The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347 A Gathering Of The Greats

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Ye Futian still had questions. He looked toward Emperor Qi and said telepathically, Your Majesty, my brother indeed is talented, but he is not powerful to an appalling level and shouldnt be one of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. Cant it be a coincidence that he just has some similar abilities?

Then why did they want to capture him? asked Emperor Qi. Although I dont know the reason behind it, in all likelihood, that was the case.

Ye Futian was still confused and anxiously continued, If my brother is the real descendant of the Gu Clan, what will they do to him? And how did the ancient Gu Clan go extinct?

The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was at the political apex in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and so far, it was still one of the highest and most powerful powers. So how did the Gu Clan go extinct?

If your brother is a descendant of the Gu Clan, very probably, he will stir up a storm in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. But I can assure you, they would not dare to kill your brother and will not do that, said Emperor Qi. Even though they are one of the eight Violet Heaven orthodoxies, they dont dare to turn hostile against the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven completely.

He continued, As for why the Gu Clan went extinct, it is a long story. The Gu Clan used to be a top power of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, all because of a legendary figure who was invincible in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. He made the Gu Clan and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven become the top powers of the Heaven Mandate Realms.

Emperor Qi was reminiscing. He looked into the distance, full of yearning for that era. There used to 12 god-like figures in the Gu Clan whose graceful bearings were unparalleled in the world. They were much stronger than the Nine Sky Goddess serving under the throne of Brahmas Pure Sky, especially that figure, who owned all talent of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. He tried to break the fetters of the Heavenly Law, reached the top of cultivation, and became the top one deity of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. But he who won the victory also caused the defeat. Because he offended the whole Heavenly Mandate Realm, many top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm entered the Celestial Gate

It was said that the battle brought the sky and earth to tears. On the battlefield, the Great Law collapsed, and corpses were scattered everywhere. Countless gallant heroes ended their lives there.

Until the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was no longer able to afford the cost and terminated him themselves, which also put that era to an end.

During that time, how peerless that legendary warrior was.

And the ending of the battle was that the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was still on the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but all the memories of that person were wiped out. Not only him, but the Gu Clan also completely disappeared in the records of history.

After that battle, the lunatic vanished in the chaos. Some people said he had died; some said he was still alive with a wisp of faith.

That warriors level was indeed infinitely close to perfection.

Now, if a descendant of the Gu Clan showed up, one could imagine what kind of storm he would conjure.

This thing might not be kept under wraps for long. Nobody can predict what your brothers destiny will be like, Emperor Qi said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked pale. Did his Third Brother belong to the Gu Clan?

If it was true, the Third Brother would be involved in a chaotic storm.

Your Majesty, which power did those people belong to? asked Ye Futian.

The territory of Emperor of Purple Underground, said Emperor Qi. The Emperor of Purple Underground ruled over one land and was the leader of the Purple Underworld. The Purple Underworld of this generation inherited the Infernal Thunder of Wutu in the Divine Thunder of Purple Heaven and strengthened it. The Purple Underworld was one of the eight orthodoxies of the Violet Heavenly Palace. There were countless strong warriors under the demand of the Emperor of Purple Underground. The event that I just mentionedQi Yous trialwill be held in that district.

In the map of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, Emperor Qis territory was also within this district, and the territory of the Purple Underground Emperor was at the center of the district.

Of course, from a broader point of view, one could observe that the Violet Heavenly Palace was at the very center of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The Violet Heavenly Palace spread teachings to the world, and in this district, there were eight orthodoxies.

Knowledge of cultivation radiated from these eight orthodoxies, and this whole boundless area was almost all under their influence.

That was why it was said that all the Thunder Techniques originated from the Heavenly Palace.

The endless Thunder Techniques were all derived from the Thunder Laws of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Your Majesty, I should go now, Ye Futian said to Emperor Qi, cupping his hands.

Emperor Qi, of course, understood his intentions. He took out a jade slip and said, Inside the slip, there is a map of this district. If the message spreads, a storm will rise in the Purple Underworld Emperors territory. In that situation, it is almost impossible for you to save your brother, and you can only depend on this.

Since the Purple Underground Emperors subordinates came to capture him, they would hand him over to the Purple Underground Emperor.

Even Emperor Qi was unable to intervene.

Although Emperor Qi was a Renhuang, and so was Emperor of Purple Underground, the legitimate heir of Violet Heavenly PalaceEmperor of Purple Undergroundhad a higher level.

Aye, Ye Futian answered, nodding, thank you, Your Majesty.

Emperor Qi didnt say anything and turned to the others, announcing, I really wish I could have had more conversation with all of you in todays banquet, but unluckily, an accident occurred and has wasted much of my time. Lets call it a day, and you may leave at your discretion.

People were a little confused by Emperor Qis words. He and Ye Futian communicated a lot through telepathy, and many people had no idea what happened.

Ye Futian looked around and saw Yun Teng, Yun Ni, and Yun Qianyue sitting in the last row.

Sir, Maam, I am deeply grateful for all youve done during these days. Now, I should go. Lets meet again if we have the chance, Ye Futian said to Yun Teng, cupping his hands.

Yun Teng and Yun Ni rose to their feet and came near Ye Futian. Yun Qianyue followed them and looked quite worried.

Brother Ye, take care, Yun Teng said wholeheartedly. He was very grateful to Ye Futian.

If he had not taken Ye Futian back to the clan by coincidence, nobody knew what kind of destiny would be waiting for this family.

Sir Ye, please take care of yourself, Yun Ni also said.

I will, said Ye Futian, nodding. He soon turned to Yun Qianyue and said, Since you have become His Majestys disciple, you will have the chance to learn his teachings. Qianyue, try your best to grasp the chance. His Majesty teaches much better than I do.

Yun Qianyue didnt want him to leave, but she still nodded and said, Sir, I will keep what you said in mind.

Okay, I should go, said Ye Futian. Then the whole group of warriors bowed to Emperor Qi and left. They stepped into the air and crossed over the void sky.

Emperor Qi stood there and watched them leave. He was going to arrange for Ye Futian and the others to go with Qi You, but now since the thing happened, he just had to leave it aside.

If you meet him in the future, try to help him if you can, Emperor Qi said to Qi You. Qi You nodded, showing he understood.

You should start to get ready, too. After a few days, you can depart with them, Emperor Qi looked toward the others and said.

Your Majesty, its time for us to bid farewell, too, Chi Shang and others rose to their feet and requested to leave.

This time, they came with Ye Futian from the Crimson Dragon Realm, but they couldnt stay with him all the time; he also had planned to go somewhere else.

Now, since Ye Futians brother had trouble and Ye Futian couldnt wait to depart, they would not go with him.

Not only Chi Shang, but other warriors who came with him from the Thousand Leaves City were also just Ye Futians companions. Ye Futian didnt expect them to help solve this issue.

Because, very likely, this time, he would have to face great difficulty.

Just as Emperor Qi had speculated, although the Purple Underground Emperors action of capturing Gu Dongliu was confidential, Emperor Qi was not the only one who witnessed it.

The secret was soon leaked.

A descendant of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven Gu Clan showed up and was captured by the Purple Underground Emperors subordinates and imprisoned in the Purple Underground Emperors territory.

The Gu Clan was a clan in the legend in Heavenly Mandate Realm.

It was said that the clan had 12 God-like figures and a lunatic who mastered the ultimate celestial law and was able to break into the Path Realms of all skies.

Did his cultivation method still exist?

And since a descendant of the Gu Clan showed up, were there any others?

How many secrets did Gu Dongliu have?

Soon, the Purple Underground Emperors territory became the center of the whole realm and the destination of numerous great warriors who were coming to unveil the secret.

In addition, the message had even caught the attention of many top powers.

It was said that the Violet Heavenly Palace had sent warriors to take Gu Dongliu into the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The Purple Underworld Sect didnt hand him over to the Violet Heavenly Palace, perhaps because they had their own thoughts.

On this day, outside the Purple Underground City, numerous warriors traveled in the air, heading toward this ancient city. Saint-Plane figures with strong cultivation abilities were everywhere.

Among all these travelers, a group of people, who came from one direction, were all Saint-Plane warriors.

Ye Futian was standing in the front. Next to him stood Yu Sheng, Xia Qingyuan, Ye Wuchen, Huang Jiuge, and others; Qi Xuangang and Wu Yong stood behind them. Their Saint levels differed.

We have arrived, Ye Futian said in a low voice. Since they departed from Emperor Qis territory, they had covered an infinite distance.

Dont know if Dongliu is okay or not, the Sword Saint murmured. He had been worried about Gu Donglius safety.

He hoped he would be fine.

Ye Futian was emotionless. Around them, warriors kept passing by.

There was a voice coming from nearby. This time, the Purple Underground Emperors territory will be bustling. I heard that not only warriors of this territory would come, but top powers of the whole realm will also all send warriors here.

Was the descendant of the Gu Clan that attractive to them? someone inquired.

If you heard from elders about the thing that happened in the past, you would understand, someone else replied.

But besides the descendant of the Gu Clan, a big event being held in the Purple Underground Emperors territory is also a reason that many talented people are attracted here.

It will be perfect if we can see the young generation of those top powers.

Normal people were usually unable to see the descendants of all top powers; they would not come here.

If what you said is true, does it mean I can even have the chance of seeing the saintesses under the throne of Nine Sky Goddess?

What a loser! people around him jeered. The Nine Sky Goddess of the Brahmas Pure Sky was peerless in this world; the saintesses serving under her throne were also very unusual figures. Were there any men in the world who didnt want to see their faces?

But how could they easily be seen?

Ye Futian quietly listened to what people around him talked about. Would the Brahmans Pure Sky show up?

What kind of person was that warrior of the Gu Clan? Even a descendant of the Gu Clan could raise such a big storm!