The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354 Treatment

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At Wutu Divine Mountain, the thunder clouds above the sky gradually dissipated, and that apocalyptic scene disappeared.

Countless people looked at the Divine Mountain, staring at the white-haired figure standing on the top of the Divine Mountain, leaving the world behind.

He seemed to be the only one between heaven and earth.

Today, Ye Futian broke the pole numbers on the Wutu Divine Mountain and inherited the Thousand Ways of Tianlei. In all of history, out of eight great Divine Mountains, only three were able to achieve it.

Now, someone at Wutu Divine Mountain had done it too.

This was a matter of pride for the Purple Underworld. From now on, this pole record would also include the name of Wutu Divine Mountain.

Based on this alone, it would not take long for the white-haired young man that no one knew to have his name resounded in this side of the world. In the future, when anyone came to Wutu Divine Mountain, they would think of his existence, just as when they entered the Divine Mountain before, they had thought of Zhang Changqing.

Moreover, this pole number was even more impressive than Zhang Changqings 900 thunder strikes.

Lu Yu looked up at the sky, and felt somewhat lost in his heart. Before he came, his goal was to surpass Zhang Changqing, inherit the Thousand Ways of Tianlei, challenge the pole.

However, before he even attempted it, he was kicked off the mountain by Ye Futian.

Ye Futian now had replaced him and achieved what he had wanted to do.

It seemed to him that his defeat was no unjust.

But what a pity that the name Lu Yu could not be known in the world.

Countless many were looking at the figure above the sky. Ye Futian seemed to be standing there still, digesting the strength inside of his body. This time, he had gained a lot.

At this moment, flashes of figures arrived, and many showed a strange look when they saw the newcomers.

That person in the lead was precisely the record keeper before Ye FutianZhang Changqing.

He was known to be the most favored disciple of the Emperor of the Purple Underworld, rumored to be the future successor of the Purple Underworld, its most gifted character.

Today, someone not only broke his record but also created an extreme number of poles, eschewing his record. Would he be replaced?

It was impossible to fathom what Zhang Changqing was thinking at this moment.

Tianlei training wont need me to elaborate. Everyone clearly understands in their hearts. Those cultivators who stood on the Divine Mountain and comprehended the Wutu thunder seal of the underground and who have refined it into their bodies may follow me to the Purple Underground and pay respect to the Master.

Tianlei planted the way, and what was in his request was the screening of the Divine Mountain to select those who were suitable for the cultivation of Wutu thunder of the underground. These people had already had the seeds of Wutu thunder of the underground been planted in them and would be very suitable to cultivate this kind of will.

The eight great Divine Mountains were selecting the eight orthodox heirs.

The Purple Underworld now represented the orthodoxy of Wutu.

Some were happy; some were lost.

For practicing the thunder method, the eight great orthodoxies of thunder method was clearly an excellent choice.

As for the best choice, there was no doubt that it would be the Violet Heavenly Palace.

However, it was not so easy to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace.

For a person such as Ye Futian, who had broken the pole numbers, if he wanted to enter the Violet Heavenly Palace, he should be able to do so the future; but for others, it wouldnt be so easy.

For those in the world of cultivation, who didnt want to enter and become part of a great principality?

Flashes of figures moved forward and arrived in front of Zhang Changqing and the others.

Ye Futians figure drifted from the void. He landed next to Xia Qingyuan and the others, then stepped forward.

Zhang Changqings eyes fell on Ye Futian. His face was calm, but there were waves in his heart.

This was the young man who had stared at him before. The head of white hair was very eye-catching, and his temperament was also incredibly outstanding.

It seemed that this man had already regarded himself as an opponent and wanted to break the record he set.

Congratulations, Zhang Changqing nodded slightly to Ye Futian. To someone who had broken the pole numbers of the Divine Mountain, even as the most valued disciple of the Emperor of the Purple Underground, he still must give due respect.

Today our pole number of Wutu Divine Mountain was broken, thats something to brag about in the future, little one. Going forward in the Purple Underworld, focus on cultivating, and there may be an opportunity to impact the realm of Renhuang, the elder next to Zhang Changqing smiled and said. Such a good seedling was worthy of good cultivation in the Purple Underworld.

Thanks a lot, Ye Futian nodded slightly in return, somewhat indifferent.

Others felt that he was a bit impudent.

He didnt come to the Divine Mountain for the sake of cultivating in the Purple Underworld. It was only because of his third senior brother did he do so. Otherwise, he might not even be able to see the third senior brother.

As for him to be fully courteous when facing the person who took away his third senior brother, he was unable to comply.

Zhang Changqing naturally felt Ye Futians attitude. When he saw Ye Futians arrogant indifference, he said, Breaking the pole number of Wutu Divine Mountains Tianlei number means that you are highly gifted in the will of Wutu Thunder of the Underground. Your potential in cultivating this method would be infinite, with great prospects in the future. But even so, you should not be too complacent. The way of thunder method is profound and broad; there is still a long way to go.

His tone was as that of an old-timer. In the future, when Ye Futian entered the Purple Underground to cultivate, he would be regarded as his younger brother. As such, he was qualified to teach him a thing or two.

Lets go.

Ye Futian spoke lightly and walked off, passing Zhang Changqing.

As soon as Zhang Changqing finished speaking, Ye Futian bumped him and left, completely ignoring him.

Zhang Changqings back was facing Ye Futian. His face stiffened.

Those who faced him could see from Zhang Changqings face how embarrassed he was.

This caused many to experience some subtle emotions. One was the most valued disciple of the former Emperor of the Purple Underworld, who set the record for the Divine Mountain, and the other was a new character who broke the pole number.

Had they started the competition even before entering the gate?

The scene that just played out seemed to foreshadow that these two would certainly be unable to live in harmony.

Lets go. Although Zhang Changqing was a little humiliated, he still managed to speak and turned to walk away. Everyone flickered and moved away from the Divine Mountain.

The elders of the Purple Underworld wore a weird expression. They didnt speak. The situation was somewhat delicate.

Having left the Divine Mountain, everyone moved forward, walking along the Purple Nether City. Zhang Changqing and others still came to the front to lead the way, while Ye Futian and the others followed.

In the Purple Nether City, there was a sky stairwell, with 8,100 steps, which led to above the sky.

Over yonder, there was a sky gate. Across the sky gate was the palace of the Purple Nether Citythe whereabouts of Purple Underworld.

Many ancient halls were standing here, towering and spectacular.

At this moment, below the sky stairwell, there were countless many from all places. Some were people from the Purple Nether City. They looked forward and showed a look of respect.

Behind that sky gate, there were many on the high platform. The one in the middle had an extraordinary temperament. He was the Emperor of the Purple Underworld.

Beside him, there were throngs of cultivators. In addition, there are many cultivators positioned in all major directions.

They were not from part of the Purple Underworld but were from other regions.

Today was not only the opening day of the Wutu Divine Mountain but also the opening day for other Divine Mountains. However, all of the eight major orthodox forces had sent cultivators here; obviously, it was not only because of the opening of the Divine Mountain.

Purple Underworld, now that the preaching of Divine Mountain had ended, its time to talk about the matter regarding the descendants of the Gu clan. When will we see them? someone asked. He was extraordinary, and in his movements, he seemed to be one with the Great Path.

The person who could talk to the Emperor of the Purple Underworld on equal terms had to be also existence of Renhuang, and one of the eight figures who controlled the thunder method orthodoxy.

Thats right. There was another who broke the pole number of Wutu Divine Mountain today, and congratulations are in order. But this matter still needed to be dealt with, another Renhuang piped up. It was as if they all had some ideas of their own in todays attendance.

The Emperor of Purple Underworld understood that Gu Tianxingregardless of his extraordinary methodwas just one step away from the Heavenly Path.

Even Renhuang, who did not desire to gain the method of Gu Tianxings cultivation?

If this Gu Dongliu who was captured was the only descendant of the Gu clan, who wouldnt want to discover something from him?

It was just that he had already tried to no avail.

The man who was captured didnt seem to know who he was and didnt understand the magic cultivation of the Gu clan. Even his genius seemed to have been vaguely imprisoned.

And it was unknown whose doing it was.

Perhaps it was an attempt to leave a bloodline for the Gu clan, to let him live quietly in the Lower World, and continue the name of Gu clan.

It was just unexpected that he still came to the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

No need to worry, I will take care of it myself, the Emperor of the Purpose Underworld replied lightly. He already had a plan. Since he couldnt find anything useful himself, the attraction of the descendant of the Gu clan was naturally not as great, so he would take the initiative to turn him in.

Purple Underworld, honestly, what are you going to do with him? someone asked. They had all knew some things vaguely, and now, beside them, many people had also arrived.

They have already arrived. Lets first see the one who broke the pole number of Wutu Divine Mountain, the Emperor of the Purple Underworld said. As he looked down, he saw a group of people walking along the sky stairwell.

Among Ye Futians party, he was the only one who went up. Xia Qingyuan, Qin Xuangang, and the others stayed below. They were not allowed to step on the sky stairwell to enter the Purple Underworld, and could only observe the ceremony from below.

Ye Futian glanced at the endless sea of people, then stepped onto the sky stairwell. He passed over the sky gate and saw those who were above the sky stairwell.

The man at the center of the should be the Emperor of the Purple Underworld.

Finally, Ye Futian and the group stopped. Zhang Changqing and the others flickered behind the Emperor of the Purple Underworld and stood quietly there.

The Emperor of the Purple Underworld lowered his head and looked at Ye Futian and the others.

Greetings to Emperor of the Purple Underworld.

Your Majesty.

Everyone bowed slightly and paid their respects, and so did Ye Futian, even though he was displeased about the fact that the Emperor of the Purple Underworld had sent men to capture the third senior brother.

However, the strength and status of the Emperor of the Purple Underworld were what they were, and he had to pay his respects.

The Emperor of the Purple Underworld smiled and waved his hands, and his eyes landed on Ye Futia. He said, For many years, only you alone were able to inherit the Thousand Ways of Tialei, breaking the pole number of the Wutu Divine Mountain. Would you like to ask me to be your master?

There were endless people below, and when they heard the words of the Emperor, they cheered. They were greatly envious of Ye Futian.

Right after the conclusion of the trip to the Divine Mountain, the Emperor of the Purple Underworld would personally accept him as a disciple. How fortunate!