The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372 Shook Off

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Ye Futian looked up at Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince and knew his intentions. Since he felt the staff techniques were somewhat familiar, the Demon Crown Prince must have felt the same way too.

Therefore, he wanted to experience his staff techniques.

Since the Crown Prince is so interested, I will do my best so that he is not disappointed. Ye Futian responded after seeing the Demon Crown Prince was looking at him, and he agreed to the battle.

Many cultivators were looking at Ye Futian. Even Tan Zimo of the Violet Heavenly Palace was defeated by the Demon Crown Prince; how could Ye Futian counterbalance this great demon Zhu Yan?

Although Ye Futians previous exhibition of combat effectiveness was quite impressive, Tan Zimos power was also witnessed by everyone. The eight-series of the thunder method, the divine thunder descended from the sky, and the great path of cloud catastrophe gave way to the final thunder of catastrophe.

Even so, the defense of the other was not destroyed. This point alone would render the Demon Crown Prince invincible.

What was more, he also seemed to have cultivated in human movement and phantasm spell, with nearly no weaknesses.

The people who fought with him would need to be from the top forces of the Heavenly Manded Realm like Tan Zimo.

Previously, many thought that it was more difficult to break the matrix than do a battle challenge, but after seeing the display of Zhu Yans true strength, they began to understand that his test was far more difficult than the demonic matrix.

Just as everyone was deep in thought, Ye Futian had already walked forward. His body levitated as he walked into the void toward Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince.

Sacrifice the staff, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said to Ye Futian, holding the divine golden flaming staff.

Ye Futian held out his hand, and a starry long staff appeared in it.

So it was his staff techniques that the Crown Prince wanted to see. Those human cultivators saw this scene and understood that the reason Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince did not challenge them, was because he wanted to know Ye Futians strength.

His staff technique is a bit similar to that of the Demon Crown Prince, maybe it is the same great path, and the Demon Crown Prince wants to see Ye Futians staff technique, someone said.

Its just that, even though the techniques are similar, but the gap between the practitioners is considerable. The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince has such a violent attack, and its power is at its height. Will Ye Futian survive his staff techniques?

This battle will let us see how strong Ye Futian is and see how far he can persist the others staff techniques.

People of the thunder clan principalities argued that, since Tan Zimo had been defeated, they were hoping that Ye Futian did not have the strength to compete with the Demon Crown Prince. Otherwise, it would be extremely embarrassing for the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The Violet Heavenly Palace was the head of the eight major thunder methods. If Ye Futian could stand shoulder to shoulder with him, then where would the eight major thunder clans stand?

In this great battle between demons and humans, they suddenly changed their alliance and hoped that the Demon Crown Prince would crush Ye Futian.

At least, this would prove that the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was powerful and that Tan Zimos defeat was not embarrassing.

It is unknown how many strikes he can survive, but none of you could bear even one strike of the staff. Yu Shengs eyes swept over the people of the eight major thunder clans.

All eyes focused on Yu Sheng, who looked nonchalant; even those who followed Ye Futian were arrogant?

At that moment, an overwhelming might hovered over the vast space, and they werent in the mood to hang around Yu Sheng. Instead, they looked at the sky above the Celestial Demon Arena.

The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince held up a long staff. A flash of lightning crossed the void, and his body rushed straight toward Ye Futian.

Above, a shadow of the staff appeared, and as it smashed down, a row of staff shadows appeared, sweeping through the void. At the same time, a heavy pressure overwhelmed Ye Futian, and the shadows of the staff covered the sky.


Ye Futian took one step, and starry lights appeared in the world that surrounded them. The long staff in his hand danced, and a dull sound was made in the void, like a real star, it swept away towards the sky.


Airwaves with extreme violence blasted this space, and the Demon Crown Prince swept downward. A low roar came out, exposing his ferocious fangs, his arms picked up the staff at the same time, and swirled it in the void. A violent vortex of the great path appeared on top of it, and when the staff came down, the void seemed to be chopped in half.

Ye Futian did not evade but continued to walk on the sky, his body rose, with a sky full of starry lights.

Another strike and the heavens and stars were integrated into the staff.

And then another violent collision.

Zhu Yan Demon Crown Princes body spun like a top, creating infinite staff shadows in front of him.

Buzz. The body came down sideways, and the many shadows of the staff fell without any rules or methods.

Ye Futian also detected that, at this moment, the Demon Crown Princes staff techniques were based on that of the ape clan, which he completely integrated into his fighting style. There were no rules to speak of, only the purest pursuit for the most powerful and extreme strength.

The staff techniques, which seemed incoherent, exploded out of his hands but was complete in itself.

The long staff, as wielded by Ye Futian, swept out, according to his desire.

Bang. Another strike and the two collided for the third time, but neither of them retreated.

Golden lightning flashed across the sky, and the figure of Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince seemed to disappear, except the billowing air currents that were still roaring between heaven and earth.

Ye Futian also twirled and moved, disappearing out of thin air. The crowd raised their heads and looked at the sky above the Celestial Demon Arena, only to see that two lightning strikes were spinning toward the firmament.

Boom, boom, boom

Each attack collided again, and each collision seemed to break apart the sky and earth, and the sky seemed to be wiped out by those all-encompassing staff shadows.

The eyes of those from the Violet Heavenly Palace and the eight major thunder clans changed. How could it be?

Ye Futian was able to directly collide with the Demon Crown Prince, and all of them were violent frontal collisions.

The physicality and strength of the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince were top-notch in the demonic world. For a human to reach such a limit, it was nearly impossible.

However, Ye Futian himself was not shocked into retreat but confronted the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince violently time and again.

How could his divine power so great?

However, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince did not transform into a great beast. It seemed that he only wanted to see Ye Futians staff techniques without the intention to suppress him.

After the Demon Crown Prince morphed into the giant beast, his speed would be reduced, but his attack and defense skills would increase.


A loud sound rang out as the two figures separated.

Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince and Ye Futian each stood on one side of the space, and the Demon Crown Prince, looking at Ye Futian, said, great staff techniques.

In this confrontation, he just wanted to see Ye Futians staff techniques, so he hadnt exerted his best efforts.

Ye Futians staff technique was indeed from the same heritage as his and bore many similarities.

Its just that the strength was still not enough. If I pressed for it, you probably couldnt have exerted the full power of the staff, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said indifferently. His eyes were golden, he had a reputation of being high and mighty, but he had a good impression of Ye Futian.

After all, their staff techniques were from the same clan.

Indeed, the people below secretly remarked, the Demon Crown Prince had shown mercy.

No wonder Ye Futian lasted so long!

So the peace was not broken between us, I kept the power of the staff under control; otherwise, if the attack was to remain to this degree, Im afraid Your Highness would not have been able to persist this long, Ye Futian replied, which caused the Demon Crown Prince to look amused.

He grinned menacingly.

There was someone who took his attacking power lightly?

That may be the case. Try a strike from me, and let me see just how far you have progressed with your techniques, the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said, unleashing his menacing aggression, and the infinite power above the sky descended. His body dazzled as if protected by a divine golden flame, and an endless stream of light from heaven and earth rushed toward the long staff in his hands, radiating as the rising sun.

Aye. Ye Futian responded with a single word, took one step, and a sacred brilliance flashed upon his body, Deed of Thorough Comprehension bloomed as his body turned into a furnace of the great path, and the endless power of heaven and earth merged into his body. He stretched out his hands with the long staff laying across the palm, traveling in the void


His clothing moved with the roar. An amazing explosion fused space with his body as if all the power of the sky was at his beck and call.

At that moment, Ye Futian seemed to have entered another realm, and his temperament changed.

Growl. The heaven and earth roared and raged, and there seemed to be an immense and incomparable illusion of a Vajira giant beast in the sky. This illusion shrouded the Zhu Yan. Although he had not turned into the great beast, the force he projected was equally unbridled.

Bang. The void moved with the steps, the might between the heaven and earth enveloped Ye Futian.

Catch! A deep voice rang out, and a giant golden staff appeared and struck down from the sky. When the staff fell, a divine golden light appeared between heaven and earth and cut through the sky.

Bang. Ye Futians body moved again, as he took another step. The sacred light of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension rose, resonated with the Great Path and integrated into the staff.

Moving with the staff techniques, unified with the great path, the techniques became one. When the staff techniques integrated, they countered the golden divine staff that was slashing toward him.

Many stared at this scene; would Ye Futian be vanquished by this strike?


Above the firmament, the shadows of the two staff collided, and as quickly as they touched, they separated immediately.

At the moment the two staffs collied, the crowd saw a figure immediately fly backward.

When the identity of the flying figure was discerned, countless eyes below seemed to be fixed on it.

A figure surrounded by sacred radiance with the staff techniques whistling and dancing stood in the sky.

This figure was Ye Futian. And the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, at the time of that aggressive attack, was blasted away by Ye Futians strike.

How can it be?

Many demonic beasts were watching the scene in disbelief as were the human cultivators.

They had all witnessed the great strength of the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Princethey had watched him crush Tan Zimo.

But now, he was knocked out by Ye Futians staff?

The cultivators from the Violet Heavenly Palaces faces changed. This meant that Ye Futian was far stronger than Tan Zimo.

Otherwise, how was he able to smash the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince with a single strike!