The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337 Heading To The Imperial City

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For the future? Yun Teng questioned.

There was a coldness in Yun Tengs eyes. He stared at his father, the lord of the Yun Clan.

His father had promised to cultivate Qianxue before. He used to believe it was true and thought his father wanted to atone for Qianxues fathers death in this way.

Obviously, he thought too much.

Qianxue didnt go to the Imperial City with them; she was sent away beforehand with many other outstanding ladies of the clan.

But the person who picked them up was from the Zhong Clan of the Imperial City.

How could Yun Teng not understand that the Yun Clanhis familyhad sold Qianyue in exchange for the family interest?

So, you sent her to the Zhong Clan for the future? The light of lightning exuded from Yun Tengs body. He tried to control his fury and snarled in a low voice, Qianyue is still young, but she has shown very unusual talent. The Clan has already been indebted to her because of her fathers death. Why do you still want to do this?

He was even reluctant to believe that it was a thing the Yun Clan of Luo City could do.

They couldnt be more cold-blooded.

It was Qianyues extraordinary talent that made the Zhong Clan pay attention to her. You are very clear about the Zhong Clans status. She will have a better future with them, continued Lord Yun.

Father, I cant believe such brazen speech came out of your mouth, said Yun Teng, the light of thunder flowing around his body. In Emperor Qis territory, everyone knows the cultivation method of the Zhong Clan. Zhong Qiuthe current successor of Zhong Clanis notorious for his cultivation of Ultimate Will of Ice. He cultivated in the pure Yin power of the Will of Yin Yang, even via womens bodies. People all tried to stay away from them. Only those shameless families send good women to the Zhong Clan as maids in order to seek connection with them. I didnt expect that you, my father, also became one of them. It is so ridiculous.

Being a maid was a subordinate job in the world of cultivation. Zhong Qiu of the Zhong Clan hadnt married yet but had already had many maids to help him cultivate and gain fame.

Such a way of cultivation should have been looked down upon, but the Zhong Clan had a lofty status in Heavenly Mandate Realm and never forced others, so powerful clans still often sent their women to the Zhong Clan. Yun Teng thought such a thing would be far away from them.

Although he knew Yun Clan had been trying to establish a connection with the Zhong Clan, he didnt expect they used such a despicable way.

Watch your mouth! Lord Yun rebuked him. The Zhong Clan cares for Qianyues talent. Zhong Qiu is the strongest warrior in Emperor Qis territory. If Qianyue stays with him, in the future, she might have the chance to marry Zhong Qiu. I have also asked them to treat Qianyue nicely. In the future, even if she cant become his wife, as long as Qianyue performs well, it is not hard to become a mistress. I dont know whats wrong with it.

You want her to please others to become a mistress, said Yun Nin, tearing up, utterly broken-hearted, just because her last name is not Yun?

You are despicable, Yun Chong. It was your idea, right? Using my daughter to trade for your sons future.

She glanced at the people in the crowd, and finally, her crimson eyes fell upon Yun Chong and his son Yun Mo.

Yun Mo was the most talented Saint-Plane man of this generation in the Yun Clan. All the Yun people had been resting their hopes on him, and since Lord Yun used her daughter to trade, the only possible reason was to help Yun Mo.

You, shut up.

Yun Mo took an emotionless glance at Yun Ni and said coldly, All people of the Yun Clan work for the benefit of the clan. You refused to hand the person over for your personal reasons and offended the Zuoqiu Clan, so you are supposed to be the one to pay for it. I got news from the Imperial City that the Celestial Sword Li Clan may seek connection with Zuoqiu Clan via marriage. You must know that only Zhong Clan is able to fight against the Zuoqiu Clan, and Zhong Qiu of the Zhong Clan is the only one comparable with that genius of the Zuoqiu Clan. You have made mistakes without regard to our clan interest once, and now its time for you to make a sacrifice. You are acting presumptuously here. I should warn you, dont forget what your last name is.

Ye Futian observed all that happened silently. He now understood everything.

Yun Chong, who had been acting nicely, finally showed his true colors.

For the clan interest?

Of course, he was willing to sacrifice other peoples children instead of his own and even his child for the so-called clan.

Was Qianyue taken to the Zhong Clan and traded like goods?

As a maid.

The status of a maid was inferior; she had to listen to every order of the master and belonged to the master physically and mentally.

How dare he say it was for Qianyue?

As Yun Teng had said, they were shameless.

The crueler the cultivation land was, the more the people there worshipped self-interest.

But he knew arguing was meaningless.

The way of thinking was rooted in their veins. Despicable people wouldnt think of themselves as despicable; they would believe what they thought was all true. Otherwise, they would not have reached their current cultivation plane while questioning themselves.

Sir, Maam, arguing with them is meaningless. Lets go to the Imperial City, Ye Futian said to Yun Teng and Yun Ni.

Qianyue was not sent away for a long time. They could still catch up with her if they hurried.

Do you have the right to speak here?

An arrogant voice came. Yun Chongs son Yun Mo glanced at Ye Futian with coldness. Dont forget who caused the trouble.

Yu Sheng saw Yun Mo act like this and released the imposing life force from his body. Ye Futian looked quite calm. Although he had the thought to kill, he was still trying to control his fury.

The speaker was the so-called future of the Yun Clan; all things the Yun Clan had done were for him.

Qianyue has been cultivating with me, so she is like a half-disciple of mine. If anything happens to her, I will not let anyone of you go, Ye Futian said calmly, but there was a chill hidden under this calmness, which made one feel like the temperature had been lowered.

The lord of the Yun Clan looked at him. At this moment, he seemed to be able to perceive a special disposition from this True-Self Plane young man. His disposition seemed to be the leadership of a person in a lofty position with disdain for the Yun Clan.

He, as a Nirvana-Plane Saint, suddenly perceived a keen sense of threat from this young man.

Yun Chong and Yun Mo took a glance at Ye Futian with surprise. There seemed to be some contempt in his glance. He would not let anyone go?

Who did he think he was?

Ye Futian took one step forward and said to Yun Teng and Yun Ni, Wed better hurry up. Dont waste time here.

Okay, Yun Teng nodded and said, trying to restrain his anger. He wanted to leave with Yun Ni. Someone blocked their way, but Lord Yun said, Just let them go.

He knew it was unfair to Yun Teng and Yun Ni, but as Yun Chong had said, once the Celestial Sword Li Clan had a connection with the Zuoqiu Clan through marriage, they who had a grudge with the Celestial Sword Li Clan would be in danger.

They must get rid of this situation, and the only way they could find was to get close to the Zhong Clan.

There must be a sacrifice for the clan.

We should depart, too, continued Lord Yun. Yun Teng was just an Unblemished Saint, and he was of Nirvana Plane. They would reach the Imperial City prior to Yun Teng, and they would inform the Zhong Clan beforehand.

Yun Teng wouldnt do anything bad, and he didnt want anything happened to Yun Teng, either, since he was his heir.

He could judge by Yun Tengs cultivation Plane that Yun Teng couldnt do anything big even if he reached the Imperial City.

The large group of warriors of the Yun Clan started their journey. They drove their divine instruments instead of walking and drew a flash of lightning on the sky dome. They directly surpassed Yun Teng and others and headed into the distance.

Yun Teng and others looked quite embarrassed. According to the plan, they were supposed to depart with other clan members and reach the Palace Examination on time.

Sir Yun, the date of the Palace Examination is approaching, right? asked Ye Futian. His plan was also to keep up with the Yun Clan warriors.

Yes, nodded Yun Teng.

If so, the Zhong Clan will also prepare for the Palace Examination, and temporarily, Qianyue should be safe. Sir and Maam, you dont need to worry too much, said Ye Futian.

Even though Ye Futian said so, Yun Teng and Yun Shang didnt look relaxed at all. How could they not worry about them?

Even though nothing had happened, the situation was still

Even Yun Clan didnt dare to provoke such a giant like Zhong Clan, not to mention them. Would it work even if they reached the Imperial City?

But now they were not allowed to think that much; they could only go there first.

Qianyue is my half-disciple. I will handle it when we reach the Imperial City, continued Ye Futian. Both Yun Teng and Yun Shang looked at him. Ye Futian seemed to be serious, just like when he threatened Lord Yun. He looked very confident.

Okay, said Yun Shang, nodding. Qianyue trusted Mr. Ye; she even wanted to be his disciple and follow him to cultivate. Every time after cultivation, Qianyue often spoke highly of Mr. Ye in front of her.

So, unconsciously, she also felt Ye Futian was a very unusual person.

Now, since he said so, the hope was also growing in her heart.

Or maybe, he had the chance to do it. It, at least, was a wisp of hope no matter how bleak it was.

In Emperor Qis territory, in the solemn Imperial City, above the sky dome, warriors traveled in the air.

Today, all the warriors within Emperor Qis territory gathered in the Imperial City and headed to the core of the city.

It was the start date of the Palace Examination of Emperor Qis territory. The chosen ones would have the opportunity to cultivate with Emperor Qi and learn his teachings.

Heavenly Mandate Realm was the Ultimate Renhuang Realm; it was also the one among the 3,000 Realms of the Great Law, who honored the martial spirit most. Here, everyone pursued the Law of Martial Arts. Such zeal spread across the endless realm.

People from all directions would not miss this great event.

Even then, many powers had already arrived beforehand.

When the Palace Examination was about to start, Ye Futian and the other three had arrived. However, they didnt directly head toward the place where the Palace Examination was held, but rather, they went to visit the Zhong Clan, with Yun Teng as the lead.

Compared with the Palace Examination, they cared more about Yun Qianyues safety. As for the Palace Examination, they did not care for it.

Their speed was extremely fast. They were so worried that something would happen to Yun Qianyue that they moved at the fastest pace.

Finally, when the Palace Examination began, they had reached the Zhong Clan Residence in the Imperial City!