The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308 A Load On Ones Mind

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Outside of the Regional Palace at the Crimson River, situated in the Crimson Dragon City, Ye Futian, Xia Qingyuan and the others were waiting for news instead of being in a hurry to get into the Regional Palace.

While they had indeed set up an elaborate trap to take on the Ninth Servant in Qianye City, success remained uncertain. He was unable to be at ease until news reached him.

He knew that the City Lord from Ancient Imperial City would not be someone easy to take on.

However, the tension between both sides had escalated so much that they had to do something.

If they were to sit on their hands, the Ninth Servant would be the one getting to scheme against them instead.

Someone eventually appeared in Ye Futians line of sight. It was Wu Yong.

Seeing Wu Yongs expression, the burden on Ye Futians shoulders was lifted. At the very least, things seemed to have gone well.

Wu Yong came to Ye Futians side and reported what happened in Qianye City in detail before bringing those from Qianye City back to their base. Ye Futian gave some orders before they departed. He, Yu Sheng, and Xia Qingyuan turned around and went inside the Regional Palace after Wu Yong and the others were gone.

News of the battle in Qianye City spread like wildfire throughout Crimson Dragon Realm. Ye Futian had killed Xing Kai at the Crimson River, and the Holiness of Nirvanas at Qianye City managed to rip off one of the Ninth Servants arms, dealing severe damage to him and forcing him to retreat.

Qianye City had been able to hold its own in the fighting between the two cities.

Countless were impressed. The title of number one outside of Crimson Dragon City might very possibly switch hands.

Ancient Imperial City became silent after that battle. It was rumored that the Ninth Servant suffered pervasive injuries and was busy recuperating in Ancient Imperial City.

Regardless, that one battle had already proven that Qianye City was indeed powerful. If the Ninth Servant were to take on Qianye City again, he had to consider Qianye Citys retaliation and if they would attack Ancient Imperial City.

That was unless he became able to wipe out the Holiness of Nirvanas in Qianye City in one shot.

Qianye City sent people to keep a close eye on Ancient Imperial Citys movementsor more specifically, the Ninth Servants movements at all times. At the same time, the tribe leaders from the nine tribes stayed behind in the city lords office to train instead of leaving just in case the Ninth Servant decided to come back for them.

Furthermore, all of them were fully willing to stay behind. Ye Futian ordered Wu Yong to pass Emperor Kuas lineage to them, after all.

After Yaya recovered from her injuries, she and Yan Yuan laid down two other Sword Matrixes of the Void in Qianye City to defend against incoming threats.

However, the Ninth Servant never went to Qianye City again after the last attack. It seemed as if everything returned to normal after that.

Xing Kaia legendary figure who had once been renowned throughout the realmgradually faded from the memories of the people of the realm. He was only brought up once in a while when that battle at the Crimson River was mentioned.

At present, the one name that was always brought up by everyone was that of Ye FutianCity Lord of Qianye City.

However, Ye Futian seemed to have been hardly seen after he went into the Regional Palace to train. It had been quite a while since he was seen in public.

The Crimson River continued to flow as it always had, just like the normal passage of time.

Two years passed by quickly.

A great number of legendary figures emerged within the span of those two years. The Battle of the Sleeping Dragon held once a month continued to be a huge attraction. Two more battles were held at the Crimson River, and two other very formidable geniuses made it into the Regional Palaces ranks.

However, none had been able to achieve what Ye Futian had accomplished two years ago, when he emerged like a brilliant star from the sky.

Year 10027 of Divine Prefecture Calendar.

Two figures were seen standing on the top of a flaming hill on an ancient mountain that was scorched red hot in the Regional Palace. Both of them burst with extremely formidable auras.

One of them held a halberd while the one held a sword.

People were everywhere under the flaming peaks. Their eyes were fixed on those two men.

A terrifying flash of the sword seemed to be about to flood the entire place, and the swordsman finally made his move.

3,000 swords burst as soon as he attacked. Countless flashes of the sword streaked in the skies, blinding the eyes of the spectators.

The other man made his move as well, attacking with the halberd in his hand.

A doomsday-like scene emerged on the flaming peaks. The hills around them either burst and crumbled or were razed altogether. The flashes of the sword climbed in intensity, and it was the same with the halberd, where every single attack felt like a rainbow arching through the sky, tearing through space and destroying the great path.

Streaks of dazzling bolts of lightning zipped in the sky. Both men separated after a very loud rumble was heard, returning to their spots before they fought.

Pei Min lowered his head, looking at the sword in his hand, of which only the hilt was left, and then flashed a bitter smile at the silver-haired young man.

When Ye Futian was still at Proving Holiness level, Pei Mins sword had still been able to overpower him without needing to use the strongest attacks.

As Ye Futian became a Saint of True Self, he became able to destroy Pei Mins sword by clashing head only, armed only with his art of the halberd.

You want another round? Ye Futian asked.

Please dont look for me anymore from here on out. Pei Min then flashed, disappearing from everyones sight after drawing an arc with his sword.

Ye Futians expression was peculiar as he watched Pei Min leave. He recalled that it was Pei Min who asked to spar with him when he first got into the Regional Palace.

He turned around and looked at the spectators standing all over the place, watching the battle. He then asked, Would any one of you like to have a go?

Lets get out of here. The crowd dispersed shortly.

Even Pei Min gave up, and youre asking us to have a go with you? they thought, incredulous.

You enjoy torturing us or something?

Damn, we can no longer play around like we use to ever since that b*stard became a Saint of True Self, they thought.

Everyone in the crowd was determined to behave as if they heard nothing if he were to ever ask to spar with any of them.

Ye Futian felt rather exasperated after he saw the crowd turning away from him. Being invincible was indeed lonely.

He fought almost everyone in the first two planes of sainthood in the Regional Palace for the past two years. Ironically, it had been them who came to him when he first came to the Regional Palace.

He had defeated Xing Kai in that battle above the Crimson River, after all.

However, another figure was heading towards Ye Futian.

That someone came before Ye Futian, looking very elegant and exuding a cold grace. It was none other than the daughter of Emperor Wu, Yin Tianjiao.

You want to spar? Ye Futian asked.

Sure. Yin Tianjiao nodded slightly and asked, Well, not quite a sparring session. Im no match for you, after all. Take it as me asking for your advice. Ive run into some problems with my training.

They had gotten rather familiar with each other after Ye Futian joined the Regional Palaces ranks.

Furthermore, Ye Futian was different from how Xing Kai had been.

Xing Kai was arrogant and aloof. He acted as if he was head and shoulders above the others, appearing unapproachable. Ye Futian, however, looked carefree and laidback most of the time. He even joked around with others. He was so amicable that even someone as prideful as Pei Min was able to get along with him just fine. Even though the two men hardly talked and spent most of their time around each other sparring, Yin Tianjiao knew that Pei Min was very approving and even impressed by Ye Futian.

But then again, she knew very what Ye Futian had done in the past, and she had an obvious idea of how brutal and decisive he acted against his enemies.

There was no need to mention that his talent was unusually exceptional as well. His comprehension and development in cultivation far eclipsed those of hers.

Very well. Ye Futian nodded, seeing no reason to refuse.

If you have problems with training, why not seek help from elders or cave masters instead? He hasnt been a Saint of True Self for long, and there will be little he could help you with. A voice was heard saying. Xia Qingyuan hovered to where they were, looking at both Ye Futian and Yin Tianjiao.

Two heads are always better than one. Furthermore, Ye Futians talent eclipses mine. It could be easier to discover some latent problems among peers instead, Yin Tianjiao replied plainly, looking at Xia Qingyuan, who had come to their side.

You speak the truth, indeed. Xia Qingyuan nodded and continued, But then again, you probably wouldnt be his match in sparring, and it would do you little good in furthering your training. How about we spar instead? We might find what we each lack from, after all.

A hint of bafflement was seen in Yin Tianjiaos eyes. She looked at Xia Qingyuans eyes. She only found calmness in her eyes. Xia Qingyuan also sounded laidback. It was as if she was only giving a common suggestion.

Alright, then. Yin Tianjiao nodded and flashed, heading towards the battlefield at the side.

Xia Qingyuan headed out as well, heading towards Yin Tianjiao.

A grand battle that was pleasing to the eye erupted soon, rattling the heavens and the earth within an instant. The attacks from both women were extremely raging. Both traded blows without bothering about defense.

Wait, what? Ye Futian thought.

Ye Futian, who was at the side, observed the raging battle between the two women.

You girls have to go that far?

Man, I better not mess with you two, he thought.

Ye Futian turned around and left where he stood. He stopped in front of someone else and said, Yu Sheng, lets go.

Yu Sheng stepped out and left with Ye Futian.

Both of them came to a high ground, and Ye Futian sat on the ground.

The year was already year 10027 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar. He had been training in peace in the Regional Palace for the past two years and had succeeded in making into the next plane, becoming a Saint of True Self.

A lot of his powers had grown considerably.

But Ye Futian understood that if he were to be ranked among all in Crimson Dragon Region, his powers were hardly considered formidable.

But then again, he was unable to sit around and continue training anymore.

There were still two matters that hung in his mind.

He wanted to attempt to settle one of them at the moment.

Someone else came to their side before long. It was Xia Qingyuan.

You girls are done? Ye Futian asked.

You girls didnt take your time, indeed, he remarked to himself.

Xia Qingyuan then shot a cold glance at Ye Futian and asked, You have something to talk to me about?

Indeed. Ye Futian nodded and continued, Princess, Id like to return to Emperor Xias Realm for a bit, and there is something Id like your help with.

Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian. If it were not something important, he would not have come to her more so when he needed her help.

She felt rather irked at that thought, and her eyes remained cold.

She wanted to ignore him, but she was able to guess what he was up to and knew how important it was for him.

Alright, Xia Qingyuan agreed to it right away.

Arent you going to ask what its about, Princess? Ye Futian asked.

You addressed me as princess. Would I need to ask any further? Xia Qingyuans eyes remained cold. Ye Futian smiled embarrassingly. He knew Xia Qingyuan was able to guess what he was up to.

He only addressed her as princess when he needed her help, and it was indeed quite shameless of him.

He was unable to help but feel somewhat ashamed.

However, this was something he needed to see to, and he did not want to wait.

She looked at Ye Futian, flashing a bitter smile, and then asked, Are you sure youre going to do this right now?

It would be rather risky, after all.

Indeed. Ye Futian nodded. Waiting would be painful for him, and it would be more so for his brothers and sisters back home.

In that case, lets head out immediately. Ill ask for my fathers help. Xia Qingyuan did not say anything else.