The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381 The Sensation

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The Prophet departed this life today.

Why Ye Futians heart trembled. Even though he didnt believe that the Prophet could predict the past and future, the Prophet was still an extremely powerful cultivator. After all, even a figure like Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was willing to come to visit him and fully trusted him, which meant that the Prophet had extraordinary abilities.

It was not just the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince; many descendants of top great demon beasts were also here.

Before, the Prophet seemed to want to pry something from him; Ye Futian was apathetic, feeling a little bit strange, and even angry.

However, Ye Futian had never expected that the moment he stepped out of the Prophets Palace, this legendary figure of the Demon Realm, the great demon beast Prophet everyone came to visit, would lay down his life because he had leaked too many heavenly secrets.

Was it because of Ye Futian?

Did the Prophet see anything?

Did the Prophet die because he revealed too many heavenly secrets, or was it because he did not want to reveal heavenly secrets anymore?

Suddenly, Ye Futian felt that he was mistaken. Perhaps, the Prophet could predict the future as the rumors said. He must have seen something, and he didnt want to leak the heavenly secret, so he departed this life.

But if the Prophet didnt want to, then who was he?

Who was the big figure in the mouth of the Prophet?

At this time, Ye Futians brain was scrambled and a bit chaotic. This feeling was weird. Not long ago, he was still a little angry, but at this moment, he had an inexplicable feeling.

Not only Ye Futian, but warriors of the Demon Realm around him were also all shocked to see what was happening in front of them, stunned by this scene.

The Prophet passed away.

He was the last prophet of the Prophet Clan, but today he said he leaked too many heavenly secrets and died.

If the reason for his death was all the secrets he revealed, then why had he summoned all these people to leak the heavenly secrets?

Was it because of the message he sent before?

There would be a big change in the Demon Realm, and the same would happen in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. A big figure would come. The Prophet summoned people, revealed the heavenly secrets, but was he also spying on the heavenly secret at the same time?

The wind and clouds in the sky began to change color, and the suffocating might dropped down from the sky; the life force was appalling. Many great demon beasts in the boundless surrounding area almost fell to the ground under the pressure; demon beasts were more sensitive to their superiors aura.

This meant, demon emperors were coming, more than one person.

From the sky, there was continual might dropping down, countless thoughts sweeping past, and there even were big demon beasts coming directly across the void; some big demon beasts condensed phantoms with great demonic powers and appeared in the sky above the Prophets Palace.

They all looked at the figure of the departing prophet in shock, hearts trembling.

Prophet, why did you do so? asked a demon emperor.

They didnt understand.

The Prophets status in the Demon Realm was transcendent, and even when they requested to visit him, the Prophet usually declined.

In the Demon Realm, even the great demon beasts at the pinnacle would not lay a hand on this last prophet of the prophet clan, and this was also a consensus in the demon world. Moreover, when things happened, they would always come to ask the Prophets opinions.

During the war between humans and demon beasts, the prophets also played a very important role.

Even the top powerful figures in the Demon Realm were unwilling to lay hands on the Prophet. He always had the freedom to do whatever he wanted, but why had the only remaining prophet chosen to depart his life.

Was it because he foresaw something?

Why did this happen? a condensed phantom of the demon emperor showed up and sighed. Didnt you know your status in the Demon Realm?

This is my inexorable catastrophe, you dont have to feel sad for me, the prophet said. Everything has its time. You dont have to investigate why I chose to depart this life; there is no reason. And you dont have to deliberately change anything, just let it be. The Demon Realm will have a disturbance, but as long as everyone follows the trend. the Demon Realm will still be the Demon Realm between the sky and earth.

Demon emperors listened quietly and kept the words of the Prophet in mind. The prophets last words were all from the bottom of his heart, and they should remember them forever.

What suggestions do you have about the Mountain Range of Origin, Prophet? asked a demon emperor. The Mountain Range of Origin was extremely important to the Demon Realm. It was the place where the Demon Realm originated, and now some human cultivators had entered it, so they wanted to know how to cope with it.

Now, they needed to ask the prophets opinion one last time.

Everything has its own time, just follow the trend of nature. Everything that should happen will eventually happen, and you will understand when its the time, the Prophets thin, hazy voice came. His soul figure became more and more blurred as if it was about to turn into ashes under the flame of the Great Law.

My time is up. Its time for me to go accompany my prophet ancestors, the Prophet said, letting out a long sigh. As the only remaining prophet of the prophet clan, he had felt lonely on earth.

Today, he was finally free.

Warriors of the demon clans all looked solemn, staring toward the direction of the Prophet. Even some demon emperors bowed slightly in the direction of the Prophet, saying, Sir, may you go in peace.

Seeing all the demon emperors like this, in the vast and boundless space, countless great demon beasts appeared in the upper sky, all bowing and saluting in the direction of the Prophet.

The prophets figure became hazier and hazier, until turning into endless light spots, like stars, lighting up the vast space and drifting with the wind.

Many demon beasts stretched out their hands; the light dots passed through their palms, and the vast endless void sky was filled with a touch of sadness.

After today, there would no longer be prophets in the Demon Realm.

Ye Futian was standing in the lower sky; he could also feel the atmosphere, see the demon emperors showing up in the upper sky and feel the life forces of tens of demon emperors, how horrifying the scene was.

Moreover, there were many demon emperors not showing up, but they were watching it.

At this moment, Ye Futian started to understand the status of the Prophet in the Demon Realm.

However, because of this, his feelings were more complicated.

Was the Prophets death because of him?

Who was the last person to meet the Prophet? at this moment, above the void air, a demon emperor asked.

Below, many peoples eyes fell on Ye Futian. Jiang Mo of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, Saintesses of the Brahmas Pure Sky, and people of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty all had a strange look.

When they saw Ye Futian coming out so quickly, they all thought Ye Futian was disappointed because he didnt get the answer he wanted and returned, but everything that happened after that trembled the Demon Realm.

Was Ye Futian the reason for the Prophets death?

However, the moment the idea came to their minds, they just rejected it; it could not be possible. What kind of figure was the Prophet? The demon emperors had to wait for his call to see him; his position in the entire Demon Realm was transcendent.

They had also entered the Prophets Palace before and seen the Prophet. He could see through them with just a glance and make them fail to react. They were also top figures, but in front of the Prophet, they were vulnerable like children.

No matter how strong Ye Futians talent was, it couldnt be much different from theirs. How could he cause the Prophets death?

The Prophet might have been exhausted and had the idea of departing this life before Ye Futian came in.

I was the last one who met the Prophet, Ye Futian looked at the demon emperor and replied. Everyone was watching him; he couldnt hide anywhere.

Did Prophet say something? the demon emperor asked. Was the last person who saw the Prophet a human cultivator?

If so, the Prophet might not leave anything.

The Prophet looked at me and let me go, didnt leave anything. I was a bit angry when I came out, but the things after scared me, Ye Futian replied. The demon emperor heard his words and nodded, without asking anything.

The Prophet had said not to investigate the reason; it was his time, and everything had an end.

A prophet of the Demon Realm, of course, couldnt die because of a human cultivator of Saint Plane.

The demon emperor sighed. Unfortunately, the prophet just departed his life like this before he had the chance to visit him. There was no reason, and nothing was left.

Should we check all the humans and demon beasts here? another demon emperor asked. Was the Prophets death related to what he saw from these people today?

No need. You have heard the last words of the Prophet before he died. Why bother doing it, let it be. another demon emperor said. Other demon emperors didnt say much, and soon they all stepped into the sky and left. Those horrifying life forces also dissipated in the air.

It didnt take long for everything in this world to return to peace.

Only some Saint Plane warriors of Demon Clans still gathered here, looking at the Prophets Palace.

Today, there were still many great demon beasts waiting to see the Prophet, but now, there was never a chance.

Lets go, Xia Qingyuan whispered beside Ye Futian.

Here, she probably was the person who knew most except Yu Sheng.

Before, her emperor father had told her that during the battle of Ultimate Holy Palace, something was exposed from Ye Futian. Her father gave the order to block everything and later, he summoned Ye Futian to come to the Upper Realm and wiped out all memories related to that incident. Only those in the Ultimate Holy Palace knew about it.

And she knew that even the Ultimate Holy Palace was in her fathers field of vision.

Although she did not know who the figure that entered the Emperor Xias Palace was at that time, she knew he must be an extremely powerful person.

Ye Futians background was probably a very big secret, so big that even a Renhuang couldnt unveil it.

And now, after seeing him, the Prophet departed this life. Others wouldnt think much because they didnt know Ye Futians situation, but she couldnt help thinking about it.

It was probably because of Ye Futian.

But it was also shocking to her that the Prophet chose to pass away because of it. What did the Prophet see?

What was Ye Futians secret?

She didnt want to think too much; this place they were is was dangerous. They had to leave first.

Many people around Ye Futian also had some rough ideas, but they all remained silent. Qi Xuangang also said, Lets go.

He was also a person who could see Great Law destinies. What happened today made him feel unusual. Even though he always thought highly of Ye Futian, now it seemed that this disciples fortune was way more powerful than he had imagined, so powerful that he couldnt even speculate.

And the Prophet of Demon Realm in this field was far superior to him!