The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338 The So Called Genius

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Ye Futian they reached the Zhong Clan and were blocked by guards of the Residence.

Ye Futian slightly nodded to Yun Teng and Yun Ni, then walked up to the front of the guards and said, We are from the Yun Clan of Luo City. Before long, our lady Yun Qianyue came to your residence. This is her grandfather. This is her mother. Please pass the message that we came to visit her.

The Zhong Clan and the Zuoqiu Clan had similar levels of power and owned four warriors of Nirvana Plane. Still, since the Palace Examination was held in the Imperial City, all people of Emperor Qis territory had headed toward the Imperial Palace, so the lord of Zhong Clan was not at home. If Yun Qianyue had been in the Zhong Clan, they would have taken her.

The guard acted quite politely after hearing Ye Futians words. He slightly bowed and said, Young Master Qiu has been taking Miss Qianyue with him since she reached the residence. They should be in the Palace Examination at the Imperial Palace. I can pass the message if you dont mind waiting for them in the residence.

No need. Thanks, Ye Futian replied and turned around. Yun Teng and Yun Nin knew what he meant and followed him in another direction.

Yun Nin looked quite pale. Was Qianyue chosen by Zhong Qiu just after she came?

Qianyue hasnt stayed here for a long while, and the Palace Examination was after it. Nothing should have happened to her, said Ye Futian in a low voice. Yun Ni nodded. She had no choice but to think in this way, even though she was just trying to comfort herself.

Although Ye Futian said he would handle this, was he really capable of saving Qianyue?

Now, numerous high-level warriors were gathering in the Palace Examination. Even though four of them were all of Saint Plane, the situation was still too unfavorable to them.

How could they rescue her?

Four of them flashed toward the direction of the Imperial Palace.

After a while, they came to the outside of the palace and could see the busy crowd scene in front of them from a distance. Cultivators scattered in all directions in this large space.

The Palace Examination of the Imperial City was the largest event in Emperor Qis territory.

Ye Futian wedged his way into the crowd. In front of him, there was an ancient golden road paved outside the Imperial Palace that headed toward a giant matrix plaza. Dazzling patterns were carved on its surface. There were warriors fighting over it.

The other three sides were grandstands, where many warriors were watching the battle. The most powerful family clans of Emperor Qis territory were sitting at the forefront.

At this moment, the crowd bustled. Many warriors exclaimed.

Ye Futian followed the noise and looked toward that side. He saw a figure standing on the grandstand with hands behind his back. His disposition was outstanding.

No doubt, Zuoqiu Yan is one of the most peerless figures in the territory. Among all his peers, only Zhong Qiu can compete with him, many people remarked. Ye Futian heard peoples praise and looked at the unusual young man on the grandstand. His clothes were blowing in the wind.

He is Zuoqiu Yan. When people in the clan talk about the political marriage between the Zuoqiu Clan and the Celestial Sword Li Chan, they are referring to Zuoqiu Yan and Li Ruoshuang. He is one of the most outstanding warriors of this generation in Emperor Qis territory, Yun Teng said to Ye Futian while pushing his way forward. He had been anxiously looking toward the seats of honor in front of the grandstand, seeking something.

Soon, Yun Teng found where the Zhong Clan warriors were. His pupils slightly contracted; that familiar figure was there.


Yun Teng directly ignored the peerless person on the grandstand and fixed his eyes on the graceful figureYun Qianyue.

Qianyue Yun Shang saw her, too.

Ye Futian looked quite calm when seeing Yun Qianyue. She stood there quietly. Beside her, there were countless powerful warriors. A handsome young man with fair skin sat in front of her. His skin was mesmerizingly fair, even fairer than womens. He was quite feminine looking. He was watching the battlefield. A slight chill exuded from his cold, calm eyes.

He should be Zhong Qiu of the Zhong Clan, and his unique temperament should be related to his cultivation.

Maam, I think Qianyue is fine, Ye Futian called her when he saw Yun Ni was heading there. Yun Nin turned her head and looked at him.

Now, Qianyue is there. Temporarily, nothing will happen to her, continued Ye Futian. Yun Ni paused a second and nodded. Of course, she knew, but seeing her daughter there, she didnt have the heart to leave her there.

Sir, what should we do? asked Yun Ni.

Ye Futian was absorbed in thinking, and when he took a glance and noticed one person, he suddenly paused for a while.

In front of him, some warriors sat in the row of seats of honor, and next to a young man sat a familiar person.

You are here, too, the whisper came to Ye Futians ears. A smile immediately cracked on Ye Futians face. He replied from a distance, Master, how did you get here?

So the person who was sitting there was his masterQi Xuangang.

After the ancient path of space was destroyed, we were separated. Thinking that it must be hard to find everyone, I directly came to the Imperial City and entered the Imperial Palace, so it would be much easier to meet any of you. Your Brother is here, too, said Qi Xuangang, smiling. Ye Futian looked up and found Mu Chunyang and L Chuan behind Master.

Mu Chuanyang and L Chuan had been following Master for many years and knew Master much better than he did; they also took action very quickly, so they met Master faster than Ye Futian.

Wu Yong arrived yesterday. He was on your left, said Qi Xuangang. Ye Futian looked toward the left and saw Wu Yong shoving his way forward in the crowd. He said, Lord Ye.

Is anyone else here? asked Ye Futian.

We dont know yet. But since today is the date of Palace Examination in Emperor Qis territory, those who have received the information should know it is a good chance to meet, said Wu Yong.


Ye Futian felt relieved. He asked Yun Teng, who was next to him, Are the people in front of us royal members?

Yes, Yun Teng nodded and replied. Emperor Qis princes and princesses have all attended the event in person. Emperor Qi might show up, too. The people behind princes are all revered figures from the Imperial Palace.

Ye Futian was finally relieved. Before, he was worried about how to get rid of all this safely, but now he didnt need to worry at all.

Master was thereat the apex of Nirvana Plane, nearly invincible. Wherever he went, he was treated as the guest of honor even though it was in Emperor Qis Imperial Palace.

Sitting next to the prince, he could easily notice almost everyone. It was indeed a smart idea.

Sir, just set your mind at ease. Many companions of mind from the Crimson Dragon Realm have arrived. Nothing will happen to Qianyue, said Ye Futian to Yun Teng.

Yun Teng paused. He knew Ye Futian was from the Crimson Dragon Realm, and he came with the prince of Crimson Dragon Realm.

Did it mean the royal warriors of Crimson Dragon Realm had come?

This thought gave him a wisp of hope. Ye Futians words made him have faith again.

Ye Futian didnt take action immediately, but rather, he quietly observed everything in the crowd.

The Palace Examination was held by the Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan. The Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan would also be in charge of deciding who to choose. All powers coordinated with each other, and finally, the most talented Saint-Plane figures in Emperor Qis territory would gather in this Palace Examination and fight each other, showing themselves to the public.

Finally, the Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan would make the decision of who would be summoned by Emperor Qi in person.

That was why a huge political power was formed with Zuoqiu Clan and Zhong Clan as the center, and these two clans stood on the top throughout Emperor Qis territory.

All the cultivators had thoroughly prepared and performed well during the combat in the Palace Examination. Of course, nobody could surpass Zuoqiu Yan of the Zuoqiu Clan and Zhong Qiu of the Zhong Clan. From time to time, one could hear the audiences praise to them from the grandstand.

Many people worshipped these two peoples talent and regarded them as the goal. However, many also knew that even if they didnt attend the Palace Examination, they would still become Emperor Qis disciple and learn his teachings. Thus, they still should show their abilities during the Palace Examination.

Ye Futian delivered voice to Qi Xuangang and made some inquiries.

At this moment, next to Qi Xuangang, the prince Qi You asked him, Sir, what do you think of the warriors that attended the Palace Examination today?

He showed great respect to him. The first day he met Qi Xuangang in the Imperial Palace, the prince was impressed by his cultivation knowledge and his temperament. Since his last name was also Qi, the prince invited him to be one of his teachers. Qi Xuangang had promised to give guidance to him, but he also said he wouldnt stay for long.

Their performances were passable, said Qi Xuangang. But they are not strong.

What kind of person do you mean, Sir? asked the Prince of Qi.

It is hard to tell, but you will understand it soon, Your Highness, replied Qi Xuangang.

I can tell your standards are very high. I have a rough idea of what you mean, but I dont know if I have a chance to see one here, said the Prince of Qi, laughing.

Mr. Qis standard is so high that nobody in the Palace Examination can meet it. I am inquisitive as to what kind of person you are talking about, the lord of Zuoqiu Clan said slowly after hearing the dialogue between Qi Xuangang and the prince.

The lord was the man standing on the peak of Emperor Qis territory; Zuoqiu Yan was also one of the most talented warriors among all clans.

However, after arrival, Qi Xuangang was esteemed by the Emperor and beloved by princes. The lord of the Zuoqiu Clan had been curious how powerful this Emperors guest of honor was.

Qi Xuangang made it sound like no one in the Palace Examination could meet his standard for a strong warrior.

You might have the chance to meet it one today, said Qi Xuangang.

Really? said the Prince, laughing. If so, I am looking forward to it. The Palace Examination is near its end. Is there still any talented person who has yet come to the stage?

After speaking, he looked up into the distance. After several battles, the participants of the Palace Examination all came out.

The last two warriors showed up. One of them was Yun Mo from the Yun Clan of Luo City. Seeing him, warriors of the Yun Clan all got quite excited.

The chance was here; they all hoped Yun Mo would not disappoint them.

Yun Mo indeed tried his best for this battle. He perfectly displayed all his abilities and won over the opponent with a marvelous performance.

After the battle, a tinge of smile was seen on his smile. He looked toward where warriors of the Yun Clan were.

A soft wind blew across his face. He was standing there, one step further toward his goal.

Good, a warrior of the Zhong Clan commented. He walked to the prince and asked, Your Highness, what do you think of all the participants of the Palace Examination today?

Prince Qi took a look at Qi Xuangang and turned to the huge crowd around him, What do you think?

Our Emperor Qis territory indeed has countless talents, someone said. Other people also echoed and gave praise.

Are these the so-called talents specially selected from everywhere of Emperor Qis territory to attend the Palace Examination? suddenly, a voice came from the crowd. It was not loud, but it was very clear. It came into everyones ears, and all of a sudden, the noisy crowd quieted down.

Very soon, the place fell silent!