The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373 Your Choice

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The eyes of the eight major thunder clans, such as the Purple Underworld, were even more interesting. That dazzling figure who stood in the sky shrouded entirely by the sacred light, integrated with the will of the great path, and exploded out of his body. All powers morphed into a single strike.

That one blow from Ye Futian knocked back the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, and those from the Realm of the Saint of True Self couldnt even withstand a single attack from the great demon of Zhu Yan.

Once, when Ye Futian rejected the Purple Underworld, some felt sympathy for him, sad that he had missed a great opportunity.

Looking at it now, did he need to cultivate at all in the Purple Underworld?

Was this the true reason for his refusal of the Purple Underworld and the Violet Heavenly Palace?

Well played, the people of Heavenly Mandate Realm suddenly became interested. Ye Futian had given them a reason to be excited.

Before this, the people of Heavenly Mandate Realm did not take Ye Futian seriously, but now, they discovered that this man possessed combat power comparable to those of their disciples of the most supreme power.

There werent many like him in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

What would the Emperor of the Purple Underground think after he learned of this?

Of course, the most surprised were the cultivators from the demonic clan. Before, they had been extremely excited and shouting. But when this strike fell, the area of the Celestial Demon Arena quieted down, and these demonic beasts, eyes wide stared at the void; the Demon Crown Prince was knocked back.

Above the void, Zhu Yans body was bent. After he got a hold of himself, he raised his head, and his golden eyes swept toward Ye Futian. His overbearing physique once again stood up, staring at the figure opposite him.

After the efforts were spent on staff techniques and strength, he was defeat by a human.

He stepped up and shook the void. When he moved, the violent beast behind him appeared again, its body spinning, turning into golden lightning, and instantly descended above Ye Futian.

A terrifying roar rang throughout the heaven and the earth. A fierce breath came from the sky, and an immense staff of divine golden flame appeared between the heaven and the earth, crashing down.

The sacred and radiant light beams around Ye Futians body rushed straight into the sky, and as he walked in the air, he went upward against the force and an awesome might swept across the heavens. As this happened, shining stars appeared twinkling all over the sky.

The starry staff in his palm continued growing. He lifted both arms, and a mighty power rolled out to sweep the void.


The two massive staffs collided, and the void seemed to violently tremble. The extremely aggressive Demon Crown Prince felt the infinite power blasted on his body, then rush into him, attempting to destroy his physical body.


He spat out a mouthful of blood, and the tense body could no longer support its weight and was once again knocked out by the staff and blasted toward the endless sky.

Everyones hearts started beating fiercely, even the demonic beasts. They looked up at the sky. At this level, the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince would exert all his effort, which would only prove that, without resorting to the transformation of a giant war beast, Ye Futians offensive power was indeed stronger than his.

Above the firmament, there came an incomprehensible horror of coercion, the demonic atmosphere permeated the space, turning into a terrible storm.

An immense beast came from the sky and moved toward Ye Futian incredibly fast. This time, it was the real giant beast itself. Its monstrous force seemed to be able to trample people to death.

Boom. Ye Futian stepped in the void. His body spun, the long staff danced in his hands, his body, likewise, grew larger, and transformed into a starry Battle form. Infinite starry streams sprinkled down and flowed into the staff techniques.

Above his head, a giant staff slammed down from the sky, destroying the heavens and splitting open the earth.

Ye Futians staff went up against the force, and all the stars of heaven were one, the will of the Great Path was unified, and turned into the path of All Destruction.

Boom, boom, boom.

The moment the rolling shadows touched, the sky seemed to collapse. They were fighting in the air, but the crowd felt that the ground beneath them was shaking.

The two figures seemed to stall above and that moment seemed to last forever.

Two pairs of eyes stared at each other, both were extremely arrogant.

The next moment, the two flew apart. This time, Ye Futian also retreated, but Zhu Yan was knocked toward the sky.

Only when Zhu Yan looked down at Ye Futian, he saw a mighty force was manifesting, and the momentum of the staff techniques seemed to still exist as if the next attack would be even stronger.

At that moment, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince lost his confidence.

It was the first time he was unsure. In the past, he always felt invincible in every battle, no matter who was in front of him, he knew he could take them down.

Those deep human eyes made him feel like he couldnt see the end, just like Ye Futians staff techniques.

Do you wish to continue? Ye Futian asked Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince. To be able to fight again under the encroachment of the Nine Heavenly Attacks, the Deed of Thorough Comprehension, the Starry Great Path, and the Great Path of Destruction Avenue and still able to continue, there was no question that Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was the most talented great demon of the region. He had even could defeat the cultivator of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince looked down at Ye Futian. His eyes were still full of ferocity, but the violent demonic atmosphere between the heaven and the earth was gradually dissipating, and his massive body was also shrinking, returning to human size.

The long staff in Ye Futians hand also disappeared, and the starry battle form dissipated as did the sacred radiance surrounding his body.

On the staff technique alone, I lost, but if it was a real battle of life and death, who would win? Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince stared at Ye Futian and asked. Tan Zimo from Violet Heavenly Palace had asked him this very same question before, and he proved that Tan Zimo could not.

Then, what about Ye Futian?

The man in front of him was stronger than Tan Zimo.

Ye Futian said nothing. A sense of will pervaded him. In an instant, a turbulent storm of space started blowing. Even Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince felt that his body was shrouded by space will, which bound him.

In terms of speed, the Demon Crown Prince had proved that he was strong, but in the face of space will, his speed had no advantage.

The Crown Prince neednt be concerned. In my cultivation thus far, none within the realm have been able to rival me. Ye Futian said as he looked at the Demon Crown Prince. His answer was quite obvious. In the battle of life and death, he would be the winner, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince should not feel bad about this.

This was really

You are too arrogant. Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said, but, you are qualified, at least more qualified, than the people from the Violet Heavenly Palace.

People from the Violet Heavenly Palace looked terrible when they heard what Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince said.

Tan Zimos face was even more unsightly.

A person who was not the top force of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but was just a casual cultivator, who claimed to be invincible in his realm was declared in front of those who were of the supreme power of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Besides, listening to your conversation previously, it seemed that the people of the Violet Heavenly Palace forbade you from using the thunder method? Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince continued and glanced at the people from Violet Heavenly Palace. Today, I came here to see about the real strength of the top cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but now it seemed that reality did not live up to its reputation.

Upon hearing his words, the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace were even more embarrassed. Before, when he was at the Purple Underground, a disciple of the Violet Heavenly Palace claimed to have banned Ye Futian from cultivating the thunder method.

It seemed as if the world of cultivation could not tolerate Ye Futian.

Looking back now, did Ye Futian need to cultivate the thunder method?

Based on the display of his combat effectiveness, it was safe to say that he regarded the inheritance of Infernal Thunder of Wutu as beneath him.

It was just one battle, and it was laughable to make such a conclusion based on that. Tan Zimo of Violet Heavenly Palace responded, among the top forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, there are many who are stronger than me. In the Violet Heavenly Palace alone, there are many. Although the strength of the Demon Crown Prince is great, using it as a measure for the world, is shortsighted. Not to mention, those who cultivate in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, not even those who are in the supreme body of the great path dared to claim to be invincible, even to those within the same realm.

You people are indeed shortsighted; you think that there is only one thunder cultivation method and banned the thunder method of others, Xia Qingyuan looked up and said to Tan Zimo.

Tan Zimo looked at Xia Qingyuan, as everyone else from the Violet Heavenly Palace stared at her. Would this matter never be forgotten?

For the Violet Heavenly Palace, this was truly not something that made them look good, and now the other party mentioned it several times.

Do you have a right to speak here? asked a cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palace indifferently. They were the supreme power from the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and these people were poking fun at them!

Ye Futian turned his gaze toward the cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Why no right? Ye Futian stepped down from the Celestial Demon Arena and looked at the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The pressure of might bloomed from the cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palace, and in a moment, a violent will shrouded the vast world.

Feeling this might, Ye Futian said again, the right you are referring to, was about to your identity as a disciple of the Violet Heavenly Palace, or your strength? If your strength is not good enough, and you are making a threat as a disciple of the Violet Heavenly Palace, then we are indeed not on that level.

Strength not good enough?

Ye Futians voice made the people around him speechless. He said that the strength of the people from the Violet Heavenly Palace wasnt good enough?

You are using one persons combat power to judge the overall strength of an institution? A leading figure from the Violet Heavenly Palace asked.

The four realms of the Divine Path, your choice, Ye Futian stared at the other and replied.

This arrogant man shocked the crowd into silence. Ye Futian had told the top force, the Violet Heavenly Palace of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, that out of the four realms of the Divine Path, they may choose as they please!