The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350 Invincibility

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Anyone who had stepped into the Divine Mountain knew of the might of the eight mountains. Lightning bolts fell, and they were turned into Way of the Heavenly Thunder. They brought about greater lightning powers in them. The attacks would grow even stronger next time.

As such, many who were out to withstand the might of the Heavenly Thunder at the Divine Mountain were unable to bear it toward the end.

Unless the one in question was compatible with the Infernal Thunder of Wutu, enabling the seeds to be planted and completely meld within their body, causing them to develop talents for training in the ways of the Infernal Thunder of Wutu. They would have then inherited one of the eight orthodoxies of the Way of the Heavenly Thunder of Wutu.

Even so, they would be unable to withstand strikes that were just too powerful. As the ordeal went on, the might grew to increasingly terrifying proportions.

That legendary genius outside of the Divine Mountain had been able to withstand 900 bolts of the Heavenly Thunder, gaining the attention of a Renhuang and was taken in as a student of Emperor of Purple Underground.

As such, at that moment, many who wanted to plant seeds that were not all that powerfulwhich were available at earlier phasesneeded to purge all other Heavenly Thunder as attacks other than the Lightning Seeds that were intended to be worked on. Doing so enabled them to throw others off of the Divine Mountain, and that would have enabled them to reduce competitors.

The process was to be continued until later phases before working on the seeds of Infernal Thunder of Wutu to fulfill the requirements of the Purple Underworld. This would then give them the right to train under the Purple Underworld, making them part of the lineage of the Infernal Thunder of Wutu.

As such, the phenomenon where countless unleashed attacks at the same time were seen on the Divine Mountain.

Ye Futian, Xia Qingyuan, and the others were also attacked by lightning bolts brought about by those around them.

The one who attacked them was a member of younger generations of some significant forces, who had exceptional talent in lightning manipulation. He was determined to train under the Emperor of Purple Underground on that trip to the Divine Mountain.

Being accepted by the Emperor of Purple Underground implied that one would have acquired the true lineage of the Infernal Thunder of Wutu.

To those who trained in the way of lightning, other than the Violet Heavenly Palace, the Eight True Lineages of the Way of Thunder descending from the Violet Heavenly Palace would be the perfect choice.

Ye Futian flashed and held Xia Qingyuan up and asked in a low voice, Are you alright?

Xia Qingyuan shook her head. She did not train in the way of lightning, so she was having a hard time on the Divine Mountain.

Ye Futian let go of her and glanced at the one who had just attacked them. That other person simply shot him a glance before continuing to make his way upward. He held his hands up and continued to attract lightning bolts, causing terrifying destructive powers to be contained on his hands.


A bolt of lightning shot through the air, and Ye Futian disappeared from where he stood right away. That person seemed to have sensed something, and his brow twitched. He turned around and lashed out right away. The lightning in his hands turned into a huge Kui of lightning. It was extremely raging. It charged at Ye Futian while basking in divine lightning.

The might of thunder shrouded the sky, enveloping Ye Futians surroundings.

Boom. The might of Ye Futians Deed of Thorough Comprehension burst with a rumble. The furnace of the great path turned into an extremely holy god of thunder, standing tall in the sky, bringing thousands of lightning bolts as it stood, tearing the space all around it.

That Kui of lightning roared in anger. The lightning bolts bursting from its body shrouded the place altogether before thousands of lightning will burst through it, which then continued blasting until they hit that person.

An intense beam of light was seen, and that person shuddered violently. The flash of lightning was seen bursting again. Ye Futian appeared right before him and lashed out with an attack.

Boom. A rumble was heard, and the might of lightning burst within that persons body, who was then sent flying and spitting up blood. Intense fear was seen in his eyes.

Being severely injured on the Divine Mountain would have been possibly lethal, and one could very possibly perish on the mountain from it.

Look out! Xia Qingyuan warned. Ye Futian looked up. A bolt of lightning fell and was immersed within his body. Ye Futian felt as if his body was about to explode. His will rattled, and something seemed to have been triggered within him, causing the might of that lightning bolt to grow more intense.

His body ground to a halt. He felt as if there was an intensely brilliant light in his body. It was like a seed of the great path, causing the lightning on the Divine Mountain to course all over his body in a frenzy. That would have resulted in the next attack becoming even stronger.

A seed of the Infernal Thunder of Wutu, huh? Ye Futian muttered deep down. The Violet Heavenly Palace was a top-notch force in that Supreme Imperial Realm. They were simply unbelievable for being able to rain down lightning bolts on the eight Divine Mountains to filter out those who would inherit the ways of lightning.

A shriek was heard by Ye Futians side. He turned to look in that direction, finding the one whom he had injured before being struck by a lightning bolt and was unable to take it. That mans internal organs ruptured, and he kept spewing blood. His body continued to fall from the Divine Mountain.

However, no one else looked at him. One could have been a genius of superb talent, but once a person ventured into the Divine Mountain, they would simply be just a face in the crowd. There were simply too many geniuses around, making him looking insignificant. Even if he were to die at the mountain, he would only have his incompetence to blame.

Everyone knew of the dangers on the Wutu Divine Mountain. One had to weigh the pros and cons as they moved.

Even with the dangers lurking around, countless came to the Divine Mountain nonetheless.

However, a lot of people were forced to get off of the mountain, and others were injured within a short time. There were even others who had been like that man and suffered a horrible end.

If another bolt of lightning were to hit him, death would have probably claimed him.

You guys dont train in the ways of lightning, so itd be enough for you all to just have your bodies tempered. If youre unable to take it, feel free to get off of the mountain, Ye Futian said to Xia Qingyuan, Yu Sheng, and the others.

Xia Qingyuan nodded. People who did not train the ways of lightning were at a considerable disadvantage at the Divine Mountain. The attack from that man before had attracted a bolt of lightning right away, tapping into the lightning will throughout the Divine Mountain.

Ill head up, Ye Futian said, and his body shot up as soon as he finished, taking to the sky and heading for higher places at the Divine Mountain.

Thousands of thunderous beams of light appeared on Ye Futian, looking endless and spreading out like a formless net.

Boom. Lightning rained from above, and boundless lightning bombarded all over the sky. Heavenly lightning shot into his body. His Life Palace unleashed a mystical aura, seeping out into his body. An ancient tree appeared, extending throughout his body, making it seem as if his body had become the trunk of the tree.

Lightning powers flowing through his body was consumed right away by that tree, melding into it bit by bit. That lightning seed was also absorbed by the root of that ancient tree, causing lightning to sparkle at the root.

Ye Futian seemed to have become very used to something like that happening, and he did not feel anything to be out of place at all.

Lightning from the Divine Mountain surged throughout Ye Futians body, causing the might of lightning all around him to grow increasingly intense. His body, which was continuing to go upward, surpassed many. He gradually became one of the handfuls of people who made it really far.

As he went higher and higher, the might of the lightning bolts became increasingly strong. The lightning construct shrouding the entire Divine Mountain felt stifling.

Boom. A young man dressed in a blue robe was not far away from Ye Futian. A bolt of lightning hit that young man, and his blue robe billowed loudly. His body expanded, and the might of lightning extended throughout every single part of his body, so much so that even his eyes seemed to sparkle with lightning.

He looked up at several people before him, and his expression turned solemn. Those eyes sparkling with blue light were filled with determination and edge.

He was not only there to join the ranks of the Purple Underworld and train; he was also there to become the most dazzling being in the entire Divine Mountain of Wutu.

He was a descendant of Renhuang and inherited the path of Renhuang, enabling his lightning powers to be tremendous. Joining the ranks of Purple Underworld alone was hardly of any meaning to him.

Thunderous noise sounded at his side. He turned around and saw Ye Futian, who continued to rise, and that other man, who was about to surpass him.

It was obvious that he was not the only one with such intentions.

Stay down. A thunderous, overwhelming voice was heard. He took one step, causing the sky to shake. Ye Futian felt an extremely overbearing pressure come down on him. Five bolts of lightning of different colors gathered, appearing on top of Ye Futians head.

The True Ways of Five Thunder Many looked up. They recognized who that young man was when he attacked.

Look out! Thats the True Ways of Five Thunder, capable of killing anything they touch, someone reminded from afar. Ye Futian turned to look at the one who talked, finding a familiar face. That person was none other than Prince Qi You, son of Emperor Qi.

When Emperor Qi invited them to head out with Qi You, he was talking about to Wutu Divine Mountain. He had initially hoped that Ye Futian and his people would challenge the mountain with Qi You, but they were there early due to something related to Gu Dongliu, and they met at the Divine Mountain.

Down. The blue-robed young man pointed downwards, and the might of lightning throughout his body burst. Five bolts of lightning were conjured and seemed to have taken the form of a matrix as they rained down. Those five-colored beams shrouded the entire place and had engulfed the space where Ye Futian was as well. That was indeed a case of five thunders raining down on his head.

His surroundings rumbled. Everything was to be crushed under the True Ways of Five Thunder.

Qi You looked at Ye Futians direction and felt rather concerned. The True Ways of Five Thunder were descended from a very formidable ancient being.

Ye Futian clasped his hands together, and powers of the great path gathered. An ancient god of thunder appeared within an instant. Its tall, majestic body was forged of lightning, and it held a hammer of thunder, which was then brought down and clashed directly with the True Ways of Five Thunder.

A beam of light burst through the air, suppressing the True Ways of Five Thunder. That ancient god had thousands of lightning bolts running throughout its body, which was then unleashed throughout its surroundings and brought down on its target.

Zzzz, zzz Lightning coursed throughout that mans body, causing him to shudder all over. That god of thunders weapon was brought down again, which caused the Five Thunder to be suppressed further before being thrown back into the conjurers body.

A massive rumble was heard, and that mans body seemed to be about to explode, blood splattering everywhere.

Ye Futian nodded to Qi You and took another step forward as he continued his way upward. The path from then on was clear, and no one else stopped him.

It was obvious that that one attack had shocked and made everyone else think twice.

Qi You looked at Ye Futians back with a troubled look. He was wondering if that man, who Chi Shang claimed to be the number one genius throughout Crimson Dragon Realm, was about to reach the top of the Divine Mountain as well.

Ye Futians immense talents put even Qi You to shame. That attack, which Ye Futian just pulled, was not something that powerful. Still, it was that his ability at tapping into the power of ambient lightning was far superior to his opponents.