The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339 Being Aggressive

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Was he jeering at the Palace Examination attendees abilities?

Was he turning his nose up at all these elites of Emperor Qis territory?

Numerous pairs of eyes roamed over the crowd, seeking who the speaker was, and soon, people fixed their eyes on one person.

The young man with silver hair strode forward. He was the only one walking in the crowd and looked very conspicuous.

Not to mention others, after hearing this, even Yun Teng and Yun Ni, who were standing beside Ye Futian, had strange looks on their faces.

Wasnt Ye Futian the person who told them to stay calm and be low-profile?

He told them to cool down, but now, he came on to the stage in this way.

All of a sudden, he attracted the attention of everybody, including the big figures of Emperor Qis territory.

Yu Sheng closely went behind Ye Futian. Seeing the scene, Yun Teng and Yun Ni had to brace themselves to catch up with them. Wu Yong quietly followed them at a distance.

Before people came to realize it, Ye Futian had taken a step and had strode over to the fighting platform of the Palace Examination right under their gazes.

Sir Ye, Yun Qianyue murmured to herself. She was standing on the side of warriors of the Zhong Clan. Watching the man with silver hair step on the high platform, she felt disquieted. When she was forcibly sent to the Zhong Clan by her clan, she thought she had been resigned to fate; her fathers death had already totally broken her heart.

She chose to give up herself; she had decided to become a stronger person at all costs until one day, she could get revenge for herself.

However, when she had already made the decision, that gentle and handsome figure showed up again.

It was just that in contrast with his usual mild appearance, at this moment, he looked more unruly, with a pair of sharper eyes.

Was this his true color?

But in the situation like today, if he came for her, he was risking his life.

Do you know him? seeing Yun Qianyue was distracted, Zhong Qiu slowly asked her. His tone was just like him, with a kind of coldness that made one shiver.

Yun Qianyue could sense the malice in his tone, so she said, Sir Ye is just a guest in my family. This is not his business.

Zhong Qiu didnt say anything. How dare a guest in the family jeer at the people in the Palace Examination?

Where are you from? Who allowed you to step on the fighting platform? the host of the Palace Examination from the Zuoqiu Clan yelled. He stepped out and stood above the void sky, scolding him for what he was doing.

He looked quite imposing; the might was released from his body and fell upon Ye Futian.

Ye Futians white clothes were blowing in the wind, his feet firmly planted on the ground. He took a glance at him coldly, then looked ahead to the crowd and said, If His Highness asks me what I think about the Palace Examination, I would say the Palace Examination this time includes people who sold girls in their clan in exchange for the vacancies, people who endured ill-treatment to get a chance to enter the exam, people who cultivated through the flesh of women. How can you tell me these people are the most talented ones in Emperor Qis territory?

Ye Futians words immediately raised an uproar. People all started talking, and the vast space was suddenly full of noise.

There was someone who dared to point out the shady deals behind the Palace Examination.

Everyone was clear that these things could not be put on the table. Every year, there were indeed a lot of shady deals behind the talent selection process; many people used all means possible to get the chance to approach Emperor Qi and learn from him.

No matter what, even though there were many dirty deals behind the scenes, the final chosen ones were still outstanding. The Palace Examination was still a big event, and normal people wouldnt care about what happened off stage.

Since anyone who spoke the truth would not simply offend one or two powers, it was equal to bringing about their destruction.

Not to mention that absolute equality never existed on earth. There was order in the world, but there was always a shadow behind the sun.

All this was covered up nicely.

Was Emperor Qi really unaware of it?

He would not ask about all these things, and he didnt have the time to do it unless he didnt cultivate and focused on these trivial things every day. For many people, it was a big event that might affect their fortune, but for Emperor Qi, it was just one thing that happened for one day in his life.

Warriors of the Yun Clan all looked sullen. Yun Mo was just one step away from the goal, but now Ye Futian came out and caused trouble again.

In addition to them, Li Ruoshuang of the Celestial Sword Li Clan and warriors of the Zuoqiu Clan and Zhong Clan also put on surly faces and stared at Ye Futian coldly.

As everyone had speculated, Ye Futian offended everyone with just a few words.

It was basically equal to seeking death.

Unscrupulous! The warrior of the Zuoqiu Clan stepped down. His intimidating life force crushed Ye Futians body.

Ye Futian raised his head and took a glance at him. Prince Qi You ordered, Back off!

The lord of the Zuoqiu Clan took a look at Qi You. Just now, Qi Xuangang seemed to have said something to him.

Qi You looked at Ye Futian; he somehow roused his interest. Before, Sir Qi said he might have the chance to see one.

Did he mean this person?

The warrior of the Zuoqiu Clan had to withdraw. Ye Futian took one more step forward. His eyes fell on Yun Mo and said, Yun Mo, from the Yun Clan of Luo City. In order to create the chance for him to attend the Palace Examination and seek connections with larger powers, his clan sent a lady to the larger clan to serve as their servant, and that is why he could stand on the stage of the Palace Examination and enjoy others worship.

Do you think he deserves to stand here? asked Ye Futian.

Yun Mos face now looked extremely sullen. He was the most outstanding one among this generation of the Yun Clan, which was why the clan paid the expensive price for him to study beneath Emperor Qis throne.

Now, when he was almost approaching his goal, Ye Futian came out and brought the thing to light.

He just felt his face was burning under peoples gazes. Those pairs of eyes were so piercing.

It is the right of our clan to decide where to send our ladies for cultivation. I dont know why it sounds so jarring, coming out of your mouth. I have stepped on the fighting platform and proved that I could attend the Palace Examination. Still, in your eyes, the Palace Examination of Emperor Qis territory is nothing but a deal? Yun Mo, step-by-step, approached Ye Futian and questioned him. The light of thunder was shining in the sky, devouring the void air. The scene was appalling.

Not to mention that you escaped death under the protection of my clan, but you are not grateful and are trying to tarnish our name here. How should we deal with you?

Yun Mos voice was extremely intimidating. The horrifying Thunder Might of the Great Law fell and grew stronger and stronger.

I have taken Yun Qianyue of the Yun Clan as my disciple, said Ye Futian. Without the order of her parents, the order of her grandfather, the order of her teacher, the Yun Clan doesnt have the right to arrange her destiny. I demand the Yun Clan retrieve the order and send Qianyue back.

You dont deserve it! Yun Mos tone was still aggressive.

Ye Futian looked in the direction of the Yun Clan and saw Yun Chong and other peoples cold faces. Their stares toward Ye Futian was full of desire to kill him. They didnt repent for what they had done at all.

As if for them, Yun Mos future was more important than anything else; Yun Qianyues future deserved to be sacrificed for the familys interest.

Because they all thought from their standpoints.

If that was the case

Ye Futian looked toward Qi Yous direction. He slightly bowed and said, Your Highness, my apologies for disturbing you. Its just my disciple was forcibly taken away from home. Am I allowed to bring justice for her?

As you like, said Qi You quite relaxingly, as if he didnt mind Ye Futian causing an uproar.

As long as he had the ability.

Thank you, Your Highness. He cupped his hands as a salute. His words were quite pushy, but he had very good manners.

You want to fight me, eh? asked Yun Mo. He took one more step ahead. His cultivation level was comparable with Ye Futians.

Ye Futian took a glance at Yun Mo coldly and said, You dont deserve it!

Seeing Ye Futians disdainful look, Yun Mo turned sullen. A loud boom came out, and suddenly, the killing will swept across the world.

He was the strongest warrior of this generation in the Yun Clan, and he didnt deserve it?


The loud boom made peoples hearts thump rapidly. A figure rushed out from Ye Futians behind; it was Yu Sheng.

The fighting platform trembled as if it was about to break. Yu Sheng came in front of Yun Mo with a few strides.

Seeing him coming, Yun Mo held out one palm, and suddenly, all the Great Law of Thunder between the sky and earth converged in his palm. Innumerable divine thunder fell and bombed toward Yu Shengs body.

However, Yu Sheng seemed to be covered with the armor of the demonic law. The thunder fell and circled above his body. It was as if they were slowly being devoured.

A Doctrine Saint dared to ignore the Might of a True Self Saint? many people thought to themselves and looked stunned. How could his human body be so strong?

Yun Mo looked sullen. The appalling Might of Thunder converged on the center of his palm, devouring the light of destruction.

Boom! Lightning flashed across the sky dome at an unbelievably fast pace.

Suddenly, the thunder in his palm exploded and darted forward. All of a sudden, the lightning illuminated the sky.

Yu Sheng raised one arm. Suddenly, tens of thousands of demonic deities showed up. He drew out a demonic palmprint which suppressed the eternal land and sealed the sky.

They two collided with each other at a short distance. The appalling loud sound resonated between the sky and earth, making peoples eardrums tremble.


Another loud boom. Their bodies were separated. Yu Sheng stood up firmly. The demonic armor on his body seemed to be smashed by the thunder, and his sleeves were also torn.

However, Yun Mos body was blown away. Even though his attack was powerful enough, his defense was not that strong, and he was unable to bear such an intimidating strike.

He was not able to kill Yu Sheng with one strike, and his arm had been sprained.

Yu Sheng again took a step forward harshly and grasped Yun Mos sprained arm. Yun Mos body was lying in the air. Yu Sheng grasped his arm and lifted Yun Mos body.

Numerous pairs of eyes froze there.

Yun Mo! yelled Yun Chong. He rushed to the battlefield, fast like lightning.

At the same time, a figure in white rushed out and thrust out the Halberd of Time and Space with the aura of all stars, blocking Yun Chongs way.

Go away! bellowed Yun Chong. The Might of thunder fell, trying to destroy Ye Futians body, but the halberd pierced into the sky. It broke everything and rushed to his front, halting his body. Their bodies collided.

Over the high platform, Yu Shengs fist smashed down. After a shriek, Yun Mos body fell down feebly!