The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1336

Chapter 1336 An Accident

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Yun Teng came to the villa where Ye Futian was.

Sir. Ye Futian opened his eyes and saluted. He was cultivating.

I just found a cultivator roaming around in the Luo City. His name is Yu Sheng. Do you know him? asked Yun Teng.

Ye Futian paused a second and then nodded, smiling. He didnt expect Yu Sheng was nearby.

Where is he? he stood up and asked.

Lets go, Yun Teng said and turned around. Ye Futian followed him, and soon they flashed away from the Yun Residence.

In Luo City, a lot of people gathered in one place, bustling with noise. Some cultivators were lying on the ground. All of them were Saint-Level cultivators with some fame in Luo City. They were usually considered geniuses.

However, at this moment, they had been beaten down; all were lying on the ground. Next to them, their seniors were encircling a burly person in anger.

Do you want to intervene in this, too, people from Yun Clan? said a senior angrily. This burly person was too arrogant.

Ye Futian was dumbstruck. He immediately recognized that burly figure from a distance. It could only be Yu Sheng.

For real, this guy liked making trouble more than Ye Futian did.

Yu Sheng! shouted Ye Futian. The burly beast, who was releasing a ferocious life force, paused a second and turned around. When he saw Ye Futian, he grinned. The life force on his body suddenly disappeared. He flashed in front of Ye Futian.

Seeing Ye Futian staring at him, Yu Sheng turned his head and pretended as if nothing had happened.

For my sake, would you mind putting an end to the thing today? Yun Teng looked toward these people and pleaded. These people seemed quite discontented, but they also had scruples about Yun Teng, since the Yun Clan was the lord of this city; Yun Teng was of Unblemished Plane, and none of them dared to challenge him.

Since you have spoken, surely we will not do anything serious. Its just this boy is too arrogant. In his eyes, we were like nothing. If we dont teach him a lesson, we cant appease peoples anger, said one senior. Obviously, they still looked quite furious. Just because of one squabble, he brought them all to their knees. Some peoples hands and legs were fractured. He was such an *sshole!

Since then, you dont need to lend a hand, said Yu Sheng to Yun Teng. He took one step forward and said to these discontented people, For those of you who have complaints, come on, fight me.

After speaking, he released a fierce life force from his body. Those seniors mouths twitched. Just now, they had fought once. Although they were all seniors of the True Self Plane and Yu Sheng was just at the apex of Doctrine Saint Plane, inferior to them in terms of level, Yu Shengs fist almost broke their hand bones.

If they had real combat they didnt have the confidence.

Where did this *sshole come from?

One fist knocked out a warrior of his same Plane. Even to the higher-Plane warriors, he showed no mercy, either.

Yun Teng looked toward Ye Futian. Ye Futian was quite awkward. Before, when he as a Doctrine Saint fought with Xing Kai the True Self Saint, Yu Sheng was also at the apex of Doctrine Saint Plane. He could even beat Xing Kai, the strongest warrior of Crimson Dragon Realm. As for fighting with the True Self Saints of the Luo City

That shouldnt be a big deal.

Sir, my friend was really out of line. Maybe he needs some discipline. Lets not get involved, said Ye Futian to Yun Teng.

Yun Teng paused a second and didnt know what Ye Futian meant. Did he really want to treat his friend like this?

But since Ye Futian said so, he nodded and said, If so, I will let you handle it. But please show some mercy.

After Xing Kai finished talking, Yu Sheng took a step forward. Suddenly the ferocious Demonic Will rumbled around his body. He was dressed in a Demonic Deitys armor. Even the strongest True-Self-Plane senior shook his arms and twitched his mouth, staring at those demonic eyes.

He thought to himself that if he were defeated by this young person here, perhaps his long-established fame would be buried here today.

Thinking about this, he said, Lets call it a day. I dont want to face any controversy related to bullying young people.

He waved his hand, indicating he didnt want to fight.

Nah, I dont mind at all, said Yu Sheng. He continued stepping forward. A gust of violent force pushed ahead and added pressure on the senior, whose face turned pale.

What did this *sshole mean?

The senior tossed his sleeves back and said, I dont want to cause controversy. For Mr. Yuns sake, I will put it to an end.

After saying that, he directly turned around and left with those young warriors, who had been pounded to the ground. He just left like that.

It was too

The crowd around them blinked in disbelief. What was this situation?

Just now, they couldnt wait to fight and had to stop because that person from the Yun Clan intervened, but now they had just let it go?

Yun Teng didnt understand it, either.

Yu Sheng looked toward others and said, How about you come over to fight me?

Nah, we dont bully young people, either.

Since Mr. Yun has spoken, we shouldnt quibble over it, they all said and left with their people. Seeing others leave, of course, they knew what had happened.

They had no confidence in winning over him.

Soon, they all went away, crestfallen. No one claimed they wanted revenge.

Yu Sheng was standing at the center. No one could fight. He looked quite unhappy and let out a sigh, murmuring, They were all very boastful.

Then he retrieved his force and walked to Ye Futians side.

Yun Teng was like, ???

They dared not fight?

He also saw through something and showed little surprise. This friend of Ye Futians was just a young man of Doctrine Plane, and he scared away old people of True Self Plane?

They all ran away like that.

Thinking about how Ye Futian killed people of the Celestial Sword Li Clan with one strike, he was somehow speechless. It seemed that these people from the Crimson Dragon Realm all had excessively strong combat power.

If so, when Ye Futian told him not to intervene, Ye Futian was not teaching Yu Sheng a lesson. He was obviously bullying them.

What happened? Ye Futian looked at Yu Sheng and said. He didnt know what to say; was it fun to bully them like that?

Their tone was too arrogant while they were too weak, said Yu Sheng. Ye Futian was speechless and didnt need to ask anything. Although Yu Sheng hardly showed mercy in a fight, he knew when it was time to act properly. It must have been that someone offended him; otherwise, he would not have started the fight for no reason.

Have you met anyone else? asked Ye Futian.

No, after the space was distorted, I fell outside the city, and then I directly entered the city, said Yu Sheng.

So our locations were not very far. After the space was distorted, others should land within Emperor Qis territory, too, said Ye Futian in a soft voice. Sir, after a few days, we will go to the Imperial City with you.

If all of them were in Emperor Qis territory, as he had speculated, he should be able to find some people in the Imperial City.

All right, said Yun Teng, nodding. After a few days, they will depart for the Imperial City.

Not only them, but other warriors in Emperor Qis territory would also go, too.

For many cultivators, the Palace Examination in Imperial City was a great opportunity.

It was an opportunity that could even change their destiny.

Soon, they returned to the Yun Residence. Knowing that Yu Sheng had come, Yun Qianyue came to visit. She stared him up and down curiously. From Yu Sheng, she could perceive a gust of invisible pressure. It was as if he had a peerless imposing attribute in his body. He was able to intimidate so many True Self Saints as a Doctrine Saint, which meant he must be a very unusual figure.

But Yue Qianyue learned from her grandpa that Yu Sheng listened to Mr. Ye.

Sir Ye was very mysterious to her. She had been cultivating under Ye Futians instruction for a few days and had made great improvements.

He was always so gentle and well mannered, but so far, she had never seen through Sir Ye once. He was like the sea, like stars in the sky.

Sir Yu, I am glad to meet you, saluted Yun Qianyue, slightly bowing. Yu Sheng felt the form of address kind of weird, but he nodded a little bit.

Yun Qianyue felt Yu Sheng was not very easygoing, so she just gave up and said to Ye Futian, Sir, I have mentioned to my mother that I want to become your disciple and cultivate with you. My mother doesnt mind. Can you take me as a disciple?

Seeing Yun Qianyue mention it again, Ye Futian forced a dry smile. Yun Qianyues talent was outstanding, and she was a good person, too. Ye Futian liked her amiable personality. He didnt mind receiving a disciple if he were in Emperor Xias Realm, but due to the thing he was ready to do in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, he was not able to let Yun Qianyue travel with him.

There were so many people of Sage Plane in Thousand Leaves City that he didnt take.

He shook his head and said, Qianyue, its not like I dont want to take you on as a disciple. Its just I have my own thing to do in Heavenly Mandate Realm, and I dont want to take care of you.

Yun Qianyue nodded. There was a disappointment in her eyes. She said, The thing you want to do must be very difficult.

Ye Futian nodded. He wanted to go to the Brahmas Pure Sky to find his own roots; it couldnt be easy.

If so, I will say yes to the Lord, Yun Qianyue said with a smile. The Lord said he wanted to specially raise me and take me to the Palace Examination in the future. One day, maybe I will have the change to cultivate under Emperor Qis throne.

Ye Futian nodded and said, Your talent is very outstanding; that shouldnt be a problem. In the future, you will definitely be able to cultivate with the Renhuang and learn teachings from him.

Maybe, you will become Renhuang, too, said Yun Qianyu, laughing. I should go back. After a few days, I will go to the Imperial City with you.

Yes, Ye Futian said and nodded.

After Yun Qianyue left, Yu Sheng looked toward Ye Futian and said, She sincerely wanted you to become her master. Why dont you take her on as your disciple?

I must be responsible for her if I take her as my disciple. We will leave after a few days. Why do I let her miss me? said Ye Futian. Yu Sheng didnt say anything.

During these days, everything looked quietly in the Yun Residence; the departure day was approaching.

On this day, Ye Futian practiced a set of fist skills and just finished cultivation. Suddenly, he heard noises from outside.

What happens? Ye Futian frowned. He looked into the distance and saw in the Yun Residence. There was light of thunder falling from the sky. It was as if a fight was about to break out.

Father, is this the way you treat me? someone let out a furious roar, echoing in the Yun Residence.

Ye Futians heart suddenly sank; it was Yun Tengs voice.

Lets go and see, said Ye Futian to Yu Sheng. They directly flashed there, where many people had gathered.

Yun Teng and Yun Ni were standing in the crowd. Yun Nin looked grief-stricken. There was absolute despair and even hatred in that pair of eyes, which were staring at people of the Yun Clan.

Anything happen? said Ye Futian to himself. He had a bad feeling about it.

Sending Qianyue away. It is for her future! an old man said to Yun Teng and Yun Ni while looking at them. His manner was solemn and imposing; his voice was sonorous, like a large bells chime!