The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348 The Divine Mountain

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In the Purple Nether City, everybody was talking about two things.

One was the descendant of the Gu Clan.

Obviously, the peerless figures of the Gu Clan in the old days had so much influence on the Heavenly Mandate Realms that even after many years, the appearance of a Gu Clan descendant could stir up a disturbance.

The person that was mentioned most frequently was that lunatic of the Gu Clan.

Ye Futian had known his real nameGu Tianxing.

He was not sure if Third Brother was a descendant of the Gu Clan and didnt know if that legendary figure Gu Tianxing had any connection with the Third Brother.

But now, since Third Brother was imprisoned, nobody knew what would happen to him.

Countless warriors were heading toward the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Numerous people had discussed the possibility that those top powers would also come for this descendant of the Gu Clan. Under such a situation, Ye Futian also felt unsettled.

The second thing that people talked about was the Heavenly Thunder Summit held on Wutu Mountain. It was a big event in the Purple Underground Territory, especially for cultivators who cultivated in Thunder Laws. It was a very rare opportunity.

Otherwise, Emperor Qi would not have sent his son Qi You here.

Ye Futian had heard a lot about the Heavenly Thunder Summit of the Wutu Mountain and known what it was about.

In fact, there was not much connection between the Heavenly Thunder Summit and the Purple Underground Sect. It was initiated directly by the Violet Heavenly Palace, the Ultimate Land of Thunder Laws in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. They spread the teachings to the world and let all suitable cultivators have the chance to learn Thunder Laws.

Some people even had the opportunity to follow the orthodoxy of Wutu Infernal Thunder and became a successor of the Purple Underworld Sect.

Wutu Mountain was worshipped as the divine mountain of this territory; it was located within the Purple Nether City.

At this moment, numerous warriors gathered in one place of the city. The whole area was full of people.

There were stairs in front of the crowd, and the entrance of the divine mountain was at the top of stairs.

Usually, people were prohibited from entering this divine mountain. No one was allowed to get inside.

Outside the mountain, around the stairs and below them, there were giant stone pillars surrounded by the horrifying power of thunder. They let out rumbles of dull thunder, keeping people away.

At this moment, Ye Futian had also come to this district. The divine mountain had not been open to the public yet, but many people had arrived beforehand and were viewing the scenery.

Nobody knew how many people would inherit the Thunder Laws of the divine mountain this time.

Ye Futian came here because entering the divine mountain was the only chance for him to approach the Purple Underground Sect and learn about Third Brothers current situation.

Dont know how many people will be chosen this time, someone said in the crowd.

Not sure, but at least I know who will reach the top of the divine mountain and inherit the Heavenly Thunder laws of Wutu, someone said, laughing.

It goes without saying, people nearby jeered, Streaking Cloud Sword Emperors offspring Lu Yu will definitely become the one who uses his sword to draw the Heavenly Thunder.

The Streaking Cloud Sword Emperor was a Renhuang lord in this district. He cultivated in swordsmanship with Thunder Laws and was good at drawing thunder by sword. He had outstanding skills.

This time, he was the most promising one to reach the top of the divine mountain.

Dont be so sure. This time talents of all territories within this vast district will come. Every cultivator who specializes in Thunder Law might be here. So, competitive warriors may be much more than you have expected. There will definitely be a lot of outstanding figures showing up.

Not to mention others, but will the demon emperors offspring be weak? His sturdy body was smelted by Thunder Laws and can endure a great amount of Sky Thunder. Why cant he become the chosen one of the Heavenly Thunder? Someone nearby continued, And dont forget about the Bamboo Emperors daughter.

Many people nodded slightly. Indeed, this time, many warriors of this vast space would join the gathering, and even warriors of other territories would come, too.

Ye Futian quietly listened in the crowd. Renhuangs children were rarely seen in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Those peoples real strengths should be outstanding.

Now, he had finally reached the top of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Paththe ultimate realm.

He might meet all kinds of big figures here.

I have heard that Yimu, Binghuo, and other orthodoxies of Thunder Law have all gradually reached and entered the Imperial Palace.

Not only that, but nowadays in this Purple Nether City, perhaps among us, there are people of very distant powers, but they didnt come for the divine mountain.

The Gu Clan had vanished for many years and became history, and the descendant of the Gu Clan is said to have only an average level of cultivation ability. How did he cause such a disturbance? someone asked in confusion.

Because his last name is Gu, and Gu Tianxing belonged to the Gu Clan, an elder warrior replied, serious. Many young people had never experienced the uproar of that time and didnt know who Gu Tianxing was; thus, they lacked respect for him.

The higher a warriors level was, the more he could understand Gu Tianxings power, and the more he would pay attention to the descendant of the Gu Clan.

Anyone who had experienced the uproar of that year could not stay calm and act like nothing happened, knowing about the Gu Clan descendants appearance.

Lets go, Ye Futian said in the crowd.

His companions nodded and soon left with him.

Xia Qingyuan asked him, Even if you enter the Wutu divine mountain, what is the use of reaching the top and inheriting the Thunder Laws? Do you really want to study in the Purple Underground Sect and become a successor of one of the Eight Violet Heavenly Palace Orthodox Sects?

Of course not, replied Ye Futian; it was not his goal.

The Wutu Divine Mountain inherited the Great Laws of Thunder. The chosen ones could only be one of the successors of Purple Underground Sect, one of the Eight Violet Heavenly Palace Orthodox Sects.

He might be interested if he could become the successor of the whole Eight Orthodox Sects.

Of course, then his target would be the Violet Heavenly Palace instead of the Purple Underground Sect.

The Violet Underground Palace included eight parts of heritage, and the eight sects spread teachings of Thunder Laws in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Even a power like Purple Underground Sect actually didnt have any direct connection with the Violet Heavenly Palace. The Purple Underground Sect was not subordinated to the Violet Heavenly Palace and had its own heritage of Laws.

Their relationship was subtle.

But of course, people usually just regarded them as having the same lineage; they all inherited from the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Ye Futian and others found a place to stay and used the time to cultivate patiently.

Every day new warriors were rushing into the Purple Nether City. More and more people had arrived. There were even messages leaking out from the Purple Underground Imperial Palace that the Renhuang Emperor of Purple Underground was considering how to deal with the descendant of the Gu Clan.

But now, since more and more issues were getting involved, the Renhuang Emperor of Purple Underground didnt dare to make arbitrary decisions.

It was said that many top powers were on their way here.

The hearsay made Ye Futian, who was cultivating in the inn courtyard, quite unsettled.

Now, Third Brother was basically waiting to be killed, but Ye Futian had no solution.

Because the top power of Heavenly Mandate Realm was involved, not to mention him, but even Emperor Xia or Emperor Crimson Dragon couldnt do anything for him.

Still worried about your brother? a person came near and asked. Ye Futian raised his head and saw Master. He slightly nodded and asked, Do you have any advice, Master?

You dont need to worry too much. Although I hadnt observed closely before, during the time I spent with your brother, I have seen your Third Brothers fortune. He should be fine, said Qi Xuangang. Its possible that this storm will become an opportunity for him.

But the Gu Clan is extinct. Who else can rescue him? asked Ye Futian. He thought his Master was just comforting him since he was too worried.

You dont know what happened at that time. You dont know your Third Brothers past and identity. As you said before, your brother was kidnapped by another master of yours, and he has never talked about his family background or what outstanding talent he had. If so, isnt it possible that someone designed it purposely?

Qi Xuangang said, It is not an easy thing to send a person from the Heavenly Mandate Realm to the Lower Realms.

Ye Futian fell silent. What Master said indeed made sense.

He had perceived it, too, that the Third Brother probably was the descendant of the Gu Clan. Indeed, it was extremely hard to send a normal person to the Nine States of Lower Worlds.

Besides, the Third Brothers talent was outstanding, but he hardly showed his real strength. Was there a secret behind it?

He remembered the Third Brothers Life Spirit had experienced an awakening.

There is always a way in the cultivation of the Great Law. Dont need to preoccupy yourself with all that had happened. Just focus on the present and do what you are supposed to do, continued Qi Xuangang.

Ye Futian nodded and didnt say much.

Qi Xuangang turned around and soon left. Qi Xuangangs shoulders looked so wide and dependable from behind.

So why did the Master come to Heavenly Mandate Realm with Ye Futian?

At this moment, Qi Xuangang was thinking of himself. Actually, he should not have come to the Ultimate Realm, but he still came.

Just like last time, he was following his heart.

All things coming up would have the best results. Instead of worrying, following things as they naturally occurred was a better choice.

Everything had its time. He would try his best to live his life, and heaven had the answer of when his time would come.

It was the day that the Wutu Divine Mountain would open. Numerous warriors gathered outside the divine mountain.

Today was the day that the teachings of Wutu Divine Mountain would be spread, and the Violet Heavenly Palace would release the Divine Thunder of Heavenly Laws.

Countless warriors had reached the divine mountain. They entered the divine mountain one after another; all of them had outstanding bearings. Only talented warriors dared to enter the divine mountain, while normal people might turn into ash under the Divine Thunder.

A group of warriors showed up on the stairs. The ones who took the lead were all warriors of Nirvana Plane. There was also a young man standing among them. Seeing this person, Ye Futians pupils slightly contracted.

In the scene that Emperor Qi showed to him that day, this young man was the person who took away Third Brother.

Obviously, he had a high standing in the Purple Underground Sect.

Ye Futians stare was totally emotionless. That persons perception was keen; he seemed to notice and took a glance at Ye Futian.

Glancing at Ye Futians expression, he felt strange, but soon, he moved his eyes elsewhere. He didnt pay attention to Ye Futians existence.

Today the Eight Divine Mountains will open at the same time. Here is the Wutu Divine Mountain. All of you can enter the Wutu Divine Mountain and inherit the Laws of Wutu Infernal Thunder. I sincerely hope you can inherit the Thunder Laws and cultivate in the Purple Underground Sect, the young man announced. Numerous people looked toward him, and many people communicated amongst themselves in low voices.

He was the Purple Underground Emperors favorite disciple, renowned in this district. With extraordinary talents, he once broke the previous record and undertook nine hundred Heavenly Thunders in the divine mountain. He was considered to be the heir to the lineage of Wutu!