The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330 Leaving

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Everyone returned to their homes after that grand wedding was over.

Many were still steeped in the mood, but some top notch geniuses were only feeling very restless deep down. It was not due to the wedding itself, but what Chi Shang said.

The grand matrix in the royal palace of Crimson Dragon Realm would be activated seven days later, opening up the vast great path of space and paving the way to a Supreme Imperial Realm.

Such matrixes came with a hefty cost with every activation, and the numbers would have been astronomical, so much so that even the top notch forces found all over Crimson Dragon Realm would have been unable to afford such an expenditure. It was quite a huge to Crimson Dragon Emperor, who was the overlord of the entire region of realms.

As such, such a matrix was only found within the royal palace and only important figures would have been allowed passage. No one knew when would the next opportunity to head to a Supreme Imperial Realm have been, if they were miss the upcoming one.

Chi Shang had also taken the opportunity to extend his invitation.

No one would have wanted to miss such an opportunity, which was why all those top notch figures were feeling restless, getting ready for that trip happening days later.

That place was a Supreme Imperial Realm, which was a main realm of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path, that very type of realm which all of the three thousand realms revolve around.

It was said that the number of top notch mighty ones found in the nine Supreme Imperial Realms, would have eclipsed the total amount of all mighty ones found in the other three thousand realms. No one found that notion unbelievable.

That was because all the most powerful cultivators found throughout the three thousand realms were found there.

There was a reason why the likes of Crimson Dragon Emperor, who was the lord of the main realm in an entire realm region, were few and far between.

When one reached Renhuang Plane, they would have ruled over a realm, like the emperors of Emperor Xias Realm and Emperor Lis Realm.

Renhuangs who were unable to rule a realm themselves would have submitted to the rule of Crimson Dragon Emperor all the same. There was simply no reason for them to not head to that Supreme Imperial Realm.

There would have been more of their peers in that realm, and what they sought after would have been found there as well.

As such, those who were at the very pinnacle in all of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path, would have either ruled over a realm themselves, or train in the most powerful of realmsa Supreme Imperial Realm.

It could have even been said that those top notch forces found at Crimson Dragon Realm, forces who had Holiness of Nirvanas serving as anchors, would have been hardly worth mentioning once reaching Heavenly Mandate Realm. Their background would have been rendered meaningless.

As such, despite being top notch geniuses found in their respective turf, they would have been moved one way or another.

But then again, other than being somewhat anxious, what they would have actually felt was more in the area of excitement and anticipation.

That was how cultivation was after all.

Ye Futian returned to Qianye City and his state of mind was not all that shaken, behaving as his usual self.

That was because to him, that was something that would have happened sooner or later, and he long had the psychological readiness for it.

It had always been his goal after all.

Be it for Jieyu or for unraveling his hidden past, it was destined that he must reach further heights.

He gathered everyone around after returning to Qianye City.

Qin Xuangang, Yan Yuan and the others headed to Qianye City from Xiang City. There were also the Holiness of Nirvanas from the tribes coming all the way from Ancient Imperial City. All of them gathered at Qianye City.

That grand matrix of spaces activation allowed all of them to bring their own people for the trip.

Ye Futian was thinking about who he would have brought on that very trip.

Yu Sheng and Xia Qingyuan were definitely included without a doubt. They were definitely need around.

His elder brother, the Sword Saint, Gu Dongliu and the others would have been taken along as well.

That department had been easy. The key, however, was the Holiness of Nirvanas that he would have taken with him.

Qianye City was considered firmly established in Crimson Dragon Realm, and no one would have had any ideas about the city without good reasons, but there was still a need for someone to stay behind nonetheless.

Id be bringing Chunyang, Lu Chuan shall head out with you people. Yan Yuan and Nan Zhai would stay behind in Xiang City to look after Feixue, Qi Xuangang said. He needed to head out to a place like Heavenly Mandate Realm with them.

Id be coming too, father, Feixue said. She wanted to come along as well.

No, you cant go to the Supreme Imperial Realm, Qi Xuangang said. There were simply too many mighty ones found in such a realm. All manner of people with peculiar abilities and personalities across the board would have been found there.

The risk of taking Feixue along was simply too high.

Once the secret with her condition was exposed, Qi Xuangangs status as a Holiness of Nirvana at the pinnacle of his training would not have been enough to protect her.

As such, he did not want Feixue to head out to a place like a Supreme Imperial Realm, until Feixue had grown powerful enough to control the powers in her body at will, even incorporating it into her own powers.

But by the time she became able to do so, she would have probably surpassed her father.

Feixue was capable of sensing emotions of others. She naturally knew that the Imperial Advisor would have absolutely forbidden for her to come along. She was understandably exasperated but she did not say anything else, feeling only somewhat dejected.

The planes of Yan Yuan and Nan Zhai had stabilized and they had exceptional states of mind. Yan Yuan was already a Holiness of Nirvana, and it would have only been a matter of time before Nan Zhai reaches such a plane as well.

As such, he chose to bring Mu Chunyang and Lu Chuan with him on the pilgrimage, to have a look at Heavenly Mandate Realm with their own eyes.

Yan Yuan and Nan Zhai were left behind to take care of Feixue.

Futian, Ill leave the rest of the candidates up to you. Just be mindful of not bringing too many. It is our first time heading out there and we still havent got a foothold after all. We would have another chance in the future, and then we shall bring more with us then, Qi Xuangang said to Ye Futian, seemingly reminding him.

Ye Futian understood that an overly huge group would have meant difficulty in moving around.Read the next chapter on our

It was especially so if they were to run into any trouble, and the large size would have only proved to be a hindrance, setting them back.

Alright. Ye Futian nodded. He naturally understood what Qi Xuangang meant.

Big brother, dont leave me behind. Long Linger looked at Ye Futian with a begging look. She had a bad feeling about things.

Kids need to stay behind here and train. Ye Futian knocked her head a little and Long Linger was baffled. Kids? Me?

Im almost an old hag now. Long Linger mumbled in a speechless manner. However, age of cultivators was looked at differently from how it was with common people. Despite her advanced age, she looked young and spiffy nonetheless.

She had been making progress throughout the years, but when compared to Ye Futianshe was still rather nothing much.

In truth, it was not just her; everyone was making progress as well.

Those are still not yet saints, it is better for you people to not head out this time. Ye Futian continued, Devote your time to train here in Crimson Dragon Realm, and get to Saint Plane as soon as possible.

Many looked dejected at Ye Futians words. No going in this trip before becoming a saint huh?

There were many who had yet to become saints.

But then again, Ye Futian had also told them to first train in Crimson Dragon Realm. There were still many places in the realm that they had yet to explore, so they held off going to a Supreme Imperial Realm for now. Everything was to be decided later after making a breakthrough into Saint Plane.

They would have only served as baggage otherwise.

Seven days were over in the blink of an eye. Mighty ones gathered in Qianye City on that day, to send their City Lord and his entourage off.

Even Zhuge Mingyue elected to stay behind due to yet becoming a saint. She would have been able to head out in that trip still, as her might as the second sister was still there nonetheless, but she just did not want to be of too much trouble to Ye Futian and the others.

It was as her little brother put it, they had to first dedicate themselves to their training, and strive to make it through Saint Plane to catch up.

Ye Futian left behind sacred spirit stones and training methods. Even if they were to simply boost their training only with resources, they needed to at least get to the pinnacle below Saint Plane. So long as their states of mind proved to be sound, getting into Saint Plane would not have been much of a problem.

The Saint Plane was a threshold in itself, and ones state of mind was of the utmost importance.

Wait for me to come home, Gu Dongliu stood before Zhuge Mingyue and said.

Relax, Im not running off with someone else. Take care of our little brother, Zhuge Mingyue smiled and said.

Ye Futian felt rather speechless, finding her second sister to still be that tough and unyielding.

Second sister, you seriously think Id need looking after? Ye Futian shrugged and said.

Yeah right. Zhuge Mingyue glared at Ye Futian and said, Why do you think these people are here for? Who among them is not looking after you?

Ye Futian felt speechless again and then looked at the ones beside, before saying, Touche, second sister.

Good to hear. If Jieyu is still here, you have to bring her back to see me, Zhuge Mingyue said in a solemn manner. She and Hua Jieyu were like actual, biological sisters. It was her to picked up Jieyu from the Land of Hundred Nations and had the younger woman train in the Zhuge clan. Zhuge Mingyue really wanted to see that woman who had the looks of a fairy, who was strong yet delicate at the same time.

Ye Futian felt rather sorrowful hearing what his second sister said and nodded solemnly. He then turned around and walked, saying, Lets go.

All of them headed out en masse, waving goodbyes to their loved ones.

That trip was truly an expedition. The distance between where they were and their destination, would have been a lot further than what was between Emperor Xias Realm and Crimson Dragon Realm.

The place they were heading toa Supreme Imperial Realmwould have had mighty ones all over the place, and that place would have been at the very pinnacle of the three thousand realms.

That would have truly been the place where Ye Futian belonged.

He would have met the most extraordinary of figures in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path, as well the greatest of the best of geniuses.

He would have truly found his match there.

And of course, he would have found friends there as well.

Many were already at the royal palace when Ye Futian and the others arrived, and people from all corners of the realm had mighty ones among them.

Ye Futian saw many familiar facesPei Min, Duan Wuji, Yin Tianjiao, Luo Yang, Jiang Taie, and many other legendary figures. All of them would have headed out, and all of them brought many mighty ones with them as well.

Chi Shang and Yu Shifei were naturally there as well. They looked like a match made in heaven just by standing together, and that probably had to do with both of them being very much in love with each other.

Crimson Dragon Emperor had also sent his people as well, but there were but a handful of them, and they have all definitely been top notch figures as well.

Greetings, senior, Im Chi Shang. He nodded after seeing Qi Xuangang, who was by Ye Futians side. People like Qi Xuangang, who had been able to cut down the Ninth Servant, was hardly found even in the royal palace.

Youre too kind, your highness, Qi Xuangang answered.

The Regional Palace is getting ready to list you on the Regional King Rankings, and maybe we might see another Renhuang rise in Crimson Dragon Realm, Chi Shang smiled and said.

Many people around them were busy getting ready while they talked.

An extremely huge grand matrix of space gradually lit up. Countless images brightened and shot to the skies. That grand matrix had many stone pillars around, which increasingly brightened as they were entwined with the images below. A beam of light shooting to the sky appeared at the center of the grand matrix, as if it was cleaving a great path of space.

Lets go, everyone, Chi Shang said and everyone headed to the grand matrix.

The dazzling beam of light became increasingly terrifying, swallowing their surroundings and a strong will of the great path of space shrouded even the extremely huge and vast royal palace. That grand matrix devoured space powers in a frenzy, extending its area-of-effect outside the royal palace.

The world around them rumbled and as a beam like no other lit up, the intense shock was felt throughout the incredibly vast area. Everyone was able to see a beam of light of space shooting up to the heavens.