The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370 The Violet Heavenly Palace Makes A Move

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The cultivators of the Thunder clan stood at the four corners of the Celestial Demon Arena and took a deep breath. The thunder will upon their bodies were rolling and tossing until it finally made a deep groaning sound of the dragon chanting.

On top of the staircase, the prince of the Thunder clan stood up and stared at Ye Futian.

It was clear how aggressive and unstoppable the Demonic Thunder Drum Matrix from the Thunder clan was; it was far more difficult to break the matrix than to defeat him. After all, they were set up by the cultivators of the Thunder clan, so its superior battle power was derived from the echoes of their collective will.

Despite all that, Ye Futian broke the Demonic Thunder Drum Matrix with only two strikes.

The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince also looked over, but he was more concerned with Ye Futians staff techniques than with him breaking the matrix.

Like Ye Futian, he also felt that his staff techniques were somewhat similar as if he had seen it somewhere before.

These staff techniques seemed to come from the same source as his.

Naturally, the two cultivations of the staff techniques were based on their own cultivation. Each continued evolving their staff techniques so that they would exert the greatest power in their own hands. Even if they were from the same source, it wouldve differed as their paths to cultivation went different ways; the final staff techniques wouldve also been different.

Just why would this human cultivate the staff techniques from the ape clan?

Furthermore, he seemed to have known several demonic cultivators.

Will this suffice? At that moment, Ye Futian looked up at the top of the stairs towards The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince; the eyes of man and demon met in the void. The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Princes eyes seemed to light up with golden divine flames. Ye Futians eyes were as deep as the starry sky, his expression unchanged.

The prince of the Thunder clan stared at Ye Futian wanting to speak, but he saw that The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince already said, Yes, I will tell you the information about Gu Tianxing before you go.

Very well, Ye Futian nodded, then turned around to walk off the Celestial Demon Arena.

The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince glanced at the others and said, What about you guys? Since you didnt come out and break the matrix yourselves, do you plan to get the information from him?

The purpose of him setting up the demonic matrix was to experience the strength of the top forces in the world of human cultivation, but he did not expect Ye Futian to be the first to break the matrix. He didnt seem to be a disciple of the top forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. On the contrary, he seemed to be quite at odds with them.

His combat effectiveness was as strong as that of the top forces.

The cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace, Brahmas Pure Sky, and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty all lifted their heads to looked at The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince. Just as they expected, the Crown Prince was coming for them.

The descendants of Zhu Yan the Demon Crown Prince wanted to step on them to prove himself, but the idea was somewhat naive.

He quickly glanced at the people of the Eight Major Thunder Clans below. The cultivators from the Violet Heavenly Palace knew that these people were unreliable; none of them could rival Ye Futian.

Had it not been for Gu Dongliu, Ye Futian could have cultivated in the Violet Heavenly Palace. This wouldve been better than the current situation.

Since the Eight Major Thunder Clans had failed, give it to the Violet Heavenly Palace. The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty said. The people of the Violet Heavenly Palace glanced that way.

Very well, the leader responded directly without question. His gaze fell on a cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palace as he said, Zimo, you go.

Fine, a young man stepped forward, and everyone from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty looked at him.

It seemed that the Violet Heavenly Palace chose Tan Zimo to fight so they could avoid any further mishaps.

This Tan Zimo was a well-known figure in this generation of the Violet Heavenly Palace. In the realm of the Saint Plane at the Violet Heavenly Palace, he was considered one of the 10 most significant figures there.

It was known that the Violet Heavenly Palace had countless talented geniuses. Being ranked amongst the top ten there for being the best at the thunder method among all the sentient beings in the Heavenly Mandate Realm meant almost standing at its apex.

Tan Zimo walked forward, clad in a purple robe decorated with patterns of lightning. He walked onto the Celestial Demon Arena and stood in the void, the robe fluttering in the wind as he gazed at The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince and said, Let me try, as well.

His tone was oddly calm as if it was simply a trivial matter to him.

The cultivators of the Eight Major Thunder Clans glanced his way, worried about this battle.

The Violet Heavenly Palace finally came out to fight through Tan Zimo.

The Eight Major Thunder Clans were lords in their own right, but as the founder of the thunder method, the Violet Heavenly Palace was a place they can only aspire to go.

No matter what position they held in their respective clan or how talented they were, they could only watch in awe facing off with Tan Zimo, the genius figure of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Whether or not it was the Violet Heavenly Palaces intention, Tan Zimos cultivation also came from the realm of the Saint of True Self.

The cultivators of the Thunder clan gathered again into the matrix, but Tan Zimo waved his hand and said, Since you had fought previously, you make the first move.

The sound of dragon chanting continued, and Tan Zimos proud voice brimmed with self-confidence.

The cultivators of the Thunder clan transformed into sacred thunder dragons without objection, their roars piercing the sky. Above the firmament appeared to be an apocalyptic sight as the light of thunder swallowed the sky.

Their bodies soared into the sky and flew in circles, devouring the thunder of heaven and earth before opening their mouths to spit them out. Infinite thunder light converged in the middle, where a boundless giant demonic thunder drum appeared.

The Demonic Thunder Drum Matrix was designed to gather all the might of thunder on the Demon Thunder War Drum so it would instantly unleash the power needed to destroy the human bodies and their souls.


Lightning fell from the sky and landed around Tan Zimo. Tan Zimo stood there quietly, seeing that many of the cultivators of the thunder clans gathered the momentum instead of making the first move. As his mind moved, the light of endless thunder suddenly fell and surrounded him.

There appeared eight rays of light next to him as if they were the divine thunder of the eight colors.

The Violet Heavenly Palace had lofty requirements for the talent of the thunder method. Along with the control of one kind of thunder method orthodoxy, a person also had to control all eight thunder methods orthodoxy so that they would become as one, all bloomed from one person.Read more chapter on our

Both sides gathered momentum, hoping to win with one strike.

The thunder rolled as the sky was shrouded in light, and countless lightning bolts bloomed in front of everyone. The thunder light surrounding Tan Zimos body gathered into eight beams of light and rotated around him. The eight beams of light pierced through the sky and were integrated with the divine thunder of the Great Path.

He seemed to be a matrix all by himself.

The demonic beast and human cultivators watching the battle felt suffocated by its power. The sound of dragons rang through the world. The cultivators of the Thunder clan finally made a move, spitting out the thunder from their mouths and simultaneously striking on the war drums.

In an instant, destructive beams of divine thunder light blasted from the demon thunder drum toward Tan Zimo.

Tan Zimos expression remained unchanged. He pointed his palm forward and uttered the word, Go.

As his voice faded, eight thunder beams rushed straight at the opponent.

The two forces met and collided mid-air. The terrifying sound of the explosion made everyone feel that their mind also trembled, their eardrums vibrating violently.

The sky seemed to be drowned in the thunder light, and the two collisions intertwined. Tan Zimo stepped forward and pointed his finger toward the sky, where eight beams of divine thunder light descended from the sky and blasted toward the giant demonic thunder drum.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The divine thunder descended. When the war drum was hit, a terrible divine light burst out and turned its attack toward the great demons of the Thunder clan nearby.

They roared as they retreated.

Bang! With an ear-shattering noise, the war drums collapsed and shattered. Seeing those cultivators of the Thunder clan retreating, Tan Zimo continued to move forward. He raised his finger to the void and said, Thunder of Catastrophe.

As the words fell, a Gengjin Divine Sword fell from the sky and blasted toward the demonic dragon, whose sharp claws slashed out to resist the oncoming power.

But Tan Zimos fingers continued its strikes and said, Smote evil, god-slaughtering, life-and-death.

As each word fell, it seemed to contain an orthodox thunder method. The Heavenly Thunder descended, and the roars of the demonic dragons were heard.


With another loud sound, one demonic dragon was blown to the ground, covered in blood.

Soon afterward, continuous trembling sounds were heard as cultivators of the Thunder clan were struck by the divine thunder. Their bodies fell to the ground, their blood dyeing the platform red; it was a shocking sight to behold.

Soon, all the cultivators from the Thunder clan were severely injured and unable to fight again. Tan Zimo stood alone in the space above the Celestial Demon Arena, illuminated by the light of the thunder light shining around him as if it will never be extinguished.

He looked at the scene with indifference and glanced lightly at the sky above the Celestial Demon Arena. Since they had clamored for the Violet Heavenly Palace to make a move, he could only comply.

However, something else needed to be done.

Something needed to serve as a warning to the Demon Crown Prince.

Although this was the territory of the other, there were some scruples. The people of the Eight Major Thunder Clans were afraid, but the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace werent.

Since the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince himself had set down the battle matrix himself, the Violet Heavenly Palace, as the most supreme force of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, would not be so easy to intimidate if he was defeated and dared to leverage the power.

The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince stood up and saw the figures lying on the ground. A terrible divine light shone from his golden eyes, a flame burning upon his body.

As he took a step forward, the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince stepped into the void and walked onto the Celestial Demon Arena.

A pressure of might shrouded the heaven and earth. In an instant, Tan Zimo also felt greatly suppressed. Although The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was about the same size as a human, he seemed more like a towering demon whose every step made people tremble.

Even so, he remained calm, for he also wanted to know what kind of strength that this most favored prince by The Zhu Yan Demon Emperor, known as the unparalleled great demon of this territory. That alone gave him the confidence to continue challenging the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The Heavenly Thunder roared as the clouds above the sky tossed and turned, lightning bolts shrouding the entire Celestial Demon Arena.

If it werent for them controlling the power, it wouldve probably spread farther than where it currently was.

Is the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince going to fight against the cultivators from the Violet Heavenly Palace? Numerous eyes focused there. On one side was the most talented great demon of the region, the Demon Crown Prince. On the other was the genius disciple of the top forces from the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the Violet Heavenly Palace.

How terrible their collision would be!