The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371 The Crown Prince Raging

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Ye Futian lifted his head to look up at the battlefield; he wanted to see at what level the top two cultivators were fighting.

Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was already standing at the peak in this realm, and there was nothing further to say about those from the Violet Heavenly Palace. The most powerful disciples of Heavenly Mandate Realm were strong beyond imagination.

In the sky above the Celestial Demon Arena, the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince stretched out his hand, and suddenly a golden flaming staff materialized, he then slung it over his shoulder and continued forward. The look in his eyes was fierce, and an aggressive might bloomed from his body, his demon temperament roared with his will to war soaring.

Tan Zimo glanced at the other. The eight major divine claps of thunder descended from the sky, covering him. Around him, a violent thunder field formed, and this thunder field attracted the divine thunder from heaven and earth, with his body as the center, a frightening thunder field was formed.

The cultivators from the Violet Heavenly Palace looked over there, and it seemed that Tan Zimo was also extremely cautious about this battle, as he had directly released his life spirit.

His life spirit was unique; it was a lightning area that could devour the divine thunder of heaven and earth and could change its form at will. At this time, the lightning area had no fixed form and was shining between heaven and earth, but as soon as his mind moved, the life spirit evolved.

At the Violet Heavenly Palace, Tan Zimos body of the great path was naturally formed with superb talents, so he cultivated and understood the eight major thunder methods.

There werent many in the Heavenly Mandate Realm who had stronger talents than his. Those were had superior talents were all geniuses and were destined to enter the top principalities.

Of course, there was still a gap with the one from the Violet Heavenly Palace. After all, there were only the very few in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, who could possess the supreme body of the great path. He was destined to be high above others, ruled a generation, and stood at the peak of the mountain.

However, it was thought that Tan Zimos talent was enough to deal with the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince.

The divine thunder moved between heaven and earth, the lightning area was expanding madly, and the power of thunder was heading toward Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince as if to cast a huge thunder net.

A terrible golden flame was burning on top of the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, though he did not dodge the flame and simply let the strands of thunder descended on his body as if the terrible thunderous might did not affect him.

Tan Zimo didnt care. He stared straight ahead, his thoughts shrouded the heaven and the earth, and the eight pillars of divine thunder beams shone around his body and spread toward the surrounding areas. The thunder beams continued to appear, seemingly intent on burying the world.

Righteous Thunder of Yimu, Tan Zimo uttered. As his voice faded, beams of lightning descended from the sky, the great path roared and smashed toward the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince.

Golden flames from the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince collided with the thunder in the void and were at an impasse.

Negative Thunder of Kuishui, fall, Tan Zimo spoke again, and thunder crashed creating chills, and the golden flames reappeared, trying to block the thunder, but the Negative Thunder of Kuishui penetrated the divine flames and continued its invasion.

Boom. A clap of thunder rang out, and the force of the thunder struck the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, but his whole body shone with the golden flames as if covered with a layer of armor.

Tan Zimo didnt care. The Perilous Thunder of Gengjin, Infernal Thunder of Wutu eight major thunder methods descended from the sky in succession, and beams of thunder shrouded the body of the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, shining on his armor of divine flames.

Amazing defense, everyone exclaimed. He was indeed the great demon Zhu Yan. Those who cultivated in the same realm couldnt even bear a single thunder method.

However, he supported the power of the eight major thunder methods with his physical body.

Tan Zimo looked at the others and secretly said that the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was indeed proud and arrogant.

Both of his hands were forming a seal. His body seemed to be connecting heaven with earth, and thunder clouds of destruction appeared in the sky, painting a terrifying scene of the apocalypse.

Boom. He took one step out, turning into a flash of lightning, and moving in the space at will, appearing above the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, the lightning area of the life spirit rushed into the thunder clouds, and a terrible vortex appeared. Divine thunder turned into pillars of light descending from the sky, sheltering all directions. Tan Zimo stretched his hands and looked up into the sky, looking solemn.

Fall. Tan Zimo spat out a single word, and the thunder descended. This was the great thunder attack of the Violet Heavenly Palace. The end of days thunder catastrophe. Its power to slaughter was total and complete; it would annihilate gods and demons alike.

All the bystanders were shocked by the rapacious power of this thunder method. It was impossible to achieve this level of thunder spell unless the might of the cultivator was powerful.

Such a scene of the apocalypse was akin to a great disaster.

Several demon princes who were standing on the stairs were worried for the Demon Crown Prince; this power was too terrifying.

The thunder method of doomsday came down and blasted toward the body of Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince. His body shook, and the golden flaming armor was shattered and broken. The thunder method seemed to be connected with the thunderstorm of the firmament, inextinguishable and continued its blasts to his body as if to kill destroy where he stood.

The body of the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was bent slightly, and his face had a savage look, terrifying and fierce, as his body trembled slightly.


With a roar that echoed in the heavens, his body suddenly began to grow. Although he was still being forced to bend his body, he kept reaching upward and getting larger, as if he was going to support the celestial thunder with flesh and blood.

Is this it? A low, hoarse voice came from the Demon Crown Prince, full of monstrous ferocity, and the demon twirled upward and screamed into the sky.

His body continued growing. His arms extended, the long staff was also extending madly, getting longer and longer.

He lifted his head, bearing the power of the celestial thunder head-on. Bloodstains appeared faintly on his body, but he seemed to not feel it as the staff in his hand swung toward the sky.

Tan Zimos body flickered and turned into lightning. His body even soared above the thundercloud. He turned both palms downward, and the doomsday thunder continued downward as countless thunder claps rushed toward the space below.

Buzz! The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, who had now transformed into a giant war beast, waved the long staff in his hands, and there appeared endless shadows of the staff above the sky. These shadows collided with the beams of thunder, and under the attack of the doomsday thunder methods, the body of the war beast flew upward. Suddenly there seemed to be many shadows of him that appeared between the heavens and the earth, and at the same time, he struck out with the long staff and collided with the divine thunder in the void.

The scene above the void was truly shocking.

The attack that was dealt out by the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince directly blasted to the center of the violent thundercloud, smashing down with endless divine power.

With a loud bang, even the celestial thunder seemed to be destroyed. A figure continued to rise and appeared high in the sky; it was Tan Zimo.

Boom. Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince stepped onto the sky and headed toward Tan Zimo who was high above the sky. Although he was not as fast as Tan Zimo, for someone in the realm of the Saint of True Self, this amount of distance was negligible.

The staff techniques method wielded, Tan Zimo deployed a shadow of the thunder method and disappeared in a flash again, appearing in another direction.

The Demon Crown Prince let out a deep roar, and a demonic air engulfed the space. He stood still, the golden divine staff in his hand slashed toward the sky, its dancing shadows enveloped the infinite void and blasted its power toward Tan Zimo.

The lightning around Tan Zimo turned into a horrible vortex of thunder, swallowing and crushing the attacking shadows of the staff. He stood on top of the sky and regarded the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, saying, If it was a real battle, you would be defeated sooner or later.

He had an absolute advantage in speed, even if the opponents attack was extremely violent, it could not get to him.

Those who heard his words secretly agreed that even though the attacks and defenses of the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince were impeccable, he was much too slow. Tan Zimo moved with the thunder, and the Demon Crown Prince was unable to keep up.

If they fought in the air, the opponents combat power was equally strong, and he wouldnt be able to destroy his opponent.

You dared not fight from the front, and you had the gall to make such wild claims? The prince of the thunder clan looked coldly into the void and commented.

Tan Zimo glanced at him. The offensive and defensive power of Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was indeed amazing. The doomsday thunder was terrible, yet it failed to destroy him. This kind of physicality was definitely at the limit of human strength.

Since when is there a limit imposed on the rules of battle? Tan Zimo asked, the fighting power of the Demon Crown Prince was top-notch in the realm, and only a few could match him. But if this is a battle of life and death. I will not lose.

Zhu Yan Demon Crown Princes immense body turned into the size of a human, and golden divine light was shining upon his body. He looked to Tan Zimo and said, where did you get that confidence?

As his voice faded and his body burst out into golden lightning.


Everyones eyes flashed and saw the thunder blasted from Tan Zimos body, but the golden lightning forcibly carried the thunder attack forward.

Similarly, Tan Zimos body also turned into a thunderbolt, quickly retreating, but the golden light followed closely behind, and many phantasmic illusions appeared. Terrifying and fierce breath shrouded the entire space.

As Tan Zimo stopped his movements, the infinite shadow served the staff technique at the same time. He stretched out both palms, and the space around his body turned into a terrible lightning area, locking down all the phantom illusions.

A shocking roar was heard, and the immense body of Zhu Yan appeared above him, looking down. A massive long staff swamped this sky, breaking through the bounds of the endless lightning area and slamming at him.

Bang! The shadow of the staff struck down. All the crowd saw was a figure falling from the void, spitting blood. It was Tan Zimo.

He stabilized his body and looked up at the giant demonic shadow in the void, looking bad.

Phantasm Movements of human cultivation? Tan Zimo remarked; this was not something that would belong to the talents of the Great Demon Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince glanced at him, then went back. His body became smaller once again and looked toward many influential individuals from the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Everyone looked troubled. Tan Zimo of the Violet Heavenly Palace was defeated by the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince.

The Demon Crown Prince finally fixed his golden eyes in one direction, and the one who stood there was not just any power principalities of the realm. It was Ye Futian.

Why did you choose to break the matrix previously, instead of fighting with me? The Demon Crown Princes voice was cold and indifferent; its might filled with overwhelming terror.

Since I aimed to extract some news from the prince, naturally I didnt want to ruin the peace between us, Ye Futian responded.

What if I wanted to see your real strength? asked the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince!