The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320 A Wise Man Must Ceaselessly Strive

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King Tiandao went up to the pagoda. His willpower entered into it, causing it to rotate. Golden light fell upon it like bolts of lightning.

Outside the pagoda, the divine golden dragon was circling it, slowly materializing into what looked like a real dragon.

Images of more pagodas fell continuously onto Ye Futians massive figure.

All was dead silent throughout the vastness of the sky.

Everyone was watching the scene unfolding before them.

This was the bet between Emperor Li and Ye Futian. It would probably determine the Imperial Advisors fate.

The Imperial Advisor of Dali Dynasty looked at the figure in front of him. The once handsome youth had become incredibly large and tall. It seemed that he was trying to protect the old man.

A hurricane swept over towards them, making his white hair fly in the wind.

However, he had not yet used even the slightest bit of his power. His powers had been permanently damaged, and so there was nothing he could do other than watch everything unfold.

The light of the pagoda was extremely bright in that suffocating space. After what seemed like a long time, King Tiandao was finally able to control the pagoda completely. He stepped forward with a cold look on his face. He looked down at Ye Futian.

He knew why Emperor Li was doing this. The true killing power of the pagoda did not lie in what it displayed on the outside.

As long as Ye Futian nodded, he would be killed beyond all shadow of a doubt.

Even if it had been him who had to bear the three attacks that would happen when he activated the pagoda, he would still be in danger. So how much more so would be Ye Futian, who was merely a Saint of True Self.

When Ye Futian died, the others from the Crimson Dragon Realm would flee as well. The others did not know the Imperial Advisor or even Emperor Xia. They were not Emperor Xias subordinates, so they would not necessarily give their lives for him.

Moreover, Emperor Xia himself would not dare to gamble the lives of all his people here to save the Imperial Advisor.

Die! said King Tiandao in a low voice. He finally made his move. There was a loud noise as shining divine beings were released from the pagoda.


A shocking noise rang out as Ye Futians massive body was smashed by a colossal pagoda that covered him completely. Endless destructive lightning ravaged his flesh, and he was crushed by a terrible pressure.

The dragon roared as Ye Futian raised his head. He seemed to have appeared in the space in the middle of the pagoda. The divine golden dragon rushed down with a roar and entered directly into his mind, smashing into his spiritual willpower. The dragons roar sought to shake his very soul.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Inch by inch, cracks were appearing in Ye Futians massive form. His mind shook, and he felt half-dead from fright as his flesh was destroyed.

He was too strong. This power would not only destroy his body; it would also destroy his spiritual willpower.

So this was a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Ye Futians massive form could not even withstand a single attack. Everyones hearts trembled as they watched.

Emperor Xias eyes were cold as he watched. It seemed like he was ready to get involved at any moment.

If Ye Futian could not hold out, then he would get involved, even if it started a war. He could not watch Ye Futian die.

Ye Futian had made a bet, but he did not want him to give up his life.

Continue, said Emperor Li. His voice was calm. He did not ask for King Tiandao to stop.

If he wanted to kill him, he would have to do it all with one sustained effort and not give Ye Futian a chance to breathe. You would have to crush him.

You would have to destroy his body and cut out his soul.

No matter how outstandingly talented Ye Futian was, today, he would be left behind forever.

Very well, answered King Tiandao. He launched another attack that split the earth and cracked the sky. The endless divine light of the Great Path gathered together and fell upon the pagodas.

The pagodas seemed to grow taller and rotated above Ye Futians head. All of the attacks were falling upon Ye Futian. They were extremely accurate, and not a bit of power was wasted.

The several Unblemished Saints by Emperor Li were protecting the Imperial Advisor with their will. Even though the attacks were incredibly accurate and would not hit him by accident, the Imperial Advisor was so weak that he could not bear even the slightest disturbance.

Before Emperor Li made his decision, they could not let him die here.

The endless divine light transformed into another pagoda that wrapped around Ye Futian. The storm of golden pagodas spun, flattening everything, continuously shattering his Chonglou Battle Form.

The terrible, destructive storm seemed to be at the Nirvana level. Its fury was continuously renewed.

The Chonglou Battle Form seemed about to collapse, and his legs seemed unable to support him as he was cut down by the terrible force. It appeared that he would fall.

Endless arms of Flames of the Way stretched out, pressing against the ground to hold him up, but the terrible destructive light destroyed them.


Ye Futian could only feel a divine pagoda crushing down on him. Magma seemed to be condensing from his Flames of the Way, turning into an indestructible solid. But cracks still appeared in it. What was worse was that his body was relatively unharmed compared to what he was suffering in his mind.

With pagodas and fire light dancing before his eyes, the Imperial Advisor of Dalis robes fluttered in the wind. He looked over at the Battle Form that was being crushed in front of him.

Suddenly, he found himself thinking of a previous destructive battle.

At that time, he had been in Emperor Lis good graces. Thus, when he had entered the Dali Dynasty, he had been named Imperial Advisor. He had been devoted to the dynasty and trained many cultivators. Today, many of the amazing cultivators of the Dali Dynasty had once been under his guidance.

He did not want to see the future Dali Dynasty suffer the kind of destruction he had once faced. At the same time, as the Dali Dynasty was rising, he had taught disciples and found a place for Feixue. He had thought that life would always be like that. If he could protect the dynasty as it prospered and spend more time with Feixue, he would have been satisfied.

Because Feixue spent so much time sleeping, the two of them spent more time separated than together.

The days had passed like this for many years. But since Feixue was always in the realm of sleep, and had been so young, he had had to move forward alone in order to protect Feixue.

Ye Futians appearance had changed everything.

Everything in the world has a destiny. In the end, it had been impossible for things to continue as he had wished.

But no matter what, everything that had happened before had been destined to happen, and so he could accept them with a clear conscience.

Even if he died, he would have no regrets.

But those disciples who had studied under him for a time were not willing to let him die.

The destructive storm was tearing through Ye Futians Battle Form. It seemed like he was about to fall.

A stronger force was brewing and could fall at any time.

Emperor Xias aura was growing stronger. It seemed like he was preparing to attack.

But just at that moment, an even stronger aura burst out from Emperor Li. He did not look at Ye Futian but at Emperor Xia. Emperor Xia, he said, the winner and loser of the previous battle have already been decided. Lets have another one, shall we?

On saying this, he stepped forward and suddenly descended right in front of Emperor Xia. He had obviously guessed what Emperor Xia was thinking. He would not let Emperor Xia interrupt King Tiandao while he was killing Ye Futian.

Emperor Li was so strong once he decided to act. In a flash, the entire palace was filled with his power. Emperor Xia raised his hand to attack, forcing his opponents energy to disperse. The great army of Emperor Xias Realm was behind him.

The two of them shot up into the clouds. There was a loud noise, and destructive light boomed. If the two of them had not gone up into the sky, countless people would have been killed by their attacks.

Emperor Li was gambling with the lives of everyone in his palace. He was betting that Emperor Xia would not put up a fight.

His beloved daughter Xia Qingyuan was there as well.


At that moment, King Tiandao launched his third attack.

Everyones hearts were beating wildly as they stared at Ye Futian.

His Battle Form was cracking inch by inch as it continuously collapsed. A lightning bolt shot into him, piercing through his body.

The pressure was crushing him down. He turned his huge eyes towards the Imperial Advisor.

Why are you doing this? The Imperial Advisors long hair flew in the wind as he stared at Ye Futian.

This was not the outcome he had wished for. He did not want to see Ye Futian gamble his own life for his.

However, he saw that Ye Futian was smiling. Blood was flowing from his mouth.

As the heavens movement is ever vigorous, so must a wise man ceaselessly strive.

These words echoed throughout Emperor Lis mind.

These were the words that he had said to Ye Futian. Now, Ye Futian was giving them back to him.

When cultivating the Great Path, a gentleman should be continually improving himself. Why should he seek death?

That was Nirvana.

Looking into those smiling eyes, the Imperial Advisor smiled as well. But even as he smiled, his eyes grew wet.

He slowly stood up. Even though the years weighed down on him, he still stood straight. He had the backbone of a gentleman.

As heavens movement is ever vigorous, so must a wise man ceaselessly strive. The Imperial Advisor looked up into the sky. A terrible storm was whipping across the land, and a brilliant light was flashing. His body was still extremely fragile, and it seemed as if a gust of wind could knock him over. But within that weak body lay an unyielding heart.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Destructive attacks were still shattering Ye Futians Battle Form and even smashing into his body. His spiritual will was also under devastating attack. But his eyes were still bright.

Youre still not dead? King Tiandaos face darkened.

You have had your three attacks. Release the Imperial Advisor, came a voice from up in the sky. But, as for the army that Ye Futian is leading, destroy them.

The words destroy them fell from the sky like a bolt of lightning, entering directly into everyones minds.

It seemed that Emperor Li still wanted to do this.

He had only promised to let the Imperial Advisor go. He had not promised that after three attacks, he would stop fighting altogether.

King Tiandao could take this chance to kill Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had no chance to escape.

As long as he abided by Emperor Lis conditions, he would die for sure.

Yes, Your Highness, said King Tiandao clearly. He had a fierce desire to kill Ye Futian.

The Unblemished Saints power disappeared from the Imperial Advisors body, and at the same time, they tried to undo his bindings.

Dont trouble yourselves, whispered the Imperial Advisor. As he said this, the bindings on him shattered into pieces. The destructive hurricane swept out, sending the Unblemished Saints around him flying.

Brilliant light shot up from his body into the sky. Just as King Tiandao launched another attack, he raised his fist.


With a loud noise, an incomparably huge pagoda fell, but it was blocked by a huge palm print that covered the sky. It was big enough to block the entire sky in one direction.

Countless beams of divine light fell upon the Imperial Advisor. His white hair gradually disappeared, and his wrinkles faded. His cloudy eyes became dazzlingly bright again.

His calm voice rang out through the palace. From now on, I will no longer obey Emperor Li. I am no longer the Imperial Adviser of the Dali Dynasty!