above the Crimson River.

Outsiders aside, even the ones from the Regional Palace came to stand outside the Regional Palace. Their eyes were locked onto that raging river before them.

Pei Min, Yin Tianjiao, Shu Zi, Xie Qingshan, and many top-notch geniuses were also present. On the opposite shore of the Crimson River, Luo Yang, Jiang Taie, and many who had been present at the Peach Banquet were there as well. The entire Crimson Dragon Realm was paying close attention to this showdown.

Who do you think will win this? Xie Qingshan asked rather excitedly.

Ive heard that the Ninth Servant went to check on Ye Futians progress at Qianye City. It seems that Ye Futian has yet to make a breakthrough. While Yu Sheng and Ye Futian beat Xing Kai by teaming up before, but if it will be the two of them fighting one-on-one, Im afraid Xing Kai will have a better chance of winning. Yin Tianjiao said, Of course, that is only in theory. Ye Futian is the one who issued the challenge, and its obvious that hes not doing this because he has a death wish. In that case, we should just let him prove how much he is capable of. The outcome is rather hard to predict now.

Yu Sheng suppressed Xing Kai hard in their last battle. Yu Sheng made the first move and dominated Xing Kai every time, preventing Xing Kai from having time to deal with Ye Futian right until he was defeated by that divine implement. I think that battle simply gave Ye Futian too much confidence. Shu Zi did not agree with Yin Tianjiao. She continued with a cold tone, saying, Therell be no surprises with this battle.

It was apparent that she thought Xing Kai would win.

I think Ye Futian has better chances, Pei Min said plainly, his voice sounding easygoing and nonchalant.

There was hardly any reason behind it. There was no way any analysis of their strengths could make a definite conclusion. He simply stated what he felt.

They were not the only ones speculating. The people of the entire Crimson Dragon Realm were speculating about who would win in this showdown.

Terrifying might of the great path down rained from above. The Crimson River howled and rolled. A figure appeared in the air and then walked forward, heading straight for the Crimson River.

Xing Kai is here.

All eyes were on him. Fighting will coursed all over him and washed all over his immediate vicinity.

The battle had yet to begin, yet his fighting will was barely contained. It pulsed ferociously all over him, engulfing the space right above the Crimson River.