The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1383

Chapter 1383 The Trade

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Hu Yaoer looked at Xia Qingyuan. People of the Celestial Fox Clan all had excellent intelligence; of course, she understood what she meant.

Xia Qingyuan stared at her and saw that pair of foxy eyes, thinking to herself that no wonder she was a fox spirit.

Even though she was a woman, she could still feel how seductive her eyes were.

Your Highnesses and Mr. Ye are all distinguished guests. Please come on in and have a seat, Hu Yaoer looked away and said with a smile. When ordinary demon warriors came, the Celestial Fox Clan would not send their core disciples to receive them.

Zhu Yan Demon Emperor who ruled the Celestial Demon City was not an ordinary big demon beast, and he was very powerful.

Zhu Zhao nodded. Hu Yaoer led them through the crowd, passing through the outer space. There were fewer demon beasts and humans outside. In front of them, there was an independent area, which was encircled by fences. Ordinary demon beasts were not allowed to enter; only those demon beasts or human cultivators with special identities were eligible to come here.

Ye Futian glanced at the crowd and got a strange look on his face. He saw acquaintances; warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace were also here.

It seemed that they were also preparing to enter the Mountain Range of Origin, and they wanted to ask the warriors of the Celestial Fox Clan for help.

People of the Violet Heavenly Palace also saw Ye Futian, but they looked quite indifferent. Ye Futian led people to challenge the Violet Heavenly Palace; they would not let it go.

Moreover, Ye Futian seemed to be mingling with the Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince.

It seemed that they had been together since their battle.

Warriors from other demon clans also looked at Zhu Zhao and Ye Futian, but they didnt care too much. People who were able to come here were not ordinary. Even though they knew Zhu Zhaos identity, they didnt care much.

Today we have a few good things in the Celestial Fox Palace. They are all from the Mountain Range of Origin. Your Highnesses and Mr. Ye, please take a look if you are interested, Hu Yaoer said in an extremely gentle voice with a unique charm.

Her voice was pleasing to Ye Futian and others ears; only Xia Qingyuan showed a cold face and stared towards Hu Yaoer from time to time.

Hu Yaoer was not the only one here; there was a stunningly gorgeous Celestial Fox woman beside every group of big demon beasts and humans. Human female cultivators would be jealous of their innate beauty.

Is it a coincidence? Ye Futian wondered. Now, many top figures needed the Celestial Fox Clans help to enter the Mountain Range of Origin, but the Celestial Fox Clan took out the treasures of Mountain Range of Origin for sale.

It was indeed the best time to promote the value of the goods.

At this moment, someone in the front came to his side. An old white celestial fox elder walked at the forefront. Several ladies carried a Qiankun Tree behind them, and bizarre things were hanging on the branches of the tree.

Warriors of the Celestial Fox Clan put it in front of the crowd. The old man with white hair and white beard looked at the people and said, All these things on the Qiankun tree are from the Mountain Range of Origin, but their specific usage and functions are not yet known. They are tradable here.

The eyes of demon beasts and humans all fell on the treasures of the Qiankun tree. Hu Yaoer said, Just tell me if you want to take a closer look, I can bring them here for you to look at.

People who came here were qualified to see these treasures at a close distance and judge their value.

But I should remind you that some of these treasures may be much more valuable than the transaction price, but they may also be worthless, said Hu Yaoer softly.

The way of making deals in the Celestial Fox Palace is so special! Ye Futian said and smiled. In the place where humans traded, shop owners usually first judged the value of the treasure and then set a reserve price.

It seemed different here.

Yes, Hu Yaoer gently nodded and said, these things are all from the Mountain Range of Origin; most of them are extremely valuable treasures, but there are also ordinary things. We picked them up and brought back; customers need to judge their value and then bid by yourselves, and we Celestial Fox Palace never touch them.

I see, Ye Futian said and nodded with a smile. The Celestial Fox Palace probably wouldnt do loss-making trading, so it was very likely that they had made an evaluation beforehand.

He looked at the treasures on the Qiankun Tree, which were all somehow peculiar. For example, there was a huge monster egg with a seal on it that could not be seen through even with the Thought Method. It was difficult to judge what was inside.

There was also a rusty knife with crevices, but one could still tell the original appearance of the knife must be dangerous. Moreover, on the rusty blade, there was still a faint lingering Knife Will, as if it hadnt dissipated even after many years; one could imagine how strong the Knife Will was in the past.

Next to this knife was a sword with a rusty scabbard. There seemed to be a gap between the sword and the scabbard. From this gap, a beam of strong light could be seen faintly, but life force could not be felt from it. It was difficult to guess what level of sword it was.

Beside them, there was a piece of bone with no sense of life force; nobody knew why it was hung there.

You can pick and choose the ones you like, the white-haired old man said to them, left his place and hid behind the Qiankun tree.

Can you show me the sword? Ye Futian pointed at the sword with the rusty scabbard and said.

Sure, Yaoer said and nodded. She went to pick up the sword and came back to Ye Futian, holding it in her hands.

Ye Futians eyes flickered with a strange ray of light; his mind tried to invade inside the sword but was blocked by the invisible Sword Will. The old man of the Celestial Fox Clan watched the scene quietly. How was that possible to let Ye Futian see inside the situation?

After a while, Ye Futian looked up and said to the old man of Celestial Fox Palace, Whats the price?

We in the Celestial Fox Palace have never touched it since we got it from the Mountain of Origin. It is also the rule of all things being traded in the Celestial Fox Palace: we keep traded goods wholly intact. We in the Celestial Fox Palace do not know what level of sword it is, but we have an estimate that this sword might be used by a Human Emperor, the old man said.

Or it is just a rusty sword? Ye Futian asked.

If what the elder said was true, Ye Futian was willing to believe that the Celestial Fox Palace had not touched it before. However, at least, warriors of the Celestial Fox Palace had an estimate in mind, and they would not trade at a loss. Among all the goods being traded, there must be many worthless things, among which one or two treasures were hidden.

Indeed, the old man said with a smile, so, the price of this sword has been evaluated with a reserve price according to the limit of Renhuang belongings, and the one who bids the highest price will finally get it. If you want, you can directly deliver your voice to me and say your price; there is only one chance, and whoever pays the highest price will get it.

There was only one chance to bid, which was the rule of the Celestial Fox Palace and was used to create tension. Many of the objects unearthed from the Mountain Range of Origin were extraordinary and coveted by many people.

However, people didnt seem interested in the sword.

Okay, Ye Futian nodded and soon said his price to the old man. The old mans eyes flickered and seemed to be listening, but in fact, others were just watching and didnt bid.

For this sword, not many people showed interest.

Anyone else want to bid? the old man asked and glanced at the people present. No one spoke to him, so he smiled and announced, so, the sword belongs to Mr. Ye now.

Congratulations Mr. Ye, Hu Yaoer said with a smile. Ye Futian took out a storage ring and gave it to Hu Yaoer, and she handed it over to the old man.

After checking, the old man smiled and said, Do you want to try out the sword? Im also curious about what level of sword it is.

Wuchen, you have a try, Ye Futian gave it to Ye Wuchen beside him.

Ye Wuchen took it with his right hand, then grabbed the scabbard with his left hand, pulling the sword with his right hand.

After a moment, the dazzling light of the sword shone, and the mighty life force swept across the surrounding space; the whole sword body was shining, from which a wisp of imperial life force came out, with extremely appalling power.

In the glow of light, Ye Wuchens face was also illuminated. He stared at the sword, slightly stirred by it. It was indeed a sword used by a Renhuang, containing Renhuangs Will.

Noises rose from the crowd behind; the place was in an uproar. Nobody knew how much Ye Futian had paid, but since it was a sword used by Renhuang, it was a good deal.

And, he might have earned a lot.

He was quite decisive.

However, there were still many treasures and opportunities.

Show me this! many people pointed at the same thing and said almost at the same time. They were pointing at a giant stone lying on the Qiankun Tree. The stone seemed to have experienced years of weathering, and inside the stone, there seemed to be an inscription.

The inscription seemed to be written by hand; the characters even contained Will and released a faint light, which illuminated the whole giant stone.

Moreover, the handwriting they saw was only the tip of the iceberg; only the top few characters could be seen.

Treasures like stone steles were often used to record the cultivation method and magical skills, or left by powerful cultivators during cultivation, so it seemed to many people that this huge stone was likely to be an extremely valuable thing.

Many people wanted to bet on it and see what the stele inside the boulder was.

Everyone, excuse us, said the old man. A Celestial Fox woman took up the stele and walked towards those who wanted it.

Ye Futian didnt compete with them; he didnt know what this thing was. However, for the first treasure, the Celestial Fox Clan had made a loss, would they lose money for other things?

Since the Celestial Fox Clan was known for outstanding intelligence, it certainly would not be that simple.

However, at this moment, Ye Futians attention was on another inconspicuous object; no one noticed it at all.

Arent you interested in it? A lot of people seem to be competing for the stone. If it is something left by an ancient big figure, its value could be astronomical, Hu Yaoer whispered to Ye Futian.

Im not richer than they are, Ye Futian shrugged and smiled. These treasures from the Mountain Range of Origin were all very expensive, some of which were even Renhuang-level. In this situation, although Ye Futians resources were enough for his cultivation, they wouldnt be enough to compete with others.