The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306 The Killing Sword

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The city lords office in Qianye City seemed unusually quiet.

Some passed by and thought that since it was the day where City Lord Ye Futian was having a showdown with Xing Kai at Crimson River, everyone would have gone to Crimson Dragon City to watch the fight.

That fight was of utmost importance.

It was simply unknown if Ye Futian would be able to win. Many thought it would be difficult.

Some were seen looking up in the sky, thinking that the fighting should have been over given the hour.


Some seemed to have sensed a peculiar aura at that moment. A peculiar gale blew all of a sudden, causing all of them to feel a chill. They seemed to have sensed pressure from the gale.

That pressure gradually became stronger.


Some grunted all of a sudden, finding the pressure unbearable. They kneeled on the ground right there and then. Their faces became ashen.

They all sported frightened expressions as they looked up in the sky. Winds howled above, and there seemed to be extremely potent pressure of the great path descending from above, crushing down everything below.

The area was all subjected to that pressure of the great path, with the city lords office serving as the center.


What is happening?

Everyone was shocked deep down. Someone was assaulting the city lords office, and that someone was extremely powerful.

That pressure seemed like an authority from the heavens. A Holiness of Nirvana?

A figure was seen appearing high in the sky. The robe he wore billowed wildly in the wind. Those deep eyes of his harbored cold killing intent.

The Ninth Servant of Ancient Imperial City. Many shuddered furiously deep down. It had not been long since the last time the Ninth Servant came to Qianye City. That was the second time he came.

He came personally to Qianye City again.

What is the meaning of this? they wondered.

It was possible that City Lord Ye Futian of Qianye City won in the fight against Xing Kai at that battle of Crimson River. Furthermore, the city lord might have killed Xing Kai.

The Ninth Servant, therefore, was there for revenge.

If Xing Kai had beaten Ye Futian, there was no need for the likes of the Ninth Servant to make such moves personally.

His powerful spiritual will swept all over the place. The Ninth Servant eyed the ground below with cold eyes, finding the number of people in the city lords office surprisingly scarce.

The few who were left within the city lords office all had very powerful auras.

It was a testament to how prepared Ye Futian had been, knowing that he would beat Xing Kai and that the Ninth Servant would have come to Qianye City.

It was no wonder why those who went to the Crimson River with Ye Futian had all been people who were of comparatively low plane levels.

But then again, you think I couldnt do anything, just because you left the Holiness of Nirvanas at Qianye City, waiting for me to show? the Ninth Servant thought.

He was wondering if Ye Futian had intended to take him on as well.

He had to admit that the young man who killed Xing Kai in that battle at the Crimson River had been brutal and unyielding. Ye Futian did not give himself a way out; he planned for what would have happened after he won against Xing Kai instead, guarding against the Ninth Servants attempt at revenge.

Do you think this means anything? the Ninth Servant thought.

Who under the Renhuang can fight me?

There might have been several old men in Crimson Dragon City who were capable of doing so, but he deemed no one outside of Crimson Dragon City was able to stop him.

Your Majesty, your servant has failed you, for I have not been able to protect the young master. The Ninth Servant sighed deep down. He lifted his arm and then pressed downward.

Extremely raging currents shot downwards within an instant, blasting at the city lords office.

Waves of terrifying currents pressed down on everything below. A huge palm attack tore through space, and everyone afar saw the city lords office being destroyed in a frenzy, exploding, and crumbling within an instant. The place was razed with just a single attack.

The city lords office of Qianye City had seen several destructions and rebuilding. The place was destroyed yet another time that day.

The crowd outside of the city lords office retreated in a frenzy, getting away from the place. People on a plane like the Ninth Servant were able to do a lot of damage if they were to fight in earnest. He could have become a living terror if he were to expand the area of attack as he pleased.

But then again, no one would have done so in actual combat situations, as they would have hit their opponents with precision.

Nonetheless, it was still very terrifying to get caught in the aftershock.

Nobody of a lower plane would have been able to withstand such attacks at all.

Dust rose amidst the rubble, from which several figures emerged. Every single one of them burst with an overwhelming aura.

There were the likes of Wu Yong and the other three tribe leaders from the nine tribes.

All of them were Holiness of Nirvanas. Shen Tianzhan was present as well.

All of them waited for the Ninth Servant to show up.

Despite being of Holiness of Nirvana level, they were different from the Ninth Servant. The Holiness of Nirvana ranked on the Regional King Rankings was known as the number one City Lord outside of Crimson Dragon City, and was lauded to be invincible below Renhuang Plane. Even if there several Holiness of Nirvanas joined forces to take him on, it was not certain that they would have been able to defeat him.

It was just like how the likes of Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Xing Kai could take on any top-notch figures of their plane. The outcome of such a battle could have been determined through sheer numbers alone.

As such, the Ninth Servant knew about those people around at the very moment he showed up, and he did not care at all.

There was still a weak-looking figure standing at the razed city lords office, who had jet black hair billowing. Formless storms of the sword washed out around her. An area of flat ground was seen with her at the center.

At that moment, extremely dazzling light of the sword lit up all of a sudden from that flatland. It seemed that there was a large matrix being activated at that moment.

The frail-looking woman who stood on that sword matrix was none other than Yaya. However, her aura was extremely sharp. She willed, and within an instant, the vast space around her turned into a world of swords.

The light of the sword drowned the place. She glittered and seemed to have turned into a transparent blade. Terrifying beams of the matrix shot to the clouds. At that moment, countless within Qianye City looked in that direction, seeing that beam of light of the sword shooting to the heavens.

Many swordsmen far away felt as if their will was no longer under their control. Sword wills gushed in that direction. Some of them wore swords on their backs, which rang intensely at that moment. Some of the swords shot to the air right away.

The Ninth Servants body became extremely brilliant under the light of the sword. Alert was seen in his eyes as he sensed the might of the swords.

He was surprised to find that the ones below had prepped such a powerful sword matrix just for taking him on.

The light of the swords all over the place shot through the space and shone onto the Ninth Servant as if locking onto him. When the beams of the swords were shone onto him, he sensed extremely powerful sword will attacks. However, he simply stood there without doing anything.

The matrix was so strong that it could have almost killed Holiness of Nirvanas at the pinnacle of their training. Even he came to sense threats coming from below.

But then again, it was utterly ridiculous to think that a matrix would have been enough to repel him.

At that moment, yet another figure dropped to the center of the matrix. That man had a superb bearing and glittered with holy light, and that light melded with the matrix.

The matrix lit up more brilliantly within an instant. It circled about, and dazzling symbols appeared, causing the sword matrix to pulse with even stronger aura. It seemed as if the matrix was absorbing the will of great path around them in a frenzy.

The Ninth Servant looked at that figure. The light of the sword matrix continued to climb in intensity. Its boundless light shot up, and that huge sword matrix continued to operate.

He found the ability to resemble Ye Futians somewhat.

It was able to merge with the great path, resonating with it.

It seems like someone from Emperor Lis Realm then, he thought.

That other figure who appeared was none other than Yan Yuan. He helped Yaya lay out the Sword Matrix of the Void, enabling the matrix to enhance Yayas power when she was at her peak. Yan Yuan himself was a Holiness of Nirvana, after all.

The one they were about to take on was the Ninth Servant, and they needed to be able to take him down with a single shot, bringing the greatest attack to bear onto him, giving him no chance to recover.

The Ninth Servant felt the threat continue to escalate. He then frowned.

It seemed that he had underestimated his opponents.

Qianye City had been well-prepared, waiting for him to show.

He wondered if Ye Futians question directed at him back in the fight was meant to incite him.

Voom. The Ninth Servant intended to leave the air space above the city lords office. The might of the sword matrix would be cranked to its strongest at such close ranges, and it apparently would have worked against him.

However, stars appeared all over the sky around him at that moment. Someone else appeared above, looking as if he had merged with the stars.

The man was none other than the Star Plucking Saint.

The Ninth Servant had naturally detected his presence before, but the Ninth Servant did not bother, getting ready to wipe him out along with the others. It was due to the Star Plucking Saints luck that he had been able to escape last time.

Yet, it was apparent that the Star Plucking Saint had been laying down a trap for the Ninth Servant before the latter even showed up.

Wu Yong and the other three Holiness of Nirvanas took four corners as well, bursting with overwhelming auras.

Boom! Stifling rumble was heard, and the Star Plucking Saint attacked the figure below him. The huge star-plucking hand of his blasted below, which seemed to have brought the stars down with him as well.

The Ninth Servant lifted his arm and threw a punch at the incoming palm attack. The punch landed, and the palm attack rang furiously. Cracks appeared all over it. The stars all around them rumbled heavily as well. It was as if some formless power across the space had rattled them. Cracks began to form in them as well.

The Ninth Servant shot upwards as he attacked.

However, an extremely dazzling beam of light was seen bursting out. Yaya stepped into the matrix right away, turning herself into a sword.

The huge sword matrix spun, and countless sword wills melded with that one sword. The sword was still not yet bursting, but it had already fired a beam of the sword capable of tearing the heavens, right at the clouds.

It then took flight afterward.

An extremely formidable beam of light of the sword appeared between the city lords offices rubble and the heavens. It was as if the beam had penetrated the sky.

The power of the entire matrix was all invested into a single sword, leaving no means of backup behind.

The strongest attack was used right from the start. There was absolutely no way they could have afforded to fight a prolonged battle against some enemy like the Ninth Servant.

No one could have afforded to do so.

The Ninth Servant knew what was coming when the light of the sword burst. His expression turned grim. He slapped his hand downwards. Light of the great path burst, and a holy stone wall appeared, intending to stop that incoming sword attack.


The light of the sword tore through space and shredded the stone wall. Despite the might of the sword being weakened, it was nonetheless able to tear down the mighty wall.

The Ninth Servant used the resulting recoil from the attack to go heights. His body was surrounded by countless palm prints of the great path. Those palm prints then shot at the sword coming at him, yet they were all penetrated and destroyed within an instant.

He threw his arm down, and a stifled rumble was heard in the air. It was as if something was about to be shattered with a single punch.

The might of the sword paused for a single moment but continued its way forward at the very next moment, tearing through the sky.


Intense light burst in the sky as the light of the sword engulfed the space around it.

Everyone around had their eyes fixed at that scene. That single absolute sword attack burst from the grand matrix was a Sword Matrix of the Void, specifically and purposefully laid down to take on the Ninth Servant for a long time. They wondered if that would be enough to kill the Ninth Servant where he stood.