The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1329

Chapter 1329 Heavenly Mandate Realm

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On the first day of the 10,028th year of the Divine Prefecture Calendar, an incomparably magnificent wedding was held in the royal palace of the Crimson Dragon Realm. All kinds of famous figures had come, including the Crimson Dragon Emperor and Empress, who had come to personally witness the wedding.

Everyone there was a witness.

Ye Futian and the others had been watching quietly from below the stage, up until the point where Chi Shang and Yu Shifei bowed to each other, then smiled and took each others hands.

Hand in hand, they would live together to a ripe old age.

But it would not be easy for the two of them to reach old age.

Today, the whole world shares in Chi Shang and Shifeis happiness. We welcome everyone who has come here to pay their respects to enjoy the feast, said the Crimson Dragon Emperor. His voice resonated throughout the palace.

A beam of brilliant light shone, and a divine tree seemed to appear up in the air. The tree swayed, and fire-red fruit fell from it.

This fruit comes from the Ganyuan Fusang Tree and contains the essence of Flames of the Way that have been gathered over a thousand years. It belongs to whoever it falls upon, and no one is allowed to fight them for it, said the Empress from beside the Emperor. The tree covered the sky, and many pieces of fruit fell from it towards those waiting below.

Everyone looked up with a look of longing. Eating this fruit would be equivalent to absorbing a powerful burst of Flames of the Way. But the Empress had said they could not fight for it, and so naturally, no one would dare to do so. This was the Empresss way of livening things up.

Ye Futian and the others were also watching the fruit fall. When he saw the fruit falling towards him, he could not help but reach out for it.

But then, the piece of fruit fell into a pale white hand.

Ye Futian smiled at Xia Qingyuan beside him and said, It seems like you are very lucky.

She looked at him and smiled, which made Ye Futian think she looked beautiful. She smiled so rarely. He did not know what happy thing she was thinking about.

All of the people who received one of the pieces of fruit smiled as they were overcome with joy.

Then the banquet started. Many pretty serving maids weaved their way through the crowd, and soon a feast that was both delicious and pleasing to the eyes had been laid out.

In addition, all of the food and drink at the banquet was rare and precious.

Many people from powerful forces began to present their wedding presents. Ye Futian and the others also gave their present in the name of Qianye City. Although it meant little to Chi Shang, it was still a heartfelt expression of their good intentions.

The gift was not important; it was only a tradition. Obviously, those who were able to come to the palace today were all people of high status, and so none of them would give a shabby gift.

Wait, there is one more thing, Chi Shang said suddenly. Everyone looked up at him on the ceremonial platform with a look of surprise. Chi Shang took off his ceremonial robes, and his bright smile was unrestrained.

A gasp of surprise came up from the crowd. They all seemed incredibly excited.

There was a custom in the Crimson Dragon Realm that if the groom was willing to give his ceremonial robes to someone else after the wedding feast, it would bring them sacred blessings. Usually, the groom would only do this for his siblings or good friends.

Obviously, Chi Shang meant to do this now.

But who was he planning on bestowing this blessing upon?

Even the Crimson Dragon Emperor and Empress looked surprised. They clearly had not known that he was going to do this. This was Chi Shang following his own will. On this day, the groom could decide these things for himself.

Chi Shang and Yu Shifei walked down from the ceremonial platform towards the crowd. Everyones eyes were on them.

It seemed that Chi Shang was not going to give it to any of his brothers.

Then, would he give it to one of the top figures of the Crimson Dragon Realm?

Who would it be?

They all watched as he stopped before a young man.

The silver-haired youth still looked dazzling as he stood there among the crowd. His handsome features were no less magnificent than those of Prince Chi Shang.

This hero of the Crimson Dragon Realm was known as the greatest talent in the realm. Was Chi Shang planning on giving his blessing to him?

And indeed, everyone watched as Chi Shang placed his ceremonial robe upon Ye Futians body.

He smiled and said, I hope that one day I will be able to witness the rise of Qianye City.

Yu Shifei smiled at him as well and took off her ceremonial robe as well. She put it on Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Qingyuan did not respond; she just stared at her blankly. Chi Shang and Yu Shifei turned and left, walking naturally and unrestrained.

Good luck. Yu Shifeis voice rang through her mind. Xia Qingyuan watched her retreating figure. She did not know what she had meant by that.

At the Peach Banquet, both Chi Shang and Yu Shifei had known that Xia Qingyuan was experiencing unrequited love. Later, they had found out how things stood between her and Ye Futian, and thus they knew everything.

The silver-haired young man and the Princess of Emperor Xias Realm would have their own magnificent story.

Some of the people of the Regional Palace were stunned by this, like Pei Min and Duan Wuji, but then they smiled. That was just the way Chi Shang was: he always acted in a carefree manner. Maybe he had not had any particular reason for doing this; it was just his casual nature.

However, for the two of them to have received Chi Shang and Yu Shifeis blessing above so many others was truly special and was making everyone stare at them.

Thank you, Your Highness, said Ye Futian with a smile. That was all he said.

Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian beside her, then was silent for a while.

The cultivators of the Luo clan, the Jiang clan, and many others were all looking at Ye Futian. This Palace Lord of Qianye City had swept away all of his opponents, and then not long after had stolen all the glory from the other cultivators of the Crimson Dragon Realm. His fame had truly been set when he had fought with Xing Kai and defeated him.

Now, Chi Shang was clearly watching him.

They did not know that at the Divine Martial Road of the Peach Banquet, Chi Shang and the other people of the palace had already found out which cultivators were the most powerful.

The banquet commenced, and the atmosphere in the hall became much more lively.Read the next chapter on our

A figure walked towards the people from the Regional Palace. It was Jiang Taie. He looked at Ye Futian and Pei Min, then raised his glass in a toast. Ive heard that after you broke through to the Saint of True Self level, you have found no opponents of your level at the Regional Palace.?

There are many talented people in the Regional Palace. I do not dare to say that none of them can match me, said Ye Futian modestly.

Jiang Taie looked at Pei Min. He had heard that he had beaten all comers. In that case, he probably had no one else left to fight.

You are too modest, Lord Ye. If we have a chance, Id like to come to Qianye City and spar with you, said Jiang Taie politely.

Ye Futian nodded his agreement. Of course. Jiang Taie turned and left.

Luo Yang was also looking at Ye Futian. He wanted to spar with him as well. It was not that he was jealous of him; it was that he truly wanted to test himself against someone as tough as him.

Ever since his defeat at the Peach Banquet, he had wondered what would happen if the two of them fought a battle in which they held back nothing.

After toasting his elders, Chi Shang walked over to them. It seems that everyone is itching to test their skills. This group of people had all participated in the Peach Banquet. It seemed that they had all come together, whether by chance or on purpose, no one knew.

Please do not blame us, Your Majesty, said Jiang Taie.

Of course, I understand. As members of the Regional Kings Ranking, you must not have many opponents within the Crimson Dragon Realm. There are so few that you can actually have a good fight with, said Chi Shang with a smile. In reality, after he had become a Saint, he had found the Crimson Dragon Realm to be a little bit boring.

Given his status, people who were stronger than him did not dare to fight him.

What are you saying, Your Majesty? Luo Yang seemed to realize that Chi Shang was hinting at something.

After the ceremony, we will go and settle this. Shifei and I are planning to take a trip to the Heavenly Mandate Realm, said Chi Shang. Everyones hearts beat faster when they heard this.

Apparently, Chi Shang wanted to train.

Before he did that, he would finish this wedding. Once he and Yu Shifei were officially a couple, they could go there hand in hand.

The Heavenly Mandate Realm, everyone whispered. The name was both strange and familiar.

They had naturally heard of it. It was one of the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms. How could they not know of it?

The Heavenly Mandate Realm was at the head of several hundred Renhuang Realms, ten of which were of particular note.

The Crimson Dragon Realm was one of them.

That was a place where the greatest figures of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path could gather.

Heavenly Mandate Realm.

When Ye Futian heard what Chi Shang had said, his heart beat faster. He looked up into the sky.

That peerless Empress that Emperor Xia and Xia Qingyuan had told him about was there.

He had waited for this day for so long.

He had asked Yu Sheng to enter the Regional Palace to come to this point.

Now his name was famed throughout the Crimson Dragon Realm. Now he was able to come to the palace itself, and get close to Chi Shang.

He had finally heard the words Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Lord Ye, do you want to continue to be a City Lord, take up a post in the Crimson Dragon Army, or go with us? asked Chi Shang. If Ye Futian wanted to join the Crimson Dragon Army, he could give him an important position.

In the future, he could become a powerful figure in the Crimson Dragon Army and guard one of the borders of the realm.

But Chi Shang hoped that would not be Ye Futians future. Given the talent that he had displayed, his life would be even more significant than that.

That had been his dream all alongto reach higher and higher levels.

I want to go with you, said Ye Futian without the slightest bit of hesitation. Beside him, Xia Qingyuan nodded as well. She seemed to be a little bit sad.

But she quickly raised her head and smiled indifferently. This day had finally come.

Sooner or later, he would know everything. He would know whether or not Hua Jieyu was still alive.

She would help him find the truth as soon as possible. She knew that this matter had been pressing upon Ye Futians heart for so many years.

These days, he had been spending all his energy to move in this direction.

Excellent! Chi Shang smiled and nodded. He looked at the others and said, How about you all? The people on the Regional Kings Ranking do not need to say anything. If any of you are willing, you can come with me and see how powerful the cultivators of a Supreme Imperial Realm are.

Everyones hearts were trembling. Many of them nodded immediately.

They could not miss a chance like this.

They wanted to go and see a higher place. They wanted to see what kind of heroes lived there!