The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349 Going Through Thunder

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Ye Futian heard peoples discussion and had an idea of who the young man was.

So, he went through nine hundred streaks of Divine Thunder on the top of the Wutu Divine Mountain? he thought.

Ye Futian was really interested to see just how powerful the orthodox sect of Thunder Laws from the Violet Heavenly Palace really was.

Such an opportunity was extremely rare for Thunder Laws cultivators, which was why the opening ceremony of the eight divine mountains was always a big event in the Heavenly Mandate Realm and attracted a lot of strong cultivators.

And one last reminder: you are responsible for your own safety in Wutu divine mountain. The Law of Divine Thunder is dangerous, and Wutu Infernal Thunder is deadly. The higher your Plane is, the more attacks you will meet, the young man continued. People understood what he meant.

The stronger ones cultivation ability was, the more intense the Thunder Laws would be in the falling thunder induced by the Great Law. It was said that no Nirvana-Plane cultivators had entered the eight divine mountains for many years.

However, there was not much influence on cultivators. All cultivators would choose to enter the divine mountains when they were two levels before Saint Plane so that they could get more chances. If they didnt succeed in these two levels, it was meaningless to enter during Unblemished and Nirvana levels.

At this moment, behind the young man, a deep roll of dull thunder came. It was as if something was in the process of formation.

The enclosed sky in the distance changed color as if the destructive Thunder Might was converging.

The young man turned his head and took a glance. He soon waved his hand and made way for participants, then said, The Divine Thunder will soon fall upon the divine mountain. Please get ready to enter the divine mountain.

After he finished talking, suddenly, all cultivators started flashing toward Wutu Divine Mountain.

Lets go, said Ye Futian. This time, all young cultivators in his group would enter the divine mountain, and the older Nirvana-Plane cultivators would wait outside.

Although the Sword Saint, Wuchen, and others didnt cultivate in Thunder Laws, they were still awed by the majesty of the Divine Thunder of the Great Law, so they also wanted to use its power to cleanse their bodies and purify their own Laws.

It was very beneficial to cultivators. They were not the only ones who thought like this. Many Saint-Plane cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm also chose to enter the divine mountain on the launching date.

In the Imperial Palace of the Purple Nether City, many important figures were looking toward the direction of the divine mountain. They all knew the eight divine mountains were opened. Some of those cultivators who entered the divine mountain would become new successors of Thunder Laws of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Some of them would join the Eight Orthodox Sects of the Thunder Laws, like the Purple Underground Sect in the future.

Some of the more outstanding ones might even have the chance to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace and become their disciples.

Ye Futian had just stepped into the space of Wutu Divine Mountain. White and purple lightning flickered on the earth, roaming over every inch of land. A gust of suffocating Might dropped down from the sky dome.

Above their heads, long rolls of dull thunder came from the sky dome. A boundless saucer thunderstorm was in formation. Sky and earth were wrapped in darkness but, at the same time, illuminated by the flashes of thunder.

The saucer-shaped heavenly thunder enveloped all layers of skies, circulating in the upper air. The center zone of the storm had the strongest Might, and the Wutu Divine mountain was right below it.

Standing on the top of the divine mountain, one just felt the saucer storm was over his head. Seen from a distance, the scene was very appalling. Even imagining standing on the top of the mountain would give many goosebumps.

Be careful, Ye Futian reminded. They walked between the sky and earth. The light flew from the ground to their bodies and roamed around their bodies.

The power of thunder didnt attack them, but when it roamed around his body, Ye Futian could clearly feel there was a connection between him and the heavenly thunder above the sky dome.

Ye Futian looked toward others and saw many warriors try to merge the roaming power of thunder into their bodies. He understood. He switched his mind, and suddenly, the dazzling light started to flow around his body, merging the power of roaming thunder as his own. The thunder flow was running even faster.

The induction between his body and the Great Law of Thunder from the sky became even stronger. It was as if they were supposed to be in symbiosis.

Some extraordinary talented figures were very confident. They headed in the direction of the central divine mountain at a breakneck pace while converting the thunder at the same time.

Only those who could stand firm on the mountain were qualified for the Laws of Wutu Infernal Thunder and had the chance to cultivate in the Purple Underground Sect.

Ye Futian was also heading toward the divine mountain. Not only him, but everyone else did the same. They kept tempering the thunder around them while walking, merging the power into their bodies.

Thrum In the distance, the fastest warrior had stepped up into the divine mountain.

He raised both hands in the air, and suddenly, a sword appeared. Endless power of thunder flew around the sword.

Come to the sword! he said. Suddenly a muffled sound came from the sky dome like the beats of a drum.

Dazzling beams of light were released from the sword. When the Great Laws of Divine Thunder fell from the sky dome, another dull sound came. The thunder light from the sky dome, and the sword light collided. Endless Divine Thunder flew down into the sword and entered the warriors body, merging into his flesh and bones.

That is the Streaking Cloud Sword Emperors offspring, someone recognized that swordsman-in-training and said.Read the next chapter on our

The Streaking Cloud Sword Emperors descendant, Lu Yu, was considered to be one of the most promising warriors, one who could reach the top of the divine mountain and go through the Wutu Heavenly Thunder.

Few participants could compete with him.

Boom! At this moment, his sword attracted the Heavenly Thunder from the sky, and the falling Heavenly Thunder kept flowing into his body through his sword. It was as if it was merging into his body.

Lu Yu continued striding forward; he wanted to reach the top of the Wutu Divine Mountain as fast as he could.

Not far away from Lu Yu, a lightning figure was also forcing his way forward. Endless Thunder Might was released from his body. He was heading toward the front like a terrifying Holy Beast.

He was not a human cultivator; he was a descendant of a Demon Emperor who was good at Thunder Laws.

The original body of the figure was a very powerful Divine Thunder Bird Sacred Beast. Even though he was in a human figure, his mouth looked like a beak, and when he rushed up to the divine mountain, he directly opened his mouth. His body was covered by the appalling roaming Thunder Might.

Boom Lightning fell from the sky and was almost going to hit him, but he seemed not to care at all. He let out a shriek, and suddenly, his human body turned into a beast. His sharp beak was opened wide, and every one of his feathers looked like it contained the luster of lightning.

When he opened his beak, the thunder in the sky directly fell and entered his mouth. He just swallowed it like it was a vitamin.

But even so, his body radically trembled once, and his upward movement was slowed down.

However, that happened for one moment; after he swallowed the thunder, he continued going upward.

Divine Thunder Birds were born as the Sacred Beasts of Thunder. They could directly devour the Laws of Thunder. They were natural demons of Thunder species.

Just like some human cultivators who had the natural talent to cultivate.

Besides Lu Yu and the Divine Thunder Bird, several cultivators had also entered the divine mountain. Among them, there was a graceful lady whose movement was extraordinarily swift and elegant; she was also very good at deploying the power of thunder.

People continually entered the Wutu Divine Mountain. Some warriors were being crushed and falling from the Wutu Divine Mountain, blood streaming from their mouths. They looked very miserable.

Battles also broke out between some warriors.

The dazzling holy light enveloped Ye Futian. His body turned into the cauldron of the Great Law, burning all beings on earth. The Thunder Might that roamed around his body was also refined.

At this moment, he had also stepped into the Wutu Divine Mountain. In just one moment, the saucer-shaped Heavenly Thunder above the sky dome seemed to perceive something.

All of a sudden, the Heavenly Thunder fell down and directly darted toward him.

Since many people had stepped into the Divine Mountain, Ye Futian could see endless Heavenly Thunder drop down as if it was the end of the world; the scene was very appalling.

Boom! After a loud sound, the Great Law of Thunder immediately fell. Ye Futian just felt the hefty Might of the Great Law was crushing over his body, and he had to endure all of this. The intimidating power of destruction was about to smash his body into pieces, and it was still roaming on every part of his body.

The dazzling Deed of Thorough Comprehension was released to the extreme. Ye Futian transformed the thunder in his body as his energy and gradually got familiar with the Might.

Besides Ye Futian, Yu Sheng and others were also enduring the attacks of thunder. As a booming sound came, they all perceived the appalling trembling and defended their Thunder Might with their sturdy builds and powers.

As warriors gradually stepped into the Wutu Divine Mountain, endless lightning dropped down from the saucer-shaped thunderstorm above the sky dome. Everyone perceived the real sense of destruction. It was as if the whole world of Great Law would collapse.

Boom. The Might fell down. The dropping Divine Thunder of the Great Law produced a kind of resonance with horrifying power. Many people felt their minds were trembling as if their brains would explode. Overwhelmed by such irresistible power, they all felt their existences were trivial.

Lu Yu, at the highest height, stretched out two hands; suddenly, tens of thousands of swords made metallic clangs. The swords induced the Heavenly Thunder, which dropped down on his body. The scene was incredibly gorgeous.

The Divine Thunder kept flying up in the sky, devouring all the Heavenly Thunder.

However, others were all thinking about how to avoid such appalling attacks. The result of so many warriors gathering in the Wutu Divine Mountain was dying together. The only solution was to remove most of them from the divine mountain and weaken the Might of Thunder.

When the endless thunder fell, next to Ye Futian, a warrior raised two hands to induce the Heavenly Thunder and merge it in his palms. But the Heavenly Thunder flew down endlessly. He let out a shout and moved his palms, throwing the attack to Ye Futian and his companions.

The thunder in his palms exploded, trembling the sky and earth. The horrifying thunder darted toward Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan and, all of a sudden, came to the front.

Bam! Xia Qingyuan was defending against the thunder from the sky and unexpectedly got hit by the thunder from his palms, but since she was defending the Heavenly Thunder from the sky and had a shield around her body, she was not severely hurt. But even so, she let out a low humph and was shaken away, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Not only Xia Qingyuan, but other companions were also being attacked, too.

On the battleground, there were warriors inducing the Heavenly Thunder to attack others everywhere!