The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311 Reminder

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Because Xia Qingyuan and Ye Futian had grown so close, and because Emperor Xia valued Ye Futian so much, everyone present knew one thing for certain. Ye Futian was being groomed for rule.

But then again, that was little more than a stray thought. Judging from talents displayed by Ye Futian so far, he would have no problem going to Renhuang Plane.

If he were to one day rule Emperor Xias Realm, he might bring the realm to greater heights.

The mood of the banquet was great. Everyone was having the time of their life. It was some time after the banquet began that the emperor addressed the crowd. Other than to welcome Qingyuan and Ye Futian home, Ive invited all of you here for another matter. This is a matter for Ye Futian to tell you about, so I will excuse myself. Please go on without me.

The emperor got up and left. Everyone cupped their hands to send him off.

Their eyes turned back to Ye Futian after the emperor left.

Other than some important figures of the royal palace, every single person who remained at the banquet was a core member of their respective elite force.

Ye Futian looked at all of them and said, Over the past several years, Ive come to each of you for your assistance on many occasions. I shouldnt impose on you seniors any further, but there is something that I cant ignore. As such, Im afraid I must request your help again, seniors.

Everyone had a good sense of what he was leading up to. The Swordmaster of Lihen looked at him and asked, What do you want us to do?

The Dali Dynasty had lost an important figure in the Imperial Advisor, while Ye Futian had brought back many Nirvanas of Holiness. Judging from the powers of both sides, Emperor Xias Realm now had the absolute edge.

Ye Futian looked at the Swordmaster of Lihen. Id like to request that all of you attack Dali Dynasty at the same time.

The target? the Swordmaster of Lihen asked.

Id like all of you to enter Emperor Lis Realm from different directions, then converge in the imperial city. I want Emperor Li to promise me one thing, and Im sure many of you can guess what that is, Ye Futian continued.

The Swordmaster of Lihen did not ask any further. Charging inside Dali Dynasty, marching into the imperial city, and then threatening the emperor? The plan was ambitious, but he had to admit that the chance of success was extremely high. If they agreed to help Ye Futian out, the differences in power would become apparent.

What would Emperor Li do if he saw enemy troops right outside his palace? He would have to make compromises, whether he wanted to or not. And Ye Futian would achieve his goal to force Emperor Li into releasing the Imperial Advisor of Dali.

So were threatening the emperor himself then? This plan is indeed bold, thought the Swordmaster of Lihen. Then he nodded and answered with two simple yet powerful words: Very well.

He was at the battle in Crimson Dragon Realm. He was very impressed with the Imperial Advisors bearing, so much that he doubted he could have done the same in that position.

Such a cultivatoreven one on the opposite sidewas worthy of respect all the same.

Furthermore, this operation posed little risk to him. So long as they refrained from unnecessary killing, things would be relatively safe.

Thank you, swordmaster. Ye Futian rose. He sipped his drink, then said, If you require anything of me in the future, Ye Futian swears to see it done.

None had helped him more than the Swordmaster of Lihen.

If the swordmaster accepts the proposal without hesitation, I see no reason not to do the same.

The Jiutian Temple Lord smiled. I still remember that time when you and those from Lihen Heaven fought at Jiutian Temple. I surely did not expect to see you sitting side by side today.

Its all in the past. Please let it rest, senior, Ye Futian said with a smile. His state of mind was very different compared to back then.

The Swordmaster of Lihen had returned Ye Futians enmity with kindness, lending his sword to one of Ye Futians people after reaching the 33rd level of heaven. That incident had had quite an effect on his training from then on out.

Count me in. Hasnt Dali Dynasty always wanted to attack us anyway? Now we can oblige them this. Too bad we cant kill them, though. The Palace Lord of Xuanyuan Palace laughed, showcasing his frank and straightforward temperament.

The purpose of the operation was to rescue the Imperial Advisor, so naturally they would have to restrain themselves and not cross the line.

Ye Futian was rather touched, finding so many elite figures who agreed to help him, especially when hed just spring this on them. He raised his cup with both hands to his lips and drank again. Then he bowed to them. If any senior present should ever need anything of me, I promise to see it done.

With these elite figures by his side and the powers of Emperor Xia, the operation had now gathered most of the pinnacle forces found in the realm.

Couple all that with those he had brought from the Crimson Dragon Realm, and it was now possible to overrun the Dali Dynasty. It was just as the Swordmaster of Lihen put itthe battle would have been quite an easy one.

I rather look forward to such a grand battle. Now that everything is in order, lets set up a plan and get prepared, said the Jiutian Temple Lord. Everyone nodded in agreement.

The banquet ended shortly after, and all the guests went home to begin preparations. When they were alone, Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian. She naturally knew that they hadnt agreed so quickly just because of her father. It was also because of Ye Futian himself. He was an inspirational figure and everyone saw the potential he had.

Emperor Xias Realm became busy after the banquet was over. Forces gathered and mighty ones went in and out of the royal palace, delivering news.

Those at the upper echelons of Emperor Xias Realm knew that a grand battle taking place between the two realms was imminent.

Xia Rong had gotten busy as well. He prepared to return to the army and he met up with his father one more time before he departed.

Xia Rong felt rather complicated. He had been asking his father to wage a realm war and his father had always ignored him.

However, it took only a single word from Ye Futian after he returned for Emperor Xia to agree to it, starting the storm that would engulfed two realms.

Just who was the prince of Emperor Xias Realm supposed to be?

But then again, he did not bother to think much about any of that. He simply said to his father, Father, we now have the absolute advantage in this war. Why did you agree to Ye Futians proposal of simply suppressing them? Why not go further and completely wipe out Emperor Lis Realm?

Ye Futian was only doing so to save the Imperial Advisor, but what the prince wanted was something else altogether.

This battle is being fought because of Ye Futian. If not for those powers he brought from the Crimson Dragon Realm, we wouldnt have been able to do this. So well do it his way, Emperor Xia answered.

Father, do you think its all right to let this chance slip past our fingers, just for the sake of the Imperial Advisor? Xia Rong asked.

Emperor Xia eyed his son, who stood tall and proud. While the prince had indeed sensed powerful pressure, there was not a single hint of retreat in his deep eyes. He looked his father straight in the eye.

Xia Rong, Emperor Xia continued after being silent for a while, this is not only for the Imperial Advisor, its for you as well. Do not forget who caused all of this.

It had been Xia Rongs decision that led to the Imperial Advisors current predicament. The emperor had agreed to Ye Futians proposal to resolve the problem Xia Rong caused.

Deep down, Xia Rong knew what his father meant. But other thoughts were interfering with what he knew to be true. Does Ye Futian mean so much to Father? he thought.

Return to the army and do as youre told by your sacred general. Dont indulge your own smart ideas anymore, Emperor Xia reminded him. Cultivation itself is of greater importance than anything else. I do not think Id need to remind you of that, given your current situation.

Xia Rong was not a member of the younger generation, who were incapable of forming their own opinions. On the contrary, he was too opinionated.

As an Unblemished Saint, there was little need to say anything about Xia Rongs state of mind. It was, after all, what enabled him to make such a decision back at the Crimson Dragon Realm.

However, that was not the outcome he wanted to see.

Yes, Father.

The emperor had made himself very clear and Xia Rong naturally did not see the point in pushing the matter further. He then excused himself and left.

Due to the scale of commotion in Emperor Xias Realm, there was no way Emperor Lis Realm would have been oblivious to it.

Both Renhuang realms had placed their spies in each others territory. Ye Futians return was not even a secret to begin with. It wasnt long before word of these activities quickly reached Emperor Lis Realm.

In the imperial city of Emperor Lis Realm, a frail old man sat in a prison, held down by a ritual implement. The old man appeared shriveled, his aura was weak, and his hair was unkempt.

Footsteps approached, and they stopped before him.

Imperial Advisor, a familiar voice said.

The Imperial Advisor of Dali slowly lifted his head and saw the manwho stood at the pinnacle of Dali. He exuded a regal, majestic air. He was none other than Emperor Li himself.

Your majesty. The Imperial Advisors voice was weak. Though his eyes brimmed at times, the Imperial Advisors entire being was otherwise tremendously dejected.

News has come from Emperor Xias Realm. Your student is getting ready to amass an army to attack Dali. What do you think of that? Emperor Li asked.

Student? the Imperial Advisor thought. He looked rather puzzled, but he quickly understood who the emperor was talking about. It was not Yan Yuan, nor most others he could think of.

The only one it could be was definitely Ye Futian.

There is a reason why you are the Imperial Advisoryou have good eyes. You picked him over Di Hao or Dong Chen, and time has justified that choice. Ye Futian has indeed proven himself far more extraordinary than the other two, so much so that any comparison to them would be laughable. He is now a City Lord in Crimson Dragon City and has inherited the Renhuang ruins. Hes being served by several Holiness of Nirvanas, which have enabled him to turn the tide of the war. Emperor Xias Realm no longer has any disadvantage. And now, he is about to lead an attack into Dali. Im sure hes doing it for you, dont you think?

Ironically, he was the one person you were willing to sacrifice yourself to protect. And now, he is now about to attack Dali. It remains to be seen how many people will pay with their lives. What are your thoughts, Imperial Advisor?

If it had not been for the Imperial Advisors treachery, Ye Futian would have perished long ago.

The Imperial Advisor lowered his head and said, Your majesty, when Ye Futian acted out against Prince Li Yao, it was only to avenge his wife as well as the lives of many others. The prince is no longer present, so maybe there is still a chance to turn this around.

He coughed lethargically after he finished.

To him, being able to survive alone had been a luxury.

Emperor Li looked at him silently. Turn things around? How naive, he thought.

The emperor turned and left. He had not expected the young man he had met all those years ago could have grown at such a frightening rate.

It was so much that even him, a Renhuang, felt somewhat threatened.