The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374 Intimidating Demonic Might

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The space fell quiet. The people of the Violet Heavenly Palace thought they must have heard it wrong.

As they said, a warriors combat ability didnt represent everything. But even the Violet Heavenly Palace had to admit Ye Futian was very strong and had proven himself.

But was Tan Zimo weak?

The Eight Sets of Thunder Laws induced the final thunderstorms of catastrophe; how terrifying that power was! Only the mightiest warrior like Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince could win over him.

But this moment, Ye Futian claimed that he and his group dared to challenge any warriors of the four Saint Planes.

Did he mean that his teammates could win over warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace in all the four Levels of Saint Plane?

How could a group of casual cultivators be stronger than warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace in any level of Saint Plane?

He should not only be described as being arrogant. For people of the Violet Heavenly Palace, he was humiliating the Violet Heavenly Palace as a top force of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Not only were the people of the Violet Heavenly Palace stupefied by his words, everyone who came from the Heavenly Mandate Realm was shocked and looked at Ye Futian.

Although this white-haired young man was strong in combat, his words were arrogant.

Did his team want to challenge all cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace here?

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they wouldnt have believed that a group of casual cultivators dared to be so presumptuous and claim that they could challenge cultivators at any level of the most powerful forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

You are like a dwarf judging how tall the sky is, Zhang Changqing said coldly. Before, even the Purple Underground Sect and the other seven Thunder Law Sects did not pay attention to Ye Futian, but now Ye Futian directly skipped them and challenged the Violet Heavenly Palace.

All Thunder Laws of the world originated from the Heavenly Palace. Even the eight Thunder Law Sects owed their heritage to the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Ye Futian glanced at Zhang Changqing in contempt and didnt say anything.

His glance seemed to tell Zhang Changqing that he didnt care at all.

You cant even break the demonic matrix. Just shut up, Black Wind Condor shrieked behind Ye Futian. Zhang Changqings eyes suddenly lost their gleam; he couldnt prove him wrong.

No warriors of the eight Thunder Law Sects were able to break the demon matrixes, and when they wanted to challenge Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince, they ended up being defeated by Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince in one strike.

But later, Ye Futian forcibly broke through all the demonic matrixes.

They indeed couldnt rebut.

From this perspective, Ye Futian had won over the Eight Thunder Law Sects.

Tell me which you do or dont choose, Ye Futian said, still looking at warriors from the Violet Heavenly Palace. Since they were used to looking down upon him in a lofty manner, then he would choose to completely defeat these cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace in front of the world and let them lose all dignity.

He would like to see how these people would go back to face their sect elders after being directly vanquished by their opponent.

He wasnt worried about revenge from the Violet Heavenly Palace, either. If they vanquished the disciples of the Violet Heavenly Palace face-to-face, and the Violet Heavenly Palace sent Renhuang-level warriors to fight against them, from now on, the Violet Heavenly Palace would be a laughingstock in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

So, the Heavenly Mandate Realm would, at most, send other better disciples to deal with them.

I will grant your wish, a leader of the Violet Heavenly Palace replied while staring at Ye Futian. His eyes seemed to contain very strong wills of purple thunder; an appalling air flow rose in the space around them. Warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace stood together, and the converging Might encircled Ye Futian and his group.

Wen Yan, He turned his head and called someones name. A cultivator of the Violet Heavenly Palace stepped out.

The man was about thirty years old; he looked gentle and elegant with long hair. He was in the first level of Saint Plane, the Doctrine Saint Plane.

There were not many people in the first stage of the Saint Plane during this trip, and among them, Wen Yan was the strongest.

Since he wanted to challenge the Violet Heavenly Palace, then the Violet Heavenly Palace would show him what the real strength of their cultivators was like.

Please, Wen Yan said; his tone was gentle and without any emotional change; no one could tell what mood he was in now.

However, Ye Futian kept goading the Violet Heavenly Palace. As a cultivator of the Violet Heavenly Palace, the calmer Wen Yan looked, the more dangerous he was.

The dignity of the supreme force of the Heavens Mandate Realm was not allowed to be trampled.

Yu Sheng, I will leave him to you.

Ye Futian turned his head and whispered to Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng didnt say anything. He stepped out, raised his head, and looked up at Wen Yan in the void sky.

Wen Yan glanced at him, and then he swayed up and flew straight into the clouds.

He didnt go to the Celestial Demon Arena. At that moment, Wen Yan looked up at the sky, the lightning shining above the sky, falling from different directions, just like the scene before a thunderstorm.

There was even horrifying lightning directly entering his eyes and turning his pupils purple. That pair of eyes were extremely cold, and hidden inside was a murderous look.


In the sky, there were rolls of thunder roaring, terrifying heavenly thunder converging and becoming stronger, countless rays of lightning falling. The purple light in his pupils was getting stronger and stronger; his eyes were unlike any ever seen on a human.


Yu Sheng stepped into the sky; he soared up and chased Wen Yan.

Around his body, rays of lightning fell, but he seemed to be completely unaware and continued to go up, ignoring those thunder forces.

Below them, both human cultivators and demon beasts were looking up at the sky. They also wanted to see if the people around Ye Futian could threaten the Violet Heavenly Palace.Read more chapter on our

Although they also recognized Ye Futians ability, they also felt his words were too arrogant. Letting the Violet Heavenly Palace choose any of the four Saint Planes to challenge?

It sounded crazy.

This time, Wen Yan of the Violet Heavenly Palace would be ruthless towards him.

Boom! Suddenly, a loud noise came from the sky, and the crowd saw a terrible beam of lightning converge instantly. Above the sky, a pair of eyes with two huge purple pupils appeared. This pair of eyes crazily devoured the Will of Great Thunder Law in the space and turned it into a terrifying cloud of catastrophe.

Purple pupils, people murmured, stirred by the scene. Wen Yans life spirit might be Pupil Spirit, which could elicit the Might of Thunder.

Yu Sheng was still suspended in the air, and suddenly a beam of light dropped from the sky. The dazzling beam of light directly split the void sky and slashed toward Yu Shengs body; all of this happened too quickly for anyone to react.

He cant escape.

The thought flashed in peoples minds. Just a moment later, the thunder dropped directly, and struck straight on the Yu Shengs body, making a terrifying sound; many peoples hearts thumped hard as the Might of Thunder roared.

Nobody knew how lethal this streak of Divine Thunder would be.


The lightning struck Yu Sheng and endless thunderstorms submerged his body. When everyone thought Yu Sheng would be injured, they discovered that his speed was only delayed for a moment, and soon he continued to move upward. The lightning surrounded his body, but he seemed to have put an armor of Demonic Law around his body.

The thunder force roaming around him did not affect him at all, and his body was devouring the Will of Thunder little by little.

The scene made many people have weird looks; they felt a little bit numb inside.

The Zhu Yan demon crown princes physical defense was strong, and Ye Futian also proved how terrifying his physical strength was during his battle with him.

And now, Yu Sheng, again?

Since when did a physical body of this level become so ubiquitous?

Any normal cultivator of the same plane should be smashed to pieces by one strike of this Violet Heavenly Palace warriors Thunder Law attack.

Wen Yan frowned; his body turned into a bolt of lightning and rushed directly into the thunder in the sky. The Thunder Law attack mainly depended on the Might of Thunder.

A more violent cloud of catastrophe appeared, and a pair of terrible purple eyes showed up above the sky of thunder. When he looked towards Yu Sheng, just one moment, Yu Sheng seemed to be in a world of thunder, falling into that pair of purple pupils.

He felt his body and this world were all surrounded by endless divine purple thunder, which all slashed towards him at the same time.

The dark golden demon armor on his body directly bore the power of Thunder attack, and his eyes became extremely deep, like an abyss; they looked upwards and turned into a pair of horrifying demonic pupils.

In his demonic pupils, there seemed to be a demon statue, like an ultimate demonic deity.

Yu Sheng stretched out two palms, and the endless Thunder Wills was devoured by his demonic body. His body turned into a vortex of horror, like a bottomless pit. An appalling swallowing airflow was formed between him and Wen Yan in the upper sky.

The Thunder Law fell and was engulfed by the demonic figure.

That pair of demonic pupils and Wen Yans purple pupils collided with each other. At the moment when they crushed, Wen Yan just felt that a demon stepped towards him and forced him to worship.

That kind of feeling made his body shiver.

Bang! Yu Sheng took one step out, crushing over the sky and earth; Wen Yans heart trembled. He turned into a lightning bolt and wanted to leave the battlefield, but around him, demon-like figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere and standing in the sky.

Seeing this, Wen Yan looked stiff. He drew prints between two hands, and endless Thunder Laws appeared in the upper sky, turning into horrifying thunders of catastrophe and thrusting in all directions.

Phantoms of the thunder deity also drew out palm prints at the same time. The light of Thunder Law and the palm prints collided, emitting a strong, dazzling light.

There seemed to be a demonic melody lingering between the sky and earth. Yu Sheng continued walking in the void sky, with his palms clawing forward.

Suddenly, the horrific flows of Demonic Law swirled into Wen Yans body, forming an overbearing vortex of devouring that madly consumed the light of thunder above his body, flowing towards the palms of the Demonic Law below.

This is

The people below looked at them, stupefied. Wen Yans body was surrounded by the demonic airflows, which swept away all his power. The Thunder Wills were all devoured and demonized, crazily weakening Wen Yans power. His life force was also constantly being enervated.

Come here.

An intimidating voice came out, and there seemed to be melodies lingering between the sky and earth as if many demons were chanting two words at the same time.


Wen Yans body moved uncontrollably towards Yu Sheng. His power was being weakened; how could he withstand this power? Although he was stronger compared to other warriors of the Doctrine Saint Plane, there was a gap between his talent and that of Tan Zimo in the Violet Heavenly Palace; how could he fight against Yu Sheng?

Another voice came out, and the crowd saw Wen Yan being directly dragged toward Yu Shengs palm by the demonic airflow, and his neck was buckled directly. His body struggled frantically, and there was sorrow on his face.

Was he, a disciple of the Violet Heavenly Palace, really that weak?