The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314 Joining Hands

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After Ye Futian won in that Battle of Empty Realms years ago, Li Yao broke the rules of engagement and attempted to kill him.

The relationship between the realms of Emperor Xia and Emperor Li quickly took a turn for the worse after that, with conflicts occurring regularly.

As such, order at Empty Realm was broken, with the realm currently being split into three factions.

Three imperial realms remained in a standoff and battles erupted now and then. All of them competed for the realms resources.

At present, all three factions had mighty ones carving out their territories.

In Emperor Xias service, the Army of Dou was in charge, with a Holiness of Nirvana taking command. The leader was none other than Lu You, who had been protecting Princess Xia Qingyuan for quite some time. There was also a Holiness of Nirvana from Emperor Lis Realm presentKing White of the Four Kings.

The Holiness of Nirvana from Demon Peacock Emperors Realm was a monster. It was a protector at the emperors side and was known as a king in the Demon Peacock Emperors Realm. It had the title of Idol King and possessed formidable powers.

All three factions had fought skirmishes against each other time and again, but they had never gone too far. That was because Empty Realm was directly connected to the three imperial realms. All-out wars could have broken out if they were not careful, and all factions could have had people from their respective realms coming to take charge of things.

As such, Ye Futian also chose to go to Empty Realm only after King Tiandao and the Prince Regent emerged to intercept the Swordmaster of Lihen. He wanted to confirm that enemy officers at the very top had been deployed. If he were to invade Empty Realm without confirming that, there was the possibility of ambush.

King Tiandao and the Prince Regent stood at the very pinnacle of Dali Dynasty. If they were absent, Ye Futian would still have been able to handle any ambush he ran into.

At that moment, a group of people descended from above Emperor Xias City of Empty Realm. It was none other than Ye Futians party, and Xia Qingyuan was with them as well.

Lu You and the Sacred General of Dou took to the air and called, Princess.

Lu You had served as Xia Qingyuans bodyguard for many years, so it could be said that he was very familiar with her.

Xia Qingyuan nodded slightly and both of them turned to look at Ye Futian. Lu You met him many times before, yet it was the first time for the Sacred General of Dou. The general eyed the genius whose name became known throughout Emperor Xias Realm. He had heard that it was this young man who led this war.

Not even the Sacred General of Tian, the top general of the Eight Armies, had commanded such authority before.

But then again, he heard that it was Ye Futian who invited the Swordmaster of Lihen and many other legendary figures to participate in the war.

Senior, Sacred General. Ye Futian addressed them with his hands cupped.

Sir Ye. Lu You nodded.

Your reputation precedes you, Sir Ye. I finally get to meet the man in person. The Sacred General of Dou had a brimming aura, yet he had the look and bearing of a scholar, appearing well-mannered and elegant.

However, there was no mistaking his extremely formidable combat prowess. He was already at the pinnacle of Unblemished Saint level.

Youre too kind, Sacred General. How are things here now? Ye Futian asked.

Quiet. There is no movement from Dalis side, and the Demon Peacock Emperors Realm seemed like theyre just watching the world burn. They probably wont get involved, the Sacred General of Dou said.

That wont be it Ye Futian shook his head.

The Sacred General of Dou looked at Ye Futian and asked, Do you think that they would choose to ally with Emperor Lis Realm and take us on instead?

Emperor Xias Realm was, at the moment, the most powerful among the three. The ones from Demon Peacock Emperors Realm might have allied with Emperor Lis Realm out of concern that Emperor Xias Realm would have taken the chance to seize permanent control of Empty Realm.

Would you mind going to Peacock City with me for a bit? Ye Futian smiled and asked.

The Sacred General of Dou looked rather puzzled, wondering why Ye Futian would have wanted to do that.

He was unable to read the young mans intentions.

Very well. The Sacred General of Dou nodded and the group departed.

It did not take them long to arrive at the Empty Realm base of operations for Demon Peacock Emperors Realm, called Peacock City. The group barged into Peacock City right away, landing at the central area.

A stout man who emanated brimming might sat before them. His form looked mighty and larger than most. His eyes were very huge and his nose was unusually long. Those eyes had extremely overbearing pressure emanating from them as they gazed at Ye Futian.

That being was none other than the Idol King of Demon Peacock Emperors Realm.

As Ye Futian felt the weight of his vague aura, it seemed the aura was capable of crushing him to death on its own. Even the Sacred General of Dou looked rather alerted.

Im Ye Futian. Pleased to meet you, Idol King. Ye Futian bowed slightly to show his respect.

You are indeed the cream of the crop, City Lord Ye. No wonder the princess spoke so highly of you. The pressure from the Idol King dispersed and he laughed heartily.

The Sacred General of Dou was baffled. He knew of Ye Futians current status within Emperor Xias Realm, and about his rather peculiar relationship with the princess. Yet it seemed Ye Futian had a similar relationship with the princess of Demon Peacock Emperors Realm. He wondered how that happened. Especially because some years ago, Ye Futian had gotten on the bad side of Kong Xuan during the Battle of Empty Realm.

The Sacred General of Dou then looked at Ye Futians face, wondering if Ye Futian could do as he pleased because of his handsome features.

Thats quite flattering, senior. Princess Kong Xuan has superb talents and she will be quite the demon empress herself in the future, Ye Futian smiled and replied. The Black Wind Condor was still training at Demon Peacock Emperors Realm and he had long reconciled with her. The relationship between the two was quite amicable.

If he were to have Kong Xuan on his side, then Dali could have been effectively kicked out of the realm. Then the realm would have been subjected to joint rule by Emperor Xias Realm and Demon Peacock Emperors Realm.

In Kong Xuans perspective, it all had to do with her coming to terms with Ye Futian and how the bird was training under a super monster as well. There was also the factor of Ye Futians extraordinary performance in Crimson Dragon Realm at play. As such, Demon Peacock Emperors Realm would have naturally leaned towards having a good relationship with him instead of making an enemy out of him.

The joint rule of Empty Realm would have been beneficial to both while causing no harm. As for Dali, Ye Futian intended to take them on and Dali Dynasty was in a ditch themselves. They could not have so much as even an opinion, let alone getting on the bad side of Demon Peacock Emperors Realm.

As such, after receiving Ye Futians invitation, Kong Xuan had returned to Demon Peacock Emperors Realm right away to report. She also relayed the news to Empty Realm through the Black Wind Condor, who enabled Kong Xuan to converse directly with Ye Futian.

All of that culminated with this meeting between Ye Futian and the Idol King at Peacock City.

Senior, it was Emperor Lis Realm who broke the rules of the pact between the three realms back in the Battle of Empty Realm. We should have kicked them out of Empty Realm back then, and the realm should be jointly ruled by us, Ye Futian continued. That was the agreement he reached with Kong Xuan.

Well said. The Idol King nodded. Emperor Lis Realm was the one who broke the rules. That is how we should deal with them.

The Sacred General of Dou, who was at his side, was completely dumbfounded.

Demon Peacock Emperors Realm had indeed picked a side, but it was their side that they allied with. How could Dali Dynasty fight this anymore?

Ill head back to Emperor Xias City and rally our forces. Well expel Emperor Lis Realm once and for all. Ye Futian cupped his hands before excusing himself.

The Idol King looked at Ye Futians back as he left, recalling how Princess Kong Xuan spoke very highly of him. She claimed that his future would not be at either Emperor Xias Realm or Emperor Lis.

The army of Dali Dynasty was stationed at Emperor Lis City.

Empty Realm had rich deposits of sacred spirit stones and they were all imbued with Empty Realm attributes. Furthermore, the realm was connected to three imperial realms, so Dali Dynasty would not have given up the place easily.

At that moment, King White sensed a looming threat around him.

The ones from Demon Peacock Emperors Realm are here, huh? He frowned hard. A mighty one whose aura brimmed stood at King Whites side. It was someone whom Ye Futian had met quite a lot of timesCao Kong, a figure of utmost importance among the Demonic Clan. There were many mighty ones from the Demonic Clan right behind him.

King White was not the only one in charge at Empty Realm. The Demonic Clans mighty ones were there as well. It was apparent that they believed Empty Realm to be important.

Extremely formidable pressure of the great path rained down on them, and two armies came from afar.

King White saw the silver-haired young man at the forefront and felt rather complicated. The Imperial Advisor had taken that young man to be his student back then, and Emperor Li had even wanted to marry off one of the princesses to him. It was quite a pity that he and Li Yao could not have gotten along, given how Li Yao had killed his wife.

If the Imperial Advisor had not gotten into trouble, they would not have been on the defense in this conflict. The Imperial Advisor alone could have taken on armies.

Yan Yuan, the eldest student of the Imperial Advisor, had advanced to become a Holiness of Nirvana as well.

However, it was done now and there was no turning back. No one would have expected Ye Futian to have grown so much in such a short period. He had already brought a group of Holiness of Nirvanas to Emperor Xias Realm.

Idol King, Dali Dynasty and Demon Peacock Emperors Realm had shared amicable relations. Is Demon Peacock Emperors Realm wanting to get involved in the conflict with Emperor Xias Realm and Emperor Lis Realm now? King White asked as he looked at the Idol King from afar.

Were not interested in the squabbles between Emperor Li and Emperor Xia. But Li Yao broke the rules in the Battle of Empty Realm all those years ago, and that brought on the current instability.

Without those old rules, fighting has continued for the past several years, and the order was disrupted, the Idol King said. Since it was you of Emperor Lis Realm who broke the rules, then we shall end the chaos with you. Emperor Lis Realm shall leave Empty Realm.

King White stared straight ahead. Emperor Lis City was one step behind him.

It was obvious that the intrusion of Emperor Xias Realm into Empty Realm was meant to uproot Dali Dynasty from the realm itself.

Take Ye Futian out, Cao Kong said telepathically to King White. Those Holiness of Nirvanas served Ye Futian, so the fighting would end if Ye Futian were taken out of the picture.

Your reputation precedes you, Idol King, and I shall now see what youre made of. King White disappeared from where he stood. However, he did not charge at the Idol King. Instead, he headed straight for Ye Futians location.

Cao Kong made his move as well. He stepped out and demonic might swept all over as he headed straight for Ye Futian.

The two Holiness of Nirvanas targeted Ye Futian right away.


A loud rumble was heard. The sky shook as if it had been pinned down. All of the mighty ones present felt as if a divine mountain had landed on them, intending to crush them outright.

The Idol King threw a single punch at King Whites body, making it as he was about to crush his surroundings.


Another rumble was heard and King Whites advance was blocked. The Idol King stepped out and said, If you tell me, Ill happily oblige.

Fighting erupted right beside them almost at the very same moment. Cao Kong threw a demonic palm print, which clashed with Lu You. His immense power threw Lu You back and he continued moving forward.

People who trained in demonic ways were extremely overbearing.

He headed straight for Ye Futian after throwing Lu You back, yet he saw a shadow like a war god of flames standing tall before Ye Futian.

That was the Chonglou Battle Form taken by Wu Yong. Ye Futian stood right behind Wu Yong, whose body seemed to have turned into a scorching sun. The terrifying will of the great path surged inside Wu Yongs body, enhancing his power and cranking his battle form up to the twelfth layer.

Cao Kong had been the main force when Li Yao intended to kill Ye Futian in Empty Realm. Yaya was badly injured and Wuchen almost ended up killed.