The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368 Friction

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Zhang Changqing stared at Ye Futian. Did he just say that the inheritance of Infernal Thunder of Wutu was beneath him?

It was not just Zhang Changqing, but all eight orthodoxies of thunder methods were in the vein of the Violet Heavenly Palace. Did this person despise the cultivation of their eight orthodoxies of the thunder method?

Master, who are these idiots? the Black Wind Condor next to Ye Futian said.

How could they blatantly forbid his masters cultivation?

A group of self-righteous morons, Ye Futian responded. People from the eight major thunder clans stared at him. A Might of authority shrouded the void and the lightning flashed as if the thunder of heaven might descend from the sky at any time.

Id like to see how you dared to despise and humiliate our orthodox thunder method, Zhang Changqing said coldly. His sight directed toward another man, who stepped out and headed toward Ye Futian. As a Saint of True Self, he also wanted to see the true strength of Ye Futian, the one who had inherited the Thousand Strikes of Heavenly Thunder and broke the pole number.

Boom! The Infernal Thunder of Wutu flashed with the sounds of thunder and explosion. Above the firmament, thunder cloud roiled.

How aggressive was the might of the Divine Path that all the cultivators and demonic beasts around it retreated and gave up this space? The demonic beasts emitted a low, excited roar; something interesting was afoot.

These humans were powerless against their Demonic Crown Prince, and now there was infighting.

Ye Futian stared at the other with the same indifference. These eight major thunder clans were brutally beaten to a bloody pulp by the Crown Prince, Zhu Yan. Now in an awkward position, they could neither advance nor withdraw.

Were they now taking it out on him?

Above the sky rang out muted sounds of thunder, and the Infernal Thunder of Wutu roared continuously, covering the space above Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stepped forward as starlight flowed and revolved around his body, turning into celestial bodies. The heaven and earth seemed to morph into a world of stars, with each star flowing and dazzling.

The cultivator of the Purple Underworld stretched out his hands, palms facing upward as if to hold up the heaven and the earth. The light of heaven and earth shone brightly and descended on his palms, gathering radiant brilliance.

Boom! A bolt of lightning flashed through the void. Moving like lightning, he rushed toward Ye Futian. Both of his palms flipped and blasted out at the same time. The lightning in his palms instantly exploded, with sharp lights blooming and directly attacking Ye Futian.


The sound of thunder broke through the sky as the infinite Infernal Thunder of Wutu gathered above the palms, blasting inside Ye Futians body. The rolling thunder of the Great Path above the sky descended at the same time, striking upon Ye Futians Starry Battle Form.

The light of the stars was dazzling and bright but still crackled.

However, Ye Futians body remained untouched. Endless lightning rushed into the light of the stars along the cracks, but he remained unshakeable.

Those who were around looked towards Ye Futian. Endless lightning and thunder released a thousand yards of lightning that flooded the world, but his body was crystal clear as if it were immortal. As he withstood the might of thunder, he remained oddly still.

The expression on the cultivator of the Purple Underworld changed slightly. As Ye Futian raised his palm, the sounds of explosions rang out. Endless Great Path lightning of catastrophe appeared between heaven and earth, gathering into the palm of his hand. As he clenched his palm into a fist, thousands of thunder and lightning bolts of catastrophe resembling swords tore through the void.

Upon sensing the threat, the cultivator from the Purple Underground withdrew his body rapidly like an afterimage of the lightning. Even so, Ye Futian seemed to stick to him like a shadow that also turned into lightning, pushing its limit.

The two mens bodies simultaneously crossed the void and appeared above the sky. The crowd saw Ye Futians arms forward, his fists bathed in the light of endless thundering light of catastrophe.


With a loud bang, the body of the cultivator from the Purple Underground stopped, the fist of thunder blasted on his chest. The devastating light of catastrophe burst into his body, then bloomed from every part of his body. Countless lightning bolts Illuminated the void, making it difficult for people to open their eyes.

With another loud bang, the body of the cultivator from the Purple Underground fell instantly to the ground.

His twitching body was charred black, with his long hair standing on their ends. Blood seeped out of his mouth, left in a frightful expression.

The face of the cultivator from the Purple Underworld looked unsightly. Although this cultivator was neither too strong nor too weak, Ye Futian managed to defeat him in one blow.

Furthermore, the attack by his hidden Infernal Thunder of Wutu could not even pierce Ye Futians defense.

Zhang Changqing and the others looked up at the figure in the void. Ye Futian also looked down at them with indifference and said lightheartedly, is this the inheritance of the Purple Underground? It is strong indeed.

His sarcastic tone sounded particularly harsh. He was now the figure in the void clad in white. His silvery hair flowed in the air, his handsome visage displaying his apathy. Compared to the time at the Purple Underground, Ye Futian appeared even more unbridled and jaunty.

At the time, Ye Futian had favors to ask of the Emperor of the Purple Underground. Because of the many Renhuang present at that time, he had suppressed his personality and true strength.

Another figure stepped out and walked into the void; this person was also the Saint of True Self but with even stronger breath. As the thunder clouds rolled, a massive shadow of thunder god appeared behind him with astonishing arrogance.

This thunder god phantom held a Godly Spear of Thunder, and the thunder gathered above in the sky. With his palms outstretched, a Godly Spear of the Thunder God lashed out in his hand, emitting a bolt of devastating lightning.

Ye Futian casually looked down at the other. With his palms extended, a long halberd formed. The thundering light of catastrophe gathered again and integrated into the long halberd, leaving space around it to tear all things.

Bang. As Ye Futian stepped in the void, a mighty of the Great Path fell and shrouded the other. The cultivator with the spear only felt a strong sense of suppression oppressing him from above.

Boom! Lightning skyrocketed across the sky and headed toward Ye Futian.


Ye Futian took another step. At that moment, everyone vaguely felt that Ye Futians demeanor was similar to that of Zhu Yan, the demonic Crown Prince.

A flash of lightning slashed through like a streamer. Ye Futians figure headed toward the cultivator of the Purple Underworld beneath, and the long halberd in his hand made a direct hit.

That cultivator of the Purple Underworld did not evade but instead ascended into the sky. The overbearing illusion of the thunder god seemed to be integrated with him, and its strength increased multifold. The spear enlarged as the thunder method soared, suddenly colliding with Ye Futians long halberd.

A destructive glare of light came out. Through the bright beam, the crowd saw the thunder spear crumble and shatter. Ye Futians long halberd directly impaled the thunder gods body, as easily as piercing bamboo.

With a loud bang, the illusion of the thunder god ripped apart. As before, the body of the cultivator from the Purple Underworld fell to the ground, unable to move.

One strike was all it took.


Many people looked puzzled, while the people of the Eight major thunder clans looked extremely embarrassed, especially Purple Underworld.

The fight ended with just one strike. If Ye Futian was merciless, both opponents would have died instantly.

This scene was similar to when someone faced Zhu Yan the demonic Crown Prince.

What method are you going to pass on to me? Above the void, Ye Futian lowered his head and looked down, looking proud and unrelenting.

He was banned from cultivating the thunder method.

As Ye Futian said, did he really want the eight major orthodoxies of the thunder method?

Black Wind Condors voice uttered from below, Master, what kind of orthodoxy of thunder method is this? Its so strong. He had morphed into human form but his head still looked condor-like, its sharp voice sounded particularly piercing.

Just now, they claimed to be the orthodox of the thunder method and wanted to forbid it from this master.

How astounding

To them, the orthodoxy of the thunder method was meant to represent the cultivation of the thunder method of the Great Path. If one was unworthy of it, then they are not allowed to cultivate. Ye Futian responded sarcastically from the void. All the cultivators of the Purple Underworld felt their faces blackened.

You are out of line.

A cultivator from the Golden Clan who practiced Perilous Thunder of Gengjin stepped out. As his body rushed straight into the void, a divine sword of thunder created by the gathering of all the Perilous Thunder of Gengjin appeared, converged above the sky, and slashed downward.

He was also surrounded by several sharp divine swords.

Ye Futian glanced at the void, and suddenly there were ancient characters all around his body, which seemed to contain the starry Great Path that orbited around his body. They flew out and exploded in an amazing power that collided with the divine sword as it came down, shattering the latter.

The cultivator from the Golden Clan condensed the seal with his hands. Suddenly, the endless Gengjin divine sword turned into thunder and blasted out as if it wanted to tear apart the sky, rushing toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futian kept flying forward, the endless ancient characters seemed to contain special rhythms. The starry will exploded in the ancient characters, each resembling a star that kept flowing and rotating before colliding with the endlessly divine sword that continued slaughter forward.

The divine sword was pulverized. The cultivator of the Golden Clan yelled in anger, and all the ways returned into one. A large golden divine sword converged, rushing into the clouds and slashing toward Ye Futian.


Ye Futian stepped in the void with a powerful stance. As he moved, the hundreds of thousands of the ancient characters of the world turned into a huge starry monument beneath his feet and descended from the sky, pressing down.

In an instant, the cultivator from the Golden Clan felt deeply trapped by the starry world. The golden divine sword blasted on the stone monument and slowly shattered. With the starry monument continuing to press down, Ye Futian stepped onto the monument and descended with it. Oppressed all the way down, finally unable to bear it, the cultivator of the Golden Clan spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body fell.

The ancient character descended one by one, blasted onto his body, and smashed him to the ground.

It was still an easy finish. The person who fought on behalf of the Golden Clan was already an extraordinary character, yet he still experienced equally overbearing and instant defeat; they were not on the same level at all.

Anyone else?

Ye Futian bowed his head and looked down on the eight major orthodox thunder clans below.

Who could withstand the fight?

The area suddenly fell silent. Most people were watching for the show, but they were also amazed by the arrogance of Ye Futians fighting power. He could easily defeat even the geniuses of the eight major thunder clans.

This battle was enough to make the Purple Underworld unable to lift his head and lose face.

Someone looked up into the sky. As the supreme force who inherited the power of the eight major thunder clans also known as the place with the most complete collection of all thunder methods the Violet Heavenly Palace would come out and fight!