The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331 Just Arrived

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The Nine Supreme Imperial Realms served as the absolute center of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path.

The Heavenly Mandate Realm was one of those nine realms.

There were countless cultivators found among the massive population of Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Many Renhuangs opened up their own clans and forces at that realm due specifically to the realm being such a place, establishing their own orthodoxies and imparting their own ways.

There were several supreme forces being a cut above the rest in that realm, positioning themselves at the very peak. They pursued true supremacy and transcendence, which was also the final goal for all Renhuangs.

There were too many regions with Heavenly Mandate Realm and every single region was extremely vast, with populations of cultivators each reaching hundreds of millions.

They were Renhuang class beings who reigned supreme over all, but there were also many weak cultivators eking out at obscure places.

But of course, the bulk of the population was found somewhere in the middle. They struggled in the harsh environment around them as they advance, making their way towards greater heights and accomplishments.

The Celestial Sword Li Clan, the Demon Slayer Clan, the Yun Clan of Luo City were all such forces. They were all at the very pinnacle in their respective regions, but they still struggled to move to higher heights nonetheless.

However, that proved to be an arduous challenge.

At that moment, in the sky above the Buzhou Ridge, mighty ones from the three major forces stood against one another around a mountain.

Sword will permeated the sky above that ancient peak, as if countless divine swords were circling in the heavens. A group of people somewhere was seen wearing ancient swords on their backs, with their sword aura sweeping the vast area. Their might, which originated from the great path, was incredibly fearsome.

In another corner, there was a group of people wearing golden attire. Their might of the great path shrouded the entire area as their auras burst, as if golden rings were fired, clashing with the sword auras in an invisible manner in the air.

In yet another corner, a group of people of extraordinary aura had their brimming will shrouded their surroundings, bursting with their own power just like the other two.

The three forces almost seemed that they were at even odds with one another. All of them wanted that peak for themselves, or precisely-put, a piece of the cut cliff.

That cliff seemed to contain a huge mural, which somehow also looked like a statue.

The brimming will of the great path on it seemed to suggest that it was left behind by a Renhuang.

It was apparent that all three forces were fighting for that piece of item.

We of the Celestial Sword shall have the mural. The leading woman of the Li Clan stepped forward at that moment. Her voice was cold and the will of her sword swept all over the sky as she declared, striking out at the other two persons standing across her.

Well see if youd be able to take it in the first place. A mighty one from the Demon Slayer Clan responded. A loud clang was heard and her sword will seemed to have clashed with the aura bursting from that mighty one.

The ones from the Celestial Sword clan were known for their peerless offensive prowess, yet the mighty ones from the Demon Slayer Clan practiced very overbearing methods. They were not about to just yield a piece left by a Renhuang to others.

There were many inklings or ruins left behind by Renhuangs throughout Heavenly Mandate Realm, and those places were always targets of all manner of forces, and why they fought each other.

Those sites or items were used for cultivation purposes, as well as some other uses at times.

The mighty ones from the Yun Clan did not say anything, yet the auras bursting from them remained just as overbearing, shrouding the place and getting ready for war.

However, at that moment, a beam of dazzling light shot from the air and it fell before any of them were able to react. The beam of light burst through the will of great path surrounding the area, and blasted onto that peak.

The expression of the crowd changed slightly after they reacted to what was happening. Their eyes were all on that beam of light, before hearing a rumble indicating the crumbling of the ridge.

When they looked at where that beam of light landed, everyones faces were ashen and they looked extremely grim.

That wall which all of them was after, had ended up crushed.

That wall had writings left behind personally by a Renhuang, containing complete will of great path of a Renhuang. However, that piece was not actually some kind of ritual implement or treasure and as such, was not all that sturdy to begin with. The writings were no more as soon as the wall broke, and that will of great path within dissipated as well.

Its gone? The eyes of the ones in the crowd looked fascinating and their hearts raced.

It seemed that everyone was baffled over what happened.

All of them were wondering what that beam of light that blasted the wall had been.

Someone emerged from the rubble of the crushed wall at that moment. His clothes were ragged and looked rather unkempt. It was only one person.

That person seemed to still look dazed. He shook his head for a bit and his silver hair billowed. He then looked up around him and found angry, cold eyes glaring at him.

That silver-haired figure was none other than Ye Futian, who came from Crimson Dragon Realm.

Where are the others? Ye Futian looked around him. None of the others were around. He recalled when they traversed the space, he seemed to remember hazily a very powerful being who happened to pass by, intending to intercept that great path of space flying through the air. Despite that being having been to slow to actually do so, That being nonetheless cut up the great path of space that was just about to open up, severing their path.

And then, what just happened, happened.

Is this Heavenly Mandate Realm? Ye Futian muttered to himself. He had no idea if he reached his intended destination. That being would have probably been a Renhuang class mighty one. They would not have been able to intercept such a great path of space otherwise.

They had definitely ran into a super being when they traversed space, who wanted to intercept them and find out who they were. That being was unable to do so, for the energies that sent them there, contained with the grand matrix of space, was extremely frightening.

But then again, Ye Futian realized that he did not seem to have the time to figure out where he was. His top priority at that moment, was to stay alive.

Those eyes that were glaring at him seemed to be saying that they wanted to kill him where he stood.

After he steadied himself, he cupped his hands and said to the crowd of the three forces, Some issues happened with the teleportation. Im very sorry to cause all of you trouble.

He was about to leave after saying so.

Yet, he sensed towering sword will zipping past his body as soon as he move his legs. That sword will was extremely sharp and terrifying killing intent of the sword shrouded him. The howling current of the sword above seemed to be able to kill him right where he stood, forcing him to stay where he was.

Those people all sported very powerful auras. There were some who were actually Unblemished Saints and it was apparent that there were many of them.

You think you could just leave like that? A mighty one from the Demon Slayer Clan asked with a cold expression. The leader looked imposing as his eyes glared at Ye Futian below. He then turned to the other two forces and continued, Seems like weve gotten all riled up for nothing. How do you suppose we deal with this?

The one who talked turned his attention at the leader of the Celestial Sword Li Clan, who was a beautiful woman wore simple attire. Her form-fitting garb was clean and without frills, making her look dashing as sword will coiled around her.

Her eyes were cold as she glared at Ye Futian.

You have any Renhuang treasures with you? The woman asked coldly.

Ye Futian frowned and answered, No, I dont.

He naturally denied right away at that moment. If he were to hesitate, those people would have had second thoughts about him.

Hand over all valuables you have on you. If any one of them was worth a Renhuangs item, you get to live. Li Ruoshuangs voice was cold as she continued, Otherwise, kill yourself right here, right now.

She had been very fixated on that thing left over by a Renhuang.

That item was ended up destroyed by Ye Futian.

What was done, was done. What is the point of killing him. He is but an unlucky which had gotten thrown around by a teleportation attempt. Just let him leave. An elder from the Yun Clan of Luo City. There was no point crying over spilled milk after all.

If even such a teleportation had gone hay-wired, he knew that Ye Futian could not have been someone from some noteworthy force, and there was no point backing him to a corner. It was better to just spare him.

Youre very generous indeed, Elder Yun. But who shall be responsible for that broken Renhuang relic? Li Ruoshuang continued to say with a bone-chilling tone.

The way she looked at it, that piece which ended up destroyed had belonged to her.

The destruction of that item would have affected her future plans considerably.

So what if you kill him? Elder Yun then continued, You have superb talents, Li Ruoshuang, and youre a one with rare potential among the Celestial Sword practitioners. Too bad that your state of mind is too brutal and cold, and youre too fixated with the way of the sword.

Youre the one to talk, Li Ruoshuang responded coldly. Her eyes did not look at Elder Yun, making as if the elder was not worth her time.

Mighty ones at her side stepped out and walked towards Ye Futian as soon as she spoke.

Cold sword will shrouded Ye Futians body, seeping with intense killing intent. It was apparent that they were being serious, and they truly wanted Ye Futian to pay for their loss with his life.

Ye Futians frowned hard. While it was true that he was to be partially blamed for the incident, he did not do so intentionally and it was all an accident. He had no control over anything back then.

From the way the conversation was carried between those people, he realized that he seemed to have destroyed a mural left by a Renhuang.

While I do not have a Renhuang treasure, I would make it up to you to the best of my ability, Ye Futian looked at that woman and said.

Li Ruoshuang was unmoved. Her eyes remained cold as she said, Take everything in his storage ring.

Li Ruoshuang, I suppose we of the Demon Slayer Clan should have a cut as well, the mighty one from the Demon Slayer Clan said. Some of his mighty ones stepped out and walked towards Ye Futian as well.

They looked emotionless. There was not a hint of compassion in their eyes as they looked at him, only uncaring coldness.

Ye Futian sensed that he was being enveloped by killing intent and did not say anything more. He unleashed his aura, sensing the will of the great path around him.

A Saint of True Self? Those who sensed Ye Futians aura looked rather puzzled. Ye Futian looked rather young and they somehow were unable to get why he was already at such a plane.

An elder from the Celestial Sword Clan, who too was a Saint of True Self, stepped out and his sword will was towering, seemingly having turned into a sword himself.

He arrived right before Ye Futian within an instant and lashed out with his finger. The sword at the tip of his finger flowed, and sword will of the great will washed all over them like a river of the heavens, bursting within an instant and intending to end Ye Futian right away.

Boom. Light of stars coursed all over Ye Futians body. The Starry Battle Form of his was shining brilliantly. He lifted his arm and pointed a finger as well, clashing with his opponent without flinching at all.

You have a death wish then.

That elder was cold as he pointed. Countless might of killing swords tore through space as he pointed.

At the same time, Ye Futians finger reached his target as wellthe finger of his opponent.

Boom, boom, boomextremely terrifying way of Entropy seeped right into the finger, breaking it right away. The surge of power ran all the way up the elders arm and burst into his body.

A loud rumble was heard and then explosions were heard within his body. His back seemed to have been busted by a force. All of his internal organs crumbled in a frenzy.

His eyes were frozen right there and then, staring straight at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian pulled his finger back and saw his opponent slowly dropping to the ground.

A finger attack was it took to kill his opponent.

He had just gotten to the realm, and he had already killed a saint.