The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361 The Lord Of Verdant Gazelle Palace

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To the west of the Heavenly Mandate boundary stone was the barren land where few human cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm set foot on. Only the best cultivators dared to enter this chaotic area.

Although the land of human cultivators was also cruel to those who failed, at least there were some social rules to follow. Thus, humans felt more secure to live amongst their kind.

The Demon Realms territory was full of unknowns, and people needed to be more cautious about anything they didnt know.

However, a large number of human cultivators had recently stepped into this barren zone. The five top forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm took the lead, with countless people following them.

At this time, there was a group of people in the vast wilderness steering swords and swiftly flying in the vacant sky.

They were Ye Futian and his companions who came from afar.

Even though the Purple Underground Sect was located in the west of the Heavenly Mandate Realm and thus adjacent to the barren land of the Demon Realm, the Heavenly Mandate Realm was too large. Thus, it still took them a while to arrive.

When they sometimes looked down, they could see a demon beast or two come into view. However, most demon beasts chose to hide from them as they perceived the Sword Will in the air.

Just like in the world of human cultivators, the vast majority of demon beasts in the Demon Realm were the weaklings.

The world of cultivators was always pyramid-shaped. The higher the level was, the fewer the cultivators were. Ye Futian always met with the most powerful cultivators only to get stronger and meet people of his level or greater. Otherwise, it wouldve been so easy for him to find a place and be a lord.

Furthermore, many demon beasts lived together in clans within the barren lands of the Demon Realm. Some of them built caves in mountains as their dwelling places. Ye Futian had traveled for so long without seeing a city.

Demon beasts who could turn into human shapes were also very rare. Disregarding the descendants of powerful demons who had the innate ability to transform, ordinary demon beasts were able to do it only after they reached the Saint Plane.

There is a very strong demonic aura ahead. There should be a powerful demon, Qi Xuangang said while steering a sword. He looked serious, with a pair of eyes looking through the mist and into the distance.

Lets go and see, said Ye Futian. They had lost their way since they came here as if they were chickens with their heads cut off. Although he had controlled demon beasts before, ordinary monsters had no idea how vast this barren land was. They had never left their territory but knew how vast the Demon Realm was.

Demon-Saint-level powerful beasts certainly knew about something.

Their swords suddenly accelerated, roaring above the skydome, flashing across the void sky, and piercing through the sky like a lightning.

A battle broke out on a plain; many corpses were scattered on the ground.

Ye Futian and his companions steered their swords and stopped in mid-air. They looked down and saw a group of warriors besieging a lady.

The lady looked dainty and beautiful, but now her body released a chilling life force. She held a sword; wherever the sword arrived, a rain of swords would rise between heaven and earth. Each of the falling swords contained horrifying penetrating power, shrouding the surroundings.

This lady had the Saint-Plane cultivation ability, but now several powerful demons were besieging her, their roars destroying ones spirit and willpower. When they raised their hands, they aggressively attacked the lady; she kept bleeding, the bloodstains on her body growing.

Bang! Another loud noise arose. The lady was hurt by a sharp claw that pierced through her delicate body. Her white dress was stained with bright red blood.

A burly powerful demon beast with a stout stature was standing nearby watching the battle. He stared at the woman with intimidating and emotionless eyes.

Qingyang He, you enjoy disguising yourself as a human and studying human cultivation methods. His Highness likes human beauties, so I assure you he will pamper you very well, the powerful demon beast said loudly. Guys! Dont hurt the Verdant Gazelle Goddess!

The people encircled the lady. That powerful demon beast raised his head and took a look at the vacant sky and said, Friends, please ignore our business.

He figured that these travelers were human cultivators. As a powerful demon beast of his level, however, he had grown used to this.

Ye Futians companions looked at him and wondered if he would intervene.

At that moment, Ye Futian looked down and saw the lady named Qingyang He, raising her head and looking at them. Her mouth was stained with blood; she looked quite sorrowful.

I am Qingyang He from the Verdant Gazelle Palace. Can you please help me? she said to Ye Futian. She knew very well that if she was taken away, she would, unfortunately, become an evil beasts plaything.

Maam, you should be able to tell that we are human cultivators; were not supposed to get involved in the business of the Demon Realm, Ye Futian replied. Even though he sympathized with her, he didnt dare to take arbitrary action within the Demon Realm. If he offended any Demon-Emperor-Level beasts, not to mention that he might not keep himself safe, he could not only put himself in danger but also bring misfortune to people around him. He had to be careful.

Im the daughter of the lord of the Verdant Gazelle Palace. I dont know why you came here, but Im sure the Verdant Gazelle Palace can help you. These people are beasts-in-training of the white tiger castle in this territory. The lord of the castle is just a demon saint; he cant do anything to you, that lady hastily spoke.

Ye Futian thought about leaving but stopped. This was quite a dilemma.

Trust me, please, Qingyang He pleaded, looking up into his eyes.

Ye Futian saw the plea in Qingyang Hes gorgeous eyes. He took a glance down and said, Let her go and leave.


The human-shaped demon beasts frowned. The beast-in-training who took the lead stared at them fiercely. He opened his mouth and let out a low roar. Suddenly his head turned into a terrifying large tiger head.

We serve under the throne of the Holy Lord of White Tiger Castle. Humans, are you sure you want to mess with our lord? the tiger demon said fiercely. A very strong baleful force flew out from his body and turned into a horrifying aura that shrouded the area.


Yaya took a step down, her Sword Will enveloping the space and letting out shrieking wind whistles. Her Sword flows directly purified those baleful air streams and shielded Ye Futians side.

Having perceived Yayas Sword Might, he glanced at Ye Futian and his group, taking an especially long time looking at Qi Xuangang.

Although little life force was released from this person, his intuition told him that this human being was the most dangerous one.

Lets retreat!

Once the tiger demon immediately ordered an evacuation, the demon beasts directly released Qingyang He and retreated. These demon beasts were pretty quick.

He let out a howl and rose into the sky. These great demon beasts made rumbles at the same time. There seemed to be anger hidden in the roars; they would keep the grudge in mind.

Ye Futian raised his head and watched them before he heard Qi Xuangang whisper, They cant go now.

As Qi Xuangang finished speaking, an old man with a white beard in a white robe arrived at where the tiger demons departed. Suddenly, an appalling killing Will enveloped the sky and earth.

The faces of those tiger demons suddenly turned pale. The old man with the white beard moved forward step by step, and the chilly killing Will between the sky and earth progressively increased with each step he took.


The old mans body suddenly turned into a broken shadow, flashing rapidly. The tiger demons howls terrified the sky, but one could only see the blood rain splashed in the sky mixed with their screams.

We didnt touch Qingyang He. Those humans did it, that great demon yelled. The old man with a white beard ignored him. His body turned into a broken shadow, and the Sword Will swept across space like a shower of falling stars. It looked as if he only brushed that beasts shoulder.

The old man with the white beard continued to move forward as the body of the great demon turned into ashes and dissipated in the air.

A Nirvana Saint, Ye Futian said to himself while looking at the old man. He saw that the old man was turning into a white shadow like a drifting cloud, directly approaching Ye Futian and the others.

Everything happened before he could react to any of it, but Qi Xuangang had already made a palm strike. The old mans sword was coming, and a giant palm print turned into a light curtain shielding Ye Futian and the others.

Father, stop! only then did Qingyang Hes shout ring out. The old man with the white beard swiftly retreated and looked at Qingyang He.

They saved me, Qing Yang said hurriedly.

The old man with the white beard restrained his life force and took a special look at Qi Xuangang. He cupped his hands and said, Just now I was too hasty and took impertinent action. Please forgive me.

It doesnt matter, Qi Xuangang replied, looking at him in amazement. Not only did he resemble a human, but his behavior was no different from that of human beings, even his courtesy.

This was the one who arrived was the Verdant Gazelle Holy Lord, the master of the Verdant Gazelle Palace, and the ruler of the territory.

The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord flashed beside Qingyang He and asked, Are you all right?

Qingyang He shook her head and said, Yes, thanks to their help.

I dont know how to repay your kindness. Please follow me to the Verdant Gazelle Palace, Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord said.

Sure, Ye Futian nodded without declining his offer. His party set off directly, and the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord led the way.

Sir, have you been to the other side for cultivation? Qi Xuangang asked the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord into the empty air.

Yes, said the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord, nodding. Human beings are the primate of all beings. Bloodline is more important for Demon Beast cultivation, but I am just a goat beast with limited talents. Thus, I went to the human realm and cultivated there for many years.

When the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord was young, he was unable to transform in human shape and even served as a mount for Saint-Plane humans. He had become the man he was today after years of acquisition.

I am under my fathers influence and have been wanting to go to the other side of the Heavenly Mandate Realm to study. My father would never allow it, so I have to stay here and gather information on human cultivation, Qingyang He said softly. Ye Futian also found out that Qingyang He wore a long dress and acted elegantly as if she were a human lady.

It mustve bee very difficult for you to have accomplished what youve done today, Qi Xuangang said. The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord must have taken more effort than other demon beasts.

Indeed, the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord said and nodded. Did you also enter the Demon Realm for Gu Tianxing?

During this time, countless cultivators from the other side of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had come. Of course, he was also aware of their movements and knew something from the humans mouths.

Um, Ye Futian said, nodding, Sir, we need your help.

Most areas in this district are overrun by chaos. The land was separated by many great demons regimes. My Verdant Gazelle Palace and the White Tiger Castle are both under the control of the Celestial Demon City, the largest demon city near the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Maybe you can inquire about something there. You can briefly rest at my Verdant Gazelle Palace first, and then I will accompany you all to set off for the Celestial Demon City, the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord said.

He wanted to repay the kindness of Ye Futian and his companions!