The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352 Getting To The Top

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Many at the Divine Mountain noticed Ye Futian as well, because he was the only one near the peak who was still continuing to move upward.

The thunder bird and Zhu Qi had both stepped down and gave up, letting Lu Yu take all the glory.

They were all wondering: what was Ye Futian trying to do?

Is he really going to challenge someone as legendary as Lu Yu?

Is he capable of taking on Lu Yus swords?

Who is that guy? many were wondering deep down, and some voiced the question.

Who knows. Everyone shook their heads, as none of them knew of Ye Futian.

Qi You, son of Emperor Qi, however, knew who he was. He looked at Ye Futian and felt rather concerned.

Ye Futians immense talent made him renowned as the number one genius in Crimson Dragon Realm. But then again, that sword attack from Lu Yu was simply too extraordinary. If Ye Futian were to be unable to take one such attack, he would have to pay a heavy price.

Getting to the peak of the Divine Mountain was not childs play. No one who was anything less than a cut above the rest would be able to do so.

Many were wondering if he was only a saint who did not know his place.

Ye Futian, however, did not care about what the others thought of him. The lightning bolts rained down, and yet, he continued moving upwards, getting closer and closer to the peak.

He was moving at a very high speed, and it did not take him long to overtake the thunder bird.

That scene made caused a hint of coldness flashing in the proud eyes of the thunder bird.

It found it difficult to swallow that Ye Futian had been able to walk past it so easily.

The bird had halted its steps. That sword attack from Lu Yu before made the bird stay where it was to train instead.

It had no problems acknowledging Lu Yus strength, but it was baffled to see Ye Futian simply walk past it.

Stay where you are, Lu Yu, who was at the peak of the Divine Mountain, said plainly. His voice was devoid of any emotions, telling Ye Futian to just stay below the peak.

His sword remained hanging in the air and attracted lightning from above. It was as if he was about to bring a lightning strike on Ye Futians head if he insisted on continuing to move forward.

Thunderous rumbles were heard at that moment. A lightning bolt blasted onto Ye Futians body, causing him to shudder. However, he had already gotten used to it, so he remained calm, and there was hardly any expression seen on his face.

Get down, Ye Futian looked up at Lu Yu and said plainly. Lu Yu saw that Ye Futian scolded him instead of stopping. It was a show of pride like none other.

Lu Yu was not the only one caught off-guard; everyone else on the Divine Mountain was baffled as well.

Ye Futian told Lu Yu to get out even after seeing his sword attack. It was indeed a tremendous show of confidence.

Even the thunder bird seemed to be unable to take it anymore. It glared at Ye Futian with its proud eyes.

Get lost, the bird said in human speech. Its eyes were extremely unruly.

Demonic beasts were born prideful. Even if one were to become a saint, it was still difficult to change such inborn nature. It was even more so when such beasts were monsters, as they were the most unruly of all.

The thunder bird had only lowered its head after losing to Lu Yu.

At that moment, however, Ye Futian was about to get ahead of it as well.

Ye Futian shot a glance at the bird, and a cold glare was seen in his eyes. An extremely intense will of the great path shot into the birds eyes. Ye Futians eyes seemed like the eyes of a god. In that instant, it was as if the bird saw nothing else with its huge eyes, only Ye Futian.

Its spiritual will balked as if it did not belong to itself any longer. The birds huge body was unable to help but tremble.


A long, shrill cry was heard from the thunder bird. It was as if it was sustaining some kind of intense pain.

It struggled intensely, but quickly saw the flashes of lightning in Ye Futians eyes shooting right into its eyes.

Kneel, Ye Futian uttered in a cold voice as if he was giving an order. The people at the Divine Mountain were wondering who he was talking to.


They were all wondering who he was talking to.


Thunderous might shattered, and the dazzling thunder birds eyes became dazed. Its legs began to bend slightly. It was as if it was about to kneel after being yelled at by Ye Futian.


Another terrifying purple bolt of lightning streaked through the sky. Flashes of lightning were unleashed from the birds eyes as well, but it seemed that it had come to its senses somewhat. It shook its head for a little. It seemed to have stopped thinking just a while ago, and its brains seemed rather fried.

It was shocked to find itself really about to kneel down to Ye Futian.

It looked extremely glum within an instant.

It was only one step away from being enthralled back in that instant, and the bird deemed it to be unforgivable.

The bird was wondering if Ye Futian was humiliating it.

When such thoughts ran in its head, the silhouette in that pair of huge eyes expanded exponentially. It had a shocked look in its eyes as it expanded its wings and was about to close them. Yet, that silhouette was simply moving too quickly. Stifled rumble was heard, and thousands of lightning strikes hit the birds body, causing it to shudder violently before being thrown away.

The thunder bird collapsed to the ground and rolled off the mountain. Ye Futian did not pay any further attention to the bird and continued to move upward, ignoring it altogether as he was about to reach the peak.

The millstone-like thundercloud raged and rumbled. Stifling, devastating might shrouded the area. Lu Yu and Ye Futian were the ones able to sense what was happening the most. The might of the great path of lightning was all over their surroundings.

Lu Yu looked at Ye Futian continuing to move upward, and he began to take him somewhat seriously.

Ye Futian had been able to overwhelm and defeat the thunder bird in such a short period of time, so much so that he was unable to even see how Ye Futian did it.

It was apparent that the man before him was anything but weak.

But then again, so what, you intend to just throw me off like that? Lu Yu thought.

That time when the Divine Mountain was opened again, he deemed the one who was qualified to stand at the peak of Wutu Divine Mountain, was only him, Lu Yu.

Lu Yu did not allow any others to fight him for the glory.

It was something he was determined to get his hands on.

He waved his hands about, and the swords howled. Nine swords appeared above him and attracted lightning of the great path. The thunderclouds moved, and the might of lightning raged on. Every single sword contained true devastating powers of lightning.

Ye Futian remained unfazed even after seeing everything Lu Yu did. He extended his hand, and the Halberd of Time and Space appeared.

That halberd seemed to have been something conjured out of the lightning of the great path. The mark planted in the World Tree Life Spirit within his body shone dazzlingly, causing the tree to glitter with tremendous brilliance. Boundless will of the great path surged into his body, which was then directed to the halberd.

That was not all; every single will of the great path of lightning above the Divine Mountain completely went out of control, materializing as dragons. It surged above Ye Futians body. Ye Futian, at that moment, seemed to have gathered the might of lightning of the mountain all on his body, which was then refined by the Deed of Thorough Comprehension and surged into the halberd.

Everything throughout his surroundings seemed to have been drowned by the flashes of lightning at that moment. That scene was simply too dazzling.

Kill, Lu Yu uttered coldly, which brought lethal might around him to work.

Doomsday-like might of lightning rained down, and the millstone clouds in the sky raged, gathering above the sword as they lashed out. It intended to destroy everything before them.


Countless lightning bolts flashed at the very same moment, blinding many people. In that instant, a bolt of lightning seemed to streak through space. The great path was condensed into a single entity, and only the halberd reigned supreme.

The crowd saw the two beams clashing with each other. Intense, devastating light that was so blinding that no one was able to open their eyes was seen soon after. That space was drowned out by that white light.

Lightning flashed all around them, and the crowd locked their eyes in that direction. Everything became clear a while later. Someone stood at the peak silently. It was as if he had been there all along.

The eyes of many were frozen when they made clear of the one who remained standing.

The mans silver hair billowed in the wind. The one who stood at the peak of Wutu Divine Mountain had surprisingly been Ye Futian instead.

Cough, cough

Coughing noises were heard, and it was only then that many saw that someone rose below the peak, who was stained in blood all over and had a weak aura.

That person was none other than Lu Yu, who looked as if he was a supreme being just a while ago.

It was as if heaven was turned into hell within an instant.


Many thought that their eyes were playing tricks on them. Lu Yu had actually been defeated.

Who is he? many looked at Ye Futian and asked.

They were asking who Ye Futian was.

Lu Yu displayed legendary might and intended to challenge the Divine Mountains record. Yet, at that moment, someone else emerged and kicked him off of the peak right away.

That scene was just too shocking for the crowd.

He is actually at the top. Qi You was feeling speechless as he locked his eyes on the scene. Ye Futian was the one who had eventually gotten to the peak.

Lu Yu, who was right below the peak, looked like he was in shambles. Another cough was heard, and blood sputtered from his mouth. He looked up at Ye Futian, and he completely lost all that air he had been putting up just a while ago. He looked like a complete loser right there and then.

He thought that he would not have found any rivals at the Divine Mountain. His rivals would have been on other Divine Mountains and in records of old.

Ye Futians white garb billowed as he stood at the peak. His expression was extremely calm. Even though he had gotten to the top, he did not show even the slightest hint of joy.

His state of mind was hardly fazed at the moment.

He needed more than just getting to the top; he wanted the Emperor of Purple Underground to notice him.

He took a deep breath and looked up. The raging clouds above seemed to be inches above his head. It was as if he could have touched them simply by extending his hand.

Taking on 900 strikes of lightning, huh?

He then put his hands behind his back. A bolt of lightning struck from above the sky. He let the bolt strike him instead of blocking it.


Ye Futian basked in heavenly lightning with a rumble, looking dashing and legendary. His hands remained behind his back, and he did not flinch, standing tall at the peak.

Boom, boom, boom Lightning bolts descended upon him as they shrouded the entire Divine Mountain, blasting everyone. Ye Futian, who was at the peak, was always the first to take on the strikes. However, he seemed like a statue who just took everything in silence.

Many had illusions well up in their minds, seeing that figure before them.

They were all thinking that the man before them might have been able to break the record after all.