The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302 Furious Battle

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The Crimson River howled and rolled. The hot flames stained the sky above everyone red. Xing Kai stood with his fighting will coiled around his body. His eyes were cold yet determined. His tall, imposing body looked like a stone pillar, only his clothes billowing in the wind.

He was adjusting his aura, getting it into the most perfect state possible. To Xing Kai, this was a battle that he could absolutely not afford to lose. Ye Futian had issued a fight-to-the-death challenge to him despite being only at Proving Holiness level. Xing Kai had reigned supreme among his generation in the Crimson Dragon Realm and had never lost before. He had to win in this battle above the Crimson River today as well.

He was going to cut down Ye Futian, take his revenge, and make his Mindfulness of the Path whole again. The Ninth Servant was there today as well. Many at the shores of the Crimson River made way for him. All eyes were on the Ninth Servant.

This battle would determine the rest of Xing Kais life.

At that moment, there was quite a commotion at the shore and many opened up a path. A group of people was seen moving forward, cutting through the crowd.

The one taking the lead was clad in white and had silver hair. He looked extremely dashing. That man was none other than Ye Futian. Many mighty figures from Qianye City were there as well. Xia Qingyuan and Yu Sheng both stood by his side. If Ye Futian won, the three of them would get to train in the Regional Palace together.

It was finally time.

Many turned their eyes to look at Ye Futian. Xing Kai, who was above the Crimson River, turned to face Ye Futian. The fighting will all over his body seemed to grow even stronger as he adjusted his spiritual state.

Despite being very sure that he would definitely be able to kill Ye Futian, he was not going to lower his guard. He would give it his all and cut down Ye Futian to prove his worth.

Ye Futian took a step forward once he reached the shore, heading straight for the middle of the Crimson River.

Several formidable aurae shrouded the Crimson River high in the air. They were people from the Regional Palace. Ye Futian had requested that the Regional Palace bear witness to this battle.

Yet another formidable aura came down, streaking through the air above the crowd. Many looked up above the Crimson River. They had been rather irked before, but their anger quickly subsided. People from the royal palace were showing up.

Two figures appeared above before everyone else, landing at the edge of the Crimson River. They stood at the very forefront of the crowd, yet no one objected.

Wasnt that Peach Banquet hosted by Chi Shang? He is here to watch the battle! Many looked at the figure at the forefront of the crowd. Indeed, it was none other than Prince Chi Shang. The person by his side was none other than Yu Shifei, his lover. The two of them were ranked on the Regional King Rankings.

This is quite a pity, Chi Shang said, taking a look at the Crimson River. While the stronger of the two fighters had already been identified back at the Divine Martial Road, Ye Futian was nonetheless the one with greater potential. However, Xing Kai was the one who had renewed the record at the last Peach Banquet. It was a pity that he had run into Ye Futian and Yu Sheng at the last one.

Furthermore, he was unable to accept that both of them were more superb than he was.

The two legendary figures were unable to coexist. It had been determined on that day that one of them must fall, which was quite a pity. After all, both men were top geniuses of the Crimson Dragon Realm.

But then again, regardless of what Chi Shang thought of the battle, he was not about to get involved. Feuds in the world of cultivators were not things that could be settled by talking. Since both of them had agreed to fight to the death, all the prince needed to do was simply bear witness to it all.

The crowd quickly turned its eyes away from Chi Shang and Yu Shifei, watching the Crimson River instead. It was apparent that the fight-to-the-death battle between Ye Futian and Xing Kai was more interesting than anyone showing up to watch it, even if one of the people was the prince.

Furthermore, despite the two men standing very far away from each other, their presence and auras were already clashing.

When Ye Futian stepped forward, Xing Kais fighting will rained down across the space, shrouding their vicinity and pressing down on Ye Futian. That fighting will seemed to coalesce into solid attacks, thrashing and striking at Ye Futian furiously.

Ye Futian slowly walked forward, every step shaking the space around him. The Crimson River below howled and rolled.

He attacked with the Deed of Thorough Comprehension without hesitation, melding with the great path, making it so that everything in the world around him fell into his hands, resisting the fighting will bearing down on him.

Dazzling light glittered as Xing Kais fighting will took a solid form. It was transmuted into a seal as its power spread through their surroundings, enveloping the sky above the Crimson River, lashing out straight at Ye Futian. Xing Kai was already attacking Ye Futian from across the great river.

Ye Futian glared at Xing Kai across the vast space. There was no anxiousness in his eyes at all. Chaotic currents whipped around him all of a sudden like devastating lightning bolts.

The world around him turned into a world of destruction. Calamities of the great path raged on all around him. Countless lightning strikes of calamity shrouded the place, lashing out furiously.

A beam of dazzling golden light of calamity collided with the seal, resulting in a furious rumble. The seal crumbled right away as if it had been hit with a devastating attack.

Raging light of calamity tore through everything around Ye Futian without care, enveloping the space around him and hitting every single seal that it met. The Crimson River roared as the sky above the river looked like it must be doomsday. Many seals were destroyed by that glittering lightning of calamity.

He is that powerful with attacks? Countless eyes were locked onto the figure basking in the devastating light of calamity. Ye Futians plane was lower than Xing Kais after all, yet he was able to destroy Xing Kais will of the great path using only borrowed might of the great path alone.

It was as if he was not at a disadvantage at all.

Xing Kai looked unfazed as he watched everything in silence. He then saw Ye Futian approaching him. He responded by cranking up the fighting will on him accordingly.

The Heaven Punishing Fighting Will burst from his body furiously as his Life Spirit was unleashed, making him look as if he was an awakened god of war. Brilliantly shining rings appeared above his body. That fighting will affected the will of the great path all around him. The roar of the Crimson River grew increasingly frightening, making it sound as if the clouds above them were roaring in anger as well.

Xing Kais body grew extremely tall, as if he was a god of war waking up, and cranked the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will to its maximum, exuding pressure all over the sky around him.

He had been repeatedly hammered by Yu Sheng in the last battle in Crimson Dragon City, which had greatly affected his combat capacity, making it so that he had no time to burst with complete power.

In the battle he was fighting at present, he was determined to let Ye Futian see another Xing Kai, one who lived up to the identity of being a descendant of Emperor Zhan.

Boundless Heaven Punishing Fighting Will coalesced as he extended his hand, conjuring a huge spear which pulsed with holy light. What was even more terrifying was that beams of devastating light of the great path tore through the space around them, which seemed to be a manifestation of the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will, raining down from the heavens, tearing through their surroundings as they lashed out at Ye Futian.

Many looked up at the scene above, finding it utterly terrifying.

Even though Xing Kai had lost recently, that was not to say that his fame had been for nothing. Xing Kai was truly powerful and had repeatedly proven so in many battles. His powers were definitely top class and few throughout Crimson Dragon Realm were able to match him blow for blow. The pressure which emanated from him at that moment seemed to be a testament to his strength.

That utterly overbearing stance and action seemed to make people forget about his current plane level, as he seemed like a living god of war. Ye Futian looked up. The beams of dazzling golden light rained down like spears, heading straight for him.

He took one furious step forward and the entire area shook. A space-freezing power was unleashed as the light emitted from the Deed of Thorough Comprehension shrouded his surroundings. The scene transformed into a world of stars shortly after. Stars circled about, protecting him within.

The raining spears clashed with the huge stars, resulting in earth-shattering rumbles. Terrifying explosions were heard all over the Crimson River.


Xing Kai moved in the air as Heaven Punishing Fighting Will burst to the extreme wherever the spears pointed. The entire sky around them seemed shrouded by the might. Countless spears rained down at once, tearing through space as they headed for Ye Futian.

Xing Kai had been unleashing his Heaven Punishing Fighting Will in a frenzy since the battle commenced. He had not shown the slightest hint of wanting to take his time to spar with Ye Futian. He was trying to pin Ye Futian down in the showdown without the slightest hint of reservation.

Ye Futian naturally sensed Xing Kais intentions. The attacks had been overwhelming from the start. Xing Kais killing intention towards him was unmistakably strong.

Powerful spiritual will was unleashed and melded with the vast surroundings around them.

The great path expanded and multiplied, giving birth to all in the universe. Wherever the will of the great path reached, everything was turned into a personal expression of their powers.

A dazzling starry world glittered above the Crimson River. More stars were conjured and appeared in their surroundings, emitting an extremely brilliant light. Those stars circled Ye Futians body, which seemed to meld with the stars, making him the absolute center of that starry world.

The stars around him coursed with mystical trajectories. Their surroundings rumbled as the spinning stars clashed with the huge spears raining down from above, bursting with a devastating force that shook the heavens.

The Ninth Servant, who was standing at the shore, frowned, finding all of this similar to the most proficient arts of the Star Plucking Saint. According to Gai Huang, that old man had fought him once at Qianye City, holding him back. It seemed that the Star Plucking Saint was indeed on Qianye Citys side.

However, it was not so easy to block the spears of a god of war.

Xing Kai turned into a golden bolt of lightning at that moment, tearing through space as countless spears burst, blasting the stars of the great path surrounding Ye Futian. Violent rumbles continued to be heard as the stars crumbled and the spears shattered.

Golden, divine spears appeared and blasted at the orbiting stars. Light conjured from the boundless Heaven Punishing Fighting Will lashed out in an instant, causing the trajectories of the stars to crumble and turn chaotic, as they were being destroyed in a frenzy.

The devastating lighting pulsing on the spears continued to move forward, hitting the screens of light and intending to kill Ye Futian.

However, Ye Futian stepped forward at that moment. He twirled about as he moved, conjuring a halberd his hand. He then lashed out with the halberd. The stars circling him turned into beams of light which blasted Xing Kais body, intending to bury him in the stars.

Xing Kai then stepped forward and continued lashing out with his spears. His force was unyielding and one star after another was shattered as he continued to destroy anything that stood in his way.

At that moment, the light of the stars all around Ye Futian gathered into a single point. The halberd thrust, clashing with a spear heading straight for him. Boundless lights from the stars gushed and melded with the halberd as if that one strike carried the power of all the stars around.

At the very moment, the halberd and the spear clashed. Everything around the weapons crumbled into nothingness. The Crimson River below howled and rolled in a frenzy. Scorching fires of lava in the river splashed, drowning the space around them.