The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369 Breaking The Matrix

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People from the Violet Heavenly Palace looked downward towards Ye Futian, who was in the air.

Back when Ye Futian had rejected the Emperor of the Purple Underground and the Violet Heavenly Palace successively, everyone thought it was because of Gu Dongliu.

Now it seemed that there was a bit more to it than that.

He was also more than confident in his own talents. He didnt think the Purple Underground would teach him anything, so he wasnt interested in going under the tutelage of the Emperor of the Purple Underground

Among the will that was revealed by Ye Futian in the battle, thunder was just one of them. There were also several different powers of the Great Path; his concentration was not solely in thunder.

Entering Wutu Divine Mountain and breaking the pole number of Tianlei of inheritance was all to meet the Emperor of the Purple Underground and plead for the release of his senior brother, Gu Dongliu.

He had no interest at all in cultivating the thunder method.

When the Eight Great Divine Mountains opened, two of them had their pole numbers broken. In this case, let the two people who broke them have a chance to exchange, The cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palace said. Even then, the Violet Heavenly Palace still kept their pride. As the supreme force in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, having to fight Ye Futian wouldnt have been a glorious event even if they won.

After all, they were the real disciples who cultivated at the Violet Heavenly Palace.

As the voice fell, many looked toward the direction of the God-Slaughtering Clan before turning to Wang Chao, who had submitted to the God -Slaughtering Clan.

This man was exceptionally talented, and his combat power was just as aggressive.

What would happen if the two record breakers fought?

I came today for the news of Gu Tianxing, as all of you have come for the same purpose. Now, what is this? Another voice rang out as a group of fair ladies moved forward with their robes floating in the air, appearing holy and pure.

The lady who spoke was a maiden under the Jiutian Goddess. She glanced at Ye Futian and said, I am aware that you had grievances with the Eight Major Thunder Clan, but why bother provoking internal conflict if you came here for the same reason as everyone else? Wouldnt it have been better to break the matrix or go to the Celestial Demon Arena for a challenge?

This maiden, who came from Brahmas Pure Sky, saw that Ye Futian was an extraordinary fighter who possessed a sweeping power of the eight clans that was as strong as that of the demonic Crown Prince Zhu Yan.

He and Wang Chao, the two people who broke the pole number of the Divine Mountain, may have been able to break the great battle matrix on the Celestial Demon Arena if they worked with the followers sent by other top forces. They mightve even been able to defeat the demonic Crown Prince Zhu Yan.

Ye Futian glanced at the maiden who spoke. Like Violet Heavenly Palace, Brahmas Pure Sky stood on the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Emitting an unusually transcendental temperament, these maidens seemed as if they were from another world.

To this day, they were still as prideful as the Violet Heavenly Palace, unwilling to dirty their hands. Perhaps they thought that, as maidens of the supreme power of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, fighting against the demonic beasts of the Celestial Demon City was dishonorable.

Such pride was etched in their bones; it also served as the foundation of the supreme power of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Even though he had crushed several disciples of the eight major clans, both the Violet Heavenly Palace and Brahmas Pure Sky believed he was still more suitable to challenge the Celestial Demon Arena.

Even if I break the matrix, whats it to you? Ye Futian said. From her tone, it sounded as if breaching the matrix needed to be made public.

Whats more, Im the one who provoked the infighting? Ye Futian asked in return.

The woman from Brahmas Pure Sky frowned, glancing at Ye Futian.

The Black Wind Condor came forward, looked up at Ye Futian in the void, and asked, Master, who are these fairies, so glamorous and unreachable like goddesses from the sky?

Ye Futian looked down at him; what was this guy thinking about now?

Everyone else looked at him scornfully. The mount thought that he was such a proud creature, but was just full of flattery.

Theyre cultivators from Brahmas Pure Sky, Ye Futian responded.

Oh, the Black Wind Condor responded. Brahmas Pure Sky should be very strong, befitting the status of Master.

He looked at the fairies of Brahmas Pure Sky and said, Recently, my master needs a few maids. Might any of you ladies wish to serve him? My master will certainly treat you well.

Everyone looked at the Black Wind Condor in shock, and for a while, many could not respond.

Have the fairies of Brahmas Pure Sky serve Ye Futian as his maids?

Was this bastard crazy?

No cultivator in the Heavenly Mandate Realm would ever dare propose for the fairies of Brahmas Pure Sky to serve as maids, especially when there were saintly maidens among them.

Kong Xuan also silently looked at the Black Wind Condor in front of her, taken by a familiar feeling.

In the past, she was once so angered by this bastard that Ye Futian took the opportunity to gain control over the demonic beasts around her. Because of that, he obtained the ability to direct the battle for the Empty Realm.

Now, she had so wanted to smash the bastard.

The cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty burst into laughter. Even the royals of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty could only fantasize about the maidens of Brahmas Pure Sky serving as maids.

Then this stupid beast dared to speak of it out loud.

This seemed to pique the Demonic Crown Prince Zhu Yans interest. Ye Futian and the beasts around him were amusing.

Very interesting indeed

The expression on the faces of the maidens from Brahmas Pure Sky changed, but a few of them remained stoic.

A maiden glanced at the Black Wind Condor calmly and smiled, Even if we are willing, you should ask your Master if that is what he desires.

If you fairies are willing to serve, Ill consider it, Ye Futian said calmly.

Many looked at Ye Futian; this guy wouldve wanted it!

Really? A maiden said with a smile, Im afraid you wont have our services.

Saying Brahmas Pure Sky itself was enough to overwhelm most cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

He would ask the maidens of Brahmas Pure Sky to serve him as maids? He was crazy.

Whether I can bear it or not, we will know once I tried it, Ye Futian replied and turned around. No longer engaged with the other, he walked toward the Celestial Demon Arena instead.

He would accomplish what the Eight Major Thunder Clans couldnt.

Ye Futian descended on the Celestial Demon Arena and looked up at the sky above. The demonic Crown Prince Zhu Yan glanced down at Ye Futian, looking somewhat surprised.

When Ye Futian was with the palace lord of the Verdant Gazelle Palace before, he thought that Ye Futian just wanted to obtain information through their relationship. Now, it appeared that Ye Futian wasnt the type of person he expected him to be.

He already promised the palace lord of the Verdant Gazelle Palace that after this matter had been settled, he would consider giving him the information.

Even under such circumstances, Ye Futian still chose to step onto the Celestial Demon Area for the challenge. He didnt care to use such means but intended to rely solely on himself.

From below, the palace lord of the Verdant Gazelle Palace looked at Ye Futian.

Old bull, weve been wrong, the palace lord of the Verdant Gazelle Palace said to the bull demon next to him.

Indeed, we were a bit off, the bull demon nodded.

I choose to break the matrix.

Ye Futian said, much to everyones surprise; why didnt Ye Futian directly challenge the demonic Crown Prince Zhu Yan?

Could the superior combat prowess of the demonic Crown Prince have deterred him?

The previous battle matrix was just as mortifying, so it was probably very difficult to break.

Permission granted, the demonic Crown Prince Zhu Yan nodded. Suddenly, several thunder dragons landed on the Celestial Demon Arena, each thunder dragon letting out a low growl as the area turned into the thunder world of the Great Path.

Thunder and lightning fell from above, and Ye Futian seemed incredibly small on the Celestial Demon Arena.

In Ye Futians outstretched hand, a long staff manifested from radiant light shining on his palm.

The demonic Crown Prince Zhu Yan glanced his way, and a peculiar look flashed through his golden eyes.

Did this human cultivator actually know staff techniques?

To think this couldnt get any more interesting

Are you ready? Ye Futian said.

The cultivators of the Thunder clan looked surprised; was he asking them if they were ready?

Boom! Terrifying might of thunder condensed and formed, turning into rolling thunder that slashed directly toward Ye Futian.


Ye Futian stepped forward and turned into a thunderbolt, instantly disappearing from where he was a moment ago.


The eyes of everyone flashed, but the cultivators of the Thunder clan still looked calm. Their sharp claws extended toward the sky above at the same time. A light screen of thunder appeared on the sky, and endless lightning struck down in an attempt to track down Ye Futian.

However, everyone saw that Ye Futian was racing with the lightning. He moved so quickly that his figure was hardly visible.

Above the sky, an extremely strong gust suddenly gathered, containing the mighty pressure of the Great Path within.

The cultivators of the Thunder clan all felt the pressure of its might. Their bodies enlarged, and divine thunder came out from their mouths. Above their heads, an impossibly giant thundering drum appeared.

Divine thunder was spat out from the great mouth, converging together and blasting on the drum of war.

In an instant, the void seemed to make crackling sounds. The bright light that would illuminate everything bloomed and radiated in all areas of the sky, leaving nowhere to hide.

Among the thunderous light that annihilated the void, a bolt of lightning seemed to race through the thunder at the speed of sound.

Even so, a thunderous light still hit the moving figure, and a brilliant light burst out. The figure did not slow down and continued flickering with every movement. As the wind and cloud roared, the might of the Great Path pressed down and shrouded the cultivators of the Thunder clan.

Above the sky, shadows of the staff were covering the sky, with each one appearing to be able to break open the ground. Numerous shadows of the staff blasted out at the same time, covering all the cultivators of the Thunder clan.

The Demonic Crown Prince Zhu Yan shot out golden divine flames from his eyes, staring at where the endless shadows of the staff now covered everywhere.

Bang, bang, bang! The loud sounds were heard almost simultaneously, and the battle matrix was instantly split up as the cultivators of the Thunder clan resisted the staff techniques.

Above the sky, Ye Futian appeared and struck out once again with the staff. The staff turned into a thousand kilometers long and swept across the sky to sweep away all existence.


The thunder dragons massive bodies flew out backward. They let out low and angry growls as all of them were blasted out in a flash.


The cultivators of the Eighth Major Thunder Clan were intrigued by this scene. They had tried their best and fought the Celestial Demon Matrix with the technique of tag match to no avail.

How could Ye Futian have done it in only two strikes?

Even those of the supreme power became sharp; Ye Futian mustve been quite stronger than expected!