The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1321

Chapter 1321 Kill

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Everyones hearts were beating fiercely as they watched.

They saw the Imperial Advisor standing there in his worn-out robes. Although he had been rejuvenated, his body still looked frail.

But even so, a brilliant divine light shone around him, and a formation flashed into existence. The ancient characters strong, flowing, leave, and threshold circled around him, making the storm of the Great Path grow stronger and stronger.

He looked up into the sky and began to rise into the air.

This is

Everyones hearts were pounding. The Imperial Advisor of the Dali Dynasty had destroyed his powers. So what was happening now?

He raised his hand, covering the sky and blocking the divine pagoda that was crushing down.

Ye Futian looked up a little bit. When he saw what was happening, a bright smile appeared on his face.

As the heavens movement is ever vigorous, so must a wise man ceaselessly strive.

This was the Imperial Advisor.

He had permanently destroyed his powers because he had not wanted to leave for the sake of Yan Yuan and the others.

However, he had reached Nirvana.

When one reached the Nirvana level, dying was not that easy. He may have destroyed his powers, but the Nirvana within him could be born again.

The Imperial Advisor had done this.

This was true Nirvana, even stronger than it had been in the past.

King Tiandao looked shocked. He could faintly feel a transcendent power. It was frightening.

The Imperial Advisor of the Dali Dynasty had gone beyond the peak in a single step.

His body may have been weak and frail, but he could shake the earth with his very thoughts.


He activated the pagoda, and divine light shone, splitting the very air as it tried to flatten down everything below it. It was trying to kill the Imperial Advisor before he had been wholly revived

The image of a huge divine pagoda appeared, crushing downwards. It seemed strong enough to break someones very soul.

The Imperial Advisor looked up. Brilliant divine light was falling onto him from the sky. His aura was still quite weak, but when he stretched out his hand, a mighty figure appeared, moving in tandem with him.

He raised his hand and pointed at the pagoda.

At that moment, countless beams of light fell upon the pagoda at the same time. A loud dong rang out through the sky.

In the next instant, countless cracks appeared in the divine pagoda as everyone watched with trembling eyes. The cracks spread and widened.


The pagoda shattered as the divine light swept over it.

A Nirvana level ritual implement had been shattered.

What level of power could do this?

Renhuang level?


They could all naturally feel that the Imperial Advisor had not become a Renhuang yet. A Renhuang would be even more terrible than this.

Moreover, to break through to the Renhuang level was not that easy. Even if your state of mind changed, it did not mean that you would necessarily be able to break through.

But even though he had not become a Renhuang, he was still close to that level.

The Imperial Advisor of the Dali Dynasty was at the peak of the Nirvana level. He was subordinate only to Emperor Li.

His current breakthrough only proved that he had already touched the Path of Renhuang.

Ye Futian knew that he had already reached the level of Ninth Servant.

Maybe he was even higher.

But Ninth Servant looked down on all the Nirvana level cultivators. They had relied on forming the Sword Matrix of the Void to hurt Ninth Servant, but even so, he had crushed Li Kai, and they were unable to block him.

From this, the Ninth Servants power and confidence were evident.

And right now, the Imperial Advisor was giving Ye Futian a similar feeling of invincibility.

He had destroyed a Nirvana level ritual implement by pointing at it.

A look of shock came over King Tiandaos face. He shot up into the sky, trying to escape.

The Imperial Adviser was too frightening then. He was making him afraid.

King Tiandao, said the Imperial Advisor. He clenched his fist, and suddenly the sky-covering palm print shot downward. King Tiandao felt a suffocating pressure covering him and slowing his movements.

The palm print grabbed King Tiandao. His aura surged with power, but he was unable to escape.

The Imperial Advisor was still floating up. He kept going until he was level with King Tiandao.

Imperial Adviser, are you going to betray the Dali Dynasty completely? roared King Tiandao.

I have already died once. I have no more association with the Dali Dynasty. You wanted to kill me, and even destroy my residence, causing a war between realms. So, I will give you a glorious death, said the Imperial Advisor.


When King Tiandao felt the Imperial Advisors murderous intent, a look of panic came over his face. He was King Tiandao of the Dali Dynasty, the brother of Emperor Li. He had once almost taken the throne from the Emperor.


The Imperial Advisor did not give him a chance. He squeezed his fist, and countless brilliant beams of light shot towards it like a catastrophe of the Heavenly Path. They not only destroyed King Tiandaos flesh; they even destroyed his soul, giving him no chance of survival.

King Tiandao, the leader of the Dali Dynastys army, had fallen.

He had been killed in the grand palace of the Dali Dynasty.

Moreover, the one who had killed him had once been the Imperial Advisor for the dynasty.

They had once been the two most important people below Emperor Li in the Dali Dynasty. The Imperial Advisor was responsible for internal matters, and King Tiandao was responsible for external affairs.

Now, the Imperial Advisor had slain King Tiandao.

This scene was incredibly shocking for the cultivators of the Dali Dynasty.

Even outside the palace, countless people were watching the battle. When they saw the Imperial Advisor kill King Tiandao, their hearts trembled as well.

The Imperial Advisor, came a series of murmurs and shouts.

The voices built up into a storm of noise that flowed in all directions.

The Imperial Advisor may have been imprisoned, but he was still a prestigious figure. Many people still remembered him, especially here in the imperial city.

The people within the palace were the same. He had trained many of them.

Everyone had once believed in him. Everyone had once respected him.

However, he had been imprisoned because of Ye Futian.

That incident had had a huge effect on the Dali Dynasty. The battle in which Yan Yuan and the others had left had probably been because of this.

The Imperial Advisor looked around at the people outside the palace. Everyone was watching him. Their whispers reached his ears. He said, My residence was destroyed several years ago. Because of the order that Emperor Li just gave, I no longer owe the Dali Dynasty anything.

Everyone was speechless. Of course, he did not owe the Dali Dynasty. He had served them faithfully but had been imprisoned because of what Li Yao had done. These past few years, he had punished himself. He had still been repaying the Emperors grace.

But Emperor Li had just used him to threaten Ye Futian and had even asked Ye Futian to die in his place.

He no longer owed Emperor Li, or the Dali Dynasty, anything.

This was a new life for the Imperial Adviser.

He was no longer the same person that he had been. He was no longer the Imperial Advisor for the Dali Dynasty.


Up in the sky, a terrible power swept out, covering the palace and enveloping everyone within it.

Everyones hearts trembled. They could naturally feel it. It was a Renhuang level force, a pressure that had come from Emperor Li.

He had already prepared his method of killing Ye Futian for when he agreed to his condition. Once Ye Futian died, the rest of his army would shatter.

But he had never thought that the Imperial Advisor would regain his power and even transcend his limits.

He had slain King Tiandao.

Was the outcome of the war between him and Emperor Xia now?

There was no suspense at all.

Destructive attacks fell from the sky. Everyone knew that it was the battle between Emperor Li and Emperor Xia happening high up in the air.

But at that moment, it seemed that Li Yao was trying to affect the battle below with his power.

His will was falling.

The Peacock Emperor looked up into the sky. Emperor Li, since you asked me to witness this, I have witnessed it. You made Ye Futian promise you, and he did so. You lost your bet. Are you trying to meddle in the outcome? Nine colored light shone from his body.

He spread his feathers, covering the sky and blocking the falling power, separating it from the battle below.

The Peacock Emperor was taking a stand.

The people of the Dali Dynasty went pale.

The tables had turned completely in a single instant. It had been in the instant when the Imperial Advisor had come back into his power.

This was your choice, Emperor Li, came a cold voice that boomed through the air. Everyone looked at Ye Futian standing there despite his grave wound.

He had suffered three attacks from a Nirvana level ritual implement, and yet he was still alive.

And he could still stand.

Kill Cao Kong, came a cold voice. Cao Kong had been taken and had lost his ability to fight. He trembled with fear and went pale when he heard Ye Futian.

The cultivators of the Cao clan looked shocked as well.

Wu Yong stretched out his hand and slammed his fist down on Cao Kongs head with Flames of the Way in his fist.

His hand suddenly turned into a flaming fist.

No there was an intense look of fear on Cao Kongs face. Your Majesty! he shouted.

Now, only Emperor Li could save him.

Boom! The flaming fist slammed down, and the terrifying Flames of the Way entered Cao Kongs mind making him scream miserably. The flames burned his body.

An incredibly powerful and talented figure of the Dali Dynasty had come to such a miserable end.

Ye Futian looked up at the Imperial Advisor and said, Teacher, the Prince Regent always tried to destroy your residence. Kill him.

The Prince Regent had been a part of many things in the past.

It could be said that he had even urged the Imperial Advisor to go to the Crimson Dragon Realm and fight Ye Futian.

If it had not been for him, perhaps none of this would have happened.

A look of panic came over the Prince Regents face when he heard this. He had witnessed how the Imperial Advisor had destroyed King Tiandao with his own eyes.

He had crushed him, killing him so decisively that he had had no hope of escape.

If the Imperial Advisor acted against him, his fate would be the same as King Tiandaos. He would be crushed.

As he thought of this, he turned to flee.

In this hopeless situation, he chose to flee rather than fight.

Up in the air, the Imperial Advisor cast his gaze over him.

He strode through the air and appeared in front of the Prince Regent.

The Prince Regent looked up and saw the figure overhead. Brilliant light flashed as if the power of the Heaven Great Path was falling upon him.

Fall, spat the Imperial Advisor. When he said this, the divine power of the Heavenly Great Path transformed into many divine swords that shot down from the sky, piercing through the air.

The Prince Regent roared, loud as a dragon, loud enough to shatter the heavens and the earth. He raised his fist to strike, slamming into the oncoming swords.

He tried to break out from the encirclement of swords, but at that moment, a beam of light shot into his eye.


Another sword fell from the sky. The Prince Regent tried to block it, but the brilliant divine sword pierced through the true dragon and ran through the Prince Regents body from the head on down.