The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380 The Heavenly Secret Shall Not Be Revealed

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When Jiang Mo stepped out of the Prophets Palace, a lot of people stared at him, especially those of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Since he belonged to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, he had asked about Gu Tianxing.

Jiang Mo, is Gu Tianxing alive or dead? a royal warrior of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty asked.

Jiang Mo glanced at him but didnt reply; he was in no mood to talk.

The imperial warrior of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty stepped forward and said, Dont forget that Gu Tianxings life and death are related to the future of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Jiang Mo looked up at him indifferently and asked, why dont you go ask for yourself?

He understood that the warrior was hoping to learn of Gu Tianxings fate so if he was summoned by the Prophet, he could ask another question. That way, he wouldnt waste his opportunity.

After all, he was unsure if the Prophet would answer all his questions.

The Prophet was unexpectedly summoning so many people, and they all wanted to meet this legendary great demon beast. They wouldnt get a second chance to see the Prophet, and they didnt want to mess this chance up. Naturally, they wanted to ask more.

For example, the imperial warrior wanted to ask about his future and the future of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Jiang Mo was not going to tell him.

At this time, Jiang Mo was absorbed in thought, still thinking about what the Prophet said.

Its your turn, at this moment, the young doorman on the stairs said to the prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. He took an emotionless look at Jiang Mo, then walked up the stairs and entered the Prophets Palace.

This made demon beasts around them whisper. Many of the demon beasts coming today were unusual great demon beasts. However, the Prophet kept calling on human spiritual cultivators. Why?

If the human cultivator Gu Tianxing had entered the Mountain Range of Origin of the Demon Realm, would the change of the Demon Realm start with humans?

Was that why the Prophet wanted to see these humans?

Hes already in, can you tell me? Jinyi Saintess asked Jiang Mo. Jiang Mo glanced at her and said, What did Jinyi Saintess ask, and how did the Prophet reply?

Jinyi narrowed her eyes, looking at him, and then said nothing.

Jiang Mo nodded slightly and walked past her.

It didnt take long for the warrior of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty to walk out, but the expression on his face didnt look that well; apparently, he didnt get the answer he wanted, either.

He glanced at the people below him; he was curious, what questions did the Goddess of Brahmas Pure Sky and Jiang Mo of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven ask?

What answers did they receive?

At this time, the young doorman continued to invite people to enter the Prophets Palace, and gradually some demon beasts were summoned.

Goddesses, will you keep waiting? people of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty asked Jinyi Saintess.

We will wait for a while. Jinyi Saintess said. She wanted to see if Ye Futian would be called by the Prophet.

Before, this man challenged the Violet Heavenly Palace. If the Prophet summoned him, what would he ask?

Would it be his future, and what answer would the Prophet give him?

After a long while, many big demon beasts had come in and out of the Prophets Palace, and most of them came out with disappointment.

They didnt get the answers they had wanted or expected.

Most talented warriors, whether humans or demons, naturally had very high requirements and expectations of themselves. In other words, they had high self-esteem. They also had many resources, but the answers given by the Prophet might not be in their expectations.

At this moment, the young doorman on the stairs fixed his eyes on Ye Futian and his friends, mainly looking at Zhu Zhao. He said, Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince and your party, is the Crown Prince the one who will enter?

Zhu Zhao didnt announce his identity, but he still recognized him as the Crown Prince of the Zhu Yan Clan. Not only Zhu Zhao, previously those warriors of the top human powers had not reported, either and were also recognized. From this, one could tell the ability of the Prophet was indeed outstanding.

Many demon beasts looked toward the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince. So he was the son of Zhu Yan Demon Emperor. It was rumored that this guy was extremely talented and even stronger than the Zhu Yan Demon Emperor of his time. They wanted to see how he would be like after coming out.

Only one person? Zhu Zhao asked.

Yes, the young doorman replied, nodding.

Zhu Zhao contemplated for a second. He naturally wanted to enter the Prophets Palace, but he also wanted Ye Futian to go in and have a look.

He was curious about what questions Ye Futian would ask the Prophet, and what answers he would get.

You go, Ye Futian said to Zhu Zhao.

He didnt believe so much in the Prophets so-called prophecy. Although astrologists had certain abilities, they also had limitations and could not understand everything.

The same was true of the Prophet.

Moreover, he was afraid that the Prophet would not be able to answer his question. The people next to him all thought he would ask about his future, but he did not have such a thought at all. His future lay in himself.

From the moment he saw Emperor Ye Qing, he seemed destined to have only two paths.

Although I want to see the Prophet, I dont have many questions to ask. You go in and ask whatever you want. The Prophet knows more than you think, Zhu Zhao said; he could tell Ye Futian was not very interested.

He understood. Ye Futian must be skeptical about this legendary figure of Demon Clan and was so convinced.

However, people of the Demon Clan were all clear about the Prophets position in the Demon Realm.

He was the only remaining prophet in the Prophets Palace. Even if a demon emperor wanted to see him, it was not a very easy thing, including those top demon emperors.

This time, they also had no idea why the Prophet was doing this.

Zhu Zhao, how could you give up the chance for a human? a demon warrior looked at Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince and asked.

Does it have anything to do with you? Zhu Zhao took a glance at him and asked. That warrior smiled, showing his fangs. The Taotie big demon beast next to him was also unsatisfied with Zhu Zhaos response, Boss, dont you want the Prophet to see your future? Even if you dont want to go, the Second Brother and the Fourth Sister want to have a try.

Zhu Zhao glanced at them and said, You are following me, what do you want to know about the future?

The fierce Taotie demon beast was feeling hurt and didnt know how to reply.

Arent you worried about her? Go, Xia Qingyuan beside said to Ye Futian. Ye Futian knew what she meant.

However, he did not believe that the Prophet of the Demon Realm could know about Jieyus life or death because that would be too horrible, and how could a mortal be so aware of the past and future.

Okay, Ye Futian nodded. Since Zhu Zhao had declined and Xia Qingyuan also said the same, he would go to visit this legendary Prophet of the Demon Realm.

He would just have a try, and if the Prophet did not know, he could also ask about the Third Brother. He should be clearer about the Third Brother.

Thinking of this, Ye Futian stepped out. Warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty showed interest; was Ye Futian going?

Ye Futian was also curious about what conversation the Prophet would have with him.

Jiang Mo of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and Goddesses of the Brahmas Pure Sky also watched Ye Futian walking up the stairs.

Although these people of top powers still did not believe Ye Futian was very important and believed his future was dim since he offended the Violet Heavenly Palace, they did recognize Ye Futians strength and were all curious about him.

Ye Futian stepped into the Prophets Palace. Like others before him, he came to a quiet courtyard. The atmosphere here was very peaceful, and a whole white demon beast was waiting for him.

Ye Futian is here to salute you, sir, Ye Futian bowed slightly.

The Prophet looked at Ye Futian, his eyes suddenly glowing with blood-red light that pierced Ye Futians eyes. At this moment, Ye Futian felt like a thought invaded in his mind, and his expression changed slightly.

The thought was invisible and intangible. Although he was aware of it, he could not stop it at all.


Ye Futians head was shaken violently. The Prophets red eyes kept staring at him, and his body was trembling slightly; he seemed to see a scene, yet he saw nothing.

His eyes were bleeding, crimson blood, but he still couldnt look away. He could only stare at Ye Futian.

Sir, what are you doing? Ye Futian stared indifferently at him and asked.

The Prophet closed his eyes, blood exuding from them, and he said, You can go.

Ye Futian stared at him, with a sense of vigilance. He turned around and walked away, feeling a little cold in his heart.

The Prophet seemed to want to pry about something.

After Ye Futian left, the Prophets eyes were still bleeding, and he quietly lay on the ground. There was a human figure coming out of the body of the demon beast. That was a white-haired old man, like a celestial being; it was his soul.

At this moment, there seemed to be a pure white flame burning, burning his soul.

His soul turned into a human form; his eyes opened and looked up at the sky.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the secret of the Great Law, then there should be such a catastrophe. The heavenly secret shall not be revealed, a hazy voice came, but only he could hear it.

The clan of prophets was destined not to exist in the world. After today, the world would no longer have prophets.

Ye Futian walked out of the Prophets Palace. Everyone felt strange when seeing him coming out. So fast?

Although others came out quickly, too, Ye Futian was the fastest one.

Ye Futians expression seemed a little cold and angry. Warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty saw this and snickered. They were glad he had not received the answer he wanted.

Prophet! At this moment, a scream came out; it was the voice of the young doorman. Many people were stunned for a moment, looked in the direction of the Prophets Palace, and saw the might shrouding over the sky. Above the skydome, a giant hazy figure showed up; it was an old man with a white beard as well as a big demon beast of the Prophet. The two of them appeared as one.

At this moment, a flame was burning above his body, and the horrifying might descended from the sky, falling on his body.

The Prophet. Humans and demon beasts present were all trembling inside. What happened?

I leaked too many heavenly secrets, especially this time, and was punished by Heaven. Today is the day I should depart this life, and there is no prophet in the Demon Realm, a hazy voice rang out across the vast space, and everyones hearts were thumping hard.

Even Ye Futian suddenly turned around and looked at the figure above the sky, his heart beating fast.

How so?