The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378 The Prophet

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The Demon Metropolis was located in the center of the demon world of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. This district was vast and boundless. Forces there were intricate and complicated. It was the most well-known chaotic place in the demon world.

Once, it had also been the most crowded place in the demon world. Many of the top demon clans originated here.

And now, there was sensational news from the Demon Metropolis!

It was said that in the north of the Demon Metropolis, human cultivators showed up in the mountain range of the place of origin of the demon world.

Moreover, it was said that the person was Gu Tianxing, the most prestigious human cultivator of his time and the person closest to the level of Heavenly Law in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

There were many rumors about the place of origin in the Demon Realm. It was said that this was once the place where the Demon Monarch lived. Later in the battle of Heavenly Laws, the Demon Monarch died; his blood turned into a river, his body turned into land, and his bones were buried in the mountain of origin.

Since then, countless powerful ancestors of the Demon Realm had come out of the Mountain Range of Origin.

There were also rumors that the unprecedented war between humans and demon beasts had broken out in the Mountain Range of Origin, and the bones of countless Human Emperors and Demon Emperors were buried in it. Until today, the thoughts of numerous humans and demon beasts remained there and were sealed in the Mountain Range of Origin, making the Mountain Range of Origin a forbidden area.

Nobody could set foot in the core of the Mountain Range of Origin, no matter how powerful the figure was in the Demon Realm.

But now, because of the news about Gu Tianxing, the Demon Realm began focusing its attention on the Mountain Range of Origin.

It was said that powerful figures were coming from all sides of the Demon Realm, including those big names in the demon world and top demon clans.

All of a sudden, the chaotic Demon Metropolis became the center of the storm; everyone had a hunch that something big was going to happen.

Many days had passed since Ye Futian came to the Demon Metropolis from the Celestial Demon City. During this time, they were in a tavern of the Demon Metropolis. The tavern was built by large stones and was open-air.

At this moment, many demon beasts were sitting around eating meat and drinking. There were all kinds of demon beasts; some of them ate cooked meat and some ate raw meat.

Ye Futian and his companions were sitting together in a circle, just like the demon beasts, they all sat on the floor.

The Taotie Demon Prince ate the most. In front of him, there were a lot of bones.

Xia Qingyuan couldnt bear to see al the bones. She was sitting beside Ye Futian and turned her head, with no appetite to eat.

Zhu Zhao took a glance at her and said, This is the demon world. You should get used to it.

She has never lived in the demon world before. Its inevitable for her to have some kind of reaction, Ye Futian said. he was grilling meat with Black Wind Condor, and Black Wind Condors drool was almost visible.

These humans have fine skin and tender flesh; they must taste good, a voice came from nearby, followed by a burst of laughter.

Especially those women, that human female cultivator has nice skin, and that female peacock, hehe, said a big demon beast, staring at Xia Qingyuan and Kong Xuan.

In such places like the Demon Metropolis, there were very few human cultivators. These human beings stayed together with demon beasts, which made them wonder about their identities.

However, demon beasts of the Demon Metropolis usually showed no favor to humans.

Third brother, Zhu Zhao said and gave Taotie a hint. Taotie put down the meat in his hand and walked towards the big talking demon beast.

What do you want to do? the demon beast asked, eyes glowing with chilly dim light.

Roar A bellow shook everyones eardrums. The Taotie big demon beasts mouth crazily widened and swallowed everything in the direction of that big demon beast; the big demon beasts face turned pale and dispair was apparent in his eyes.

How dare this beast wanting to kill anyone inside the Demon Metropolis!

The demon beast was so frightened that he closed his eyes, thinking sadly that he would be swallowed up, and his body kept trembling.

However, after a moment, he moved slightly and opened his eyes, only seeing that Taotie had returned to the original seat and resumed eating.

The demon beasts way of thinking is much simpler than that of humans. They will test you first, and if you dont dare to fight back, they may consider attacking and eating you, Zhu Zhao said to Ye Futian and others.

Ye Futian nodded slightly. Zhu Zhao clearly understood the idea of the demon beasts of the Demon Realm better than he did.

Come over, Zhu Zhao uttered in an extremely cold voice.

That big demon beast with a lions head came. He could tell from Zhu Zhaos tone that this demon beast was of extraordinary origin, but he didnt know why he stayed with humans.

Anything new in the Demon Metropolis recently? Zhu Zhao asked while biting into the meat and not looking at him. In the Demon Realm, there were many demon beasts that he couldnt mess with, but they would never be encountered here.

Even if he did meet one, he could see through them, so he could act even more audacious than them. He was confident in this.

If the answer is unsatisfactory to me, you will become this, Zhu Zhao said and pointed to the plate in front of him.

The demon beasts head shrank into his shoulders; he said in a deep voice, A few months ago, the news came out that Gu Tianxing, a human cultivator who once was famed in the Heavenly Mandate Realm appeared in the Mountain Range of Origin, and many demon warriors of the Demon Realm have come. It was said that many Demon Emperor figures have already arrived. Besides, those top-level demon clans have also gradually entered the Demon Metropolis.

Is that all? Zhu Zhao glanced at him with his golden eyes. They have heard about the news after they arrived at the Demon Metropolis.

And The lion demon felt a little chilly and continued, Recently, in the Demon Metropolis it was also said that there will be great changes in the Demon Realm in the future. Not only the Demon Realm but in the whole Heavenly Mandate Realm, including the land of human cultivators.

Where did you hear about this? Zhu Zhao asked.

People said the news is from the Prophets Palace, he replied.

Hearing his words, the Zhu Yan big demon beasts golden pupils contracted; his eyes became extremely sharp.

Anything else? Zhu Zhao asked.

The Prophets Palace also said that a big figure would come to the Demon Metropolis.

Who? Zhu Zhao suddenly stared at him and asked.

I dont know. No one knows. Now all demon beasts in the Demon Metropolis are making guesses about who the big figure in the mouth of the prophet is, that demon beast shook his head and said. Now many Demon Emperors have arrived, and there will be more demon beast big names coming. Some people guess the person the prophet refers to is one of them.

If it refers to one of them, isnt the prophet talking nonsense? That would be a disgrace to the name of the prophet, Zhu Yan said a little disdainfully; apparently, he didnt believe this.

Those important figures of the Demon Realm would come, but if the prophet referred to them, it would be meaningless, just like talking nonsense.

The big figure in the mouth of the prophet was different, but who could it be?

Maybe, the lion beast whispered.Read more chapter on our

No, it is not maybe. The Prophets Palace claimed that there will be a big change in the Demon Realm, and then said there will be an impressive man coming, which means this person can affect a big change in the Demon Realm in the future, and from the perspective of the prophet, the big figure will not be the same big figure being talked out by losers like you.

Zhu Zhao said coldly, What else?

For big events, thats all I know, the lion demon beast replied with his head lowered.

Get out then, Zhu Zhao said. The demon beast was being pardoned and left sneakily; he wouldnt dare stay any longer.

Ye Futian had been listening quietly. He looked toward Zhu Zhao quite confused.

The prophets position was transcendent in the Demon Realm. He possesses the ability to foresee the future. This ability is similar to the astrology of human cultivators. It is very rare. In the ancient Demon Realm, it is said that the Prophet Clan was also a big clan, but because such talent made the Heavens jealous, they almost faced genocide. Today, only the Prophets Palace exists in the Demon Realm, and there is only one Prophet Beast in the Prophets Palace, and he alone represents a clan. The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord beside Zhu Zhao explained to Ye Futian; this time, he also came along.

Ye Futian thought for a moment. Astrologists were indeed rare in the world of human cultivators.

Moreover, such people were short-lived.

His Master Qi Xuangang was gifted with some abilities to predict future, but that was because of his mysterious and all-inclusive cultivation method, the Deed of Thorough Comprehension. He was not a true astrologer.

Because of this, the status of the Prophet Palace is detached; it does not participate in the disputes of the Demon Realm, and warriors of all clans are not allowed to attack the prophet, to keep the only big demon beast of the Demon Realm from harm, The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord continued.

That is to say, the prophets prophecy truly exists? Ye Futian asked.

Yes, Zhu Zhao said, nodding, there are many strange places in the Demon Metropolis, and the Prophets Palace is one of them. Moreover, it is known as a must-go place, and many of the top demon beasts visit the Prophets Palace when they come to the Demon Metropolis and let the prophet tell them their fortunes. But whether the prophet would like to receive you or not depends on your luck, and in most cases, he doesnt.

That is to say, now not only Gu Tianxing has appeared in the Mountain Range of Origin, but the prophet also warned that the future of the Heavenly Mandate Realm is destined to be not peaceful, right? Ye Futian asked.

You could say that. What is happening now is probably very unusual. If Gu Tianxing is alive, why did he come to the Mountain Range of Origin in the Demon Realm, and is he arranging something? Zhu Zhao asked, lost in thought.

Also, who was the big man the prophet spoke of?

It seems that we have to ask ourselves, Zhu Zhao said. It is a must-go place of the Demon Metropolis. I guess many demon beasts will go to visit. Would you like to go together?

You want to visit the Prophets Palace? Ye Futian asked.

The prophet not only can predict events but also sees the future of demon beasts. I have heard about it, but I have never been there before, and this time, I want to go. Although you are a human, you can also try your luck there and let the prophet see your future, Zhu Zhao said.

Ye Futian smiled and said, I know best about my future and dont need to bother the prophet to tell me, but since you said it magical, I want to accompany you.