The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359 Feeling Lost

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The appearance of Gu Tianxing made many people think about a question: who was he, this Gu Dongliu?

Was he just the last descendant of the Gu Clans bloodline?

When the Gu Clan was exterminated, all people of the Gu Clan were killed by the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty; nobody survived. How did Gu Dongliu leave alive, and why did he have such an intimidating force in his body?

The only possibility was before Gu Tianxing died, he had started to make arrangements and sent Gu Dongliu away.

Then Gu Dongliu must be an essential person for Gu Tianxing.

Gu Jiangnan. This name occurred to many people. At the beginning of this storm, he was a peerless gallant hero in the Heavenly Mandate Realm many years ago. He was known as the most talented warrior of all time in the Gu Clan and broke all speed records of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. He was also Gu Tianxings son.

At that time, everyone believed that Gu Jiangnan would become another Gu Tianxing in the future. The Gu Clan was flourishing at that time, and it also had a very outstanding successor. During that period, it seemed that all good fortunes of the world had gathered in this clan.

However, maybe because of this, many people said that the heaven was jealous of the Gu Clans prosperity, so the Gu Clans fortune began to wane from its apex, and what happened after that indeed confirmed this prediction.

Gu Jiangnan and his wife were both peerless figures of that time. When the conflict erupted between them and the crown prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, they were besieged by many warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty might be afraid of Gu Jiangnans potentials and ordered their warriors to behead this couple.

At that time, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was also extremely powerful and was hailed as the strongest force in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. At that time, they did not expect that Gu Tianxing would be so intimidating when he went mad; otherwise, they wouldnt have dared to kill them.

It was because of the Gu Jiangnan couples death that Gu Tianxing stepped into the court of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty alone. The battle trembled the sky and earth, making ghosts and gods weep. Gu Tianxing took revenge on the crown prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. In front of all warriors in the court of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, he slew the prince in the cruelest way and put his head on top of the temple hall of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

And now, the appearance of Gu Dongliu had to make people wonder whether the Gu Jiangnan couple had any offspring before they fell.

No one had ever heard of it.

But the thing that happened today seemed to indicate this possibility could be great.

If Gu Dongliu was really the child of Gu Jiangnan couple, Gu Tianxings grandson, and his sealing had been removed after he cultivated for a while

There will be another bloody storm in the future, many people thought to themselves.

The grudge between the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Gu Clan was far from over.

Ye Futian, however, felt relieved at this moment. He didnt know the Third Brothers life story, but it was fortunate for him to be able to leave unharmed.

Was the person who took the Third Brother away really Gu Tianxing?

When they planted the sealing force in his body, maybe they had expected that the day would come.

In the void air, Emperor of the Purple Underground looked down and glanced at Ye Futian.

Gu Dongliu was Ye Futians elder brother. Ye Futian went to the Wuwu Divine Mountain just to meet him and plead for Gu Dongliu; their relationship must be unusually good.

However, since that powerful figure could take Gu Dongliu away, there was no point in capturing Ye Futian, and the Emperor of Purple Underground had no need to incite hatred for no reason.

Ye Futian himself certainly had not expected that his brother had such a background.

Would you like to cultivate in my sect? Emperor of Purple Underground asked Ye Futian again. It was the second time he invited Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked up at Emperor of Purple Underground. The Emperor stood there with an imposing bearing. His deep-set eyes looked unfathomable; no one could speculate what he was thinking.

However, since his Third Brother had a grudge with the Violet Heavenly Palace, it was very unfavorable for him to cultivate in the Purple Underground Sect.

People fixed their eyes on Ye Futian again. Everything that just happened was so shocking to them that they almost forgot about Ye Futian, who just broke the record of the divine mountain because of Gu Dongliu. Ye Futian was also a very rare talented figure.

It was the second time that Emperor of Purple Underground invited him to be his disciple.

However, since the Emperor of Purple Underground refused to release Gu Dongliu, Ye Futian might have felt estranged and would not cultivate with his guidance.

I am grateful for your appreciation, Your Majesty. Its just I am not specialized in Thunder Laws, so I am afraid I will not live up to your expectations, said Ye Futian, bowing. No matter what he was feeling at this moment, he would not show it.

Many people had expected that he would decline the offer, but this guy even claimed that he was not specialized in Thunder Laws, which was too

A genius with Thunder attribute who had just broken the record of Wutu Divine Mountain and gone through 1,000 streaks of Divine Thunder said that he cultivated in Thunder Laws just for fun. One could imagine how the people around him felt.

What would those practiced warriors who had made great accomplishments in Thunder Laws think of him?

Too presumptuous, Zhang Changqing said in a low voice behind the Emperor of the Purple Underground. Ye Futians tone was polite, but his words sounded particularly jarring to him.

He once had also broken a record and endured 900 streaks of Divine Thunder; he was also very good at using Thunder Laws.

Not only Zhang Changqing, but cultivators of the Eight Orthodox Sects in Thunder Laws were all staring at Ye Futian. Ye Futians words sounded too arrogant.

If I am not wrong, he should be the first person among the Eight Orthodox Sects who broke the record but was reluctant to enter Sects to study Thunder Laws, right? a Renhuang figure said with a smile at this moment. He looked toward the Emperor of the Purple Underground and said, Zi Ming, your Purple Underground Sect does not seem very attractive.

The Emperor of the Purple Underground looked unconcerned and glanced at him. Of course, he understood the slight irony in his tone.

For many years, there were not many people able to break the record of the Eight Great Divine Mountains, only very few. Since you could break the Heavenly Thunder record of the Wutu Divine Mountain, how about coming to the Violet Heavenly Palace to cultivate, at this moment, a warrior of the Violet Heavenly Palace in the air looked down at Ye Futian and suggested.

His words shocked countless people.

Pairs of eyes looked towards Ye Futian; people were all stirred by these words.

Even the Violet Heavenly Palace sent an invitation to him.

There was a strange look on the face of every Purple Underground Sect warrior. Zhang Changqing raised his eyebrows slightly; the Violet Heavenly Palace had never invited him to cultivate there.

All Thunder Laws of the world originated from the Heavenly Palace; the Violet Heavenly Palace was the precursor of all the Eight Thunder Law Orthodox Sects.

Entering the Violet Heavenly Palace meant that one could practice all kinds of Thunder Laws, including the Wutu Infernal Thunder. What one would learn depended on how strong ones talent was.

Even any common disciple from there was surely an extremely talented person.

However, Gu Dongliu might be part of the reason that the Violet Heavenly Palace invited Ye Futian to cultivate.

Would Ye Futian agree?

What he said was also out of Ye Futians expectation. He looked up at the figure above the sky and said, Thank you for your offer, but I am afraid I dont deserve entering the Heavenly Palace because of my limited talent.

He didnt deserve it?

Ye Futians reply made many people feel speechless. His reason to decline the offer was a bit too pretended; he had just said that Thunder Law was not his field.

However, this was also Ye Futians attitude.

Even though it was the highest force in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, he still refused to join it.

Warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace above the sky dome took a glance at Ye Futian. The speaker looked away and didnt say anything.

Who could expect he declined the invitation of the Violet Heavenly Palace?

A young man standing next to that warrior looked towards Ye Futian. His stare was sharp. It was as if thunder was hidden inside. He took a glance at Ye Futian and said calmly, You inherited the Thunder Laws of the Heavenly Palace but refused to cultivate in Thunder Law Sects. Since then, dont let me see you cultivate in Thunder Laws of the Heavenly Palace.

His tone was calm but firm. The Wutu Infernal Thunder of the Wutu Divine Mountain was also a heritage belonging to the Violet Heavenly Palace. The Violet Heavenly Palace established the tradition of the arrival of the Heavenly Thunder in the Eight Divine Mountains, which was designed to pass the Thunder Laws through the world.

The event was intended for cultivators with Thunder Law talent to cultivate in respective sects.

There was no requirement to enter a sect during inheritance.

Because those who owned the talent of Thunder Laws would basically all be willing to enter, not to mention those who gave the best performance.

But Ye Futian first rejected the Emperor of Purple Underground and then even rejected the invitation of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Since then, he should just give up using the Thunder Laws of the Heavenly Palace in the future.

The leaders of the Eight Orthodox Sects around the Emperor of Purple Underground were thinking about inviting Ye Futian to join them and seeing if he had other Thunder talents, but now it seemed that there was no need.

Although Ye Futian was exceptionally talented, he was also an arrogant person; now, he had nothing to do with the Thunder Laws.

Lets go, said a warrior of the Violet Heavenly Palace. Soon, his group turned into lightning and disappeared directly into the sky.

The rest of the forces were also preparing to leave. The goddess of Brahmas Pure Sky turned around but suddenly heard Ye Futian shouting at her, Your Excellency, may I talk to you for a moment?

The Goddess of Brahmas Pure Sky turned her head and looked at Ye Futian. There were strange looks on many peoples faces. This guy refused the invitation from the Heavenly Palace, and the next moment, turned to the Goddess. What did he mean?

Whats the matter? the Goddess of Brahmas Pure Sky asked in a calm tone.

Your Excellency, may I ask that among all cultivators in Brahmas Pure Sky, whether there is a cultivator named Hua Jieyu who once cultivated in the Lower Realms, Ye Futian asked. He looked quite nervous, his eyes fixed on her, his heart thumping fast.

This was the first time he approached a person from the Brahmas Pure Sky; he might get news about Jieyu.

The Goddess still looked calm. She took a glance at Ye Futian, then turned around and walked away, leaving a word, No.

After the word, warriors of the Brahmas Pure Sky gradually all left, and soon disappeared from sight.

Ye Futian heard her answer and froze in the void sky. No?

He heard from Xia Qingyuan that Jieyu might be alive, so he came to the Heavenly Mandate Realm with a wisp of hope.

Finally, he met a person from the Brahmans Pure Sky, but she just told him no.

If Jieyu was not in the Brahmas Pure Sky, what did that mean?

Was she really alive?

Ye Futians face looked quite pale. The wind blew on his face. He felt a little cold.

People around him looked at him. Ye Futian was a bit strange. He refused the invitation from the Heavenly Palace but wanted to socialize with Brahmas Pure Sky?

However, the Brahmas Pure Sky ignored him.

No matter how talented he was, he was not in good favor with the Goddess of Brahmas Pure Sky.

Xia Qingyue came beside Ye Futian. Seeing Ye Futians pale face, she also felt quite lost.

Maybe she was not clear on what you were asking, Xia Qingyuan whispered. But shouldnt she be glad?

Why did she also feel sad!